Mujuru meets her supporters

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru (pictured) has started meeting her supporters and interacting with structures of the “original” Zanu PF that uses the slogan People First, in a move that signals that it is now truly game on between her movement and President Robert Mugabe’s warring post-congress Zanu PF.

People First spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told the Daily News yesterday that Mujuru — who was brutally purged from the ruling party late last year together with her close allies on untested allegations of plotting to oust and assassinate Mugabe — was quietly holding meetings with her followers countrywide to “reassure them of her commitment to the cause”.

Gumbo also revealed that Mujuru’s meetings with grassroots supporters and structures of the movement were in preparation of the official launch of their party which he said was “imminent” — with insiders saying this could happen within the next three months.

“Our supporters from around the country want to know what is taking place in terms of the establishment and launch of the party, so she is meeting not only the structures but also various other people who have been enquiring about our activities.

“She is as determined as ever to the cause as everyone works hard in preparation for the imminent launch of the party,” the buoyant Gumbo said.

A source privy to the goings-on in People First confirmed to the Daily News that Mujuru had been “up and about, and in the thick of things” since the beginning of last month, meeting and helping to organise supporters.

“It’s now a matter of time before Mai Mujuru starts addressing public meetings openly.

“Since the beginning of the year, we have all been working hard, establishing structures countrywide, with the biggest challenge that we were facing being that people were not sure if this project was happening for sure and whether it had Mai Mujuru’s blessings.

“This is the context in which she is meeting supporters and structures. She has met many ward, district and provincial coordinators,” a co-ordinator from Mashonaland East said.

“The word that Amai has been telling us throughout the meetings has been the need for patience after we told her that people on the ground cannot wait for the party’s official launch.

“Last week, she indicated that the launch was not more than 90 days away, which means it could take place round about the end of February next year,” the co-ordinator added.

The post-congress Zanu PF has exhibited visible panic over the past few months after it was reported that Mujuru and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai could join forces against Mugabe in the 2018 elections.

And rattled by the dramatic re-entry into formal politics by Mujuru two months ago, as well as the prospects of her working with Tsvangirai, some members of the panicky ruling party have apparently stepped up their efforts to lure her back into the former liberation movement.

Well-placed sources told the Daily News recently that while the overtures to Mujuru were “not universally supported”, there was widespread agreement that her brutal purge late last year had left the party more divided and seriously weakened.

“Yes, there are some overtures to her, but I don’t think that these have yet reached a formal stage, and they are certainly not universally supported. Many hardliners are opposed to such a move as it would threaten their positions.

“One thing that is not in dispute any more is that Mai Mujuru’s ghost looms large in the party,” a senior Zanu PF official said when asked to comment on the overtures.

Since the popular widow of the late liberation struggle icon, Solomon Mujuru, was ruthlessly purged from the ranks of the ruling party, Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars have duly escalated.

But Gumbo dismissed the speculation around Mujuru being lured back to Zanu PF as a deliberate ploy by the country’s spies to sell the public a dummy and portray her as a sell-out who was longing to return to the ruling party.

“We have been alerted that there are Zanu PF propagandists and security services personnel who have been assigned to fabricate and plant dubious stories in the media to the effect that (Dr) Joice Mujuru is still Zanu PF and that she intends on re-joining the faction-riddled and internally-decaying political outfit.

“We seek to set the record straight herein, that (Dr) Mujuru last met Mugabe on December 1, 2014, a day before Mugabe’s party held its congress and no other meeting between the two, or their representatives, has taken place subsequently.

“(Dr) Mujuru has no intentions to meet Mugabe or go back to Zanu PF as she is busy putting in place a strong political entity that will provide a platform for Zimbabweans, in our diversity and with the multiplicity of our skills, to turn around our economy, rehabilitate our service delivery system, restore hope to our long-suffering people and provide jobs and better livelihoods to the thousands of college and university graduates that the current government has condemned to perpetual poverty and destitution,” Gumbo said.

Mujuru recently launched her Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build) manifesto, which caught the post-congress Zanu PF flat-footed and left many in the party visibly rattled.

And in a sign that the ghost of Mujuru continues to haunt the ruling party, First Lady Grace Mugabe surprisingly warned party supporters recently to be wary of calls for them to follow “Amai” as this could be a cunning ploy by the People First movement to garner support for Mujuru.

Speaking at a rally in Mberengwa — which was attended for the very first time by embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, probably because the Midlands Province is seen as one of his strongholds — Grace also expressed fears that Mujuru and the People First movement were eating into Zanu PF’s support base in many areas.

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zanu pf supporters are there because of fear of violence and the reception of freebies. what power does mujuru have to dispense the two in order to woo the supporters from zanu? she is very corrupt and has been part of the inner core that made life this difficult for the ordinary citizenry of the country!!!

jopshat mugadzaweta - 3 December 2015

uri mugadzawaweta zve sure chii chiri corrupt chaunoziva just keep queit nd listen kana kuno tora mazhanje ku domboshava utengese ne Zim Asset yenyu

nyamukoho Mhondoro Mubaira - 3 December 2015

These guys have the wrong agenda altogether. Surely after all that this country has gone thru in the last 36 odd years, who wants another zanupf. satani ndi satani chero zita rake ukaridaidza neumwe mutowo. They are selling the wrong brand altogether.

Realist - 3 December 2015

Politics needs those who don`t show hesitation on their chosen path! Mujuru must come out and practice her much talked about threat to ZANUPF! We all remember the Baba Jukwa oiled propaganda about the very elements being mooted about to split from ZANUPF to buttress Dr Simba MAKONI. The MAVAMBO project is not far from People First political chemistry because the would be dramatis personae in MAVAMBO are the same!

Political Observer - 3 December 2015

i would rather trust mrs mujuru than morgan. she sounds very mature in her approach not the ever blundering tsvangirai.

zvirozviyedzwa - 3 December 2015

A skelem is a skelem and Mujuru is a very big one no sane person can think Mujuru will fight his father Mugabe who made her what she is today all piles and piles money . She went into hibernation like a tortoise during dry season since she was fired from zanu if any one is normal then they will see that she misses zanu too much and has no plans what so ever to interrupt with its existence .People like Gumbo are just forcing Joyce to form a political party in order to settle scores with Mugabe who put in a blair toilet in Moza for months .Otherwise people must be careful not to follow anything that just crops only Mugodyi does that a stray dog which will follow even strangers . Mujuru is zanu and has benefited from zanu that is why she was even given her package ahead of Morgan who is hated very much by Mugabe and zanu supporters but it is known that the person hated by Mugabe is the one good for the country he hated father zimbabwe and we all know the old man was the best leader ever and now he hates Morgan bcoz he is liked by all tribes in the country and has refused to be his puppet .

Diibulaanyika - 3 December 2015

A pig with lipstick is still a pig. If she is really born-again then lets see her declare te properties that she and her late husband acquired while in government. Let's also see her name and shame out her former colleagues in govt that acquired riches through dubious means. Then ..maybe then...can we reassess her credibility. Otherwise to all zimbos I say be VERY skeptical lest you get suckered by another crook! Themba

Themba. - 3 December 2015

The dirty and devious politics of today removes and obscures reality, who is actual real and fighting for genuine reform and justice. One such extremely devious and dishonest person is Joice Mujuru. Accused of being an agent of CIA agent Eric Little of the US Embassy in Harare she somehow escapes even a proper investigation never mind a night in jail? She now wears a cosmetic clown face and preaches nonsense to try and attract people to her side. Wake up Zimbabwe. Please don't be fooled anymore.

Future Already Decided - 3 December 2015

whither my commander Teurai.Mukoma dzokai kani titakure magidi heart yeans for yu my commander.Even when things were bad ,no food in the moza jungle yu sang Tinoramba tichienda kuzimbabwe kudzamara tinosvika kuna zambezi.yu said women we have 2 stomachs to carry the struggle on 1 empty stomach.Do yu remember Komu ?mbama iya ichikundiswinya pamakanditi mhanya ndakatakura bazooka.yu saved me,ndakazo crosa bak ndiine ropa I made it.dzokai wangu comrade ,mubatsirane na ngwena.kanganwiranai.

viola gwena - 4 December 2015

Nonsense having sex with a commander does not one a commander .

Diibulaanyika - 4 December 2015

mai mujuru is just a spent force she has been at the helm for many years and has produced nothing at all. hapana kana chimwe chatingati maimujuru vakaita varimuupresident vakati batsira nei naiwee chatingato nongedzao chii nhai kuti vakaita hatichadi kupedzerwa nguva nemapower hungry.

hilaz - 4 December 2015

Zvirozviyedzwa u need to shut ur mouth cos everything u talk about Mogern stinks. He is our true leader thats ur skeleton Mugabe does not want to see even his shadow. The fact that u now say Mujuru is better than Mogern makes me think that its true that Mujuru is zanu pf's puppet. Zvirozviyedzwa iwe ndiwe duzvi chairo. Dhodhi....

dembo - 5 December 2015

what is really happening in our lovely country . I hope God shall intervene in our confused political circles. He shall give us a honest and faithful leader.

ngwena - 6 December 2015

there is a very old type of Nokia fone with a game called Tetris.Now what happens is as the game is played,the is a snake that grows and grows according to the amount of things it eats along its way.For the game to end the snake after having eaten too much of those things eventually cannot avoid biting itself and YES it dies.It is time for the snake to bite itself.ICHO

FLATFOOT AFRIKA - 8 December 2015

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