Zanu PF okays Mutsvangwa ouster

HARARE - The banishing of War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa from Zanu PF Mashonaland West province is a done deal as all processes were above board, party spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo has said.

Mutsvangwa’s expulsion followed that of his wife, Monica, who was recently sacked from the Zanu PF women’s league on allegations of undermining the authority of the league’s secretary and First Lady Grace Mugabe recently.

But in the aftermath of the announcement of Mutsvangwa’s vote of no confidence and the subsequent recommendation for his expulsion from the party and recalling from Parliament by the provincial executive on Monday, there were groans from the Norton legislator’s sympathisers who quickly pointed to the possibility of a breach of procedure.

Mutsvangwa’s backers argue that the move by the provincial coordinating committee  (PCC) to eject him could have been at variance with the Zanu PF procedures as he was not a member of the provincial executive by virtue of being a politburo member hence the PCC does not have the mandate to discipline him.

However, Khaya Moyo maintained that the province’s decision was in order and that Mugabe’s authority had not been challenged.

The ruling party information tsar said Mutsvangwa’s suspension was one of “several other cases that were outstanding and needed to be brought to finality”.

“There is no defiance of the president because all the cases of votes of no confidence had been outstanding for quite some time. It must not be seen as if the issues came about after the president’s conference speech about the need for unity. These are issues that were only waiting to be concluded and that is what is happening now,” Khaya Moyo told the Daily News yesterday.

He was also adamant that the current goings-on in the ruling party did not reflect the turmoil that the former liberation movement was going through.

“This is a mammoth party and there are bound to be misunderstandings in a party as big and democratic as ours. The party is as intact as ever.”

While Zanu PF is burning, there have been spirited efforts by the party’s top leadership to paper the cracks and it actually took Mugabe himself to admit that indeed factionalism is ravaging his party at its recently-held 15th conference in Victoria Falls.

Addressing a central committee meeting ahead of the conference that ended in the resort town last weekend, Mugabe called on party members to desist from unnecessarily resorting to vindictive ways of solving disputes.

“Fighting within the party is not ending, iwo mavotes of no confidence akadai kuuya aya ko nyaya dzacho hadzitauriranwe here? Asi kana munhu adzidziswa ngaanzwisise, kana  achida kutora  gwara rake iye oga anosungirwa kurangwazve asi munhu anomboyambirwa.(The issue of votes of no confidence that have become so fashionable, can’t you resolve your differences amicably,” Mugabe lamented.

Among a litany of charges being preferred against Mutsvangwa are but not limited to, insulting the First Family, gross misconduct, disloyalty and treachery.

But there are some top Zanu PF officials who are fighting in Mutsvangwa’s corner — who is linked to beleaguered Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s faction.

For instance Peter Chanetsa, a member of the Mashonaland West provincial executive told the State media that Zanu PF was infested with “crooks” hell-bent on elbowing out senior members “for self-enrichment”.

“Mutsvangwa is not a member of the Mashonaland West provincial executive. He is a politburo member and a minister appointed by the president.

“If you say you are passing a vote of no confidence in such a person you are literally passing a vote of no confidence in the president who appointed him,” Chanetsa said.

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What goes round comes around.Mai Mujuru vari phee. God fighting in her corner.

Brian Chikwati - 16 December 2015

Cde Peter Chanetsa I feel sorry for you zvinyararire shamwari yangu. Munoendeswa madhongi achikuma. Mugabe haachadi kuona vanhu vakaunza nyika. Varwiri vorusununguko dzava mhandu dzake. Grace otonga takangotarisa tichiona. Nhai Tongogara, Mujuru, Chitepo, Tngwena, Nkomo, Sithole , kusvika kuna Nehanda saka mongotarisa vana vachiurawa? Taneta nokunwa misodzi zuva nezuva iye Mambo Pharaoh achidya nokunwa, kana azvimbirwa okwira ndege kuenda kwaanoda. Ha Pharaoh atinetsa!!!!

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 16 December 2015

This is according to plan. All the supporters of Lacoste and war vets will be purged to make way for aMai and G40 and the possible dark horse. To Lacoste, Chris Mutsvangwa etc we say "What goes around. Comes around". Zuro it was mai Mujuru, today its you and now u have no choice but pay the price.

Mambo - 16 December 2015

This is according to plan. All the supporters of Lacoste and war vets will be purged to make way for aMai and G40 and the possible dark horse. To Lacoste, Chris Mutsvangwa etc we say "What goes around. Comes around". Zuro it was mai Mujuru, today its you and now u have no choice but pay the price.

Mambo - 16 December 2015

I saw it long back that our war veterans anoziva zvokurova MDC . Theselves are powerless and idiotic. How can yopu allow such a thing to happen to a country that you liberated. Your bootlicking does not help you . You allowed your Leader Joice to be booted out for no reason. Mujuru got eliminated and now you remain with fake war vets like Chinotimba. Why did you fight this war then?. You allowed Jonathan to divide you and now look where we are . He is destroying you from within. Khaya Moyo is happy also since ZANU PF is falling after the gukurahundi massacres. Jona Chamboko che wire , a schemer and a destroyer.

Chapwititi - 16 December 2015

@ Chris Mutsvangwa zuro ndi u remember ma comments ako uchituka mai the chickens has come home to roost in your corner feel the heat do not lament......i was heart broken with yo comments uchituka chirikadzi nhasi zvakuwana.........

tanganda - masamba akareyo - 16 December 2015

Chris Mutsvangwa, the man whose main task was to insult mai Mujuru only a year ago, is now reaping the fruits of his deeds. I get some relief when this man is kicked out because i remember very well every time time he was on TV, you almost had to request for a PG16VL, being assured this man would unashamedly insult a widow with a straight face.. this man deserves this..

joe - 16 December 2015

I will destroy Zanu PF from within !! Someone once declared. Who was that again?

Joe - 16 December 2015

"chirere chigo kudzinga" thats zanu pf

X-MAN IV - 16 December 2015

Does Grace see an aftermath of Mugabe free of troubles.Mugabe is just an old horse waiting.She must keep in mind tht all the comrades being purged will. Come after her.Mugabe will not live forever.She might succeed in 2018 but I don't foresee a glorious ending.Grace,on your way up ,make sure your ladder is leaning against the right building.

jerenyenje - 16 December 2015

When is Mnangagwa going to be fired since he is a leader of that faction? In fact, is is pointless for zanu pf to keep on firing at foot soldiers when the leader is comfortably seated at the command center scheming the faction's next move. I really wonder why Munangagwa was not fired together with Joice Mujuru given they both were opposing factional leaders. Just look at how Mnangagwa is manuevouring. He has now ropped in the security sector to his faction. Zimbabwe is headed for a nasty civil war. Watch this space!

Ndabazezwe Viki - 16 December 2015

There is a high possibility that this war vet will join ZANU People First.

Mentalist - 17 December 2015

Mwari vakati nherera nechirikadzi ndedzangu iwe busy kushungurudza chirikadzi,nhasi zvakuwanawo.Kunyange munhu atadza u dont necessarily need to publicly humiliate him/her,reducing one's dignity like what happened to mai mujuru.That was very wrong.Kana varoi chaivo havanzwaro.I hope this circus will be a lesson to anyone who ululates in other characters' downfall.Ukararama nedemo unofa nedemo.

chingoma - 17 December 2015

I do not suitable words to describe the foolishness of this idiot called Chris. He once came to our college when I was still a student and on that day, lectures were suspended. It was towards 2008 elections. He said he was not campaigning and the big question that I still have is, What was the perpose of his visit then. He was talking about history and I asked myself again, Can that bring food on the table? Recently, he told the nation that Honourable Mai Mujuru did not bring down any helicopter during the liberation war. Again I asked myself rhetorically, but I read about her when I was still at Primary school. Now he seems to be saying Mai Mujuru was right. How stupid, Foolish to say the least.

piaget - 17 December 2015

A taste of your own medicine Kiristopha. Famba murugare. Waitaura kunge kunge ndiwe wakauya wakabata Zimbabwe. Nxaaaa

kkkkkkkkk - 17 December 2015

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