War vets demand answers from Mugabe

HARARE - War veterans want President Robert Mugabe to establish a commission of enquiry to flush out senior Zanu PF officials with Rhodesian connections holding onto land in and around the country’s urban centres on behalf of  “ex-Rhodies”.

Speaking at a press conference yesterday, Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association (ZNLWVA)  secretary-general Victor Matemadanda particularly expressed concern that ex-combatants and other landless Zimbabweans were being pushed off their land by ruling party politicians under the guise of indigenisation.

While Matemadanda did not mention names, he made inferences that some of the politicians included deputy Agriculture minister Paddy Zhanda and businessman and Zanu PF central committee member Philip Chiyangwa, as he cited their properties in Caledonia and Harare South respectively.

“Most curious about this situation is that almost all of these new indigenous owners of that land are people who worked for Rhodesian security services either as soldiers or as police officers.

“What makes it even more disturbing is the fact that some of these indigenous stooges of the white baases are now quite high in Zanu PF structures,” said Matemadanda.

“No wonder one ex-member of the Rhodesian police (BSAP)’s special branch wants to be Zanu PF political commissar.

“In Caledonia, an indigenous owner continues in partnership with a white person with a Boer name”.

Ironically, Zhanda claims ownership of the land through his company, Caledonia Enterprise that he co-owns with Rina Leonie Dutoit.

The duo that was represented by David Drury of Honey and Blanckenberg recently obtained an interim High Court order to evict Zanu PF supporters who had taken part of the farm.

In another recent case, a housing development consortium which sold residential stands to over

20 000 people in Harare South lost its bid in court to stop Chiyangwa from reclaiming the land on three farms he owns.

Matemadanda accused ruling party bigwigs of fleecing ordinary Zimbabweans by demanding that they “pay steep prices for the residential plots under lengthy mortgages”.

The war veterans’ leader said the problem was more rampant in the capital and Bulawayo.

“We strongly believe that this element comprising mainly colonial opportunistic lumpen is being hired to use Rhodesian money to destabilise the ruling party (Zanu PF),” said Matemadanda.

The war veterans said the commission they want instituted should look into the ownership of the land prior to the land reform programme as well as when and how it was transferred to the current owners.   

Contacted for comment, Chiyangwa said he would respond appropriately to the “madness”.

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We have had enough of these war vets. They have no special priveleges, they should work like everybody else. They seem to have so much time on their hands at the moment. The war finished more than 35 years ago and stop talking and do some work like everybody else.

Inyika - 17 November 2015

You may say that Inyika but they are talking sense these guys. Let that be done realy and you will see how many cans of rotten worms will be opened.

fury - 17 November 2015

'' “We strongly believe that this element comprising mainly colonial opportunistic lumpen is being hired to use Rhodesian money to destabilise the ruling party (Zanu PF),” '' '' “No wonder one ex-member of the Rhodesian police (BSAP)'s special branch wants to be Zanu PF political commissar.'' '' DO NOT FOR GET INYIKA THAT BLAPHIDZA (PHILLIP CHIYANGWA) WAKAMBO KINDITSWA WATENGESA MUSANGANO KUWACHENA WACHITOTA MIFANANIDZO NE MASHOKO NE BALL POINT PEN YAWO YE MBIRI.

fury - 17 November 2015

fury, I understand where you are coming from. No need to separate that these are ex Rhodesian links - the truth is that all these Zanu Pf are corrupt including the ones with no Rhodesian links. What needs to be dealt with is corruption as a whole and that is what has caused all the poverty that we see. There are filthy rich people like Obert Mpofu - where did they get their money from? So instead of saying Rhodesia this Rhodesia that let's face the elephant in the room and that is corruption and I can tell now that Mugabe will not do anything about it because he is part of the gang.

Inyika - 17 November 2015

Oy Victor Matemadanda everyone was once 'something'. You didnt all start by being zanupf zealots. Even your president knew it when he appointed so-called ex rhodies like Timothy Stamps and Dennis Norman into his government. Get a life!!

Realist - 17 November 2015

Even Chiyangwa himself at one point in time way back in 2005 he was also exposed of his Rhodesian links. That's why he said ,"would respond appropriately to the madness". He has a case to answer if the the drama continues to unfold,continue watching this space u shall witness the truth of the matter. He was published in The Herald in the Rhodesian camouflage. So he has a link with those who are still around, because birds of the same feathers flock together, translated into shona "shiri ine muriro wayo hairegere" or "dzinofura pamwechete dzemavara matema".

Diramombe Nyamakate - 17 November 2015

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bremand bremand - 17 November 2015

War vets are just whistling in the wind.How many ''fake ''war vets are enjoying the fruits of independence yet hama dzedu dzakatambura dzichipa macomrades zvekudya dzichiri kutamabura kutopfuura zvenguva yehondo. In Zimbabwe its a waste of time to ask the President to correct these imbalances because his family including kwakaroorwa mwana wake are looting the state resources dry.How many farms do they have now?Kutopa mubvandiripo purazi nemigodhi. Mawar vets muchatamba nhamo nekuti mapurazi amakatora acho hamugone kuarima .Munoswera muchinwa kachasu nemvana dzemumapurazi umu.Ndosaka muMoscan uyo Zhuwawo akakutii muri madrunkards.Just keep you mouths shout ndimi makadzinga varungu mumapurazi imi .Imbwa dzevanhu

chimut - 17 November 2015

mdisnyongoro chaiwo

cde derere - 17 November 2015

war vets; guyz. ndimi munoziva kwakabva nyika. we trust kuti ndimi makaona nhamo yekusunungura Zim from unfair rule from those who had more superior weaponry, kutanga papfuti dzacho kusvika kundege and maybe technology. shuwa motadza kugadzirisa matuzvi aya atinoitirwa muno aya. please guyz be serious.

lead by example - 17 November 2015

nyaya yenyika inonetsa. people who should benefit are no where near the benefits. they sacrificed not because they wanted to gain everything afterwards. most of them came back and improved themselves academically and moved on. these former Rhodesians are the ones purporting to be war vets. they use that claim as a ticket to enriching themselves. too much kukara mari. sera vaive ku wrong side during the war. all they wanted was money. kupera.

zvirozviyedzwa - 17 November 2015

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mama mather - 18 November 2015

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mama mather - 18 November 2015

Zanu(PF) must fall

Mill Zim - 18 November 2015

These war vets were misguided into thinking that they are more important than others. They are cowards and some of them were never involved in any battle during the war. Those who remained on the home-front were even more exposed to the Rhodesian forces than them. They looted our chickens, goats and cattle for meat and even boasted that "gandanga haridye derere". They raped our sisters and left us at the mercy of Rhodesian soldiers. Many more civilians lost their lives during the struggle than the gandangas. Shop owners had their groceries looted by these gandangas. Therefore everyone actively participated in the struggle and no privileges shld be accorded to a certain clique. They didn't even deserve the gratuities they got and the educational educational allowances being extended to their chn.

Firistia - 18 November 2015

Chiyangwa nditsuro magen'a uye ma war vets ndaana sekuru gudo vanobereka kedu tsuro.

chimuti - 18 November 2015

when ngwena says lets look into each others eye n be seriouse,he means it.if yu got farms and land in excess thru corrupt means,hokoyo na ngwena.chiyangwa,zhuwawo,kasukuwere,moyo,grace how many farms do yu own nad got for nothing?how many citizens r waiting for land?magandanga ari correct.kudhuukirwa ne landmine kuti firipi aite maprazi 7?munorwara here.murikurasika papi.paChitoko tinoti come ngwena,hindei mhanduwe ngwena.Mutoko is listening to yu.

viola gwena - 18 November 2015

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