Mugabe stumbles in India

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe’s advanced age and declining health have once again been on public display at the third India-Africa Forum Summit taking place in New Delhi, India — raising fresh debate about whether the long-ruling nonagenarian should persist with his punishing working and jet-setting life.

On two occasions on the big stage in India this week, Mugabe has had to be

assisted by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi, as well as his aides after looking somewhat disoriented and nearly tumbling off the ramp at the mega summit.

The increasingly frail 91-year-old — who has lately been walking with the aid of his wife Grace, and who fell at Harare International Airport earlier this year — is using the summit to try and lure Indian investors to Zimbabwe, whose economy is dying due to what critics say are decades of misrule by his warring post-congress Zanu PF.

In a video captured by television channel New Delhi and which has gone viral on

social media, Mugabe is seen stumbling backwards dangerously as he attempts to climb onto a stage. And sensing his difficulty, two aides quickly move in to assist him.

In another television clip, the nonagenarian looks tired and confused as he shares the stage with Modi, who also moves quickly to assist and direct him to the right place, upon realising that Mugabe may not be fully aware of where he was supposed to go.

The Daily News has previously reported on the growing concerns around Mugabe’s health, with medical experts saying at 91, it was advisable that he took a rest from the rigours and stresses of high office.

Political analysts have also echoed the same sentiments, saying it appeared as if Zanu PF hardliners with “self-serving interests” were pushing the nonagenarian to remain in power.

Since the controversial ouster of former Vice President Joice Mujuru last year, Mugabe

appears to have ramped up his taxing and costly foreign sojourns, for which there have been no tangible benefits thus far for the troubled country.

To add to all this, Mugabe has also been caught up in controversy in India after he turned down an offer by his hosts to don Indian attire that had been prepared for him to wear during a reception hosted by Modi.

Authorities in New Delhi had felt that the best way to welcome the African delegates was to give them a taste of Indian traditions — which is what inspired the “Indian mela” (carnival) for summit, which brought together food, music and artefacts from around the country for the reception hosted by Modi.

India had requested in advance the measurements of the gathered African heads of State so that the traditional garments could be stitched for them in time.

And according to officials, the subsequent group photo opportunity of the leaders in the traditional gear was supposed to be one of the highlights of the summit — with the intention to help demonstrate the solidarity and partnership India has with Africa.

However, and apparently to the dismay of the Indian hosts, Mugabe flatly declined to wear the prepared traditional attire, insisting on wearing a “distinctly out of tune” grey suit.

Comments (37)

People, people, Mugabe must go and rest now. It's really sad, I have just watched the clip when he almost fell in India, oh gosh he cannot even walk, the guy is struggling to put together 5 steps, I am a big critic of mugabe but I got to the extent of feeling sorry for him, I mean he can no longer walk, it's not embarrassing anymore it's actually sad. Please grace Mugabe allow you husband to rest, please!!!!!

misty - 30 October 2015

i do respect him very much but i also think that it would be better if he rested.

taurai - 30 October 2015

There was no carpet which was badly laid so now what is it that is making him fall .No feeling sorry for him at all bcoz they is no reason for that. The whole nation has become a laughing stoke for the whole world bcoz of one idiot old person who is half dead and can not even tell if its noon or morning to continue attending critical international meetings where he either falls or just gets into a deep slumber .To those who voted for this moving grave i hope now you have seen why you should not have done that .If Mugabe had a family and wife he could have gone long back to his rural home to wait for natural death which is just by the corner .Alas the guy does not have a caring and loving family which should be keeping him at home resting like any other granny away from the public The absence of family care clearly shows how this man 's family structure is in shambles .How ever we are very angry this man must leave govt now .

Diibulaanyika - 30 October 2015

oh oh oh another stumble

rioe - 30 October 2015

It's his choice let him die on the plane. I do noth think anyone is forcing him to stay . The guy loves power and no one can convince him to leave office. He can not imagine becoming a civilian in Zimbabwe may. Be in heaven . Believe it's not only Mugabe at company level we have CEOs who do not want to hand over to new able leaders.

Be Warned!! - 30 October 2015

why do we have to run away from the truth? the otter cannot leave the throne because of the numerous human rights abuses that he has committed and he knows that he will be arrested. make the mistake of electing another gukurahundist emma mnangagwa and the country is completely doomed!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 30 October 2015

oooh no,thus a shame hey for mugabe failing to walk infront of dignatories.plz zanu,allow him rest

tsviriyo - 30 October 2015

Mr Mugabe is a shame.For how long is he going to keep embarassing Zimbabwe people.Why cant he give the button stick to someone.This is the reason why Grace is doing what she want in ZANU PF.Mukadzi kana asingakwirwe anonetsa weduwe ndopaanoona varume setwana twake but its not her fault the old Man can not copy with her sexual needs.Please Go And Rest Our President We Need Dignity As a nation.STOP IT!!!!

The Herald Today - 31 October 2015

Both India and China have always been at our side and helped us achieve the freedom, democracy and prosperity that we all now enjoy in our liberated country. The leaders of both these countries are now formally showing recognition of our wonderful President - we must never forget these gestures. Thank you India. Thank you China. May our close relationship and co-operation continue forever. We appreciate your friendship.

Forward thinking - 31 October 2015

That Mugabe must rest is indisputable. But why should our president wear Indian napkins? Those clothes would best fit a muslim or any other terrorist.

Mashonaland Marsh - 31 October 2015

why should He be rested... simply because he people you are not all those people who are saying he has brought shame to Zimbo, you are the one's who have brought shame to long as you are eating and sleeping, i don't see any need to get involved in other people's business. MIND YOUR OWN BUSINESS AND LEAVE Mr. MUGABE ALONE..#vivaR.G.M

Gift Chifamba - 31 October 2015

Nhai zvako Mshonaland Marsh, munhu ungangopfeka hembe chero nedzausingadi, Mdara is principled, zvavasingadi havadi

munhuwamwari - 31 October 2015

Yaaa zvinhu zvese zvino nguwa uuye maperero azvo saka chakakosha kugamuchira nguwa zvainotaura.

mazwi - 31 October 2015

This is what happens when the dead vote. (The electoral role which was published late and which listed many people who are dead - to facilitate vote rigging) They elect one of their peers.

Nooshie - 31 October 2015

Mugabe's busy and taxing schedule is simply bringing his demise date forward. 91 is not 19.

X-MAN IV - 1 November 2015

Deadman walking..idiotic leader!!!! F%$#ng Bob, fat that

garikayi - 1 November 2015

@Gift Chifamba sleeping perhaps, eating and working for a living? Are we supposed to thank this despot for his abuse of power and slippery slide to national ruin while this Klingon clings on to privilege and ducks accountability?

Nooshie - 1 November 2015

politicians should serve limited terms. after mugabe we want politicians who serve limited terms. thats why i always argue against morgan's continued leadership in the mdc. he reached his optimum in 2014 and should not have been allowed to doctor the constitution so he can overstay. what has happened to us through mugabe should never be allowed going forward.

zvirozviyedzwa - 1 November 2015

Idiots can not tell between a govt leader and opposition leader so confused are some fools.

Diibulaanyika - 1 November 2015

No wonder why Mugabe should lead this country untill he dies, If you have idiots who make a lot of noise like this daily and the idiotic opposition party officials,over a simple and natural stumble, which almost everyone has gon thru, then you tend to wonder if they think with their brains or buttocks. Nyika izere madofo ege ega. Brain dzese dziri kunaVaMugabe, saka vasingaende vachitya kusiira nyika mapenzi.

TRUTHS - 1 November 2015

No wonder why Mugabe should lead this country untill he dies, If you have idiots who make a lot of noise like this daily and the idiotic opposition party officials,over a simple and natural stumble, which almost everyone has gon thru, then you tend to wonder if they think with their brains or buttocks. Nyika izere madofo ege ega. Brain dzese dziri kunaVaMugabe, saka vasingaende vachitya kusiira nyika mapenzi.

TRUTHS - 1 November 2015

Mugabe's age aside, honestly what were the Indians in mind when they asked our leaders to change their attire for Indian ones? Don't you think we have been colonized enough? I do not trust the Indians at all on this one let alone the summit.

Mudhara Wethu - 1 November 2015

Zvakawoma veduwe ! Kuri kuda kufira muState House. Hinga musha wakanyatsonaka wakavaka wani kwaZvimba. Wakamuvakira makonzo here ? Kunge kachapera mweya kari papulpit kachiverenga speech. Kunoshaya angakataurira kuti kava kusemesa gungano pese pese pakanozvitsokodzera kachiti kanzwikwe. You cannot live forever mudhara. Uchatinetsa iwe paunofa. Kana Zimbabwe isiparari musiuyo chipoko chako chichatinetsa. Kana iri State House tichadhiriza nemagiredha toisa concrete zwimwe chipoko chako chingakuteera kwamupfiganebwe.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 2 November 2015

Mbudzi dzakafanana navana TRUTHS navana Gift Chifamba dzakadyiswa mufenje. Muri vanhu rudziyi vasingaone kuti Gushungo haachakwanisi ! Zwinokuunzirai chinyi kuona achishupika kufamba kana kutaura pagungano ? He is not the first and last born of this country - there are many who can succed him and run the country in a better way than him. Chaanotya kuretire chinyi kamunhu kachembera kudai ? Hakuna mupengo angasvero tandanisina nako kana kabva pachigaro - rinenge riri benzi rakaita sei ringaita izwozwo ?

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 2 November 2015

Nedzimwe nguva ndinoti kana ndakakatarisa ndinonzwa tsitsi. Asi ndozoti mazwokuda. Kanoti kana kakatarisa sheche yako Gire kanabva kakwinya mabhurugwe shasha kunzwa iri chikomana chanezuru. Vezera vana mai Mahofa navana mai Muchinguri vaiveko kachitandanisana nepwere yezera nevana vako.Zwava kuti afecta isu tisineyi nazwo. Tadzidza zwakawanda. Tava kuzoisa mutemo wakasimba unorambidza harabwa kuroora vana vadiki.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 2 November 2015

As for the Indian regalia, for whatever reason the Indians wanted us to believe it was a question of them going too far. They wanted to undress our leaders and then dress them up in Moslem attire. Brief change of religion. Mind you religion is a component of culture. Whether you call it reception or deception I don't care. But we all need sometime to rest in our lives. The man is normal and he will rest coz right now he is still able to perform the duties of a President. Kana paine wamunoziva asati ambodonha tiudzei imwi. Vamwe venyu munotodonha kubva pamusoro pemadzimai enyu. Its true.

Dobbs One-Four - 2 November 2015

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makadho - 2 November 2015

opposition leader for life! mt is his name.

zvirozviyedzwa - 2 November 2015

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dr.terra - 2 November 2015

I have said it before on countless occasions. No one forces Mugabe to remain in power. The man himself loves power. Period!

dick mboko - 2 November 2015

Dont wory people of Zimbaqbwe.Mugabe will surely rest one day I bet he will not reach 100,actually World Cup 2018 is a massive doubt.My daughter is 1 month old and by the time she reaches 15,she will not even see the significance of the name Mugabe late alone the picture.Most of you will be alive

vilbram avril - 2 November 2015

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profashaf - 2 November 2015

Mugabe was going to collapse, manhede, with the whole world watching. How power hungry can one be????? Please sekuru Bob chizororai

Peter Chitupa - 3 November 2015

Indeed Mugabe must be an adviser by now to newly elected presidents locally, regionally or internationally, but now he lost that respect by clinching onto power. He is now making himself a joke of the century as a result of overstaying. Yes he feels inside that he can even rule from the wheel chair as suggested by the blinkered war veterans, but he has become the biggest liability ever on the political arena. Over staying deceives a person and those close to him that he believes to be the only one capable to rule Zimbabwe. My question is, "how do you think you are the only one who is capable to rule competently if there has not anyone who has also ruled in the post independent period"? Stop rigging elections such that you give us Zimbabweans to pile praises on you if you are weighed the better among the others leaders while you will be alive. Yes it's natural to fall but surely you are no longer able to check your balance. This is a very clear sign that you need to pass the button stick to others. Do not feel embarrassed Sir Robert Gabriel Mugabe, it,s not too late to do so. All your benefits wont be forfeited those are just street talks, you have already shown your best to the world that everybody knows and accepts, that now you need to rest and take the advisory role. Thank you Cde R.G Mugabe and the close circles for taking note of this.

Diramombe Nyamakate - 4 November 2015

mdhara auya .ndewedu hapana.hatidi vanoda kuvhiringa pattern

fredrick katambarare - 4 November 2015

i salute you cde Mugabe keep ur motto no to oppressors

mpindiko - 5 November 2015

Hazvinei hazvo kufa murairo waMwari kana zuva ravo rasvika rinenge rasvika seevamwe tisatuka baba asi tonamata kuti vagutsikane kuti pavakashanda pakwana. Tonamatirazve ivo mai kuti vave good adviser wababa kwete kuvafurira nezvinorwadzisa nyama yavo. Pliz vachiri kuda mudhara pahutungamiri ngativei nemoyo wokunzwira tsitsi because this man is really straining his body inguva yokuti vayende kunozorora havo and zvokwadi vanoremekedzwa chose nokuti vakashanda basa guru chose munyika ino. SEKURU MAKAITA BASA GURU TINOKUTENDAI CHOSE ZVIZHINJI ZVATAKADZIDZA PAMURI YAVE NGUVA YOKUTI MUZORORE HENYU MUCHIDYA ZVAMAKASHANDIRA.

Makanaka - 6 November 2015

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