Tsvangirai promises Zim opposition unity

HARARE - Amid the political and economic gloom enveloping the country and that critics blame on President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF, opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has promised Zimbabweans “a Christmas gift” of unity among all opposition parties.

The former prime minister in the government of national unity said the envisaged “unity gift” would include former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s People First movement and his former secretary-general Tendai Biti’s People’s Democratic Party, all in a bid to end Mugabe’s 35-year rule and the country’s myriad crises.

Delivering his end of year address yesterday, Tsvangirai said there was no doubt that the current national crises required a unified opposition that would come up with solutions for Zimbabwe after Mugabe had been vanquished.

“Zimbabweans want to see unity of purpose and I can assure you that a broader, collective agenda will soon be unveiled to the nation by the relevant people after the relevant consultations,” Tsvangirai said.

He added that Zanu PF had failed to resolve the problems that it had created, as it was swamped by its factional and succession wars that had plunged the party into a crisis, and with the “supposed mega deals” that the government had recently signed achieving nothing.

“As political leaders, we know what Zimbabweans want and expect in the wake of a party in government so out of sorts that the fixation with succession issues and positions have taken centre-stage at the expense of a despondent people.

“Together, we are stronger. Together, we are better. We resolved at our last congress that we will work with others in the broader democratic movement to deal with the national challenges.

“Two weeks ago, together with others in the broader political movement, we publicly signed the National Electoral Reform Agenda (Nera) document.

“Nera will deal with the underlying electoral challenges that are at the core of the crisis of legitimacy that has held the nation at ransom and impeded progress,” Tsvangirai said.

He also referred to last Friday when a convergence meeting planned by the church, civil society and opposition political parties almost failed to take place after the police banned it.

It was only after a High Court order was issued that the participants were able to meet at the City Sports Centre, to discuss niggling governance deficiencies in the country, including the need for electoral reforms.

“They may try to stop our convergence as Zimbabweans from diverse backgrounds, but they cannot stop the collective spirit of Zimbabweans and the imminent, lasting change whose time has come,” Tsvangirai said.

He blamed all the challenges facing Zimbabwe on the “crisis of legitimacy” surrounding the disputed 2013 national elections, saying only electoral reforms would bring back confidence in the country.

He also said that his party was in the process of finalising a new blueprint of how to rescue the country from its current problems.

“We have gone beyond simply being seasoned critics of Zanu PF and Robert Mugabe. The real solution is a credible, bankable plan of how to rescue and resuscitate the country beyond Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“What is now urgent is a clear policy framework on what can be done to address power generation, to create jobs and to bring the economy back on the rails, among other issues,” Tsvangirai said.

“At 91, whether by natural or other factors, we must begin to plan and budget for a post-Mugabe scenario and have in place bankable and credible programmes to rescue the country from this abyss.

“I am glad to announce that we in the MDC are tying up the loose ends of a comprehensive policy programme post-Mugabe and post-Zanu PF,” he added.

With the bulk of Zimbabweans unemployed, civil servants not getting their salaries and bonuses, and electricity blackouts now the norm, the spirits of Zimbabweans have been dampened, Tsvangirai said, adding however, that hope was not completely lost.

“In the middle of all this gloom, it is our wish to lift the spirits of the despondent people of Zimbabwe and give them a befitting Christmas present by showcasing national convergence regarding the key challenges facing the people.

“Let us all take time this Christmas to reflect on the future of our country and whether this country really deserves this penury when it is endowed with abundant resources and an educated human capital.

“I know it is going to be a difficult and bleak Christmas considering that we all do not have disposable income. But let us use the little we have to share the little joy and happiness we can afford with friends, family and relatives.

“Let us pray and celebrate the birth of Christ, even in the middle of the debilitating crisis we face,” Tsvangirai said.


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Unity is the best for Zimbabwe people in power now have lost focus they have totally failed and they cant admit.There is noway they can turn around the economy they are only there to protect their stolen wealth.Mazimbabwe come together and defeat the common enemy of the people they behave like terrorists just watch how the police behave we live like foreigners in our own country

munnyoro - 22 December 2015

unity is a good idea mr morgan. please be prepared to allow others to lead the unity project. self-centredness doesn't help. there are elements of self-interest in mr mt.

zvirozviyedzwa - 22 December 2015

Haiwawo zvedu iwe Zvirozviedzwa muCIO. Unongowawata zvisina njere. Hauoni kuti vane njere vataura zvinonzwika. Tibvirepo apa.

njere - 22 December 2015

God bless you President Morgan,you are our hope.If we are united God loves people who think and care about others regardless of political differences.We have seen you leading Zimbabwe in your tenure of office.As a leader we realize that you are selfless and you think about Zimbabwe not personal gains

midlands patriot - 23 December 2015

President Morgan we love you and respect all your efforts.You have demonstrated to us that you are a leader worth our while.We urge you to always know that Zimbabwe is a Christian Nation and God is our liberator so prayers and appeals to the Church leaders to devote quality time to prayers will do this nation good.Please keep on calling Zimbabweans to serious prayers for this country to succeed.This is what we your supporters believe and cherish

midlands patriot - 23 December 2015

hapana pambo taurwa kuti who will lead the unity zvirozviedzwa unongotaura haikona kuvenga zvakadai gudo kushata zvaro haridye husiku wani

JOOK - 23 December 2015

If we are to judge Tsvangirai by the autocratic things he did in the MDC, the way he removed critics and those opposed to his style of leadership, someone guilty of corruption and blatant lies then nobody but nobody must ever believe him. The man is incapable of keeping his word. I firmly believe that Tsvangirai is a big asset to ZANU PF and Mugabe. He is a traitor.

Canaan - 23 December 2015

Zimbabwean politicians are power hungry and they all want to be leaders.I will keep a distance and watch from the terraces.

Pompano - 23 December 2015

Zimbabwean politicians are power hungry and they all want to be leaders.I will keep a distance and watch from the terraces.

Pompano - 23 December 2015

Morgan, is the answer to all this economic shame we are facing. the coalition that is talked about will come to nothing without the president of none corrupt zimbabweans, viva, president ,Morgan Tsvangirayi.utayandi, aleke] ongafuniyo, kayekele.

Cheenzyabula - 23 December 2015

kubatana against muvengi ndiyo chete nzira yekumubvisa nayo.muvengi agara arikutya .zvinoonekwa nezvirikuita mapurisa muroad.tave kurarama senguva yehondo.

the hare - 23 December 2015

kubatana against muvengi ndiyo chete nzira yekumubvisa nayo.muvengi agara arikutya .zvinoonekwa nezvirikuita mapurisa muroad.tave kurarama senguva yehondo.

the hare - 23 December 2015

if morgan is the only answer to our demise then we are doomed. he is also a handiende type. look how he manipulates the constitution at will just to enhance his overstay. he does exactly what mugabe is doing if not worse. going forward, we want politicians who have the country at heart not these dictators (morgan included). if he was given a junior position in the unit thing then i would support it otherwise zanu of mujuru or mavambo circus is better than a personalised mdc t (t for tsvangirai). like it or not machinja, the mdc t is not democratic at all. the party revolves around morgan. without him there is no mdc t. it shouldn't be that way. the party should be bigger an individuals but alas in zim its the other way round. until we move away from person centred politics we will continue to suffer at the hands of individuals like morgan and mugabe.

zvirozviyedzwa - 23 December 2015

We need God fearing and principled leaders in Zimbabwe.God have mercy on Zimbabwe.

BHEKINKOSI NDLOVU - 23 December 2015

zvrozviyedzwa, you making poor analysis in comparing Morgan to tired Mugabe, the true handiende man ,is Mugabe,i for one have never known any other pres,other than, that,s hilarious. Morgan has never lead Zmbabwe, you saying he is handiende achibvakupi? Morgan is the true opposition figure and true pres, for a future respected Zimbabwe, open your eyes you foolish blinkered man.

Cheenzyabula - 23 December 2015

Zvirozviyedzwa, mandela spent 27 years in jail while ANC regarded him as their leader. Although there some leaders like Chris Hani the only person who gave them the aluta continua sprit was mandela. Some stupid people like u gave ANC youth ideas like what u are now talking, saying Mandiba was nothing but a prisoner who would never gain anything in life but they never gave up on him. Look now unlike ur uncle Bob, he died a very respected man world wide. He never killed, he never oppressed even those who threw him in prison. Likewise, my brother we will never give up on Tsvangirai. Pamberi naTsvangirai pamberi!!!!! He showed us just in half a decade that he can build a very strong and balanced economy. His efforts has now been destroyed ur idiots brothers in just 30 months. Pasi navose vauri kuti vari nane pana Tsvangis. Ndoo vakaita kuti Tsvangis asapinda panyanga muna 2008. Dai vasiri ivo dai magetsi atove kumaruwa ekwedu uye nemvura netara zvaveko.

dembo - 23 December 2015

The MDC (in all forms) is a failed entity. They blew their chances to dethrone the dictatorship long ago. They looted and betrayed their supporter base, became greedy arrogant and power hungry. They readily absorbed the Zanu pf culture of lying, thieving, corruption, hallucinating, looting and kleptomania. Sadly these clowns are so stupid that they still do not yet understand the cause of their demise. The King of Pricks Tsvangirai Needs put his weapon and brains in a sling and get castrated.

Lameck Mtetwa - 24 December 2015

Finally!!!!,i had lost confidence in MDC becoz of the continuous breakup of the factions.There is nothing Zimbabwe needs more than just ONE strong opposition,Zvirinane kuzorwisana mambotora nyika pane kurwira simba ramusina.Even America just has 2 large parties that swap systematically.Thank u Morgan.Thumbs up for Tsvangson,i thot kuti wapera panonaka but uri CHIBABA Chepolitics

oJENDE oCHEBE - 24 December 2015


CHAPUTIKA - 24 December 2015


CHAPUTIKA - 24 December 2015

In as much as it is a noble idea to unite ALL the opp polic partie in Zim,against ZANU pf Am inclined tro doubt the calibre of the leader of the UNITED PARTY-we would need a new one NOT the MT or Joyce or Tendai or MAkoni -no sooner than they will have dislodged ZANUpf than they will be at each others"throats. They are power hungry, egocentric.This status quo suites Mugabe and zanu.MUCHACHEMA UNTILL COWS COME HOME.

Chatunga - 25 December 2015

Chatunga, you said you need a new one? you sound very stupid and confused, you need a new from where? may be you trying to tell us you personally need a new one from North Kerea? you are foolish, Morgan is the man for that top office, come 2018.

Cheenzyabula - 25 December 2015

we appreciate that opposition parties are coming together to fight against zanu pf come 2018. some elements are traitors. plz president tsvangirayi becareful. you are the only candidate who stood for the people

muzukuru we nyati - 25 December 2015

That's what we want as a nation . Anyone who opposes such thinking is a traitor and a zany pfuu thug

Bull Ant - 25 December 2015

I can see light

Garvey - 26 December 2015

tsvangirai ega ndiye akati azoita president we mdc for only three terms when he took office in 1999. why did he go back on his promise? he tasted power and will not let anyone else lead the party. he had to manipulate the constitution in order to stay beyond three terms. if you allow him security apparatus then the country is doomed to another very long struggle with yet another handiende type. right now he is out manoeuvring the mdc without the help of the securocrats. wait and see what a tsvangison with an army and police will do to the citizens of zimbabwe.

zvirozviyedzwa - 26 December 2015

iyesu mazimba tisu tinojaidza vanhu ve politics nekuvaudza kuti there is no one like them in the whole country. that is what happened at zanu pf. they all sang songs about baba mugabe. now they are stack with the same leader for too long. leadership should change hands especially in a democracy. tsvagison had started well but grew too big headed when he tasted power. now he is exactly the same like zanu pf if not even worse. ngati regei kuita kuti vanhu vafunge kuti nyika haina kwainoenda without ngana and ngana. that is self-destructive. of all the countries in our region we are the worst when it comes to governance. too much boot-licking. machinja, chinjai morgan. munhu anokoniwa just like you and I. Nelson Chamisa will carry your party forward much better than morgan. have courage and retire this old man.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 December 2015

Fools will always be fools zvirozviyedzwa, look beyond the party, no man could ever go into a fight and resign midway, you need to complete the race then hand in the huddle to some one else. Nelson Mandela fought for his country (how many years as ANC President)and only relinquished his presidents after his country was free, if he were to do that prior to winning probably up to now we could be at war in SA. Regai Tsvangirai apedze Hondo iye. This guy is not selfish, are some people blind not to see this whether in ZANU or MDC.

jay - 27 December 2015

Even an idiot can see we need unity. we have been talking about it for years! So opposition parties there is something wrong with you all is there not. Get on your knees, repent, humble yourselves and ask for the Lord's guidance. Like it or hate it MT won the 2008/2013 if not the 2002. Where does that leave us. What would be the right thing to do???

TruthBTold - 28 December 2015


VIKINDUKU - 28 December 2015

I call upon all opposition leaders to come together as one to defeat Zanu Pf. We need the old MDC back on condition that Tswangirai stays away, surely even a blind man can see that Tswangirai has failed for the past 15 years, surely he can not do it now.We need Mujuru, Simba Makoni,Tendai Biti and above all Prof Welshman Ncube.Together Zimbabweans we can win back Zimbabwe,The Jewel of Africa.

Nkosilathi Ncube - 29 December 2015

look at this blinkered fool called Nkosilathi Ncube, we do not need such stupid people like you Nkosi,the calibre of leaders you mentioned in your comment are all zanu boot lickers, zimbabwe finds itself in such a regreteable messy because of foolish thinkers like Nkosilathi.

Cheenzyabula - 29 December 2015

Mr MP give answers to wasted young lives through thuggery senseless violence in villages of Tsholotsho. Remember these people gave you their precious votes that not only benefit you but the entire Zanu-Pf propaganda system. Tsholotsho is the epicenter of Zimbabwe's political mediocrity and ruling party factionalism. The Tsholotsho youth violence must be the subject of embarrassment and shame to their legislative representative in parliament. Mr Jonathan is only proactive to preach propaganda and collect cheap votes from people of Tsholotsho together with his counterpart MP of the parallel constituency. When are the jobs coming to Tsholotsho so that our youth stop living thuggery lives. When is vocational institutes coming to Thsolotsho so that our youth can train in skills and empowerment for self sustainability. If I was a Tsholotsho MP I will read this story and be ashamed because that is a significant dominant narrative that somehow there is a failure by political leadership. Jonathan Moyo should stop meddling and putting his nose in every other ministerial business except his own constituency problems. That is another provoaction to call for total devolution so that local authorities can solve local problems. The last thing is that villagers should desist from unnecessary ignorance of calling at a police station with a severely injured man instead seeking medical help as a first concern. The police and hospital are two different functions. Happy New Year Tsholotsho!

Keeper Moyo - 29 December 2015

Save musacheuke muridzo ngwarirai mabasa eZANU , fambai baba vedu tiende dzamara tatora nyika. Tsvangirai igamba renyika ino kwatakabva naye kurefu isu samachinja takatevera ,Ncube naSibanda vakasara. Takasiya zvichingokakavadzana nenyaya yekurwira kutonga

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 30 December 2015

kune vanhu vanenge vaZvirozviyedzwa vanodii kungotevera havo anaNcube,Biti,Mangoma et al who seemed to be popular but are now unpopular with the masses of MDC. Tsvangi is still popular with the MDC project and by far a better politician than all the MDC rebels.

Big Meech Larry Hoover - 30 December 2015

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