'Mujuru will act on Gukurahundi'

BULAWAYO - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru will act decisively on the thorny military killings of the early 1980s, known as Gukurahundi — that left an estimated 20 000 innocent civilians dead mainly in Matabeleland and the Midlands — when she comes to power, one of her aides says.

Addressing the Bulawayo Press Club over the weekend, respected war veteran Kudzai Mbudzi — a retired military officer and assistant spokesperson of the “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan People First, and that is presumptively led by Mujuru — said the former VP would not sweep the issue under the carpet as the post-congress Zanu PF has done over the years.

“Mai Mujuru actually assured us in a recent meeting in Masvingo that she will openly confront the Gukurahundi issue rather than sweep it under the carpet as has been the case with Zanu PF.

“She actually vowed that in the new political dispensation, she will personally, as head of State, preside over the cathartic process herself to bring the issue to its logical conclusion, rather than the current tactics by (President Robert) Mugabe to try and sweep it under the carpet,” Mbudzi said.

“The thorny issue (Gukurahundi) should be talked about openly and people should engage each other until forgiveness is achieved among the people,” he added, pointing to how South Africa had dealt with its Apartheid ghosts through its widely-acclaimed peace and reconciliation commission.

Mugabe has in the past described Gukurahundi as “a moment of madness”, but has been criticised for not dealing with the issue decisively and encouraging open debate about it.

Mbudzi said Mujuru was of the view that sweeping such a delicate matter under the carpet could only help breed “a generation full of hatred and anger", adding that the widow of the late Solomon Mujuru — who was hounded out of the post-congress Zanu PF late last year on untested allegations of plotting to oust and kill Mugabe — was determined to deal with the matter.

“Mujuru is now very forceful, far much more than she was when she was in Zanu PF. She was persecuted and frustrated but … one thing that she hates is to hear slogans where you say down with so and so because she believes that People First is a non-violent party which embraces the principle of inclusivity,” he said.

Responding to First Lady Grace Mugabe’s recent view that Mugabe would be elected back into office even if he were in a wheelchair, Mbudzi said re-electing such a person afflicted by old age and poor health would simply confirm that Zimbabweans were not free and liberated.

“Voting someone who is being pushed in a wheelchair is a sign that we are not liberated and some of our colleagues who remained in Zanu PF obviously also need liberation as well.

“They need to be freed from this bondage of Zanu PF because how would one want to lead when one is being pushed in a wheelchair? Sometimes you wonder why people are quick to stampede to glorify the very same person who is actually behind their own suffering,” Mbudzi said.

He criticised Grace whom he accused of being "mad at everyone as a result of her husband’s age".

“I have said it before that leadership is not sexually transmitted. The fact that Grace is married to Mugabe does not mean that she has acquired the necessary ingredients to be in power.

“If you listen to Grace speaking, it would appear like Zimbabweans wronged her. But she should be reminded that we must not suffer as a result of her husband’s age. We are not responsible for people getting older.

“Only God knows why people have to grow older. So if you talk of a special wheelchair to push Mugabe to the polls, then that’s lamentable and such talk lacks social intelligence. It’s a battle of eggs against stones,” Mbudzi charged.

He advised Mugabe to quit politics and join other veteran politicians like Cephas Msipa in documenting the history of Zimbabwe for the next generation.

“Mugabe should at least retire and do like what Msipa is doing, writing memoirs such that we will be able to transmit the values and principles of the revolution to the younger generations.

“So the talk about the special wheelchair is obviously a manifestation of the psychological defence mechanism to fight against the natural God-determined process of people growing older,” Mbudzi said,

“We have now openly abandoned Mugabe for being too old at 92, for this continued irreversible deterioration of his intellectual ability, and his delusions of grandeur, for a younger driver, who is motherly, who doesn’t drink and has never taken anything intoxicating in her entire life, that is Mai Mujuru,” he said.

He added that it was certain that People First would be launched in the new year.

“Launching is exciting but you can launch yourself into failure, so we want to take our time and be strategic about it. We started with the thorough mobilisation of people because we knew that we must win the hearts and minds of the people first, before we launch,” he said.

People First has said that it has put together a draft constitution which has already been distributed to all the country's provinces for input.

Mujuru has also been meeting and addressing grassroots provincial structures around the country, including in Masvingo, Mashonaland West, Mashonaland East, Manicaland, and Harare.

People First’s views on Gukurahundi come as respected Zanu PF elder, Cephas Msipa, has penned a book that has set the cat among the pigeons within ruling party and government circles, as it spotlights on democracy deficiencies in the country and how authorities did little as the Fifth Brigade killed innocent civilians in the early 1980s.

The book, titled In Pursuit of Freedom and Justice — A Memoir, dismisses the official massaging of narratives on the Gukurahundi atrocities as “a moment of madness”, saying as the massacres happened over a period spanning more than five years, they cannot therefore be described as such.

Querying the reasons why the government had deployed the military in the western regions of the country then, Msipa also asks why it was “necessary for North Korea to train this army (Fifth Brigade)” in the first place, adding almost despairingly that “only God Knows”.

“Innocent men, women and children perished in their thousands. They were accused of either harbouring dissidents or supporting them. It turned out to be a massacre of people perceived to be PF Zapu supporters.

“The fact that the people were Ndebele-speakers was regarded as sufficient proof that they were PF Zapu supporters and therefore dissident supporters,” reads part of the book.

He also described the statement that the massacres were “a moment of madness” as absurd, adding that three decades after Gukurahundi was launched, it still raised “more questions than answers”.

“Gukurahundi was not a day’s event or a ‘moment of madness’. It began in 1981 and continued until 1987 when the unity accord was signed.

“There were meetings at which the matter was raised in my presence, and Mugabe insisted that the matter be discussed so he could learn more about what had happened and was still happening.

“The question is why did he not know what was happening when it was in the media and many human rights organisations and churches were publicly protesting (about it),” Msipa writes.

Comments (37)

Gukurahundi is the name that was given to the Korean trained 5th Brigade, which was mainly deployed to deal with the dissident menace. However these soldiers sometimes went overboard and did things not consistent with their military mandate, resulting in civilians losing their lives. I think these atrocities should be dealt with at the same time atrocities by the dissidents should also be dealt with, because both sides erred. I don't know who was commander of the dissidents, but the commander of the ZNA, of which 5th Brigade was part, was non other than General Solomon Mujuru, the man who was sharing the bed with Joice Mujuru during Gukurahundi. That being so, I am not sure how Joice would compel the late general to account for his actions during that unfortunate period.

machakachaka - 14 December 2015

ZANU PF, in particular its commander in chief and the chief of everything has been continuously fearful, and timid to the bone, when it comes to the Gukurahundi atrocities . Of course everyone has fear but the true cowards and fearful ones, are those who are not able to overcome their respective fears even with the passage of time. This is where Mai Mujuru, can be counted as fearless, as she has overcome the fear to confront the Gukurahundi atrocities, that is, if what is in the article is correct. Let us overcome our fears and move forward, that is how strong nations were built and are being built.

Zvichapera - 14 December 2015

Mbudzi is talking from his behind. Joyce Mujuru is incapable of dealing with the Gukurahundi genocide as that will implicate her and her husband and all her close allies Mutasa et al. 5th Brigade was not part of the ZNA headed by Gen Mujuru but was a separate militia headed by then Brigadier Perence Shiri now Airforce chief. The army and CIO worked hand in glove with 5th brigade...Chiwengwa now General of ZDF was in charge of 1 Brigade in Bulawayo.

Lt General - 14 December 2015

Zvemabonus tsve sika nezvisina basa masoja vakazopiwa here kana musina kureva kuti kudhoterwa mumusoro kwamuri kuitwa nagrace

gumbo - 14 December 2015

Mwari vanotiregereyiko tichitambudzw nebwidi iri. Rave kutotivengera kuchembera kwaro hezvo roita mastrategies ekuti hure raro ritonge richimirira zana raro kuti rikure nhaka ini mai ava vakangotonga chete ndinozvisungirira nekuti handingarami hupenyu hwese ndichishungurudzika

gumbo - 14 December 2015

Vimbai chivaura kaiti kana konyepa tsinga kuti tare tare zvino nhasi karipi Vakomana zivai kuti rufu gwuriko

gumbo - 14 December 2015

Mujuru is also complicit in this crime against Matebeles because she was also part of the Zanu PF goverment when these fiendish, nefarious and diabolic crimes were committed against ndebeles.Today we have the so called Mbudzi having the guts to tell the whole nation that Mujuru will confront Gukurahundi.Who do they want to fool, it is peoples votes that they are after now.Pazvaiitika Mujuru never criticised her fellow goverment leaders for that.

jonso - 14 December 2015

Mujuru is also complicit in this crime against Matebeles because she was also part of the Zanu PF goverment when these fiendish, nefarious and diabolic crimes were committed against ndebeles.Today we have the so called Mbudzi having the guts to tell the whole nation that Mujuru will confront Gukurahundi.Who do they want to fool, it is peoples votes that they are after now.Pazvaiitika Mujuru never criticised her fellow goverment leaders for that.

jonso - 14 December 2015

Some bit of corrections on some of the comments and statements 1. The Commander of 5th Brigade was Perence Shiri. He reported directly to Mr Mugabe (not thru Mujuru). 2. What that means is that 5th was a ZANU PF private army. 3. Furthermore, all recruitees of 5th weretly exclusively ZANU PF ex-mijibha. 4. Daily news thinks anyone who leaves ZANU PF becomes respected. No! 5. Mujuru must first apologies why he refused Masiyiwa a Licence. I will never forgive her for that 6. Joyce claimed and was compensated for 90% disability. Is she fit to rule with a 90% disability? Ndapedza ini mwana wevhu kwete womurakwani

dick mboko - 14 December 2015

Is this the same Mbudzi who boasted that the Mavambo Project was a Zanu PF project designed to split votes to ensure the MDC lost?

Togarepi - 14 December 2015

Does anyone know whether it is true that the dissidents took up arms against an elected government? What is this rising against an elected government called. Is it true that the dissidents never apologised for their actions?

Gukurahundi - 14 December 2015

We reject Mujuru's political ignorance.She should have done so while she was the Vice President.Why now?Lest she forgets that her husband was partly responsible.

Nkosilathi Ncube - 14 December 2015

The dissidents were the first citizens of this country to be wronged by the gukurahundi and zanu fortunately they had arms and they tried to remove the evil govt before it grew into a fully blown monister which it is today . These were very clever well trained soldiers who could easily foretell that Mugabe was evil hence they wanted to remove him so early to serve are all from the suffering that we are enduring today . To all sane people these were not dissidents but true heroes unfortunately we let them down by not standing up and support them now we all see why they did that but its too late .

Diibulaanyika - 14 December 2015

They is no proof that Joice said all that We are tired of people talking on her behalf we want to hear from the horse's mouth .All what this mbuzi is saying is utter nonsense bcoz Solomon was in charge of all armed govt forces gukurahundi included they is no way that the commander of soldiers in the land can not know the existence of any army in the country and its purpose never . that is blue lies . So they is no way that Joice can deal with her late husband 's crime convincingly .If Mujuru thinks we were born yesterday and she can just come to matebeleland waffle and gukurahundi hoping to get support from here she must go hang bcoz people here are not tathekilezi . She even had no respect of father zimbabwe who she insulted for saying econet must have operation lincense instead she had too respect of Mugabe who she said was her father hawu mani this woman is gukurahundi herself and she will never do anything about gukurahundi bcoz she is gukurahundi hawu suka mfazi

Diibulaanyika - 14 December 2015

The funny thing about these "wise" people from Harare is that they formulate their ideas in Harare and export these to Bulawayo. Every political party tends to use people from Matabeleland njenge bhola nje which you kick around. Teurairopa is the last person to open her mouth about uchuku lwabafo. Kambe would she be saying the sane had motormouth Grace not done what she did? Never. So, you made the bed if thirds, now lie on it salukazi usitshiye sinje.

Jamengweni Godonga - 14 December 2015

regai doctor vataure zvavachaita kana vava president. jerasi nderai nhai vanhu?

tula - 14 December 2015

mujuru is complicit in gukurahundi as was Solomon, mnangagwa and Mugabe. this attempt to hoodwink us will not work.

josphat mugadzaweta - 15 December 2015

We should all see behind the smoke-screen. Mujuru must stop forthwith, playing Ndebeles conscience. Why now. It took her 35 good years to realise that she needs a voice for the Ndebeles. We shall not be fooled. Go back to Mount Darwin and shot down one more false helicopter before we allow you to talk nonsense.

Mberekoyezvesezvese - 15 December 2015

There are a few comments where the contributors suggested that Perrence Shiri as commander of the 5th Brigade reported directly to then Prime Minister Mugabe. It is not true. The 5th Bridage were, and are still regular soldiers reporting then and now to the commander of the army. Shiri never reported to Mugabe, but to Mujuru. It is only that the 5th Brigade was a new brigade whose establishment seemed to be for the purpose of 'sorting out' the dissidents. Solomon Mujuru can never be separated from the actions of those he commanded.

machakachaka - 15 December 2015

It is not in the country''''s best interest to entertain joice mujuru in national politics she tried to block birth of econet zimbabwe. This is a serious indication that she is a dictator who wanted to supress fredom of expression like what jonathan moyo as he crafted the repressive AIPA and POSA instead lets persuade Strive Masiyiwa to engage in Zimbabwe National Politics as he has brought some tangibles like the much needed coms, mobile banking, scholarships the list is endless please ndapota zvangu. Uyuwo tsvangirai honai power hungry, loose morals, ndosaka matibili ruchiramba ruchingotonga ngatirongekei vana vemhuri yeZibabwe. Tinogona kutanga nekuratidzan rudo mumabasa, makombi, murodhi, kuchechi, torega kushorana. Vasina mbeu please ngatiedzei kudyara kana yemudura tingowanawo mumera wekutarisa hard work pays not focus on politian much many of them are liars they only want votes mugabe included.

gumbo - 15 December 2015

Kkkkkkkk seka zvako Mabvu Zanu haina kupusa plus iri possesed nemweya wekuuraya inongo meka shuwa kuti hautonge zve.

mabvurubvanyanga mutarikowemadhende - 15 December 2015

Politics is so plastic these days. The rhetoric that goes with it reminds me of a second hand car salesman trying to persuade a naive customer to purchase a useless, broken down old worthless car. Joice Mujuru is old and broken down and her words and promises all useless and empty. Gukurahundi is something of the past - same as the Mzilikazi's slaughter of the Zezuru and other innocent people. Trying to raise this issue again and score political gain out of it just demonstrates how plastic she is. ZANU PF is strong and never will be defeated.

Nema Iwe - 15 December 2015

Ko when will we hear from joice herself???

Mdhara - 15 December 2015

Zimbabweans created a demi god in Mugabe. He went for it hook line and sinker. Now that god is going around falling all over the place even among other world leaders. A rude awakening that he is after all not immortal. I remember at one time Mai Mujuru hailing Mugabe as 'mwari vedu'. She's part of that Nebuchadnezzar showcase. Its all a case of not being on the gravy train anymore. Why didn't she protest or apologize before she was shown the door. The same goes for this Msipa guy. No vindication. You are also on the hook like everybody else who was in leadership during that horror era. Cowards all of them!!! Except of course Margaret Dongo. Now that's a heroine of class. She called all these people, Msipa included, Mugabe's wives as a show of frustration at these boot lickers who at the time where enjoying the fruits of looting and riding on the gravy train. Yes you can come out boldly and apologise but that wont buy you a ticket to the highest office in the land. You had that chance when u were part of the current circus. It would have been highly effective, believe me. Now its too little too late. And why stick to the acronym ZANUPF if you are serious about remaining in politics. Its just a stark reminder of this evil that has been part of Robert Mugabe and his lot.

Realist - 15 December 2015

only zanu pf will sortout this economy.we need 1st to deal wth economy,thats what we need.all these political parties dont see that.they want to deal wth emotions for votes to satisfy their donas,simple.Its a fact donus hav dumped Tsvangi for Teurai.her economic blue print is very shallow.unimaginable.even a small business cannot be started that simply.Only zanu has come up with an indepth formular.what chinamasa is doing is the ideal thing.Its explainable.Tsvangi failed with his team to offer an ulternative paper on economic recovery.he culd only master wht Biti told him 5 yrs ago about supermarkets.thats all he repeats as a critic.zanu is changing inside.wether we like it or not.Its tyme to change and Ngwena is the correct man ,like it or not.Alegal mind,businessman,politician of the armed struggle.on Gukurahundi its best Teurai,to leave this issue for now n tell all on economy revival.yo blue print lacks depth.where will the money to finance come from,not donus I hope not.not from poor zimbos,but yu will need to pour in cash into banks for this revival.where will each dollar come from.

viola gwena - 15 December 2015

people nolonger take nonsensical promises as election stories.they have learnt that from the old zanu n mdc.promises.Tell us where the 20 billion will come from,sisi Teurai?which hole will yu dig it out of n how will yu cover it.Zanu as yu know culdnt find anymore donus like in the 80s.dona funds were cut to zero n nation struggled.we were directed to IMF n World Bank,which we thot was a joke bt yes it was game on.we even suspended talks with these 2 n heaped all praise n hope on Gono but we bak to square 1,IMF.So plz detail yo economic plans and present it where I can ask questions.Bt simply tell all who will avail the cash.I answer yu sisi,noone.All countries are struggling for cash,including China an US itself.Money is nolonger thrown yo way.yu earn it.Unfortunately we have no debaters ,live on TV.

viola gwena - 15 December 2015

Soldiers do not go to war without being told to do so by their commander in chief. Even if they go overboard they can be charged while they are in the battlefield. Was anyone charged in any case . So whatever they did was being directed by their commander in chief. You cannot blame them . The Americans did it . Their leader apologised about the invasion of Iraq . Why can't ours do the same .

Ndizviozvo - 15 December 2015

regai mai dr mujuru vatonge nyika. she made mistakes and at least she apologized for it. none of the other potential leaders has been able to say sorry for their past wrongs. give her a chance. she appears genuine to some of us.

tula - 15 December 2015

'Respected war veteran Kudzai Mbudzi'- my foot. Respected by who. Give us a break DailyNews.

Ndugu - 15 December 2015

'Respected war veteran Kudzai Mbudzi'- my foot. Respected by who. Give us a break DailyNews.

Ndugu - 15 December 2015

@ machakachaka you are frighteningly ignorant or a disgraceful charlatans. ZNA was under the command of General Mujuru hand held by the British (British Military Advisory and Training Team aka BMATT), 5th Brigade was a separate militia trained and kitted out by North Korea made up of zanu 'refugees and mujibas' and mercenaries possibly Nyerere's boys). Their uniforms, radios and weapons and SOPs were different from the rest of ZNA. It took orders of its nefarious acts from and reported directly to the then Prime Minister Mr Mugabe just like the director of CIO does. 5th Bde was disbanded in 1988 after unity accord and reactivated in mid 2000 to be part of ZNA and the relatively newly formed ZDF to sweep its murderous past under the carpet.

Lt General - 15 December 2015

dissidents must also compensate their victims...it should not be one sided.and the ndebeles should also compensate the karangas for the looting and killing by lobengula.square deal.i am not saying noone should be brought to book...but let all account for their actions.its absurd for people to saythe ndebeles were the victims only..didnt the dissidents murder people...didnt they rebel against an elected gvt? why should they be labellled as the sheep to the slaughter as if they were saints in this whole episode? WHY IS IT THAT EVERYBODY WHO WANTS NDEBELE VOTES JUST TALKS OF GUKURAHUNDI...AND MUJURU WAS THE COMMANDER OF THE ARMY ANYWAY...NO AMOUNT OF DENIAL WILL MAKE IT FALSE...SO IF THERE IS ANYONE WHO IS LIABLE...ITS REX NHONGO

svana svevhu - 16 December 2015

Mugabe planned the Gukurahundi in 1978.Documents were signed in July 1979 between Mugabe and North Korea to train the 5th Brigade. Now tell me how Mugabe had known in 1978 that there will be dissidents in nMATEBELELAND IN 1981?tHE KILLINGS HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH dISSIDENTS BUT IT WAS A REVENGE,for what the Ndebeles did from 1838 until the arrival of the whitemen.

vilbram avril - 16 December 2015

@svana svevhuStop talking nonsense here and if you have nothing to say better take your badza gemba magundwane fokofo mani . They are no known victims of dissidents can except Mugabe and you .

Diibulaanyika - 16 December 2015

Macomrades , ZANU PF irikulooter vanoba vanhu ava ,if you remember A State of Blood: The Inside Story of Idi Amin a book by one guy called Henry Kyemba it tells of chilling stories of killings of innocent people like-wise Dzamara in our case ,we must impound and take everything from this ZANU People as soon as A NEW POLITICAL PARTY WINS.

muchadura Mazanu - 18 December 2015

Handina neremuromo nema comments above. Nda surrender sure. Lets surrender the issue of Gukurahundi to God. Mwari chete ndiye achaigadzirisa. Amen.

n - 18 December 2015

Ndati Mugabe muZimbabwean here? Iyo hondo yacho akairwa papi,nani, akabata pfuti ipi yacho? Mubwidi akasideliner nekuurayisa varwi vehondo like Tongo.

kkkkkkkkkkk - 18 December 2015

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