Mujuru sacking haunts Mugabe

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe is now haunted by the “unjust and disastrous” purging of former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her supporters from the post-congress Zanu PF and government, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa says.

Speaking to the Daily News yesterday, Mutasa — for long one of the most trusted lieutenants of Mugabe — said it had become apparent “even kuna (to) VaMugabe” that Mujuru was not the source of Zanu PF’s problems, as the party’s factional and succession wars had worsened after her brutal purge late last year.

This was why he had “little doubt” that Mugabe and the post-congress Zanu PF were haunted by Mujuru’s expulsion from the ruling party “on false allegations” that she had been plotting to oust from power and assassinate the increasingly-frail nonagenarian.

Mutasa also said so fraught and ominous was the climate within the post-congress Zanu PF that Mugabe was now under growing pressure to prove that he is still in charge of the party and its sole centre of power.

“The most important person in this country is VaMugabe and you would expect him to say something when such things (worsening factional and succession wars) are happening in his party.

“Previously, he said it’s Mai Mujuru and (Vice President Emmerson) Mnangagwa. But now that she is gone, who does he blame

“He is clearly seeing what is happening in the country — the economy is bleeding and people are suffering.

“The post-congress Zanu PF, as the ruling party, controls the economy and everything, including me.

“But people are getting poorer and hungrier. In Headlands, for example, many are facing starvation but the ruling party is focussed more on its useless succession wars,” Mutasa said.

Pressed to say if all this demonstrated that Mugabe had lost control of the levers of power in his party and the country, Mutasa laughed and then went on to pooh-pooh the post-congress Zanu PF’s “so-called one centre of power”, adding, “that construct is not attainable”.

“When Emmerson still has a faction, how can you say there is one centre of power in Zanu PF? If there is, then that centre can no longer hold.

“Also, why was such a centre ever created if it cannot function and is actually giving the president problems? This is not to say that they should expel Emmerson, but what is happening is affecting our country very badly,” Mutasa said.

The former senior Cabinet minister spoke as Mnangagwa — who was one of the biggest beneficiaries of Mujuru’s expulsion from the ruling party — is now walking a tightrope, with his Zanu PF rivals expediently, accusing him of prematurely planning for life after Mugabe while he is still at the helm.

In this ugly succession brawl, Mnangagwa is said to be locked in a bitter fight with ambitious party Young Turks, known as the Generation 40 (G40), who are opposed to him and are closely linked to Mugabe’s controversial, but increasingly-powerful wife Grace.

The first lady has made it clear in the past that nothing can stop her from aiming for the highest job in the land, effectively setting herself up on a collision course with Mnangagwa, whose loyalists refer to him as the “crown prince”.

Mutasa also said “no amount of spying and infiltration” by State security agents working on behalf of the post-congress Zanu PF would force the People First movement “to prematurely announce” its plans.

He was also adamant that the yet-to-be-formed party had already established provisional structures across the country and that it would be formally launched at “the appropriate time”.

“In as much as I am tempted to divulge when we are forming our party, I am not allowed by my fellow members to talk about that, until the time is opportune,” he said, pooh-poohing State media reports of leadership cracks emerging in the movement.

“I was talking to Mai Mujuru just yesterday, and on Saturday I spoke to Gumbo and he told me he had gone to the Midlands.

“We don’t boast, we are united and there is no way we can allow our leader to just talk.

“She will speak on crucial occasions and whenever it is really necessary. Talks of divisions exist only in the imaginations of drunkards,” Mutasa said.

He added the fact that the post-congress Zanu PF was bitterly divided could be blamed on both Mugabe’s failure to name a successor, as well as his “choice to listen to liars”.

“We are trying to build a new movement that does not go around beating their chest.

“You don’t see the queen (Mujuru) all over, you see her people. Mai Mujuru is definitely our queen.

“The ruling party’s unnecessary wars are a boon to the People First movement, as their disgruntled members are being chased away daily from the party.

“Those who are being affected by the so-called votes of no confidence are coming to People First,” Mutasa said.

“That is why I am saying there is no party stronger than People First in this country,” he added.

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Mutasa just chill at home and retire zvisina noise. Your project is dead in the water. The rest you have said is true though about mugabe

muta - 10 November 2015

Mutasa is talking too much.. Tiri kungokunzwirai tsitsi nekudzingwa kwamakaita muZanu and it ends there.Zvekuti u are popular ndezvekupenga izvo. Dai musina kudzingwa handiti dai muri maZanu??

matt - 10 November 2015

Va Mutasa should just shut up. He was part of the oppresive system for decades and he is only crying foul now because he was expelled, a question of sour grapes. The first thing that he must do is to request for forgiveness from the Zimbabwean masses who suffered immensely during his tenure as the country's State Security Minister. Some died mysteriously while others lost loved ones in unquestionable circumstances with Mutasa bragging about such killins.

Chief Charumbira - 10 November 2015

there is nothing like people first didi. you have been the vortex of zanu pf's cruelty since 1980 and you want to hoodwink us into believing that you are now our messiah? you guys looted within impunity and you are itching to go back to zanu since you are feeling the chill outside zanu!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 10 November 2015

If we chose to vote for People first, it be because if short of options.. something that can take us to Godliness. But the truth is, this is ZanuPf. We can vote for PF, because of sympathizing with amai Mujuru. But i as Zimbabwean, i dont see a lot of good things that amai did for Zimbabwe to alarming levels. Chii nhai mai Mjuru chatinganyatsokuzivaiwo nacho, except the fact that were not chick/harsh with fellows. You are solememn. Saka vaMutasa taurai zvenyu muwanewo kwekupedzera ushungu hwenyu hwe kudzingwa mubato renyu. you are the foundes guys we dont forget you, but epa makatsedza.

ramas Raruu - 10 November 2015

we don't have another option because mdc t cannot be trusted especially morgan. already he is talking of not participating in the 2018 elections if the first lady was the candidate for zanu. someone has to contest. if people first come along, i for one will give them my vote. send a thief to catch a thief.

zvirozviyedzwa - 10 November 2015

Haiwa People first kuitasei mavakuziva vanhu nekuti makadzingwa muparty yenyu yehumbavha.....get away .Endai munochengeta vazukuru vamutasa kwete kuswera kutiitira noise.If you are not greed why not joining MDC?kkkkk you still need power?Thats pathetic

moses nguruve yemusango - 10 November 2015

iwdhcbun nm ba mnk

Cbt - 10 November 2015

The concept People First connotes the idea that the interest of regular folks will come ahead of those that will view themselves as leaders. So when Mutasa starts calling Mujuru our 'queen' to me that sounds to me like importing the 'chef' mentality and praise-singing of ZanuPF. In People First there will be no queens, chef, His or Her Excellency – just people's reps. Other than the 1 page manifesto released a few months ago, People First has offered no plans as to why we should entrust them and what makes them different from ZanuPF. If this is where we are going to begin by hero-worshipping a select few even before anything has happened then we might as well pack in now and go home. Themba W

Themba - 10 November 2015

Organise a prayer meeting at Rufaro Stadium, get on your knees and ask God to heal your land and he will.

Ken Van Staden - 11 November 2015

vamutasa veve kupenga ava vanzwirei tsitsi veduwe. kudzingwa zvinonyadzisa kwapera makore makumi matatu nemana. vamutasa imbotii gaga zvamunomufunga kuti makatiitira izvo munofunga kuti imi nechiparty chenyu tingazokuvhoterai. kunze kwemanyepo ekudonhedza chikopokopo tiudzeiwo zve zvakananka zvakaitwa naTeurai izvo munofunga kuti tingazomuvhoterawo zvakare. zvakare muyeuke zvakamboudzwa mumwe murume nezve"zviroto".

tigerenendye - 11 November 2015

didmus shutup

mukanya - 11 November 2015

didmus shutup

mukanya - 11 November 2015

Let us all pray for our country Zimbabwe. God is our healer. Let us ask God to forgive our wrongs. Ask God to intervene in the affairs of our nation. Let us come against misrule, corruption and injustices. God is our only answer. Pray for God to guide those who rule over us.

Dzvuke Muchaina - 11 November 2015

Mutasa is not interested in people first, he is just unhappy because he was dumped.He called for the gamatoxing of others but was gamatoxed himself.Isu we are behind Tsvangirayi ..anything to do with Zanu is tainted.....

REDDY - 12 November 2015

people first is just a diversion these people are together behind the scenes. Zanu knows there are patriotics especially those in the rural areas or who participated during the liberation vana Mujibha and Chimbwido kuti they dont like Zanu anymore but when you give them an option with roots for chimurenga they will join hence people first will capture all those people who dont have confidence in Zanu anymore but have strong beliefs for the liberation ware hence Mai mujuru as a War Vet and wife the deceased mujuru will attract attension of those people.Zanu wants to retain all the votes by coming up with these plans. Vanorwa paTV ndi randy Orton na Jonh Cena ava ndezve pa TV nemunews paper. Mhuri Yezimbabwe cancer hanzi ikabata Gumbo chiremba wenyama anoti ngaribviswe asi mwari vanoti you are healed zvino zanu PF yaramba free and fair elections , yaramba freedom of speech , people are disapearing when they speak about mugabe , justina mukoko , Gabriel shumba e.t.c they all are victims of a government which has disregarded justice sezvinotaura shoko ramwari saka pakadai kutobvisa gumbo rese. ANYTHING WHICH WAS LINKED TO ZANU DONT VOTE FOR IT OR BE ASSOCIATED WITH IT.THEY ARE CONCRNED ABOUT THEIR FAMILIES CHETE ZIMBABWE NEMHURI YAYO KWAVARI ITS NOTHING. Hama neshamwari dai Jehovah vatiwanira nyasha 2016

tongogara - 12 November 2015

plz mr mutasa just go and farm in your farms dotted around Zimbabwe. we are fed up with you. you are very cruel. so many people in manicaland are fed up. plz may you keep quite for ever. thank you

michael nyatanga - 15 November 2015

zimbabwians lets be unite kwatave kuda kuenda kuchatiomera kutaura tawanza

WELLINGTON ZHOU - 16 November 2015

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