'Mugabe now Zanu PF's common enemy'

HARARE - Former Zanu PF Mashonaland West chairman Temba Mliswa has said President Robert Mugabe has become his party’s common enemy, as warring factions jostle to succeed him.

In an interview with the Daily News yesterday, Mliswa said that Mugabe was becoming unpopular within his party by blasting war veterans and turning a blind eye on corruption.

“Whilst people have been suspended, the enemy now really is Mr President. He plays divide and rule vakuru vanoruma vachifuridzira,” Mliswa said.

“He was clear in castigating war veterans but did nothing to reprimand (party political commissar Saviour) Kasukuwere and his wife for lambasting the war veterans. It’s pretty clear Mugabe is happy with the prevailing situation.”

He said that Mugabe’s castigation of the security sector was hypocritical.

The combative former Hurungwe West MP said, it was clear that Mugabe was parroting Grace’s actions.

“This game is now being played in the bedroom (of the State House). Whilst it is pushing Mnangagwa away, it is actually playing into the hands of (MDC leader) Morgan Tsvangirai,” Mliswa said.

He said Mugabe has only empowered the opposition by dividing his party through reckless statements that savaged war veterans.

“He is against the war veterans, he is also equally pushing away Mnangagwa. He went on to blast war veterans leader (Christopher) Mutsvangwa for petty issues.

“This is the time for war veterans to come together. This is the time they must unite. What happened to Mujuru is what is happening to Mnangagwa,” the former football fitness trainer said.

Mliswa added that the new resolutions put together at the conference that ended on Saturday in Victoria Falls were insignificant.

“It certainly goes to show that Zanu PF is good at putting statements on paper together but not implementing anything,” he said.

“During the previous conference, we went through a lot, what did we implement? Nothing, and they now go on to put new resolutions.”

Mliswa said the Zanu PF conference had only served to show that Mugabe was content with keeping “his praise and worship choir” together whilst rewarding the “loudest.”

He said Mugabe had spoken about corruption over the years but has never taken action.

“… no one has been brought  to book. It’s not the first time Mugabe has been told about the corrupt individuals who surround him but no one has ever been arrested,” he said.

He added: “(Former South Africa president) Thabo Mbeki had named some of the ministers that had received kick-backs but nothing was done…..For me he is not able to bring change in this country.

“Kasukuwere has built a majestic house in this harsh economic environment but no one has stood to ask how?”

He said that the Zanu PF party had effectively split into three camps — the G40, Emmerson Mnangagwa and Joice Mujuru.

“At this stage, whether we want to accept it or not, Morgan Tsvangirai holds the bigger end of the stick if we are to go to elections, he has the support. Mujuru and Mnangagwa need to merge into one,” he said.

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pitocoat govt mustatehouse. sekuru vapinzwa mudress fulltime.

pondo - 15 December 2015

We may not like Themba Mliswa but his analysis of the current affairs in ZPF are spot on. Clearly Mudhara has chosen to back Amai and G40 side as opposed to the Lizard side. Anybody who is not in support of aMai is an enemy. Unless if there are new devts it looks like Grace will be appointed successor very soon. To stop this, the Lizard will have to fight harder otherwise the game is over.

Mambo Wenyu - 15 December 2015

Most of what Themba says in this piece is true but its not 'the whole truth and nothing but the truth'. Themba knows better than to minimize Mugabe's divide and rule. Yes to an extent, Grace is wielding a lot of power but Mugabe has always (even way before Grace came into the picture), used this tactic. He promotes those he is most afraid of turning against him, allows them to be corrupt, and keeps tabs on thier corrupt dealings. He then uses this info as a weapon to keep them in line. Furthermore, promoting one faction over the other is also authentically in RGM's playbook. 2004, out goes Mnangagwa and in comes Joyce, the reverse was true just last year, and now its Mungagwa again, vs. G40. The common theme is self-preversation for RGM. When he does thi, attention in not on his failures as a leader, his incompetence and empty promises but it is on those who either have been promoted, fired, or demoted. G40 today, but tomorrow it will be someone else. This calculation by the military bigwigs to overtly get involved is borne out of long standing divisions and loyalties which pits Zezurus vs Karangas in the military. The Manyikas and the Ndebeles are always pawns in that game of chicken. So anyone who has brains should know that we witnessing more of the same from RGM. Even in his twilight, he is still capable of controlling people who may otherwise be just as powerful if not more powerful than he is.

tino16 - 15 December 2015

At least we still we still have "amadoda sibili" in Zim like Tino16 above. I have always maintained that Bob cares very little about anyone else but himself. All his policies, choppings and changes have always been geared to shield himself, prop up his popularity and ultimately to ensure that he dies in power. We all know why he is afraid of relinquishing power: he has committed too many heinous crimes against humanity (Gukurahundi, farm murders, Murambatsvina, persecution of opposition activists) and too much of our national resources including money and minerals have been carted away and tacked in foreign lands. Remember the Charles Taylors, Sani Abacha etc. To this very day Nigeria is still tracing and recovering her wealth stolen and hidden away by Abacha who died in 1998. How much do you think Bob has stashed away in Malaysia, Singapore etc???

OkaS'lwane - 15 December 2015

Thank you very much for your kind words @OkaS'lwane. You are right about the crimes committed against humanity in Zim by RGM or on his behalf. The looting of resources, and the personalization of national entities by RGM. We as Zimbabweans should stop falling into the same trap that Mugabe sets always, which is to keep attention off of his misdeeds and crimes. I just read that Wadyajena and one pastor Mugadza were arrested on flimsy charges. The country is reeleing in economic malaise, there is not light at the end of the tunnel and yet people cheer when Mugabe promises more of the same "Next year will be better than this one". Anyone remembers how he said he was 'disgusted' by Chinamasa's comments about the poor fiscus and hence suspension of bonuses this year? Now what is happening? Mugabe is quitely and conveniently forgetting that disgust because there is no money to pay people. I get so offended by people who surround him and line their pockets forgetting that one day they were like all of us, struggling, and will probably be in the same boat if their fortunes turn for the worst in RGM mind.

tino16 - 15 December 2015

Ngwena is untouchable ...even if he appoints Gire 2 years tops, she is gone 2018 elections are going to be interesting with the state machinery now divided Tongona. Bob naGire will not win an election chero zvotsvuka seropa . G40 you can delude yourselves all you want but 2018 will be moment of truth..The Ngwenites will defect to Mujuru or MDC shaisano

Haiwa - 15 December 2015

yes zanu will not die bcoz of infils like G40.zanu is cleaning up.its not far when eyes will be looked into.The vanguared of zanu is now ngwena.he will clean up the party ,like Chama chamapinduzi.G40 is only delaying ngwena from emplimenting economic revival n cleanup zanu.he will do it with the security guys watching over him.zanu n zapu wil emage a good liberation party led by ngwena.Zanu is too big to be led by G40 ,way too big.ANC,SWAPO,CHAMAPINDUZI,FRELIMO,non of these living African parties will be kicked out of power.No.That wont hapen n its halucinating thinking like that.So the earlier we allow ngwena to run this race well and hand over to the next person the better for all zimbos.did yu know how powerful Graca Machel was in Frelimo.bt when the tyme came the guards of Frelimo sat down n picked Chisano,a senior who Graca never got on with.

viola gwena - 16 December 2015

those who know Mnangagwa wil testify how down to earth this man is.he gets insulted bt never retaliate.he keeps his cool always.His answer always 'ndoomavonero akevo' .A man who now cherishes to see zim grow n he retires.A man who respects all ,even in other parties.He learnt a lot from Gen Tongogara n President Mugabe.all these stories of him may not realy reflect what ngwena is.If he is that bad how come Masvingo n midlands love him?allow this man to clean up this mes n quit.we have been failed by all these parties ,so let the party that brot independence sort out this mes.

viola gwena - 16 December 2015

Mnangagwa can't win a seat in his own constituency they had to create a special one made up exclusively of zanoids even then they need to rig the result just incase. That MKD fellow probably has more zanu supporters than Mnangagwa. As for Mujuru...she most definitely has more zanu support than Mnangagwa on account of more people in Mashonaland than in Masvingo. Outside zanu none of these people have traction.

Galore 123 - 16 December 2015

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