Mutodi savages Mphoko for hotel stay

HARARE - Outspoken Zanu PF member Energy Mutodi has added his voice among those calling on Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko to leave the presidential suite at Rainbow Towers hotel where he has been staying in opulence for the past 358 days and chewing an estimated $250 000 of the taxpayer’s money in the process.

Of concern to taxpayers and observers is the fact that the majority in the country are struggling yet a VP—is living it up in an upscale hotel where a presidential suite costs $700 per night and that translates to $255 500.00 per year.

And it now seems the anger against Mphoko is shared across the political divide with Mutodi, a known supporter of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, calling on the former diplomat to show restraint in a country that has a paltry $4 billion budget and where urban poverty is on the rise.

Mutodi said what is particularly disconcerting is the fact that many in the country, especially the rural folk, are currently surviving from hand to mouth — while the likes of Mphoko enjoy the trappings of a “king.”

In an attack that shows that gloves are now indeed off among the warring factions in Zanu PF, Mutodi says the bossy VP should lead by example and vacate the hotel.

In a long post on his Facebook page Mutodi asked why Mphoko thought he was special to stay in a hotel for a year using State funds.

“Truly speaking, as a nation we must be seen to be portraying a correct image to investors especially on our determination to develop this country and we need humble leaders who are prepared even to sacrifice their wealth to support communities and not greedy and luxury-life seekers. It’s just unacceptable. 

“The money that he is blowing out daily could be used to construct schools and clinics in rural areas. In the resettlement villages in Bikita where I was born, there are no clinics, people die of malaria due to late treatment and children travel 13 km to school. I also travelled that distance to school until I completed Grade 7,” Mutodi said.

Describing Mphoko’s long hotel stay as an “embarrassment” on President Robert Mugabe and the government—that is usually out begging for capital from countries like China—Mutodi said the VP’s long hotel stay shows that “government is unconcerned about the feelings of its own people, whose souls pray every day for a revived economy that can offer jobs and food for everybody”.

Mphoko refused a house that was offered to him by government last year and then it was said that a house befitting his status would be built.

But almost a year down the line Mphoko is still a guest at Rainbow Towers—a situation that prompted some activists to demonstrate last week.

“The questions we ask as citizens are that where was Mphoko staying before he was appointed as a VP? Does he have the people at heart? Why does he think that he is so special that he should be staying in an expensive hotel for a full year using State funds?

“His predecessors namely Vice President Simon Muzenda, Joseph Msika and Joshua Nkomo and John Landa Nkomo never behaved in the manner that he is doing. Even his boss president Mugabe is a humble man and has not stayed for even a full week in a home or foreign hotel. Like the president, the departed VPs were humble and they put the nation first so they could stay in those houses that Mphoko and his wife are describing as too small to be occupied by a VP,” said Mutodi.

Mphoko moved into Rainbow Towers on December 14, three days after being sworn in by  Mugabe, and has refused to move into any other house suggested to him, saying the houses where his predecessors stayed in were not fit enough for him.

Activists who were arrested while demonstrating against the politician’s stay accused Mphoko of being “heartless and unpatriotic”.

“The money spent on the VP’s hotel bill could be channelled towards health,  education, food security, support of Orphaned, Vulnerable  Children (O.V.Cs) and make a significant contribution to improve service delivery,”  the statements released by Tendai Murehwa and Irvin Takavada on behalf activists arrested on November 30 read.

“Seven CD4 counting machines could be bought; hundreds of starving Zimbabweans could be fed; Basic Education Assistance Module (Beam) could pay school fees for OVCs; civil servants who are struggling could get their bonus pay-outs on time. Household in rural and urban areas could access clean and safe water.”

The only time Mphoko moved from his favourite room was when he was displaced from his favourite room by Chinese president Xi Jinping when the latter came to the country for a two day State visit last week.

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by staying in a hotel when he can afford to buy the best house available in Harare, perekedzera has shown what he is- A MBOKO by supporting a party of thugs and murderers, ENERGY has shown that he is also - A MBOKO

josphat mugadzaweta - 7 December 2015

Mbokology - The fall and fall of the Zanu thieves

John Siyapapa Madhiri - 7 December 2015

The money that he is blowing out daily could be used to construct schools and clinics in rural areas. In the resettlement villages in Bikita where I was born, there are no clinics, people die of malaria due to late treatment and children travel 13 km to school. I also travelled that distance to school until I completed Grade 7,” Mutodi said. Mutodi build those things for your people.

Ngwekazi - 7 December 2015

Mphoko has shown one of the greatest weakness of all ZANU PF leaders, the appetite for good living at the expense of everyone else. He could humble have stayed in the home where he has been staying and perhaps asked for the upgrade of the home. It would have not translated into that huge figure. But he learns from Mugabe who spends $33 million on trips, this does not include the flights that Grace is making around Zimbabwe insulting and donating money that is ment for development to useless greedy ZANU PF youth who are just spending the same cash on beer and women. Huge entourage of ministers and soldiers that protects her, let alone those partroling the way to Zvimba and other diplomatic mission all in the name of MUGABE and his children safety. When Mpholo sees all these he feels the hotel expenditure as a drop of water in the sea. Yes, but he will be sacrificed for that due to the waring parties in ZANU PF. Mutodi is not sincere in that he is mentioning Mphoko only without mentioning every one in ZANU PF chief among being Mugabe and his family.

amina - 7 December 2015

mbokozile mpoko...zim destroyer

mboko - 7 December 2015

$255500/ $38=6723 bags of fertilizer for the poor. Surely , can we cry and blame sanctions always if we are inflicting self destruction like this !!!!

MEDION KASVATUTSA - 7 December 2015

mboko pliz usadaro

wangu - 7 December 2015

who has seen the billed invoice....what if its a donation to the gvt from the towers....& only nominal fees are paid in return...vanhu vatema hatigoni kufumurana tisati taona umboo... Mr VP is a reasonable person and he could not be doing what you people are thining of...Pamberi na VP kkkkkk...makutodisturber his focus on building Zim.

KTZ - 7 December 2015

The Matebele people are ashamed of their insensitive(mai na baba MPHOKO)brother and sister ! To refuse staying in a house in which even FATHER ZIMBABWE stayed! That house only needed renovation!

Political Observer - 7 December 2015

@KTZ your comment is very cold , I just wonder how you thought of such an unreasonable comment. It does not require rocket science for one to know that he is blowing tax payer's money. Anyway, Mphoko's total cost to Zimbabwe is far less than the cost incurred over the past 35years as a result of Mugabe and his cabinet. Mugabe should learn from the new Tanzanian president who is a no nonsense politician

Mentalist - 7 December 2015

Mboko is a liar. He is not a Ndebele by origin. We greatly know the Ndebele people as very responsible people when it comes to political choices. Mboko could have made a better choice than this. He is just stupid and selfish. Wezhira.

Dhurun'aru - 7 December 2015

Rubbish stop blaming Mphoko its your government to blame otherwise why didn't they give him a house, is it because he is a Ndebele? Yet Tsvandirai a lower rank got one.

Dee - 7 December 2015

Send this Mpokho guy to Tanzania.. he will come back a better person.

Mfowethu - 7 December 2015

Does the highest authority not have the power to ask the VP to leave the accommodation. Have people not made enough noise for the highest authority to take action if they wanted to? Do you think they donot know? Not even a minister has commented on this issue...Pakaipa...hamheno

bugwa - 8 December 2015

the isue of VP frm zapu must now be addresed properly.All VPs we have had from zapu all share 1 common thing,with cdr mphoko showing the worst of it.They all relocated to Harare upon being appointed VP.they all abandoned Bulawayo.VP Umdhala used to go only to nyamandlovu only from harare.Msika came in and never again set foot in bulawayo,same as john nkomo.IT was hoped that Mphoko wuld demistify this an ask for a bulawayo house and help spearhead development in bulawayo.He has refused totaly n his wife flatly told all ,only in harare.VP Mnangagwa is busy with harare n masvingo on development .He even sleeps at tymes in midlands at his mansion there ,waking up early saturday mornings to talk to old folks in the village.Va Muzenda used to do that also.But the zapu guys seem only interested in harare.Mphoko culd be sleeping daily in bulawayo n come to harare for meetings.Theris daily flights .why has he not done or seen in bulawayo.Ndebeles cry neglection bt its there fellows that neglect them.Mphoko must try to emulate his counter part VP Mnangagwa n relocate to skies .Do projects there n make noises for development from bulawayo.PLEASE.

viola gwena - 8 December 2015

Mphoko may say his offices are in Harare ,fine but move them to bulawayo.who needs his services most,harare or bulawayo.?Im sure Bulawayo.And he is representing zapu .so bulawayo n matebeleland becomes his from there.get into yo people ,listern to them ,wake up for them and drive to work wth them.The Ndebeles only read about this guy in papers.They see Dumiso daily,as if he is VP.Mphoko is more into zanupf structure isues that being vp.Mai Mphoko plz help yo man to do the right thing.

VIOLA GWENA - 8 December 2015

@VIOLA Take note that it is the wife who is refusing all the offers given to the VP so there is no way she can help the husband. As for Mutodi her should save us all the hullabaloo by first shutting his mouth up and secondly refunding all the civil servants he defrauded of their hard earned cash through his land scam

kuda moyo - 8 December 2015

VP Mphoko is naive. He is enjoying the 5 star hotel reception without realising that he is actually digging his own political grave. This VP has shown his true colours. He is selfish and uncaring and has only managed to make himself very unpopular. This man is not VP material all. He must be sacked b4 he makes a mess of himself.

Thomas - 8 December 2015

why abandone the people he is supposed to represent?he must pik a mansion in Bulawayo and work from there.Matebeleland needs him as spear head development.he must be sumoning ministers to Bulawayo for meetings there.He must take the ministers around bulawayo,water minister,tourism,agriculture ,town planning and finance ministers.All these ministers shuld have work in progress on bulawayo n matabeleland thru him.But no he wants to live in Borrowdale and ocasionaly fly to blues on a weekend.thats removing himself from his people.Of all the government ministers tell me which one lives in bulawayo?Mphoko is suposed to change that.During the armed struggle he was hiding in bulawayo,now he is in government he abandons them for harare n even takes his whole family,deserted them Ndebeles,isnt that so?1 vp must live in Bulawayo every day not visit.Even Dydmus Mutasa lived in Mutare ,his people.why the ndebele guys run to harare upon getting a position.?why?who looks into Bulawayo then.?Ndebeles are always crying raw deal on development n its their fellow who run away from them,wth all the powers intact,live in Harare.Ndebeles have a right to walk into their VP s residence to present their needs,not to take a train to harare.goodness me.

viola gwena - 9 December 2015

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