Mnangagwa hits campaign trail

HARARE - Tired of being on the receiving end of repeated blows from their post-congress Zanu PF enemies, as the ruling party’s factional and succession wars continue to escalate, Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters are finally hitting the campaign trail openly and earnestly.

The Daily News established yesterday that Mnangagwa’s supporters are, among a battery of other campaign initiatives, distributing hundreds of thousands of T-shirts, wrist bands and bandanas bearing the VP’s images across the country.

This effectively means the battle lines are now truly drawn between the VP’s supporters and those of President Robert Mugabe’s controversial wife Grace, who has until now appeared to be gaining significant ground in the war to succeed the increasingly frail nonagenarian.

Sources close to the Mnangagwa camp told the Daily News that the VP’s supporters were working to “spruce up his image” ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections, with the Midlands godfather now affectionately referred to as “the leader of Team Lacoste” by his allies.

“Team Lacoste is now taking the ever-scheming G40 (the group of ambitious Zanu PF Young Turks opposed to Mnangagwa who are known as Generation 40) head-on. It is now game on,” one of the sources said.

Another insider told the Daily News that the next few weeks were crucial and would determine “who has the power and requisite gravitas between Lacoste and Dr Amai”.

And as the Mnangagwa faction is ramping up its campaigns, Grace has also lined up several activities this week — including participating at a prayer session organised by popular preacher Walter Magaya and mounting the latest of her divisive rallies in Masvingo on Saturday.

A Mnangagwa supporter claimed that Grace’s move to attend Magaya’s “Turnaround Night” crusade was meant “to sabotage” the ruling party’s fundraising dinner which will be held at the same time and is being headlined by Mnangagwa.

“We want to see who has more influence. Just wait and see the people who will support the VP,” the self-proclaimed Mnangagwa ally said.

Communication from Magaya on Grace’s attendance at his crusade said, “We are humbled to share with you that our esteemed guest of honour  for the event is Her Excellency the First Lady of the Republic of Zimbabwe , Amai Dr Grace N. Mugabe”.

Team Lacoste is said to have in its ranks the likes of Cabinet ministers Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri, July Moyo, Christopher Mutsvangwa, Kembo Mohadi, Josiah Hungwe and Ignatius Chombo, as well as former Manicaland chairperson Mike Madiro and Cleveria Chizema.

On the other hand, team G40 is said to include Cabinet ministers Saviour Kasukuwere, Jonathan Moyo, Patrick Zhuwao and Prisca Mupfumira, as well as Senate president Edna Madzongwe, businessman Philip Chiyangwa and Zanu PF Harare province political commissar Shadreck Mashayamombe.

Well-placed sources in Masvingo who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said the provincial executive, which is believed to be aligned to Mnangagwa, had allegedly planned to frustrate Grace by snubbing her rally there.

One of the sources said Masvingo executive members were “desperate to avoid humiliation” from the G40 camp, following the recent move to suspend one of Grace’s strongest allies, acting provincial chairperson Paradzai Chakona.

“After we heard that the first lady is going to reverse our decision on Chakona, we have decided to snub her rally.

“I want to tell you this province is one of the strongholds of Ngwena (Mnangagwa). So here, business will not be normal for the first lady. We are going to protest if the G40 reinstate Chakona.

“We can’t go to Amai’s rally and be humiliated in front of our people, so most comrades are saying it’s better for us to show our true colours by snubbing the rally,” the source said.

Chakona was suspended for attending Grace’s Rushinga rally.

Chakona and Manicaland party boss, Samuel Undenge, were the only two provincial chairmen who attended the rally.

At the same time, G40 insiders also told the Daily News that the camp would snub the Mnangagwa-led party dinner, and instead troop to Grace’s rally in Masvingo, in a move that was meant to put down the VP and show that the first lady was enjoying growing popularity.

The ruling party will be looking for $3 million at the dinner, to meet all the expenses for its annual conference to be held in the resort town of Victoria Falls early next month.

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Rega zvibayane!

tatenda - 5 November 2015

Madinga aya ava kukakatana, kudzipana chaiko. This is very interesting. Pull up G40! Pull up Ngwena! Pull up amai. Kkkkk. Hameno tongotarisa asi nyika iri kuparara.

Dhurun'aru - 5 November 2015

a split zanu is inevitable going forward. this will play into our hands as we encourage bhora musango of their supporter. lucky enough for the otters mbiti and mangoma dropped the mdc acronym such that supporters will no that mdc means our party led by save. vana Patrick joao motochinyatsodya kekupedzisira nekuti chave chigumegume kudya chewafa ichi. 2018 koenda nhete, hobvu dzoremerwa nemanda. hechochihekiheki nderiyanderiya. hero bvori pfori pazimbabwe!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 5 November 2015

He is wasting his time bcoz he will be elected zanu president and that will be the end he will not smell the presidency on this nation hawu never mhani the . removal of zanu from power in 2018 is pending and come that year the removal will be effected leaving this gukuragundi with no power and probably he will choose to go to zambia where his whole clan reside and join them for good hoza 2018 uze ne njabulo .

Diibulaanyika - 5 November 2015

save for life president in the mdc t. its no longer a democratic party. it belongs to one man and that man is non-other than morgan. what then is different with zanu pf? its same fanana. tsvingson acharovawo dzake 100yrs ari leader we mdc t. zviya zvakambo poromiswa kuti handiite seve zanu vanorambira pachigaro - pasi tsve. wangovawo 'handiende'.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 November 2015

Yes Save is not going anywhere before he removes Mugabe that will never happen and Save is not the problem in this country it is Mugabe ,

Chimedza matombo - 5 November 2015

kkk Vakoma Daily News chakaoma vakomana kukuchidzira mavivi emoto . Nhanga nyaya ndopaunovona isungautare chaiyo

MukarangawekuMberengwa - 5 November 2015

shall we conclude therefore that there is no democracy in the democratic party? the party was founded on democratic values as opposed to zanu in which one person is leader for life. this is our weakness as a people that we allow individuals to become big headed. what makes morgan so special that it has to be only him who is capable of challenging mugabe for power? if he became the president, i bet you he will do the handiende that mugabe did.

zvirozviyedzwa - 5 November 2015

Even you are big headed talking nonsense what do you know about democracy . Just support yo Mangoma and change him when ever you feel like like napkins .

Diibulaanyika - 5 November 2015

EDM you are fighting a losing fight but its good for Zim this time. Grace must continue her wrecking job leaving EDM nothing to hold on to.

Inyika - 5 November 2015

Its time to seperate men from boys. Zanu pf final battle has began. The big question is who will grab the elections results briefcase.

X-MAN IV - 5 November 2015

Only God knows who will be Zim's next president.

Anytime-Antwhere - 5 November 2015

Sekuru vangu waive neimbwa yainzi HUNDORINGA. Kikikiki...........

Boterakwa - 5 November 2015

I find the thinking that there should be rapid or frequent leadership renewal or changes in opposition absurd. Remember the politics of an opposition party especially in Zimbabwe type of politics is dangerous. Yes democracy dictate so but opposition politics is about building masses around an ideology to move and finally remove tyrany. The focus is to remove tyranny. Look at what used to happen in liberation struggles, Yes there was power struggles and leadership changes but those would come after a long time when new leaders emerge with even more charisma and courage...the likes of Mandela taking over from Waler Sisulu and Oliver Tambo. Yes leadership change is fine...but in my opinion it should be to driven by the need to enahance the struggle rather than to fulfil the tennents of democracy.... Once in power the politics of a political party changes. It changes from struggle politics to feeding politics...many people will join that party so that they gain financially. at this stage leadership renwal is a must. so let us be careful. I am not saying there shouldnt be leadership changes in opposition. all i am saying we must not loose focus of the bigger motive and the difference in the politics of ruling party and that of opposition

George C - 6 November 2015

Teererai varume, Chamisa achiri mudiki kuti atungamirire MDC. At below 40 haangazvigoni. Tangai matora nyika kubva kuna Mugabe mozogovana zvinzvimbo. Chamisa haana zvivindi sezva Morgan. Anotya Mugabe zvakanyanya. Only Morgan has managed to rattle Mugabe in all his 34 years of misrule. Ndiye chete one murume muno muzimbabwe akataridza hushingi hwekutosvorana nasekuru. Kana muzanu macho hamuna akashinga sa Morgan. Kutora hutongi kuna Mugabe hakudi vakadzidza kwete, kunoda vakashinga. Morgan akataridza kushinga. Kana paine mumwe murume akashinga iti pwe tikuone. Only Grace and Morgan can subdue Mugabe. Vamwe vese tiri mbwende.

Chokwadi - 6 November 2015

Phambili lo Grace Mugabe. A woman for a change. We want a woman President, we want a woman President, we want a woman President. Grace Mugabe for Presidency! aHIYA. Love her hate her, Grace for President. She has my support.

Ngwekazi - 6 November 2015

just time to reflect on our lives as Zimbabweans and choose a leadership that can bring happiness . At the moment Morgan is the right leader whether educated or not.

mukanya - 6 November 2015

"Team Lacoste" Ndada zita boys

blessing gavinho - 6 November 2015

Lets wait and see.

Dady - 6 November 2015

if morgan is indeed the only man in zimbabwe, then we are doomed. we have no one to blame for the misery we find ourselves in. when he became the leader of the mdc in 1999, he promised to serve only three terms to show zanu people how democracy works. he had hoped to groom someone who would takeover after him in 2014. instead, he changed the constitution exactly what dictators do to allow himself to overstay. it shows then that the same thing is likely to happen once he takes power. the signs of him being a dictator are very clear. thats my take guys. akuruma nzeve ndewako.

zvirozviyedzwa - 6 November 2015

Zimbabweans are known of making stupid choice of leadership right from 1980 up to today you can look even at sport you see well known thieves taking leadership while we clap hands cheering them to do more destruction and steal more. At politics the same a well known murderer Mugabe with 20 000 skulls under his belt still some people vote for him and that summaries everything about zimbabweans we are the most confused lot in the continent . We all know zanu and Mugabe are the problem in this country but what do we when time comes to vote and remove him aah but he will rig so we will not vote instead we go to SA forgetting that South Africans always fix their political problems easily . This country is full of cowards and cowards will always eat shiite and will always be called kwerekwere in in foreign countries .

Diibulaanyika - 6 November 2015

garwe ndizvo

grwe kafuranyama - 6 November 2015

Team Lacoste would be a "brutal" regime and G40 would be a "grab all you can" regime. Team MDC Tsvang would be a "Unifying" regime.

misty - 6 November 2015

Tsvangirai is the next president, take it or leave it u will cee.

kelvin dube - 8 November 2015

Tsvangirai is the next president, take it or leave it u will cee.

kelvin dube - 8 November 2015

tsvangirai out grace out viva Lacoste Crd Munangagwa L.C.M

Team Lacoste - 10 November 2015

the self proclaimed ngwena is the most dangerous and brutal man just behind Hitler and Mussolini Zimbabweans can have as a leader. In Zim we dont seem to learn

mhofu - 11 November 2015

the self proclaimed ngwena is the most dangerous and brutal man just behind Hitler and Mussolini Zimbabweans can have as a leader. In Zim we dont seem to learn

mhofu - 11 November 2015

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