'Zanu PF conference an obscene jamboree'

HARARE - Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s main opposition MDC has described this week’s Zanu PF conference as nothing more than a platform for overfed elites in the ruling party to wine and dine some more — while the country’s suffering majority continues to wallow in abject poverty.

Spokesperson Obert Gutu also told the Daily News yesterday that hoping for President Robert Mugabe and Zanu PF to come up with solutions to the country’s myriad problems, including the collapsing economy which had been spawned by the ruling party’s “disastrous policies” was expecting too much.

“The Zanu PF annual conference in Victoria Falls this week, as usual, will be an occasion to feast, drink and dance.“It’s just another jamboree of obscene extravagance for the ruling elite amidst a sea of grinding poverty for the majority of Zimbabweans.

Nothing concrete or tangible will come out of this Zanu PF end-of-year party,” Gutu said derisively.

“The economy will continue to implode in the coming year because the Zanu PF regime is utterly clueless regarding what, precisely, should be done to arrest the economic haemorrhage.

“Zanu PF is now irreparably damaged because of its endless and mindless factionalism. That party now belongs to the archives of history and has become yesterday’s party.

“The only solution to the deepening political and socio-economic crisis in Zimbabwe is to have Zanu PF out of power. Nothing short of this will do,” Gutu added.

At the same time, Zanu PF insiders told the Daily News yesterday that there were growing fears that the conference could degenerate into chaos, and that much-needed discussions centering on the country’s imploding economy would take a backseat while the party’s warring senior officials slugged it out in Victoria Falls.

One of the sources said there was talk that about 250 youths and war veterans had allegedly been mobilised to embarrass embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa at the increasingly-important get-together.

However, allies of the VP nicknamed “Ngwena” (crocodile) — supposedly because of his legendary cunning and ruthlessness — told the Daily News last night that they were ready for the battle for the soul of the post-congress Zanu PF.

But Zanu PF spokesperson, Simon Khaya-Moyo, said the agenda of the party’s conference and the deliberations that would ensue were set to transform the lives of the country’s have-nots.

“You are aware that ZimAsset shall be our cornerstone at the national people’s conference. We are hopeful that at the end of the conference everyone will be clear on its implementation.

“We shall be assessing and exchanging views on how best we can implement the ZimAsset clusters so that we really concentrate on improving the quality of lives of our people,” Moyo said earlier this week.

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"Consolidating People's Power Through ZimASSET" is this year's theme.... I've been battling in mind since the morning to comprehend this message. Vakangwara havana nhamo...nhamo inesu vasina kudzidza

zim pipo - 9 December 2015

It is true that Zanu Pf has reached the dead end but the complacency within the opposition is a cause for concern. Mr Obert Gutu, there is a lot you can do now other than continously reminding us about the imminent collapse of this regime.People are surviving on wild fruits in Zaka and other drought stricken areas and this is exactly the time you should stand up and act other than criticising thieving government

Wellington Mukundwa - 9 December 2015

Correct this is a gathering of over fed thieves who we will show off their plunders in the form of latest expensive cars . They are there just for bonking in some five star hotels in Vic Fall ..Then Inkosi Mugabe will come insult white govts and accuse them of telling suffering zimbabewans in his zimbabwe not to like him ..He will even lie and tell them that zesa problems are caused by water shortage in the mighty kasambabezi river but zambians have power from the same power station kariba and have never complained about water getting finished in the river and causing power shortages in their country . While Inkosi will be saying all these things all will be having their tails tucked in between their heavily soiled legs . No one will ever dare try talk about the departure of the very old and very frail Inkosi bcoz they will be very very very scared through out the merry go round gathering . Watch this space no one will ever ever talk of replacing Mugabe who has been hallucinating at every gathering including falling every way in the world like an infant learning to walk. Not to mention reading wrong speeches without noticing it .Remember all these well fed are Mugabe 's wives and are well cultured they will not say their husband leave office bcoz of age lest they loose their loot which will mean they get thin dirty and sickly mouth breath like many zimbos .

Diibulaanyika - 9 December 2015

#whatwouldDrMugafulido__ Zanu decides to splash 3 mil soon after its Finance minister presented a measly $4 billion budget whilst Tanzania with a budget of over $10 billion decides to call of independence day celebrations which had been estimated to cost not more than $300 000. Just show the true characters of those at the helm. DISAPPOINTED AND TIRED!

uhuru - 9 December 2015

The MDC still needs to convince the electorate that the party is absolutely able to, and will rebuild the country. Talk is cheap, action is not.

david taylor - 9 December 2015

We just do not have an opposition in this country. And because of that Zanu Pf will continue to rule, eat and shit on us. I am sorry to say but 2018 elections are going Zanu way.

Dhara Dee - 9 December 2015

It is this time of the where Zanu Pf chefs will wine and dance. Sex wil be in abundance within their file and rank. Kunofiwa.

Robsugar - 9 December 2015

MDC must stop name-calling Zanu pf. Come up with programmes that would at least show your suppressed effort. We can't believe you just because you have commented through the media. Do you think we eat comments? We need your solutions to this current crisis. Otherwise you are also useless as the main opposition party in this country.

Dhurun'aru - 9 December 2015

A re-sounding mega annual Xmas party in Vic.Falls for those who survive the current fratricidal purges. SEE YOU THERE!!

Mukanya - 9 December 2015

our country needs a very strong leader now,after Mugabe.whats hapening in zanu is a shame.thhats what hapens when crooks invade structures of a longstanding party.they break it.look at mdc now.brocken bcoz of infiltration by johny come late's.they bring disaster.in zanu what we want is a man like Mnangagwa ,who yu mdc may not like.we have our reasons.the economy needs this man,.He was told what to do ,on the economy n he knows.For us comrades to live well the economy must flourish,everyonehappy then we ok.we cannot do that with grace or kasukuwere as president.no.A strong man we want him to deal wth farm cheets .Chinamasa is working under Ngwena rite now n results r coming.make no mistake on that.we have told the VP to stay clear of this madness in zanu n concentrate on economy.He brot the chinese president,n soon he will embark on germany,slowly into europe n we are bak.

viola gwena - 9 December 2015

now yu mdc people ,yu comment on zanu our party ,that allows me to comment on yours too.Yo party is dying contrary.its heading for closure.In 2000 yu didnot need to campaign ,town people loved yu.But what did yu give them bak,nothing but fights for positions.how many mdcs do yu hav now?Yu think yo donas will continue pumping money into yu?yu wr helped by Mbeki to come into government ,yes Biti n the other guy tried ,but yo president was a disgrace.zanu knew this man culd do with luxuries n thats all he needed.we gave him,house,offices,women n title,he went mad.he forgot his party for wining n dining.did yu see him on the beach in capetwn?with women.Thats the man yu want to give state powers?thats yo leader?Have yu ever seen Mugabe naked on the beach like that.Trips yes but with dignity.not in sweem shorts.how many women came up to declare 1st lady for him.Now yu out of government yu break up.no funds,no suporters.thats death of a party.if yu cannot hold these conferences for yo people as a party,yu finished,clar,gone.This is African politics.Tsvangirai needs to rejuvinate himself for yu guys,coz he wont brook no deputies to take over.And this business of being critics no solution ,mmm.kurai

viola gwena - 9 December 2015

Nonsense MDC T is very strong stronger than any political party in the country . If MDC T was not strong why would Mugabe mention its leader at every gathering including this one which is in Vic falls he will do like wise mention his lion Morgan as if they are no other political party leaders in the country. CIO trying to lie about mdc t here will never dumpen the spirit of millions of this party 's followers that will never work even Ben Manashe failed dismally .What we know is people are just going about with their business for now come election time they know no other party than MDC T only a few lunatics and thieves of course will follow the dead zanu to safe guard their loot .otherwise no sane person can support zanu so that we remain in the same situation of unemployment company closures no rule of law drinking sewage water in the big cities no electricity ,mosquito every way in our cities ,pot holes all over all roads . Never .

Diibulaanyika - 9 December 2015

diibula bla bla,yu sound very reasonable I doubt yu r in the mdc t stuctures.thats yo thinking outside Mdc,maybe as a suporter.The mdc of Mr Tsvangirai is not woried on what yu saying,coz they hav never said that.When is yo congress so yu can voice that to yo party leaders?Yu culd probably help them reforcus on why they opposition party.No counter economic plans from them,no shadow ministers besides this Obert guy.no political platfoam or rallies,no link up with yo suporters.yu lost last election,big time,in towns.yu stil dont know how yu lost,even tho yu claim rigging,tel us how rigged.just to wake up n shout rigging wth no evidence is madnes.All these reasns r why yo party is breaking up n now loosing suporters.But we the democrates in zanu wuld like the mdc to continue.In the new world a democracy needs opposition.we just lucky we have a bad one n led by a silly guy.He ravages his party befo we even think of doing the same.But come 2018 we need Tsvangirai,we will even push him to contest ,even in wheel barrow.why discard a punchbag for a human oppornent?A punch bag yu can even rest and get up.or with brocken leggs yu stil can throw punches,hit or mis dont mater ,as long yu come out sweating.MDCs,Kusiles they all punch bags,waiting to be hung in the ring,motionless.

viola gwena - 10 December 2015

You want MDC t to organise their rallies so that you cio can gauge zanu strength and from there go and intimidate Morgan followers as you did last elections ..mdc t is worried that is why they issued this statement only you have a problem you can not see that as you were totally brain spoiled by zanu and Mugabe ..

Diibulaanyika - 10 December 2015

its unfortunate im very busy here in vic falls.but its shame 18 yrs in opposition politics,5 of them in same government ,yu still scared of cio?yu shuld at least know how they operate.i think its just cowardise blaming cio for yo breaking up.Yu need to be strong again.put serious leaders with a fight in their hearts,stener stuff wth brains.kwete kumirira kurohwa nemapurisa woti vanhu mandiona?yu never capmaigned for anything ,its forma zanu members who broke away n pushed bla Tsvangi to form a party.he did an got masive votes,but the very day for him to take over he went to sleep,a bit drunk from the lastnite parties.he is not worth yo anger Dhabu.ask those who sat face to face with him.

viola gwena - 11 December 2015

when bla Tsvangi was trade union ,i used to admire the fight in him,even tho we all know these guys ,trade unions,workers commette chairmen,r brainless leaders of lower grade workers.the loud mouths,angry enuf to scare bosses.angry on behalf of workers,regardless of the spine in the idea.Tsvangi has achieved good for his kids not his party.he broke a people s party.killed it.got very busy on that.bt as i said plz stick around for us in 2018.we need a lame duck for opponent.

viola gwena - 11 December 2015

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