Zanu PF fires Mutsvangwa

HARARE - A day after President Robert Mugabe hailed Zanu PF’s Victoria Falls conference as a resounding success, his home province of Mashonaland West expelled War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa yesterday, showing that the ruling party’s factional and succession wars continue unabated.

The vote of no confidence against Mutsvangwa — whose wife Monica was also banished from the brawling party’s women’s league last week — is another devastating blow for embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s mooted bid to succeed Mugabe, as the power couple are said to be close allies of the VP.

Addressing the media in Harare yesterday, Mashonaland West deputy provincial chairperson, Keith Guzah, said they were recommending that Mutsvangwa be expelled from the party forthwith in terms of sections 87(b), 87(c) and 87(j) of the Zanu PF constitution.

Among a litany of charges against him, Mutsvangwa stands accused of insulting the first family after he recently said the party’s national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, was guilty of disrespecting “the institution of marriage and that of the State” — in apparent reference to Kasukuwere’s alleged close political association with First Lady Grace Mugabe.

“We find Cde Chris Mutsvangwa’s utterances about ‘confusing the institution of marriage and that of the State’ to be exactly the same in meaning and import as the outrageous ‘bedroom coup’ remarks that got Jabulani Sibanda expelled from the party.

“Cde Mutsvangwa’s shocking and widely-publicised utterances should therefore attract the same judicial review in terms of the party’ constitution and must suffer the same consequences as did Jabulani Sibanda’s insolent remarks,” Guzah said.

He added that in the circumstances, his executive had found Mutsvangwa “guilty of gross misconduct, disloyalty and treachery according to section 266(b) and 266(c) of the party’s constitution”.  

Mutsvangwa’s suspension comes hardly a fortnight after his wife Monica was booted out of the women’s league on allegations of insubordination when she openly threw her weight behind under-fire allies of Mnangagwa in Manicaland — apparently against the first lady’s wishes.

This was after she had, in an unusually bold move in late October, dismissed claims by the first lady’s allies in the province that a meeting of the regional structure of the women’s league, which reversed the purported ouster from her position of provincial leader Happiness Nyakuedzwa, was null and void.

She was booted out together with league secretary for administration, Esphenah Nhari, also on charges of undermining the first family.

The trio’s fate now technically lies in the hands of the national disciplinary committee, which has among its members, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, the first lady herself and Kasukuwere — all of whom are said to be fighting in the same corner in the deadly Zanu PF war to succeed Mugabe.

However, an insider told the Daily News last night that given the “gravity” of the charges that the three cadres were facing, it was “safe to conclude that they were dead in the water”.

Closing the Zanu PF conference at the weekend, Mugabe launched a scathing attack on boastful war veterans, a thinly-disguised assault that was said to be directed at Mutsvangwa.

“Vamwe vanoti handibviswe. Unobviswa, teerera zvinotaurwa nevamwe (Some say they are untouchable and can’t be removed from their positions. They can be removed and should listen to what others say). This is a people’s party, it’s not your party.

“Zvekuti ini ndiri ngana ndakaenda kuhondo iwe hauna kuenda kuhondo, nonsense! (there are those that discriminate others based on war credentials. That is nonsense). We should not hear that at all from anyone,” Mugabe charged.

His sentiments resonated with Grace’s recent views which thrust her in the eye of a storm after she was accused by her detractors of attacking war veterans.

“There are some who think that because they fought in the war to liberate the country, their war credentials give them the right to do what they want. Are you the only one who fought in that war?

“We will end up asking you if anybody forced you to join the war because there are many others who also went there. We all did, as our parents, brothers and sisters played their part as well,” Grace said then.

She later explained that her party detractors had missed the context under which she had expressed the sentiments.

“Vanhu vanopedzisira vaakubvunza kuti wakaenda wega here? They can go further kuti kuhondo kwacho wakaitei (People will end up asking if you were the only participant in the war … what did you do during the war?),” Mugabe asked further yesterday.

“They (war veterans) sacrificed yes. But they are not the only ones. Even ordinary people back home sacrificed their lives.

“Some don’t know where their relatives are until today. Some were arrested, sent to prison. All those were forms of the struggle.

“It was not just a gun that won the war, it was a combination of various fights, some political and some even economic and obviously the gun being the main norm,” Mugabe added.

And in another sign that the gloves are now truly off in the warring post-congress Zanu PF, Kasukuwere openly accused Mutsvangwa and other Mnangagwa backers of plotting to oust Mugabe from power.

“We know what we are talking about, some of you have turned against him (Mugabe). You no longer like the president of our party. You are hiding behind the G40 (claims about the G40 to advance this agenda).

“If what I am saying will cause my death, then I am available. Go ahead and kill me. Enough is enough of this Mutsvangwa nonsense. Enough is enough. We are ready to take the war anywhere be it in the air or on the ground,” the angry Kasukuwere fumed while addressing Zanu PF Harare province a week ago.

He said while he respected the country’s war veterans for what they did for the country, there were a few of them who wanted to “monopolise the struggle”, adding defiantly that, “We are not going to be scared by the crooks we know, by the thugs we know”.

“Some of them stole money from ZBC while others turned against Zanu PF. We know that they want to politically destabilise the leadership of the party, engaging in money-making deals. We know all that and we are not going to be intimidated.

“When it comes to president Mugabe comrades, none of you has a monopoly over him. He is my leader too. We will defend president Mugabe, do not try to intimidate us to advance your interests.

“They stole from ZBC and were sacked. If you are a war veteran why do you steal? We know they are going to China to try and cut deals ... to subvert the president of our party,” Kasukuwere said.

“We are not scared. We will not be scared ... I have a right in this party, the party of my father. So, don’t come to me and tell me Kasukuwere does not qualify (ostensibly to be Zanu PF commissar). Who are you? You are the one who does not qualify.

“We are aware of your machinations, musarove imbwa makaviga mupinyi (your plot is a transparent one). The person you no longer want is president Mugabe.  Let us be frank with each other. We know that is what you are after.

“You are going for president Mugabe because you are used to making money using this succession issue. But president Mugabe is still there. So, we are taking our gloves off. We are taking our gloves off. We will not be intimidated by criminals we know ... We will defend ourselves. We are behind president Mugabe,” Kasukuwere fumed further.


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Lol. ini zii zvangu semunhu akunakirwa ngeGamatox kkkkkk

kkkkkk - 15 December 2015

But clearly it says, "...they are recommending that Mutsvangwa be expelled from the party forthwith in terms of sections 87(b), 87(c) and 87(j) of the Zanu PF constitution..." Does that mean that he has been expelled?

ManyepoManyanya - 15 December 2015

Zvaiwana ngwarati...zvamutsana tsuro nagudo, hurihwese naKatsande, nemumvura nemumvura. Talk Chris, tell us how you will mate senior war vet, gandanga guru rine chakuti chirefu. Welcome to reality dude.

Gunda - 15 December 2015

He is technically gone. The people who rubber stamps the decision are those in the disciplinary committee. It is led by Mphoko, Grace and Kasukuwere. It is as good as done..

@ManyepoManyanya - 15 December 2015

Gandaga guru fired from the party fired with people with no war credentials so even Tsvangirai can fire anyone in ZANU PF KKKKKKKKKKKKKK

War Credentials - 15 December 2015

Mutsvangwa is appealing to Bob for survival but Bob is not on his side. Anybody aligned to the Lizard is going to be purged very soon. The message is very clear . If u are not with aMai u are as good as finished. The writing is on the wall.

Peter Banda - 15 December 2015

'Dead in the water" I liked that idiom

Hardbrix - 15 December 2015

Drama after drama hawu aah toko kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk chesa mpamaaaaa

Diibulaanyika - 15 December 2015

Gire is no war vet - fact Tyson is no war vet - fact Mphoko; No really know this lad in war circles. Th trio sits on the NDC to judge war vets and non-war vets. War vet risiri kuside kweG40 richatosvorwa kusvika raputika maziso richigariswa pasi ne bhon firi Tyson, chimbwido chamdhara namujibha wezapu. mheno!

SaManyika Chaiye - 15 December 2015

The schizophrenic monster that is called Zanu Pf only out-does itself kikikiki. Always willing to go to the bottom of the principle, no standards, I don't care kusura kweakarara governance style kikiki. Now the whole country stinks!!!

Chitepo - 15 December 2015

Haiwa Mugabe is just channeling Gire for a diaper change, otherwise anosiywa ane nappy rush lol.

Haiwa - 15 December 2015

Mutsvangwa and his wife must be expelled not suspended. Let him form his own party where only people who went to war can join. His arrogance stinks.

Inyika - 15 December 2015

KKKKK fun things happening, it was just recent when ZANU PF campaign was centered on fighting the war hence war veterans now seems they are soon to be garbage as the new power era rises. These violent and destruction by war vets will soon have zero protection i tell you, I might end up voting ZANU after all just for the sack of making them suffer those who slaughtered our relatives for political differences.

Tawa - 16 December 2015

bla kiri hapana iripo,dont stress.only a full central commettee or president can suspend yu from party.not these idiots.Yu wr appointed by RG n thats it.Guzha is still learning the ropes in the party.His real target is RG himself coz that was his desision to appiont Guzha n friends r challenging RG.Guzha is the 1 to be suspended for challenging the President.He needs to go bak to grassroots levels n learn to respect party president s decisions without questions.anyway his silly recommendation was largely ignored in the only found simpathy at dailynews.In zanu bla kiri yu r full time.we love yu warvets.murimutumwa blaz.for warvetts.mutumwa haana mbonje.yu can kill the postman but bills will continue coming ,G40.

viola gwena - 16 December 2015

We are tired of this kind of news. Stop it! We want to hear about companies opening and employing more and more people. More jobs to the people! Stop negative actions and reports! Start creating employment now!

Goal Worth Global Network Employment Agency - 16 December 2015

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