Zanu PF burns in Mnangagwa's home

HARARE - As the race to succeed President Robert Mugabe in the warring post-congress Zanu PF intensifies, embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s allies are coming under more pressure from the Midlands godfather’s party foes.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News on Sunday yesterday that the former liberation movement’s deadly factional and succession wars had become particularly hot in the VP’s Midlands stronghold where his avowed enemies, the ambitious party Young Turks known as the Generation 40, were apparently “running amok in a final assault” on his mooted presidential aspirations.

“While this ugly war has raged for months in other provinces, it has now come home (to the Midlands).

The G40 have clearly decided that it is now time to tame the lion, or is it the reptile, in its den as we get into 2016, which is a critical year ahead of the 2018 national elections,” a politburo member said.

The senior party official claimed that the Midlands provincial executive had already set in motion processes that would culminate in votes of no confidence being passed on perceived key Mnangagwa allies, allegedly beginning with Gokwe-Nembudziya legislator Justice Mayor Wadyajena.

“The province is on fire my friend because it is seen as the VP’s stronghold. The PCC (Zanu PF provincial coordinating committee) is under pressure to rid itself of all officials that are deemed a problem.

“These include Wadyajena, (Zanu PF deputy secretary for administration) July Moyo and (chairman Kizito) Chivamba who are on the verge of being ousted through votes of no confidence. It’s now a matter when this will happen, not if,” the bigwig said.

A Midlands party official seen as being in the VP’s camp corroborated the claims.

“They (G40) are busy as we speak. While they are still in the process of coming up with evidence against Moyo, we know that Wadyajena and Chivamba’s cases have been established and a damning dossier on them is already with (national political commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere,” he claimed.

Reached for comment yesterday, Chivamba would neither deny nor confirm the claims, preferring to say “concerning Wadyajena ask the youths”, before he abruptly terminated the call.

Efforts to talk to Wadyajena and Moyo were unsuccessful.

Among other charges, Wadyajena stands accused of being disrespectful of the First Family,Mand being behind the province’s youth wing resolution to have Kasukuwere fired as Zanu PF national political commissar in favour of someone with liberation war credentials, a demand that was made ahead of the party’s recent conference in Victoria Falls.

“In war, he who shoots first dies next and Wadyajena is a legitimate target because he made the first shot. He has also been fighting the commissar in public and making the wrong headlines in newspapers.

“Now we have an opportunity to show him that his misplaced youthful exuberance does not work in politics. Just watch, we will reduce him to his correct size.

“He will soon learn that the party leadership will not protect you when you cross the red line as he has done on many occasions, because if they raise a helping hand they will be exposing themselves as being the ones inciting you,” a provincial youth member said aligned said to be aligned to the G40 said.

Wadyajena, who chairs the parliamentary portfolio committee on Indigenisation, has previously clashed with Kasukuwere in the National Assembly over the manner in which the Local Government minister distributed youth funds when he was Indigenisation minister.

The two men’s fierce clash in the National Assembly saw Zanu PF youths in Harare baying for Wadyajena’s blood soon afterwards, demanding his expulsion from the party.

On the other hand, Chvamba was recently admonished by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko for mispronouncing the VP’s name during a recent rally in the province that was addressed by First Lady Grace Mugabe.

The Daily News on Sunday’s sister paper, the Daily News, also reported last week that with Mnangagwa struggling to live up to the popular caricature of his nickname, that of a ruthless crocodile, in Zanu PF’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars, his supporters were being pummelled left, right and centre by their marauding party foes.

Insiders who spoke to the newspaper pointed to what happened a decade ago when many of the VP’s most ardent supporters were decimated after the so-called Tsholotsho Declaration, after being accused of plotting to oust Mugabe from power -- claiming that history was repeating itself as his close allies were again being picked off one by one like lambs to the slaughter.

They said Lacoste, as Mnangagwa is fondly referred to by his loyal followers, once again stood accused of doing little that was visible in the public domain to protect leading members of his support group who were on the receiving end of the savage and unrelenting factional mauling.

Among the alleged allies of Mnangagwa who had recently come under severe pressure from inside Zanu PF were Wadyajena, Water minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, former Manicaland women’s league chairperson Happiness Nyakuedzwa, and the power couple of Monica and Christopher Mutsvangwa.

Wadyajena stands accused of denigrating Grace while he was allegedly engaging in “political banter” with businessman and fellow Zanu PF official Jimayi Muduvuri during the ruling party’s just-ended annual conference.

Nyakuedzwa and another alleged VP close ally, former Mashonaland Central youth league chairperson Godfrey Tsenengamu, were recently suspended from the ruling party for five years on allegations of fanning factionalism.

Former Harare provincial chairperson Godwills Masimirembwa, former Harare women’s league chairperson Ratidzo Mukarati and former Masvingo chairperson Paradzai Chakona — all perceived strong backers of Mnangagwministerd  also suffered votes of no confidence that were upheld by the party.

Last week, Mutsvangwa — one of Mnangagwa’s closest and most vocal allies — also received a vote of no confidence from Mashonaland West province, putting his party and government positions in jeopardy after he tried to take Kasukuwere head-on.

Mutsvangwa’s wife, Monica — a deputy minister — was also recently booted out of the women’s league for defying the First Family, while Muchinguri-Kashiri came under severe shellacking in Manicaland and in a recent politburo meeting.

Muchinguri-Kashiri’s troubles, according to insiders who spoke to the Daily News, came after she allegedly told Grace in the politburo meeting that she was the most senior party official in Manicaland, and thus always needed to be consulted on important decisions impacting on the region — in addition to insinuating that Grace had allegedly failed to run the women’s league properly.

“This angered Amai (Grace) and as she spoke, she got angrier and angrier, saying ‘wakabvira kare uchindijairira ... (You have never respected me)” — apparently going on to give Muchinguri-Kashiri a severe tongue-lashing which resulted in the Water minister crying.

And there is no record in all these cases that Mnangagwa has done much to support or protect his allies, a failing that well-placed sources said the VP was guilty of in 2004/5 when his supporters who allegedly included Daniel Shumba, Mike Madiro, Josiah Hungwe and July Moyo were cast into the political wilderness for fighting for him.

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Grace Murefu thinks being Mugabe's wife is a passport to power.So Jabulani Sibanda was correct after all,about a bedroom coup and sextually transmitted political power.

Kufandada - 20 December 2015

Muchanzwa ne kureporter nhema dza Moyo akachemedzwa ndi Grace naMuchinguri ....neturice twamaka piwa

Tino - 20 December 2015

Kkkkkkk! Well now you all can see that there is not shred of democracy in Zanu PF and indeed in the country. Zanu PF is a Mafia cult whose Godfather is RG Mugabe. RG is orchestrating this circus road show that Grace is acting to suit a Mugabe dynasty vision. This is all that is all in nut shell. The problem is not him. It is us the people of Zimbabwe. We tolerate crap! Mugabe wears Zimbabwe like his under wear. He gets an erection; farts; soils this Zimbabwe underwear as he wishes. This has been the case all along. We are all good for nothing. This, Mugabe knows that he will get away with murder. As for Mnagagwa, he is good for nothing. He is only good at being managed by his godfather to do the dirty work, rigging elections and murders such as Dzamara disappearance; etc. All who are massing around him are going to be decimated and he will do nothing. Why? He wants to be too smart. He is a traitor by nature. Get his liberation true history and, this will expose the rotten side in him. The world asks questions over Zimbabweans' inaptitude to correct our political accountability. We are supposed to be educated, focused, and polished and therefore know how to apply our democratic rights. There is no patriotic team work. All our education and civilization is coming to naught. Crocodile, Mnagagwa? My foot! That is a monkey. Just like preschool child wearing a croc hood in a play on the stage. Jonathan Moyo, another political charade stage actor, even dumped Mnagagwa. He has seen that Mnagagwa is a dangerous joker and does not want to be accountable to anything. Lack of accountability in is the main problem in our country. Zimbabwe could have the best constitution under the sun. If there is no accountability, what is the use? How can a Mafia cult be accountable to any outcome that they deem unfavourable them? Zanu PF loses elections in 2008 and holds the results for two months while the army is stuffing the ballot boxes.

Mbareboy - 20 December 2015

Yep Zanu operates Mafios style and the Godfather...Bob the mad man does not make his hands dirty but prefers to work trough other

gamuchirayi - 20 December 2015

Exactly. It is a Mafia set up. The man who does the dirty work for the Godfather, RG, You know who? Mnagagwa. RG wants him to stay where he is and continue to do the dirty work of murdering and rigging elections for Grace after he has left the planet earth.

Mbareboy - 20 December 2015

Lacoste is a spook by proffession and is just doing exactly that. One can follow him at his/her own risk. Lacoste does not hobour presidential ambitions, he is just there to flush out all excited elements within the liberation movement.Zanu pf cannot replace mugabe.

X-MAN IV - 20 December 2015

Grace or ED , none of them will rule Zimbabwe. The true leaders to come after Mugabe are not even in politics. Why do you think Mugabe keeps playing rival parties against each other. He knows the truth and he is just waiting for the right moment . Mugabe is not going to be removed by anybody. He will remove himself at the right time. Those who are familiar with the war and what we used to hear about this man , will tell you that Robert is no ordinary and Zimbabwe is a vert special country. All those making noise are wasting their time. True leaders that will take back Zimbabwe into the limelight are not in the country right now. It will happen like a miracle and the world will be shocked.

Cry the Be loved Country - 20 December 2015

I have nothing against Cde Mnangagwa, there is much that I respect about him. This being said, he would be well advised to cease trying to indoctrinate Government, Police and military officials and gain their support as this could well lead to civil war. Unity is what is needed right now but especially in the law enforcement agencies. Heed this advice.

Colonel T - 21 December 2015

please tsvakai nyaya

munhu - 21 December 2015

there is no democracy in zanu neither is it in mdc t. mdc t is a cult operating around tsvangirai. its same fanana.

zvirozviyedzwa - 21 December 2015

Tell me how Mnangagwa's main dirtboy Mudha Owen Mbudlo Ncube's name is escaping all these fracases. He is one of the main culprits. From spreading Aids to looting Globe n phoenix mine

taten - 21 December 2015

zimbabweans need to be civilised you fight yo next door yet vamurikurwira are drinking tea together thus been stupid learn from yr2007/8 you fought vamwe vakaita ngozi now ndozvaakuita nhasi cease to do that

jook - 22 December 2015

Mabareboy is spot on. We are good for nothing as a people. Its unfortunate that we are just watching whilst our lives today, future lives for generations is going down the drain

chitinha - 22 December 2015

This idiotic imperialist mouthpiece is totally obssesed with zanu pf. Big mistake because blindly it has confirmed that the only political party worthy reading about is zanu pf, otherwise the rest is hogwash.

reason - 22 December 2015

Saks nyayahuru ndoyokuti achatonga ndiani. Saks mugodhoyi hazvioni izvozvo kuti kuchembera K wake ndiwo kunosakisa nyonga nyonga yose. N.a. Mbeki murmur muukuru unongosvikavo achi joiner praise and worship .

shumbayadyauswa - 25 December 2015

Saks nyayahuru ndoyokuti achatonga ndiani. Saks mugodhoyi hazvioni izvozvo kuti kuchembera K wake ndiwo kunosakisa nyonga nyonga yose. N.a. Mbeki murmur muukuru unongosvikavo achi joiner praise and worship .

shumbayadyauswa - 25 December 2015

these Zanu pf people are a bunch of idiots......but im afraid, we, the electorate, are even worse than these idiots because we still listen to the crap they tell us @ rallies.

Help Us - 26 December 2015

these Zanu pf people are a bunch of idiots......but im afraid, we, the electorate, are even worse than these idiots because we still listen to the crap they tell us @ rallies.

Help Us - 26 December 2015

RG, Grace, Mnangwagwa zanu pf and all the stooge mps must be removed from power by the people, zimbos are just cowards with big mouth all they know is to run away from their problems and creating havoc and menace in neighbouring states, sis

spoton - 27 December 2015

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