Zhuwao, Chinamasa brawl over indigenisation laws

HARARE - Damaging discord has once again emerged in President Robert Mugabe’s Cabinet, with two ministers Patrick Chinamasa and Patrick Zhuwao reading from entirely different scripts on the country’s contentious indigenisation framework.

So wide has the gulf between the two bigwigs become that Chinamasa, who is the minister of Finance, apparently walked out of a meeting which he was having with Zhuwao, the minister of Indigenisation, on Thursday — as they brawled over planned amendments to laws that force foreign-owned firms to surrender 51 percent of their shares to locals.

Chinamasa later released a statement outlining “revisions” to the contentious laws, a move that was well-received by the business community.

But before the ink had dried on the Finance minister’s pronouncements, Zhuwao also released his own statement slating the Treasury boss’s policy announcements.

Departing from the government’s radical posturing and fiery laws rhetoric of the past few years, the pragmatic Chinamasa said “a non-indigenous business may hold the majority shareholding of a business for a period ranging up to five years, except for the energy sector which can go up to 20 years”.

“Existing foreign companies may continue to operate in all sectors of the economy but shall be required to pay an indigenisation compliance levy as a trade off for non-compliance,” Chinamasa said.

But Zhuwao would have none of it, shredding Chinamasa’s proposals to pieces and describing the Finance minister’s policy pronouncements at a time that Mugabe was away on holiday as “treacherous”.

Speaking at an unusual and hastily-convened press conference on Christmas Day, Zhuwao said it was unheard of for a minister to contradict Mugabe.

“The president has pronounced himself on that and the timing was wrong because it was timed specifically when the president was out of the country, when the president had gone on leave and that to me appeared highly treacherous because we are all supposed to follow the lead of the head of State.

“He is the one who has the mandate and for me to then issue statements around policy issues without having cleared them with the president really does not make sense and on top of which we need to go through the necessary consultations to be able to talk to each other,” he said ominously.

Earlier, the two ministers had failed to address a joint press conference because of their differences.

Dismissing Chinamasa’s policy climb-down which could open up the country to much-needed foreign direct investment, Zhuwao said the government would not back down on its contentious policies — that are blamed by many for scaring away investors.


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Mugabe is bullshitting this country just as much as Zhuwawo is doing. Chinamasa is damn right, his approach to indiginisation makes more business sense. After why wait for Mugabe who has no will to improve the country. Right now he is out of the country blowing the tax payer's money whilst the tax payers spent the Christmas without their salaries. Zhuwawo is talking shit and is yet to bullshit us further

Mentalist - 27 December 2015

Mad zhuwawo.when president is out,his deputy becomes president,stupid.chinamasa is very corect n spot on.sily ministers like zhuwawo need to give us a break plse

viola gwena - 27 December 2015

Mad zhuwawo.when president is out,his deputy becomes president,stupid.chinamasa is very corect n spot on.sily ministers like zhuwawo need to give us a break plse

viola gwena - 27 December 2015

Uyu mwana wehure should go back to Mozambique where he comes from. Brainless and an idiot. Who is Mugabe not to be defied when he is making policies detrimental to unlocking FDI? Nonsense. Utsinye sasekuru. Little LUCIFER Zhuwawo. Evil runs in your DNA since you share the same with your evil sekuru. Imbwa yemunhu. There is nothing treacherous done by Chinamasa.

v - 27 December 2015

Can anyone expert anything reasonable from zhuwao and mugabe? Zim is in deep trouble. The only thing is for the opposition to mobilize people to mass demonstrate. Time for being scared is over, people are suffering in silence. Hapana kusiri kufa.

misty - 27 December 2015

Why cant the indegenisation laws be amended that all black filthy rich like Zhuwawo cede up to 50% to other local poor black people.

X-MAN IV - 27 December 2015

Who is this Zhuwao guy? He seems hell bent on destroying anything that is left of Zimbabwe. He says no one can contract Mugabe. Mugabe said there would be bonuses and so where are the bonuses? Why can't Mugabe live up to his word? At least Chinamasa talks sense and reality and I would rather believe what Chinamasa says than what Mugabe says. Mugabe wants to destroy Zimbabwe totally so that when he dies he will die with it. Nothing will be left and so Zhuwao. We better stop this duo before they cause further damage.

Inyika - 27 December 2015

We are scaring the Dongates away at the crucial moment they are about to partner us.The worst thing that has ever happened to this economy is neither sanctions nor corruption. It's an entirely new thing called Patrick Zhuwawo.

machakachaka - 28 December 2015

Zhuwao anoda kuwongororwa pfungwa dzake nedza secure vake dzakango fanana varikuda kusiya vatiputsira nyika.

Gtmaumbe - 28 December 2015

What Zhuwawo did to negate Chinamasa is expected of him considering that he is the nephew of Mugabe.Anything,nomater how sensible it is,as long as it does not support his uncle,it is rubbish.

Joel Charamba - 28 December 2015

Afarisa Mfana uyu arikuda kutora macompanies acho iye oregera kubhadhara vashandi Ngaatibvire kumhepo..

Mundewere Bocha - 28 December 2015

I don't like anything ZPF but on this one Chinamasa is totally correct. He must stand his ground or sink with ZPF. The cash rug has been pulled. Mugabe's nephew will just bring Zimbabwe down below where it is already. No family members should be allowed! It is called nepotism!

TruthBTold - 28 December 2015

Excellent suggestion X-Man 1V

TruthBTold - 28 December 2015

Can I be provocative and say that the dreadlocked Minister is always high and can never be original in thought?

Okech - 28 December 2015

I don't trust both of them. Same father, same mother. They all must GO.

Mob - 29 December 2015

the zpf party is cracking and the country is burning . This mafia called Zanu pf is disintergrating never to exist again... if you study mafias thats the way they end. They shall run away from the country when Zimbos start demanding answers. Lets pray we wont be a Syria.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 29 December 2015

We citizens are capable of forming our own companies, just like Masiiwa, Nyemba, Mawere, Makamba, the list is endless. Crying for shares from somebody's company shows inferiority complex. Zvinonyadzisa kuchemera mukadzi weumwe murume! Unotadza sei kupfimba wako. We are the most educated Africans, let us translate that into businesses ownership. The government can assist citizens to form big companies by giving them government work and by selling parastatals to citizens at reasonable prices. Kwete kuchemera zvevamwe.

Stanley Makonese - 30 December 2015


Gusha - 30 December 2015

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