MDC savages Zim's 'supermarket' budget

HARARE - Former Prime Minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC says Finance minister Patrick Chinamasa’s 2016 $4 billion “supermarket budget” does not only reflect a collapsing local economy, but proves that President Robert Mugabe is in the sunset of his political career.

Lashing the budget, which Chinamasa himself has pooh-poohed as paltry despite the fact that Zimbabwe is endowed with significant natural and human resources, the MDC said the local economy continued to be a major casualty of “the lack of political legitimacy of the Zanu PF regime”.

“Robert Mugabe is in the sunset of his long political career and as such, all stakeholders should put their heads together and urgently work on resolving the deteriorating socio-economic crisis that is bedevilling our motherland,” the MDC said in a statement yesterday.

The party also said it firmly believed that Mugabe’s resignation was the only starting point in turning around the country’s nose-diving fortunes.

“As a way forward, the MDC calls for the immediate resignation of Robert Mugabe as the president of the country because he is clearly no longer fit for purpose.

“We also call upon the prompt actualisation of the various electoral reforms that are fully set out in the (MDC’s) WReNe (Without Reforms, No Elections) document before fresh and legitimate, free and fair elections can be held in Zimbabwe,” the party said.

“The Zimbabwean economy has been a major casualty of the lack of political legitimacy of the Zanu PF regime.

“The people of Zimbabwe are entitled to be governed by a legitimate and popularly elected government. They don’t deserve to be under the tutelage of an illegitimate and corrupt regime that stole elections on July 31, 2013,” the MDC added.

It said it was “a national embarrassment” that the 2016 National Budget was smaller than the annual budget of the City of Durban in neighbouring South Africa.

“Durban is the third largest city in South Africa after Johannesburg and Cape Town. The 2016 Zimbabwe annual budget is also significantly smaller than the annual budget of Pick & Pay group of supermarkets in South Africa,” the MDC noted.

“As the country is literally burning, the Zanu PF regime remains clueless and visionless. The regime is caught up in endless factional fighting that has placed the country virtually on auto pilot as the competing and antagonistic factions in Zanu PF are working overtime trying to outdo and out-manoeuvre each other.

“The perilous state of both the physical and mental health of the nonagenarian president Robert Mugabe is not making matters any better for the toiling and poverty-stricken masses of Zimbabwe.

“Without a fundamental and holistic leadership change in Zimbabwe, the economy will not improve and will infact, get even worse in the new year,” the MDC said further.

Turning to the Chinese President Xi Jingpin’s visit to Zimbabwe, the party warned Zimbabweans not to expect any economic gains from the visit.

“This so-called historic state visit is in actual fact a public relations exercise that will not bring any meaningful and tangible benefits to the tottering economy of Zimbabwe.

“The Chinese are hugely unimpressed by the unresolved succession crisis in Zanu PF. When president Robert Mugabe paid a state visit to Beijing in August 2014, he was advised, in no uncertain terms, that China will not be able to commit real big money and meaningful investment to Zimbabwe until and unless Robert Mugabe clearly ironed out the succession debacle in his deeply-divided and beleaguered political party, Zanu PF,” the party said.

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MDC has 1 serious problem n thats its obsesion wth Mugabe.Tsvangirai himself was our prime minister at 1 tyme,did he ever direct the budget n tell Biti what to do?or Biti n his team came up wth the budget n he was breifed?Dont blind yoself to the fact that Chinamasa is working still on getting us out of debt and as he has always said ,theris no money to inject into this economy hence we need to borrow from those 3 instituitions.So this budget is crafted with that in mind.PLZ MDC put on yo thinking caps n get cracking upstairs.Doing a budget doesnt mean big monies are now in the coffers ,no.Theris no money.Chinamasa job well done n keep yo focus plz.Get us out of debt ,so we can get that finance for farming.

viola gwena - 2 December 2015

Maybe its the absence of Biti in his team ,which is the problem.Yes MDC must critisize the budget but plz make sence out of yo critisism so we can respect yo opinion.Yu can compare our budget to south african cities ,yes ofcourse we r smaller..who doesnt know that.South African budget is smaller that Los Ageles budget,is that news?Even smaller than Frankfurt s.Maybe MDC dont know that but plz come up with tangible points not crap.

viola gwena - 2 December 2015

Farm invasions must now stop.This is killing our take off.Money must be poured into farming but yu cant do that knowing its going to attract 1st lady n chinotimba.We need gorvenment to now declare nomore invasions.Police must now act and arrest all who are invading farms now.When chinamasa finishes this debt ,world bank cannot put money to be run by chinotimba or thugs who want to reap where they did not sow.VP Mnangagwa said invasions finnished ,nomore.Rulke of law must now come in.Property rights upheld.Our economy is agri based.No need to put borrowd funds into mining no ,but farming.Mining will find its own funds from Russians .They have the money.Put all funds into 4 top banks n let them do business with farmers ,simple.

viola gwena - 2 December 2015

@Viola, when Zimbawe took over from Rhodisia or when Mugabe administration took over from Smith Regime what was the budget like. Compare it to what the budget of SA when Mandela took over. Then start to analys you will see that Mugabe administration has done nothing to improve the economy of Zimbabwe. SA budget has been growing from time to time and look out the developments in SA. Dont compare figures but express them as a percentage them start to analyz. Zim budget used to be 10% of SA budget or economy. Guys dont critices someone just because munomuvenga paagona mupepedzei and do not praise someone just becoz munomuda. Mugabe and his admin fucked up big time the economy

Hokoyo - 2 December 2015

Madzibaba Morgan ,if it was you in Gvnment -how were you going to finance the BUDGET ,Real news is where were you going to source the much needed funds to get going , its not about criticizing Comrade this or that we need facts .PUT YOUR PLANS ON THE TABLE FOR US TO SEE.

Chilufya Zoto aka-prophet 271262 - 2 December 2015

morgiza is 100% correct. the economic fundamentals on the ground point a gloomy picture such that the 4bn may not be realised. there some things that are too plain to be argued guys. that is why some of you easily forget to vote out zanu at the polls because you try to reason what is straight forward. RWAVHI MUGABE AND CREW HAVE FAILED THUS SHOULD VACATE!!!

jopshat mugadzaweta - 2 December 2015

Yes Hooyo ,yu gt a small point on the deterioration of the economy frm Rhodie bt I cant spend time looking into that ,I want results.Tell me where Chinamasa must get the billions MDC want?from where?I applaud chinamasa bcoz im seeing a change n direction,roads geting fixed,banks bak in action,stable currency tho not ours.Now I gave yu 1 point to also look at ,n thats farm invasions.Lets not politicise in say its zanu who brot it or bla invasions must stop imediately.Anyone who invades a farm now must be regarded as an ernemy of our economy.Must be locked up and even killed.Can Mdc give us a budget they prepared as equivalent ,so we can look at.Or they were just waiting to criticise.Do yos n put it forward for us to see.where is it.I respected Biti ,he was a finance minister who moved us off the grid n I honestly think Mr Tsvangirai is mising him badly.Does anyone know the budget of Daimler Benz ,its far bigger that that of South Africa n Zimbabwe put together.

viola gwena - 2 December 2015

Please VP Mphoko should not live in hotel.How much is government paying every month

Chiunduro - 2 December 2015

@ Viola It shows me that when u went to the toilet you left your brains in the toilet and now in your brains there is ndove. Since this administration took over name just one positive thing that they have done. They should remove some stupid laws and fees. I will give you one good example. Most companies in transport industry they are now avoiding the zim route if they are coming from SA to Zambai or DRC or vice verser. Do you know the reasons, if not stop commenting or praising for a stupid budget, and I bet with you that this paltry 4Billion budget will not be achieved. All sources of revenue are drying up. People will bride zimra officals, the traffic cops, we sink kuti us zimbabweans are fools. Hell no will I pay my hard earned money to zimra I would rather bride the officers kana ndikabatwa nema trafic cops i will not pay $100 fine but pay the cope 10% of that money. I will never finance that budget unun

Popopopo - 2 December 2015

This is not about a budget. This is about a political system which is uneconomic in the sense of serving the people of Zimbabwe's needs. It is about a political system which has outlived its mandate and welcome. It is about a political system which is insensitive to the plight of the people it purports to serve. It is about a political system driven by a driver behaving exactly like a reckless omnibus driver. It is about a politically system long dead to deserve some space in a modern society. Even a stone age political system will do better than this political system.

Zvichapera - 2 December 2015

@viola ngwena eish!!! you are displaying your foolishingness bcoz suwa all people even kids at kindergarten know the problem is Mugabe and zanu for zimbabwe .The mdc is merely mentioning problems which came by bcoz of zanu and Mugabe and if you never know that then you are insane .Is it taboo to say Mugabe is doing shiit in govt and the mdc is saying he Mugabe must resign so that you can have at least clean water at your home instead of sewage water which you are now used to now

Diibulaanyika - 2 December 2015

I am surprised that some people can even dare defend this budget which Chinamasa himself says he is ashamed of. The problem lies with Mugabe. His leadership skills are non existent and yet he doesn't even see it. He has allowed corruption to flourish making Zimbabwe an unfavourable investment destination even for locals. He has allowed lawlessness to take root in every sector and no one in their right minds will invest in such a climate. Hence we see that the economy continues to shrink and the budget reflects that. What needs to be done is to grow the economy, create more jobs and the the budget will start to be more meaningful. However, what is happening now under Mugabe's leadership is nothing - nothing being done to mitigate what is causing the economy to flounder and all we hear is venom being spouted by the likes of Zhuwao and corrupt ministers getting even richer and richer and scandals being swept under the carpet. You cannot expect things to change when you do nothing.

Inyika - 2 December 2015

Straight to the point @Zvichapera. THIS IS NOT ABOUT A BUDGET!!! In the absence of political sanity there is little money to allocate and plan for, these Klingons clinging to power collectively have the money to waste and not necessarily budget because there is more where it came from. DROP DEAD ZanuPF KLINGONS!!!!!!!

Nooshie - 2 December 2015

Insults dont drive home any point.Whether im coming from the toilet doesnt give any imagination of the numbers on the budget.I asked MDC to produce their own budget preference n let us see.I dont want to go bak to Smith days or whatever ,im talking of the current budget.How does any small mind ,the smallest ,think comparing zim budget to durbn s and think people wil nt see idiocy here.He repeats what Biti said 2 yrs ago ,bt Biti though with an education is not an economist.Yu dont need 2b 1 anyway to understand this.So i must just agree that Mr Tsvangirai has his marbles tgether when he makes such stupid remarks.Moreso repeating nonsense after Biti.The streangth or volume of an economy is largely dependent on how big the market is.Simple.Zimbabwe is a mere 10m people n thats the market.Durbn has access to 60m people as a market ,south africas population .So the same as Pik n Pay. so to mourn n say zim s budget is smaller that durbn ,can only be disrcibed as warped think from an aspiring president.

viola gwena - 3 December 2015

Comparing 2016 budget with Durban is unwise and lack of objectivity on the part of MDC-T. Durban can even come up with over 10 billion budget based on economic performance of that country and the strategic intent of that city. The economy is just good unlike yours. Otherwise Harare could even come up with 5 billion budget had it been that the Zimbabwean economy is performing well. The budget is never determined by the size of a country or city but by the economic performance of it. You were in the inclusive govt but makasvikira kubuda pasina chamaita and you were quiet by that time. We need your rational brains and not your empty shouting like this, otherwise many will forget about you. Unoda kuti Chinamasa aiwane kupi mari inodarika 4 billion kunge uri kugara America. Be serious Morgan. Isusu we are no longer interested in your media statements but your performance targets and achievements as an opposition in Zimbabwe.

Dhurun'aru - 3 December 2015

if yo respond on this is to come up with toilet stories then I rest my case coz I may be dealing wth the same minds of the same party.n yo think n partisen reasoning shuld be reserved for Epworth electorate.Thats were yu can sell nonsense.

viola gwena - 3 December 2015

hako iwe them economics vafana ava.wth all the gorvenment spend on education,yu young guys can be bluffd with crap like this from Biti n Mr Tsvangirai.?sure.taura about this budget n dont mix it up wth PIK N PAY,STUPID.Where will chinamasa get 50 billion?Munoda kunyeperwa nhai.The man tells yu the trueth yu want to shoot him ,but lies like those from Mr Tsvangirai?

viola gwena - 3 December 2015

Giving free cotton inputs for the next three seasons in the budget will mean votes for ZANUPF , come 2018! ZANUPF govenment is far ahead of the clueless MDCT , politically speaking! Besides making lame comments against ZANUPF what is MDCT doing to capitalize on any weaknesses in ZANUPF governing? Should some China linked projects start some positive multiplier effect on the economy, it will be doom for MDCT!

Political Observer - 3 December 2015

@ Viola They is no sense in what you are saying its you try to talk about some thing else if you have nothing to say go and look for mbeva .

Diibulaanyika - 3 December 2015

@viola ngwena Unfortunately if you do not learn from the past you will always make the same mistake. In 1985 Cina had the same income per person as Zimbabwe, now it is 5 times. They have improved they industries and agriculture while Zimbabwe has regressed. The difference has been the government. In the last budget the government and their employees consumed 95% of the money raised. You do not need to be in the toilet to realise that this is a receipe for dissaster. Yo need money to pay for bills, medicine and other materials. The country cannot afford to pay the 13th pay cheque. This extra can pay for better roads and electricity. Recently Mugabe's secretary Ray Ndhukula has taken over a Farm which used to produce 500000 cabages and 300000 onions a year and employed 125 people. The produce was sold to market vendors. I have calculated that 2000 people earned their living indirectly from this farm. The Connolys had enough income to build a dam and install drip irrigation. If you calculate the foreign currency saved, You can see that only a stupid government can allow this to happen. Mrs Mugabe was in Matobo this week. Another Mugabe operative rtied to take over a farm as productive as this farm, which was the hub of the area which enabled the area to supply Bulawayo with 25k chickens, had a school and clinic. Please wake up and smell the coffe. We need decisions to be done on a cost benefit system. In 1985 cottco the largest cotton processing and marketing organization in Southern Africa producing 150k metric tonnes to the sorry state it is now 45k tonnes and loosing $30million. If I was the finance minister I would do what they have done in UK where they have reduced the army and police by 25%. Uk now has smaller army and secret srvice than Zim .

bexilford - 5 December 2015

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