Tsvangirai belittles Grace

HARARE – Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has derided controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe saying he would not “sink so low” as to allow himself to contest against her in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 presidential election.

Tsvangirai’s dim view of Grace follows growing suggestions that she, together with embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa are the two post-congress Zanu PF candidates most likely to succeed President Robert Mugabe.

The former prime minister in the government of national unity told scores of his party FROM P1

supporters in Hurungwe yesterday that he would rather pull out of the 2018 elections than compete against Grace.

“Ndoda kuti mundiudzewo varume vakuru nevakadzi vakuru mungaenda kunovhotera Grace? Ini zvechokwadi, I will not contest her (Tell me ladies and gentlemen, can you queue to vote for Grace? I will not contest in such an election),” Tsvangirai said with disdain, to much laughter.

The veteran opposition leader is on record urging his former inclusive government partner, Mugabe, to pass on the leadership baton to a younger successor.

Since taking over as the Zanu PF women’s league boss last year, Grace has been traversing the length and breadth of the country, trashing her political foes and dolling out freebies to Zanu PF supporters, including agricultural equipment sourced by the government from Brazil, in a move that observers say is a clear indication of her ambitions to become president of Zimbabwe.

The First Lady has also said that she has a democratic right to aspire for the highest office in the land, something that is now being actively encouraged by her supporters, primarily the ruling party’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40) camp.

Tsvangirai also said yesterday that instead of obsessing about its factional and succession wars, Zanu PF should focus on bread and butter issues to save the nation from their disastrous rule.

“Opposition parties must unite so that we can create a conducive environment for free and fair elections,” Tsvangirai said.

With the country’s economy nose-diving and showing no signs of immediate recovery, Tsvangirai also said the problem that Zimbabwe was faced with was no longer simply about removing Mugabe from power because “we know that Mugabe is about to go, but we must look at the economic challenges that are being faced by the nation”.

His spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said his boss would hold other rallies at Alaska in Chinhoyi today, and at Dombwe in Chegutu East on Saturday, before winding up his visit to the province on Sunday at Cassa Grounds in Zvimba East.

“The president’s continued engagement with Zimbabweans comes at a time when the political and economic situation in the country is deteriorating at an alarming rate.

“Zimbabweans can barely survive, with the party in government more worried about succession battles at the expense of finding a solution to the worsening crisis.

“In Mashonaland West, the president will talk about the crisis as well as the MDC’s proposed solutions to the national predicament, including Zanu PF’s failure to come up with a sustainable solution to power shortages characterised by 20-hour blackouts every day,” Tamborinyoka said.

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Tsvangirai is the only leader who take out Zimbabwe from this mud.Without Tsvangirai this country will not be back on its knees.Investors will not come to Zimbabwe as long as Zanu pf is still holding on power

Kudzanai - 6 November 2015

Tsvangirai is the only leader who take out Zimbabwe from this mud.Without Tsvangirai this country will not be back on its knees.Investors will not come to Zimbabwe as long as Zanu pf is still holding on power

Kudzanai - 6 November 2015

Exactly my point Sir Tsvangirai, Gtace can't be president of zimbabwe coz she don't have the brains and the stamina.

jojo - 6 November 2015

Tsvangirai is about as plastic as you can get. Even Dr Grace possesses more intelligence and political savvy compared to this useless, incompetent failed opposition leader. Anyone who takes him seriously is playing straight into the arms of the enemy. Wake up Zimbabwe. Are we going to allow this man Tsvangirai to once again fool us into believing that any future elections under the control of ZANU PF won't be rigged? Let us get rid of Tsvangirai he is the biggest obstacle in our path on our perilous road to freedom and democracy.

Zip Up - 7 November 2015

morgan is moreeee.hatitongwi ne small house isu

irvine ku chiweshe - 7 November 2015

morgan is moreeee.hatitongwi ne small house isu

irvine ku chiweshe - 7 November 2015

Tsvangirai ati he will not contest vs Grace wacho. Wonzwa rimwe dununu richiti Tsvangirai ndiye chete anoita. Kana kuti iye Tsvangirai ndiye ava dununu.

changara - 7 November 2015

strategiz on how to win you game instead of luking at who is playing against you.

reuben dladla - 7 November 2015

anyone who think this clown called tsvangirai is the answer to Zimbabwe's woes is the biggest fool. even those who funded and sponsored him no longer believe in him, the man is jus useless...vukani emaqandeni zilima zabantu...

mabuza - 7 November 2015

tsvangirai is really the solution as demonstrated during the gnu unless if you sticking with bronco. a leader needs to appoint a competent team to run a government. so you think Mugabe with his 60 numbskulls is the solution yet the country is now the poorest in the world? what exactly would you expect from the slut grace who has stolen everything from someone's husband, degrees and now vice presidency from mujuru, mboko and emma mnangwarwa? unless if you want to be the 100th man to sleep with her, I don't see anything that anyone sane would need from gire!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 7 November 2015

if it was not for Mogiza tingadai tisina US$.

peter wamambo - 7 November 2015

if it was not for Mogiza tingadai tisina US$.

peter wamambo - 7 November 2015

if it was not for Mogiza tingadai tisina US$.

peter wamambo - 7 November 2015

if it was not for Mogiza tingadai tisina US$.

peter wamambo - 7 November 2015

Save ndizvo kwete dr fugu maya save ndizvo kwete dr fugu

comrade - 7 November 2015

Save ndizvo kwete dr fugu maya save ndizvo kwete dr fugu

comrade - 7 November 2015

Save ndizvo kwete dr fugu maya save ndizvo kwete dr fugu

comrade - 7 November 2015

Save ndizvo kwete dr fugu maya save ndizvo kwete dr fugu

comrade - 7 November 2015

Save ndizvo kwete dr fugu maya save ndizvo kwete dr fugu

comrade - 7 November 2015

Does anyone listen to the rants of the mental paraplegic Morgan Tsvangirai anymore? He is now a certifiable deadbeat who has failed Zimbabwe substantially in the past. Out of desperation Tsvangirai has become increasingly incoherent. Was he looking at his dried arrangement in the mirror when he had this fantasy?

Aguy Georgias - 7 November 2015

Save ndizvo kwete dr fugu maya save ndizvo kwete dr fugu

comrade - 7 November 2015

Join the G R O T Movement. G.R.O.T = GET RID OF TSVANGIRAI

advocate grot - 7 November 2015

All cio insulting Morgan here please calm down he is much better than the typist he has refused to be Mugabe 's puppy and he will be the next president of this country come rain come sun shine .

Mavuunakulya - 7 November 2015

Tsvangirai is a joke. He needs to give himself a big long enema. . . .

Austin Mujaji - 8 November 2015

All people who are well in their heads know that the joke in zim is Mugabe not Morgan . So if ever one thinks Morgan is a joke that person is saskum.

Chimedza matombo - 8 November 2015

stupid people do not appreciate Tshwangirai tried his best by reviving the country economy which was down on its knees there was nothing on the shelves today you should be dead by hunger please think about the future of the country not a bucket of rotten rice think of reviving the economy of the country and enjoy decent services.When did you last have decent services in Zimbabwe? education, employment,heath system collapsed come on guys for 34 year of distruction its only fools to expect anything from Zanu

manje - 8 November 2015

all those who say get rid of tsvangirayi are zanu pf sponsored idiots. Save musa cheuke ,chigaro ndechenyu toziva muchatipa mukana kana mapedza zvamakatanga.

rackus - 8 November 2015

Its a fact, only Mugage and Gono take Grace seriously! For obvious reasons

Tusurai - 8 November 2015

To: Zip Up Irvine ku Chiweshe Changora Mabuza Aguy Georgias Advocate Grot Austin Mujaji. Coming to the conclusion that you are either CIOs or some ZPF faddists is no brainer because of your ridiculous defence of the current and known CURSE of Zimbabwe namely President Robert Mugabe and his ZPF and your persistent and unfair attack on Morgan Tsvangirai. Why do you hate people even those trying to help us all? Why do you always post " Mazwi akaora" against other Zimbabweans even those trying to help you. Kuwa wanhu wanongo tukirira wamwe Where did you get the Evil Spirits that you are glorifying? Kuwa ne mweyawe we Ngozi, asi makaponda wanhu wasina mhoswa kani?! Morgan Tsvangirai does not hate Robert Mugabe or Grace. All he is trying to tell people including you youngsters who seem to have been born after Independence and now totally brainwashed is that "Chinjai Maitiro" ie ZPF: STOP Looting the country's resources for the benefit of only a few Party members CIO: Respect Zimbabweans especially wabereki , of all political dispensations. Be civilised. ZIMBABWEANS ; Shun Corruption. etc. Etc

Sekuru Ndoronga - 8 November 2015

tsvangirai is a master at blundering. if he boycotts the next election because grace contested then he would have played into the hands of zanu pf. any aspiring candidate has to contest election for them to rule the country. as for these guy, he shoots himself in the foot every time. forget the cio on this forum. tsvangirai is the biggest c10 for zanu.

zvirozviyedzwa - 8 November 2015

gire achatonga muchida musingade sekutora kwatakaita mapurazi

tas mars - 9 November 2015

Mr Tsvangirai did not bring the USD you fool the multi-currency policy was proposed by the Cde Chimanasa in January 2009 before the so called GNU came into being. Pasi neMDC and its supporters

simon phoenix - 9 November 2015

Vana vembwa havasvinure musi umwe, pauchaona kuipa kwaRobati ndiwe uchange uri mberi kundomupa petition and most pple who support him imbavha u cant support a leader who rule till he die zvinoreva kuti hautofungi unotoda mwari

fireman - 9 November 2015

with the calibre of candidates at hand, tsvangison stands above the rest. he has survived through the tastes of zanupf time and makes him fit for the purpose. naturally, he has his on flaws which am happy are public

motsi - 9 November 2015

So ZANU(PF) your obedient son Morgan is willing to donate the Presidency (if it is his) on a silver platter in 2018 if you field Grace as your presidential candidate. It is either this guy, Morgan, was high on something illegal that is sold somewhere in the backyards of Mufakose OR he does not regard women as equal competitors, a notion he would have got from his multiple escapades with women but then having Grace for President will be agony for days. STOP IT today, Gwanda men slow down on women tomorrow, Vava would have wanted things to be this way any other day.

Dunderhead - 9 November 2015

maybe it was a slip of the tongue otherwise mdc t becomes irrelevant. there is no need for a party which does not contest elections. it may appear to be a joke as it is but then this is how morgan operates. when people are about to achieve something significant, the guy blunders and renders all the earlier effort useless. this is the tsvangirai we have known for years. he will always play into the hands of zanu pf.

zvirozviyedzwa - 9 November 2015

It's clear that all these people who are abusive to Tsvang are zanu people who have plundered and are still destroying the economy by looting gvt resources. I'm sure we have very intelligent people on this forum who can see through your comments that you are at work (working for zanu) so we are not worried about you guys you can continue working, posting silly comments about Tsvang. The more chaos there is in the country the more you benefit, we know that very well but, like what one guy posted, at some point you will realise how evil Mugabe and zanu are, you will be behaving like Mutasa, Gumbo etc. Good thing is the masses support Tsvang and there will come a time when the masses will rise.......we have the numbers you have the guns. You will have to shoot all of us, let's see if you can do that.

misty - 9 November 2015

Muri kurota mese imi. Asi munoti Ngwena inenge yafa

Vice President Mupfekedzerwa Mboko - 9 November 2015

lets make a change Ngwena panyanga simple

malcon - 10 November 2015

save musacheuka miridzo ngwarirai mabasa ezanu. go save go 2018 tinemi. kwete hure ra james makamba iro grace

tawananyasha - 10 November 2015

I don't usually give comments or any contributions, but apa ndazodawo kubvunza kuti, does our president (RGM ) think kuti hapana mumwe anokwanisa kutonga Zimbabwe here ivo varikumba kwavo havo vakazororawo havo na vadzimai vavo?

bla berto - 11 November 2015

This is politics at it's best. What Tsvangirayi has done is to force Grace Tsvingudzi to state if wants to succeed her horrible Count Yoga husband

sabhuku - 11 November 2015

Zimbabweans are stupid, very stupid..... to me Morgan did so well but he is dealing with people who have big crimes and they keep killing opposition. Many people have been killed and can still be killed for voting Morgan. You must not split votes, rather support Morgan he can attract investors but not that stupid woman... they just want to stay in power to protect their loot as well as their crimes. If you say Morgan is a failure, why don't you form your party and unseat zpf, you guys are sooooo stupid, you are divided over nothing and that will make zpf stronger. At independence our $ was as good as a pound... look where we are now... Mugabe and zpf. very corrupt but someone wants to help you out of the mess you are busy saying ... small house... bla bla bla,... rubbish .. is that important. Morgan is already a formidable force ... give him support to the top.... if you say he is not.... then who? If you don't win Morgan, don't come to our country our we kill in the name of xenophobia..... stay there in your dynasty country.... stupid

Ndinelagoh - 11 November 2015

Tsangirai akagara achivhotera VaMugabe. iye zvino arikutoti anoda kuvhotera Grace. kkk

buja365 - 13 November 2015

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