Brace for early polls — MDC

HARARE - Zimbabweans should brace themselves for early polls as the escalating factional and succession wars that are devouring the post-congress Zanu PF could soon see the ruling party imploding completely, former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC says.

Speaking in a wide-ranging interview with the Daily News yesterday, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu said that it was clear Zanu PF was on the verge of a complete collapse due to its internal wars, as 91-year-old President Robert Mugabe fails to douse the deadly ructions.

“The next elections might actually happen earlier than 2018.

“You all realise how Zanu PF is collapsing like a deck of cards and some of us are confident that 2018 could actually be very far,” Gutu said.

Zanu PF is currently dogged by vicious succession fights pitting a faction led by embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and a group of ambitious party Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40).

Even though Mugabe is in his political twilight, the increasingly-frail nonagenarian has studiously refused to encourage the emergence of a clear successor, resulting in impatient party members jostling violently for the number one position.

On the other hand, Mugabe is seemingly very worried about the fights that he recently said he was afraid that his party could split if the warring groups continued to fight.

Gutu said while the beckoning implosion of Zanu PF would be an important political development in the country, his party was in the meantime working tirelessly to ensure that critical electoral reforms were implemented before the holding of the next elections.

“Our plans for 2018 are very clear ... without reforms no elections,” he said emphatically.

In June this year, the MDC decided to boycott by-elections to replace sacked legislators, demanding that the ruling party takes heed of its calls for electoral reforms.

“We have now been joined by several other opposition political parties. A few weeks ago, president Morgan Tsvangirai and 12 other opposition political parties signed a document, which has come to be known as the Nera (National Electoral Reforms Agenda) document.

“We are pleased to note that other opposition political parties have associated themselves with our complaint as MDC, in stating that elections in Zimbabwe have always been rigged.

“For as long as we have elections which do not pass the test of legitimacy, the political problems in this country will not be solved,” Gutu said.

The MDC spokesperson said he was confident that the “political and diplomatic pressure on Zec (Zimbabwe Electoral Commission)” would lead to the implementation of the much-needed reforms.

“We know that inside they (Zanu PF) are cracking. Already, Zec has invited all the opposition political parties in Zimbabwe to a series of workshops which has never happened before.

“Only two weeks ago, we had a strategic planning workshop to which we were invited with all the other opposition parties, together with Zanu PF.

“Unfortunately, Zanu PF didn’t come. There were about 23 political parties which came and participated in the process of coming up with Zec strategic plans for the period 2016 to 2020,” Gutu said.

He added that this Zec stance was a sign that Zanu PF was yielding to the MDC’s pressure because what was happening now, could not have happened a mere three years ago.

“The moment you see them doing this, you realise that the pressure you are putting on them is actually bearing fruit,” Gutu said.

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Obert Gutu remember how many times you were warned not to participate in the last election, even some SADC representatives advised MDC not to take part in the election but your greediness and opportunistic tendencies overcame your principles. We hope this time you mean what you are telling us. Time will tell

gamuchirayi - 17 December 2015

kwaani.zanu will just throw money 2million for parties that participate in election 2018,n all MDCs will rush in.Money,thats all it takes these guys to be unprincipled.And theris no eraly election mind constitution well n prepare yo party on constitution lines.yes Tsvangi was advised not to take part bt the love of money n power overcame him.he dived in.To this day if MDC has a little inteligent branch ,by now they shuld at least have an idea how they lost.Who appointed Zec yu fool?

viola gwena - 17 December 2015

The problem with MDCs is their haste in announcing victory & success after merely holding a workshop. They never stop to consider why ZEC- a ZANU PF creation, would listen to them now when they failed to do so for the past donkey years. Chii chazoitika nhai vaGutu, or you are being lulled by the relative calm in political tensions between ZANU PF & your party. When the crunch time comes ZANU PF will not listen to the whimpers of your party. You were in Government five years and failed to have the electroal laws amended, muchidya nekumwa neZANU PF yacho. Your prevarication over whether or not to take part in elections is legendary.I am sure you remember Tsvangirai getting the nickname Captain Boycott several years ago. Hamuzivi zvakakunakirai.I am one of those who believe that like People First, the MDC T is also a ZANU PF project. Munhu ane njere chaiye ungamhanya naDidymus Mutasa nehumhondi hwuri pachena hwaaiita hwuya? Why do you think ZANU PF has not had Mutasa, Mujuru or any of those so-called expelled members not beeb charged for their various crimes? They are in the project together to swallow and neutralise the MDC. Mune maziso, asi hamuone. Mune nzeve, asi hamunzwi. Munogona henyu kunzwa pamwe pacho, asi hamunzwisisi!

Duzvi Duzvi - 17 December 2015

The only thing that has changed this time is that there is People First. PF has its people still in Zanu working for them. These people want these reforms as well and so from within they are pushing for reforms and Mugabe's Zanu thinks they belong to them. All these changes you see now is because the PF people are working hard to make terrain also good for them come 2018 but Zanu PF cannot identify them for now.

Inyika - 17 December 2015

tsvangirai will always blunder where it matters most. he says this today and to morrow its another. his blundering is the reason mdc gets so close to winning elections yet so far away all the time. i wouldn't place trust in mdc under morgan. not even once.

zvirozviyedzwa - 18 December 2015

But at least Morgan has refused to a zombie for Mugabe . But Mangoma and Biti are working for zanu full time . Like him or hate Morgan is the only leader that we have in the country and his millions of his followers will never stop following him until he replaces the evil one . The rest are just heap of rubbish and sellouts .

Diibulaanyika - 18 December 2015

Zanu pf is in possession of election results and its a matter of anouncing them. Early elections will favour and mostly save zanu pf. Zanu pf must serve its full term even on one leg until 2018, thats if it survives its wars. Zanu pf needs two more uninterupted fall outs December 2016 and 2017. Elections must be held in 2018.

X-MAN IV - 19 December 2015

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