Blood on the floor

HARARE - With President Robert Mugabe looking increasingly frail and unable to stop the factional and succession wars devouring his ruling post-congress Zanu PF, analysts warn that the party’s ugly infighting could turn violent before, during and after its annual conference to be held in Victoria Falls next month.

While such gatherings have traditionally been uneventful and boring, this year’s is promising fireworks as bitterly-opposed factions linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and Mugabe’s controversial wife Grace jostle to gain decisive advantage in the brutal succession war.

And with the opposing camps ratcheting up their rhetoric against each other over the past few days as tension rises, analysts told the Daily News yesterday that the threat of serious intra-party violence was becoming a distinct possibility, particularly given the past tendency by party hardliners to default to violence when their hold on power was threatened. 

As it is, there have been disconcerting threats within ruling party circles this week that unaccredited rival youth groups may be bussed to Victoria Falls, which if it happens, will further raise the chances of violence breaking out at the conference.

The Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform (ZYAP) — a youth group that supports Mnangagwa — has already not only savaged the party’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40), who are rabidly opposed to the VP, they have also threatened violence against these alleged mafikizolos (party Johnny-come-latelies) that include national political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere and Mugabe’s nephew Patrick Zhuwao.

Another group calling itself the Children of Zimbabwe National War Veterans Association has also threatened the alleged kingpins of the G40, also demanding not only that Kasukuwere apologises unreservedly for having once insulted some war veterans as drunkards, but that he is also ousted from his powerful party position.

The political analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said given this “fraught climate” — as well as the fact that Mnangagwa had recently been reported to have upped his personal security, while some of the ruling party’s stalwarts such as Solomon Mujuru and Border Gezi had died in disputed circumstances — the spectre of bloody disagreements could not be discounted.

University of Zimbabwe political science lecturer, Eldred Masunungure, said a person like Mnangagwa could “ill-afford to be reckless”, especially after reports that his offices had been sprinkled with cyanide in an apparent attempt on his life by alleged party rivals.

“With the succession issue becoming more vicious, nothing can be left to chance. Mnangagwa has been forewarned and given his experience in the party during the liberation struggle where eliminations were a common feature, he wants to ensure that no such thing happens to him,” Masunungure posited.

Academic Ibbo Mandaza said Mnangagwa “probably knows better that … many have died under our watch from the 1970s until today, including the suspicious death of Rex Nhongo … so one cannot rule out anything”.

Afghanistan-based political analyst, Maxwell Saungweme, said there were many incidences of ambitious officials who had died in mysterious circumstances that included “road accidents”.

“That Mnangagwa is reported to have upped his security is testament to what the party is capable of doing,” he said, adding that “cases of violence  involving members are well documented”.

And as paranoia continues to grip the party, the VP’s supporters are pointing out to last year’s car accident and the cyanide attack at his Zanu PF offices as some of those ominous signs that have also made his family, specifically his wife Auxillia, vulnerable.

All this is happening as Grace’s allies are ratcheting up their efforts to “checkmate” Mnangagwa’s presidential aspirations at the ruling party’s annual conference next month.

Well-placed sources linked to the G40 — who are rallying behind Grace as the race to succeed Mugabe hots up — told the Daily News on Wednesday that the embattled VP would face his Waterloo at the increasingly-important Victoria Falls gathering.

“Everyone agrees that it is now time to end all these misguided plots by secessionists (G40 code for Mnangagwa camp) that the president plans to retire soon and that their man will finally be king.

“We will end all this silly excitement once and for all in Victoria Falls, as it will be checkmate time. Just keep watching this space,” one of the sources, a senior Zanu PF official, declared boldly without giving details.

But further investigations by the Daily News showed that just like the VP’s allies are hoping will happen, the G40 faction is also hedging its bets on the Victoria Falls gathering becoming an elective conference.

This would see constitutional changes catapulting Grace to the party’s vice presidency using Zanu PF’s abandoned women’s quota system — which would in turn see Mnangagwa relegated to a lower position, possibly that of party chairperson which was dropped last year.

Under this scheme, the G40 would push for Zanu PF to revert to its old constitution, under whose Article 7 (31) it declared that four members of the party’s central committee were supposed to be a president and first secretary, two vice presidents and second secretaries — “one of whom shall be a woman” — and a national chairperson.

“We will be pushing to see to it that Dr Amai Grace is nominated to the vice presidency post, while Comrade Mnangagwa may become the chairperson, which currently alternates between him and Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko,” a confident women’s league official said, arguing that the old party constitution was “in line with the Unity Accord” which was agreed by Mugabe and the late Father Zimbabwe Joshua Nkomo in 1987.

“VP Mphoko should keep his post by virtue of being the Zapu representative, which will mean that Comrade Mnangagwa has to be accommodated somewhere else,” she said.

The Daily News’s sister paper, the Daily News on Sunday reported at the weekend that with Mugabe looking increasingly frail due to advanced age and failing health, there were also moves within the warring post-congress Zanu PF to push the long-ruling nonagenarian to announce his retirement and anoint a successor at the party’s conference next month.

Well-placed sources told the weekly that allies of Mnangagwa were sensing that they had “weathered the political storm” that had surrounded the embattled VP over the past few months, and that they now needed to move with speed to press home their advantage.

“Ngwena’s (Mnangagwa) allies think that the worst is over and that the tide is beginning to turn against the VP’s real enemies, the G40, who have been trying to set him up against Amai (Grace).

“This is why some of them see the party’s annual conference in Victoria Falls next month as a possible opportunity to press their advantage and encourage the president (Mugabe) to not just announce his retirement roadmap there, but also to actually anoint his successor,” one of the sources said.

This comes as the warring ruling party is awash with talk about the possibility of Mugabe relinquishing power before the end of his current term, which ends in 2018 — amid a counter push by the G40 and other Grace supporters that the first lady should take over in that unlikely event.

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Regai zviurayane zvima fuza izvi

freedom - 13 November 2015

while this anarch may be sound news to the opposition, i see it as bad for te country. our leaders must step up efforts to rebuild the economy, find new sources of energy, revive industry and revive the agriculuture sector, bring food to the tables of depraved zimbos. such move swill persuade our children who are experts in every sector back home. instead squabblings seem to control our leaders as to who would lead. Build our country not yourselves i plead. stop these fights please. I rest my case

ngirozi mikairi - 13 November 2015

MAHead Lines aya, how does daily news come up with ts head lines? To a street passersby it gives the impression that guns are actually firing and bodies and body parts are actually scattered & strewn in the streets and alleyways. Only to read and learn that some rhetoric analysts in the name of Ibbo and Masunungure are hallucinating on untested hypotheses based on some internal fights in Zanu which zanu itself can quell as and when it sees fit. Media predicting such events is useless because it happens everytime zanu is in conflict either with itself of with opposition! What zimbabweans want from papers like daily news is to scandalise perpetrators of such acts with facts untill they run into hiding with guilt and shame. We are tired on 'party insiders' or 'senior politburo member' who deny to be named; it only sum up to the fact that journalists are cooking up stories whose content does not exist and our desire for change remain a far fetched dream as long as you speak in riddles. Trap the mnangagwa allies and capture them on multimedia and circulate the tape(s) for all to see & hear. Peep on the G40 and amai allies as they do their shennanigans and leak the tape(s). This is one of the ways you can come up with a story with such a headline when battle lines will be drawn! tatenda!

SaManyika Chaiye - 13 November 2015

Zimbabwe could be far much better without any of these Zanu PF members on the presidency. God will definitely design this catalogue. Watch it!!

Dhurun'aru - 13 November 2015

We are tired of reading the same news everyday. This was in the paper yesterday and only the headline has changed. Why always writing about a politburo member instead of naming him or her. Kana musina zvekunyora nyararai.

Dunga - 13 November 2015

siya vanyore zvavanoda iwe. kana usingadi news dzavo enda kumwe there are plenty papers in zimbabwe.

zvirozviyedzwa - 13 November 2015

Wishing chaos is detrimental to peace. If leadership were to fight ordinary citizens would suffer. To me the authors appear to be happy into chaos.

liberty shungu - 13 November 2015

I would worry not to see abathakathi killing each other so are other sane citizens .

Diibulaanyika - 13 November 2015

Just boot Grace and Mugabe out of the party they have nothing to offer to the country. Mugabe is old and frail while Grace is hated, divisive and both are obstacles to progress. Zanu Pf needs to act fast otherwise , whoever stands in the way of these devils is going to be eliminated soon. We all know Mugabe and what he has done to his comrades to remain in power this long.

Gono - 13 November 2015

In zim we no longer want any govt that is going to be from zanu pf no way we want change zanu must be placed in the dust bin of political history . 35 yrs in power and failed seriously to run this country and they is no way that we can allow these fools again who had been running this country through brunte , tribalism , nepotism , racism ,threats .closing and bombing privately owned news papers , kidnapping ,lies ,thuggery ,rigging, destruction of poor people 's homes , closing all companies leaving everybody machayinyoka very hungry and always angry .The few that is still working its from hand to mouth . So they is no reason to have zanu form govt bcoz it has failed to do so for 35 yrs and every body knows that except Mugabe and his wives .

Diibulaanyika - 14 November 2015

Eissh; but Chitungwiza fatal violence came just in time to partially vindicate the headline above. However I still urge junos to scrounge and harounge for facts and figures untill all zimbos can appreciate that zanu people use the majority to further individual ends while the very same used people face the grave face up!

SaManyika Chaiye - 17 November 2015

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