Mnangagwa blames West for climate change

HARARE - Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa yesterday said the West is to blame for the climate change that is going to see countries like Zimbabwe receiving low rainfalls this season.

Speaking at the launch of the national climate change response strategy, Mnangagwa said the bulk of climate change issues emanated from Europe and America.

"Mwari akasika nyika ndokutipa nzizi, shiri, makomo nemiti zvose zvakanaka. Isu nokuda kunakigwa ndokutanga kugadzira zvunhu. Dzimotikari mafekitari kuita kuti hupenyu hwedu huite nani. Asi hatisisu takatanga. Zvakatanga kumhiri, vakatanga neindustrialisation. (God created the world the way he intended it to be but because man wanted a different life we started polluting the environment through making vehicles and constructing factories. But we did not start with is, it started in Europe through industrialisation).

"Asi vaingoburitsa utsi huchienda mudenga dzamara paita gumbeze reutsi zvinoita kuti kana zuva rabuda, harichasviki pasi pano patiri. Zvino ndozvokanganisa hurongwa hwaMwari nokuda kunakigwa kwedu.( Smoke was constantly being emitted into the atmosphere, creating a blanket of pollution which hinders the sun from shining on us. This is what ruined God's creation - our desire to enjoy the good life).

Mnangagwa said the western world should fund development programmes across the globe since they are to blame for climate change and its resultant effects.

"Saka tichitaura the developed countries ndovakatanga nazvo ndovakakanganisa zvinhu zvaMwari. Ngavatipe mari yekuti tigadzirise zvibudirire. (So when we speak of the developed world, we say they ruined the world, therefore they should give us the money to redress what they damaged.)

Mnangagwa went on to plead with the developed world to assist developing countries to fight the effects of climate change, saying "this is a legitimate request even God will support our request".

The vice president said the effects of climate change pose risks to the current strategies of tackling multi-sectoral challenges.

The world is currently experiencing recurrent droughts, floods and extreme temperatures.

"To this end, the impact of climate change is projected to impede economic growth, as it affects climate sensitive sectors such as water, agriculture, livestock, energy, health and environment as well as manufacturing, mining and transport sectors which are all critical," he said.

Mnangagwa said because of the poor yields likely to be expected in the rural areas, government was in the process of distributing maize seed and fertiliser to over 300 000 vulnerable households.

He said as part of the medium to long-term strategies to stem the trend of reduced water availability caused by climate change, government was acquiring dam construction equipment from Egypt, China, Brazil and Belarus.

French Ambassador to Zimbabwe Laurent De Lahouse said the country's carbon emissions only contribute 0,045 percent of the global emission.

"Zimbabwe suffers severely from the consequences of climate change - the change is wind patterns and the drought in Southern Africa has direct impact on the agricultural production in Zimbabwe," he said.

Comments (26)

The problem is that we are giving the little wealth that we have to the same people we blame for climate change. we support their industries by buying their product which are responsible for the negative change in the climate. very corrupt to the core yet blaming others. deal with corruption first.

zvirozviyedzwa - 20 November 2015

you stupid idiot why do you keep blaming the west . Why dont you look at the east the highest polluting country in the world but of course you cant because they are raping our country and lining your pockets.

Jungle Man - 20 November 2015

We get daily reminders about just how stupid Zanu pf loonies really are. Just imagine how modern and progressive Zimbabwe would be with this imbecile as the head of state !

Isabel Chihuri - 20 November 2015

...he said, while wearing his Western suit, made by Western style industrial processes, using materials imported using Western style industrial modes of transport - into his electronic microphone (yes, also the West's fault) - he's entirely a product of Western industrialisation. Even his terrorist training and thinking are based on Karl Marx - a Western writer.

spiralx - 20 November 2015

F%$#ng aspire to lead and talk shit like Grace Mugabe. Why did you study Roman Dutch Law if the west is so bad...go study Chinese law you mother f%$#%k

gaikayi - 20 November 2015

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bremand bremand - 20 November 2015

cant wait for someone to agree with him

harry the hawk - 20 November 2015

Yes Ngwena is correct, its only fools who does not know the politics of Climate Change. Its the developed world that is contributing to the emission of green house at a large scale hence the blame. So Croc is damn right in his speech. In fact, it a fact but not an opinion cdes and friends. The fact is that we have what we call the Developed World, Developing and Emerging economies and it is the developed world that is polluting the world through gas emissions and it remains a fact. In fact, we are busy coming up with the legislative pieces to the effect that the developed world should compensate the developing economies in regard to Climate Change in the presence of their divide and rule tactic. In fact, African nations should go to Paris with one voice but the only fear is Africa's colonization hangover. For instance, go to West Africa and see how France has destroyed those countries, SADC, the British, to mention a few...if we go to those foras, we are divided because of our colonial background hence we need all Africans to cry with one voice when it comes to Climate Change. Its true and a fact that Cde Croc should fight for the rights of African when it comes to Climate Change issues. Its them emitting green house gases to us cz they have developed industries in the world and they dump everything to Africa. Remember George Bush and his Americans pulled out of the COP. Hope some of these idiots understand my language here. So Ngwena is correct in his speech hence l am one of his die hard supporters. Inga he is a Lawyer by the way. Some of you guys here hate Croc for the sake of hating but akaenda kugwazhi than your fake kitchen Dr. Viva Ngwena. Viva...Pasi nemadofo, pasi navo

clemence tashaya - 20 November 2015

Clemence Tashaya IS OBVIOUSLY an in-bred overused anal sphincter valve.

Bothwell Mugariri - 21 November 2015

I think clemence tashaya is form the east or he has pocketed money from them idiot

Jungle Man - 21 November 2015

Thats the politics of Climate Change to all my ghosts friends insulting me.....Go research further and study more materials on this Jungle faggots and Mugariri.......You have never done a research on Climate Change hence we doubt your credentials on this interesting subject....Jungle man zvauri musango sezita rako kurasika chaiko..Maiwe.....kusaziva kufa wani...kikikiikki...Cliamte Change has mari vafana vangu...MaIdiots kushaya njere kufa

Clemence Tashaya - 21 November 2015

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bremand bremand - 21 November 2015

today's people can defend any thing. the man is blaming what he is feeding on according to @spiralx. he is dressed in western clothes, drives western cars probably listens to western music yet blaming them for polluting the environment. the reason they they pollute the environment is industry. they are producing products for this guys as well. if you have to counter them, get busy like china and india . moreover, these people use the little they have to prop up the western industry while companies are closing down here.

zvirozviyedzwa - 22 November 2015

Ngwena is just calling for what we call a Polluter Pay System. Polluters should be prepared to plough back their profits through rectification or damage control of their activities. lets not be political masters that we cannot read and understand simple things. Ngwena is rightfully correct. Green revolution is starting from the east spreading to the west, and how can we point a finger to them?. the industrialisation levels for these countries are a cause for concern to the environment yet they continue to register economic growth. at the expense of who??????????????

Wezhira - 22 November 2015

Mbuya Nehanda and company blamed the west for drought and locust more than a century ago I understand that. For VP E.D in 2015 to utter the same sentiments its a shame. Globalisation and Climate change is one big fat lie. Its a creation of super powers and few stinking rich people on this planet trying to slow down economic growth and out muscle each other. We the black people of this country, have caused so much damage to natural environment of this country. The natural beauty of Eastern highlands has taken a hard beating. The water in Save river has been badly polluted by chiadzwa activities. Umzingwane river in Western part of the country has been ripped apart by panning activities. Our poorly and chaotic new settlements has affected the natural flow of most small streams, and we contnue to pray to god to fill up our dams. We black people have changed our staple food from maize to tobacco. Most of our problems are self induced. Zanu pf government must put an end to all form of lies or lies will lead to its collapse.

X-MAN IV - 22 November 2015

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bremand bremand - 23 November 2015

Karl Max was never a Western writer as you say Spiralx. He was Russian and stayed that till death. As for the VP accusing the West of the weather system, please do not give them credit where it is not due them. They are not in control of the weather, God is.

Sanli2 - 23 November 2015

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mama mather - 24 November 2015

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mama mather - 24 November 2015

It's true father industrialisation causes climate changes.For one fool who is not understanding revisit your O'level Geography dofo

midlandscrocs - 24 November 2015

Why do the Newsday or Daily News reporters not go to Auds Hill and Augustine Chihuri's Gletwyn on the Enterprise road where they can see the 132Kv Dema to Coleford power line over houses. The title deeds prohibit this unsafe conduct. Officials in the Harare Council turned a blind eye to this incompetence under instructions from ex-Town Clerk Tendai Mahachi.

Randy Stevenson - 24 November 2015

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bremand bremand - 24 November 2015

And who should we blame for the heatwave?

brian hasha - 24 November 2015

fuck you munangarwa

save - 24 November 2015

Uncle K has refused to be silenced and he continued to speak out against the hate, the torture, the abuse and whats next. Caught live on video

Richby - 25 November 2015

Uncle K has refused to be silenced and he continued to speak out against the hate, the torture, the abuse and whats next. Caught live on video

Richby - 25 November 2015

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