Mugabe, wife lying: Mujuru

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru last night angrily denied claims by President Robert Mugabe and the post-congress Zanu PF that she ever plotted to oust and assassinate him, warning the nonagenarian that her plans to form a political party under the People First banner were alive and well.

In a statement last night, Mujuru — who was fired from the ruling party late last year over untested allegations of plotting to oust and kill Mugabe — said she was getting increasingly irritated by the abuse she was getting from the 91-year-old and his wife, Grace.

She insisted, however, that the abuse would not deter her from pushing forward with the People First project as she was free “to do what I want in a free Zimbabwe”.

Mujuru also challenged Mugabe to “take her to court” over the various allegations that had been levelled against her by Zanu PF bigwigs, including those related to treason and corruption.

Ever since Mujuru was kicked out of the post-congress Zanu PF and subsequently linked to the People First movement, ruling party bigwigs led by Mugabe himself have taken turns to accuse the decorated war heroine of all kinds of evil deeds.

The abuse worsened when suggestions emerged that Mujuru and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai were contemplating reaching an electoral pact to challenge Mugabe in the eagerly anticipated 2018 national elections.

Speaking in Gweru at the weekend, Mugabe once again lashed Mujuru for having plotted against him. At the same time, the First Lady has also continued to savage Solomon Mujuru’s widow at her ongoing “Meet the People” rallies.

“Vamwe vakadzimara vabuda pachena vana Mai Mujuru kuti vakuda kuti vauraye vakuru vatore umambo nechisimba sezvakaitwa VaKabila (Laurent) (Some like Mujuru wanted to assassinate me Kabila style)” said Mugabe.

“I did not think that after fighting the colonialist and defeated them Mai Mujuru and Gumbo will betray us saying they want to dislodge me from power and now we say to them you are now traitors, pasi nemhandu (down with traitors), he added.

“In the past week, there has been an unusual amount of abuse leveled against me in public statements made by... Mugabe and the First Lady Dr Grace Mugabe.

Unfortunately, the statements are not founded in truth,” Mujuru said.

“When I denied these allegations a year ago, I challenged the authorities to take action in a court of law against me. This is still to happen. I was accused of plotting to overthrow the president. I was accused of visiting witch doctors for assistance and that I betrayed the ethos and values of the liberation struggle. I did nothing wrong,” she said, adding that as a true Christian she “does not partake in such events”.

Further, she added: “Lately, I have been said to be a part of People First as if it is a crime. I am free to do whatever I choose to do with my life outside Zanu PF. It is part of the political freedom I fought for when we went to war. This is enshrined in our State Constitution. We should desist from thinking and believing that any other political party is illegal or unconstitutional for that matter.”

“Zimbabweans are free to choose whom they wish to lead them or what party they want to join or support. Let’s put our People First and avoid focusing an entire nation’s energy on denigrating a poor widow who is quietly, lawfully and constitutionally pursuing her own wishes outside Zanu PF,” Mujuru said.

“Let us BUILD Zimbabwe together by putting our People First,” she said in the short, but hard-hitting statement.

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What makes everyone suspicious is that Mujuru always issue statements why does not she call for a press conference tell the world that she has nothing to do with zanu any more and that she is willing to see that party gone forever and that Gorereza ;s ex wife is a habitual blood liar . Clearly now everyone can see that she never shot down a helicopter she never went to the war front as she was always kept at some shacks in the bush camps in Moza to make Solomon happy sexually bcoz she can not even stand up and tell Grace and her moving grave husband to shut up even to launch a political party . People out there Mujuru is zanu nomatter what so be careful she is the other side of zanu bcoz she is part of the rubbish that was created by zanu in the country since 1980 she does not have any clue how revive this country which she and her father Mugabe ran down .

Diibulaanyika - 24 November 2015

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bremand bremand - 24 November 2015

this looter should just keep quiet and retire in silence. why is it painful to her now when she has been enjoying while Mugabe was castigating the likes of morgan with loads of lies?

josphat mugadzaweta - 25 November 2015

TODAY'S BIG JOKE. . . . . . .Zimbabwe's Judiciary is apolitical, impartial and upholds the highest professional standards in executing its duties, Chief Justice Godfrey Chidyausiku said yesterday.. . . . .

Phuc Dat Bich - 25 November 2015

If any of the allegations leveled against Mai Mujuru by the first family hold any morsel of substance, logic would lead any rational being to question why she was deposed without a court trial given the gravity of charges pressed on her such as plotting to assassinate the president and corruption! I think some people need to refrain from this nefarious proclivity to licking the boot on which soil they never know it stepped. My morsel of reasoning on this matter needs no binoculars to see how apt it is. You suck

BURNGUN MOYO - 25 November 2015

I personally think kuti zviri kuita amai Mujuru zviri right,kana uchida kubvisa Zanu Pf you have to act like them.vakabuda pachena vanoswera vaoneswa moto,zanu pf inoda an element of surprise.ukawawata sezvinoita vamwe ava zanu they always have plan B.She must wait,lets zanu pf guess and press wrong buttons.Right now she is the one pulling strings,Mugabe and his wife are busy dancing.......

BRYAN N WADEMBA UYU - 25 November 2015

I AGREE with the previous writer by the nick name (profashaf). Its true ZAnu PF /Mujuru /people first these are all strategies to remain in power. Comrades if you have noticed before every election Zanu PF comes with a plan to control the minds and divide the electrorate which they know has left the party.These are ideas they get from their deceiving freinds the chinese who never invent anything good but copy what others have done and only make it cheaper but with no real innovative good brains behind. Instead of making strategies to revive the economy they make plans to confuse the feeble minded and varombo vemunyika using cheap methods. Evry nation in the whole world established their borders mostly by fighting with the oppressor.Why does Zanu think they are special for fighting the bloody war , we off-course acknowledge the work which was done by the war heroes like tongogara and hebert chitepo but for us to continue being attacked by this demonic backed party called zanu PF its now the revised form of slavery. In Slavery , a slave does not own land everything belongs to the master ,you work to please the master if you dont you are killed or tortured or lashed.

TONGOGARA - 25 November 2015

One thing the Smith regime did was Segragation of blacks and whites meaning whites had previledges blaxcks could not have. They enriched themselves ,..the main word is THEMSELVES meaning white skinned folks. But in Zimbabwe now varume the Dark and brown skinned are being dispossed off thier properties and land as well by other dark skinned and brownies .what does this mean to US it means this party is no longer standing for what it fought for which is liberation from White supremacy but it now stands as a hindrance to growth of the nation.

tongogara - 25 November 2015

Uncle K has refused to be silenced and he continued to speak out against the hate, the torture, the abuse and whats next. Caught live on video

Richby - 25 November 2015

Everything Mujuru said is so true except the 'poor' widow part

Realist - 25 November 2015


dewa - 26 November 2015

Y does Mujuru keep referring to dis-grace mugabe as ''Dr" we all know she is not one. Mujuru must just step and stop being bloody lazy and work to get rid of bob. She is bringing a pencil to a sword fight at the moment. It does not work with dictators

obama4eva - 26 November 2015

Teurai is a warvet for sure.dont mis this fact coz of hatred.She even trained Tekere in moza.she was not just an ordinary bush girl.mutsvangwa knows that.Bt Teurai is stil in shock ,pple.Mugabe has always protected her from Moza to zim .she was the youngest minister in 1980,a position she was scared of,bt president gave her,she said crap about VP Nkomo during masiiwa wars n president protected her,she was made vp out of the blue ,when Ngwena her senior ws told to climb down which he all these yrs she got to know President as her father.she is in shock.All this about People 1st is not her idea ,its Gumbo.She wil never leav Zanu.SHE GREW UP IN ZANU.So watchout G40,dont push ngwena n teurai bak tgether.Teurai thrives under strong leadership.

viola gwena - 27 November 2015

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