Grace Mugabe strikes again

HARARE - The deadly factional and succession wars that are devouring President Robert Mugabe’s post-congress Zanu PF hit new lows yesterday when the women’s league moved to banish under-fire Macro-Economic Planning deputy minister Monica Mutsvangwa from within its ranks.

This followed her alleged recent act of defiance when she openly threw her weight behind under-fire allies of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa in Manicaland — apparently against the wishes of First Lady Grace Mugabe.

In an unusually bold move in late October, Monica dismissed claims by Grace’s allies in the province that a meeting of the regional structure of the women’s league, and which reversed the purported ouster from her position of provincial leader Happiness Nyakuedzwa, was null and void.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News last night that Grace had chaired a meeting of the women’s league yesterday which suspended Monica, who is also the women’s league national spokesperson.

League secretary for administration Esphenah Nhari has also apparently been booted out.

The two were said to have been accused of undermining the First Family as the Mnangagwa faction continues to lose its key people ahead of Zanu PF’s potentially-explosive conference taking place this week in the resort town of Victoria Falls.

Their fate will now lie with the national disciplinary committee, which has among its members, Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, the first lady herself and party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere — all of whom are said to be fighting from the same corner in the deadly Zanu PF war to succeed Mugabe.

Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks, commonly referred to as the Generation 40 (G40), are said to be backing the first lady in the war to succeed her increasingly-frail husband, and not Mnangagwa.

The G40 are also agitating that at least one of the party’s two vice presidents should be a woman — a move insiders say is designed to block the Midlands godfather’s alleged presidential aspirations.

“Mutsvangwa was suspended for disrespecting the league’s secretary (Grace) as well as fanning factionalism in Manicaland by interfering with the province’s politics, while Nhari was fired for her “Pasi ne G40 slogan’ and for undermining the first family.

“In the case of Monica (Mutsvangwa), the Manicaland province had recommended her suspension because she was clearly fighting the first lady,” the league member who spoke to the Daily News said.

At a rally that was addressed by the first lady in Masvingo last week, Nhari was admonished by Mphoko when she stood up to chant a slogan castigating the G40.

Mutsvangwa, who apparently boycotted yesterday’s women’s league conference after getting wind of her impending sack, was not picking up her phone when efforts were made to get her comment.

The Daily News was also reliably told last night that there were frantic efforts in Mashonaland West to also pass a vote of no confidence against Monica’s husband — War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa — with the couple standing accused of belonging to the under-fire Mnangagwa camp.

The sources also claimed that the couple’s careers in both Zanu PF and government were “as good as finished”.

“Mashonaland West province is planning on passing a vote of no confidence on Mutsvangwa for undermining the president. The province is not happy that he has been calling on the president to replace some people in the politburo.

“Who is he to tell the president this? Is he sending the message that His Excellency‘s appointments are not intelligent? We cannot have such an individual in the province, and so we want him out,” a Mashonaland West central committee member said.

The Daily News recently reported authoritatively that the G40 was working overtime in cahoots with other allies of Grace to “neutralise” Monica and her husband.

The power couple, both war veterans, also bizarrely stand accused of being “closest supporters” of former Vice President Joice Mujuru, as the ruling party’s seemingly-unstoppable factional and succession wars get uglier and more confused.

“The strategy to neutralise Ngwena (Mnangagwa) in the succession war by hammering his most ardent and dedicated supporters is gathering steam.

“The fact is that Chris and his wife, with their solid liberation credentials, have been identified as two of Ngwena’s strongest allies who must be eliminated at all costs, hence the many false claims against them,” a Zanu PF central committee member said.

Another well-placed source said more senior party officials loyal to Mnangagwa were set to face the chop in the next few weeks and months, as the post-congress Zanu PF’s factional and succession wars continued to escalate, and as the battle to succeed Mugabe deepened.

Addressing Zanu PF Harare province’s conference at the weekend, Kasukuwere came out guns blazing, fingering his party foes, including Mutsvangwa, in a plot to oust Mugabe from power.

“We know what we are talking about, some of you have turned against him (Mugabe). You no longer like the president of our party. You are hiding behind the G40 (claims about the G40 to advance this agenda).

“If what I am saying will cause my death, then I am available. Go ahead and kill me. Enough is enough of this Mutsvangwa nonsense. Enough is enough. We are ready to take the war anywhere be it in the air or on the ground,” the angry Kasukuwere fumed.

“We are aware of your machinations, musarove imbwa makaviga mupinyi (your plot is a transparent one). The person you no longer want is president Mugabe. Let us be frank with each other. We know that is what you are after.

“You are going for president Mugabe because you are used to making money using this succession issue. But president Mugabe is still there. So, we are taking our gloves off. We are taking our gloves off. We will not be intimidated by criminals we know ... We will defend ourselves. We are behind president Mugabe,” Kasukuwere added.

Meanwhile, a Harare province resolution to expel Zanu PF supporters from the party who condemn the G40 has only served to confirm the rampant factionalism devouring the former liberation movement.

Analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the resolution not only betrayed the existence of factionalism, but also gave the impression that Mugabe and his wife Grace were pro-G40 in the party’s ugly succession wars.

Afghanistan-based commentator Maxwell Saungweme also said the resolution was a possible precursor to a “sinister political move” by the G40 against its rivals.

“By now everyone should know that such motions in the ruling party are always a prelude to something well-orchestrated coming.

“It looks like the party is in disarray and fighting itself from within and anything is possible. There is nothing so telling of cluelessness in an organisation than its key members being so busy, not with fulfilling policies and mandates of the entity, but engaging in name- calling and being on each other’s throat,” he said.

University of Zimbabwe political Science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure, described the Harare resolution as “absurd and senseless”.

“It is testimony that the faction they seek to portray as non-existent is actually real and active. Such a resolution will however, escalate the fights as it dawns on their (G40) rivals that they are really on the ground.

“It speaks to the escalating factional fights, but I don’t think the resolution will go anywhere beyond Harare province as it lacks merit. It is senseless,” he said.

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if you say down with gforty you have undermined 1stfam.

zim pipo - 9 December 2015

i beginning to believe that rgm has always been a weakman but used or abused power of incumbency against any form of descend whether real or imagined. zim now needs is a strongman and a really disciplined one in leadership otherwise i can foresee a lot of chaos in not so distant future. in the meanwhile pipo that are somehow close to rgm are capitalizing on his advanced age and the knowledge that after all he has always been an undisciplined weakman. country now needs a real man who is man enough to confront the ills of our society head-on. rgm vakura havachozvigoni he must now allow for smooth renewal of leadership first within zpf itself and govt and not this chaos that we are showing to the whole world to lough at us.

zim pipo - 9 December 2015

To me this is a kangaroo court mooted by people who have no clear history of the struggle for the independence of this country. Grace Mugabe is the Women's League boss hence she should not sit in kangaroo court in which she is the plaintiff and at the same time pronounce a verdict in her faviour. The case is then referred to the Politburo where it is going to be placed before the same person Grace Mugabe to give the final judgement. This is very very absurd to say the least. A cat cannot be a plaintiff and at the same time a prosecutor or judge in which a mouse is the accused.In this case Amai Mutsvangwa is the mouse and Grace Mugabe is the cat. Can we expect a fair judgement? This country has been thrown back in the medieval age. The so-called Ngwena is being annihilated right, left and centre.The same tactics employed to fire Amai Mujuru are what Mnangagwa is receiving right now. Ngwena yamedza chiredzo. The same people whom he teamed with to remove Mrs Mujuru are now pushing him out. In politics there are no permanent friends. Inonzi Sinjonjo tamba wakajenjera. What is being done is to force Ngwena to complain against the expulsion of those claimed to be his group in this war and then tell him point blame that he wants to assassinate President Mugabe.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 9 December 2015

I would like to believe that Amai joined ZANU PF so that she forms another ZANU PF within it . Ever since her coming she has been firing people out of this party . If it were in business that organisation would be on its knees because for sure how can you fire all the workers at one go like that . our kaundiri is full of cowards who went to war for the sake of it . For sure how can you be fired form a party you fought for , died for , sacrificed then to be fired by a nonentity called Grace who never liberated this country.

Deposed - 9 December 2015

Grace the coward is furious that, the pundits agreed that she was a miserable flop and the fact that she cried in the politburo was leaked to the independent , because initially the G40 leaked that it was Oppah. Its humiliation after humiliation . THE DAMAGE IS ALREADY DONE , SHE IS A CONTROL FREAK, COWARD, CRY BABY . The unconquerable became a coward over night . She is an abuser , those women are better off out of the league.They can now fight her openly as for MONICA, she knows a lot about Grace. Some damaging issues they can start leaking the information to the papers

Ziso - 9 December 2015

yes,varikutraya.this isnt surprising,of cde monica.It was planed long bak n we new G40 will make noise of it here,bcoz as i hav already said,the discipln cometee is theirs,the 3 of them ,grace,kahuku,mphoko.Cdr Chinamasa excused himself from that sitting.Cdr monica did not even attend.But noone can chase her from the congres.Ngwena is stil firm n going nowhr vanhu.Ngwena is briefed His Excellency on these shananigans n is giving his boss the right to be boss ,on what is going on.He even told us to keep our cool.Theris chaos right now cozd by kasuku.not ngwena.This platform is reserved for RGM.and kasu is only challenging RGM by creating chaos.RGM has seriouse strong security intelligence which all r telling RGM that this story from kasuku is nonsense.So lets see G40 s next move ,coz this mutsvangwa thing is nothing.lets see by sunday if ngwena is removed or chris.if the 2 still remain,then sorry.

viola gwena - 9 December 2015

grace knows that now.she is playing safe.has she attacked ngwena so far?no.we also had our meeting which we bared all thos g40s.The G40 plan to retire cde chiwenga,chihuri,shiri,sibanda all at once is well known.thats their next target if they win this one which already is dying.It will be Ngwena to renew their terms,mphoko will just be told its a done deal.these comrades ,gallant fighters of the armed struggle will not be sold by these G40s.but as ngwena said ,the time has come to look into eyes.kasuku ,yu have a family yu took their father in mt darwin,do yu know who has yo 2000 yu shot the poor MDC man at point blank.We know.

viola gwena - 9 December 2015

The reason why Grace was brought into ZPF politics is becoming clearer as each day passes. Grace is not the culprit but is being used as a pawn in a political chess game. Mai Mujuru is gone and the Lizard is next and soon Grace will taks over the throne from her husband. In this war of attrition Shuvai Mahofa, Oppah Kashiri etc will be next. All those women opposed to Grace and G40 ascendence to power will be expelled from party structures.Given that Mugabe has the sole authority to appoint whoever he wishes to be VP it seems the Lizard has been used and just like a condom will soon be discarded . There is nobody in ZPF to oppose Mugabe's decisions on these matters. So people need to brace themselves for a Grace Mugabe Presidency. The writing is on the wall!

Reason - 9 December 2015

Ngachi bvondoke chero iye Mugabe wacho muno munyengerera chii, him and his wife are betraying everyone even the country , vasinga nyare, muno vanyarei . Ship these two to the far east , they got nothing to offer to ZANU OR THE COUNTRY anymore. Mugabe is old and frail and highly dependent on Grace . Grace is just an empty head with a loud mouth . You should fire these two from ZANU. extinguish fire with fire . MUNONYARA CHII MUGABE NDIYE TROUBLE CAUSER NAGRACE

ziso - 9 December 2015

The problem with zanu pf people and the so called Comrades is that there are in it for themselves and not for the country.The fear of losing illgotten wealth. If they wanted to better this country and its people they would have kicked 1st family long ago.That is why Grace will kick them left,right and centre.The worst thing is that fired,suspended or otherwise you still remain Zanu pf property. Zanu pf will never run dry of members because of its dirty corrupt tactics.Phase two clean up is in motion. If Grace grabs that election results briefcase and converts into her hand bag, we are all finished zanu pf or otherwise.

X-MAN IV - 9 December 2015

pliz leave cdes chris and moni alone masoja anosvika kure infact don't undermine them or their capabilities, Team Lacoste lets show these GAY40 gansters kuti you cannot and never will you tame a crocodile......... Viva Ngwena 2018

cdetorasabutiende - 10 December 2015

pliz leave cdes chris and moni alone masoja anosvika kure infact don't undermine them or their capabilities, Team Lacoste lets show these GAY40 gansters kuti you cannot and never will you tame a crocodile......... Viva Ngwena 2018

cdetorasabutiende - 10 December 2015

pliz leave cdes chris and moni alone masoja anosvika kure infact don't undermine them or their capabilities, Team Lacoste lets show these GAY40 gansters kuti you cannot and never will you tame a crocodile......... Viva Ngwena 2018

cdetorasabutiende - 10 December 2015

Daily News surely has no news, just recycled "essays", with the same "news" reproduced daily under different titles

Biggie Taapatsi - 13 December 2015

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