Resign now, Mugabe told

HARARE -  Hundreds of MDC supporters flooded Harare’s central business district yesterday demanding an end to President Robert Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s three-and-a-half decades in power.

The angry demonstrators, some of whom chanted “Mugabe kill us all or leave office”, bemoaned the lack of democratic space and slow pace of electoral reforms in the country.

They also savaged the widespread corruption among ruling party elites, the continued disappearance of journalist-turned democracy activist Itai Dzamara, the ongoing crackdown on vendors, rising poverty and unemployment levels, and the dire economic conditions prevailing in the country.

The determined youths, who defiantly marched to Parliament from the corner of Nelson Mandela Avenue and Chinhoyi Street without notifying the police as demanded by authorities, also warned that their demonstration marked the beginning of more and bigger mass actions.

Wearing a red beret, MDC youth assembly chairperson Happymore Chidziva, popularly known among his peers as Cde Bvondo, also warned that there would be dire consequences if authorities did not allow all Zimbabweans to show dissent and demonstrate peacefully.

“There are more of these demonstrations that are coming. For now, we are saying this is going to happen weekly, but soon we are going to demonstrate on a daily basis.

“We are very happy that our demonstrations are getting bigger. Today, it was a youth thing, but going forward we are going to join hands with everyone who wants to see a better Zimbabwe.

“The current state of our economy is a declaration of war against our people and generation in particular, so with this demonstration, we are saying to Mugabe kill us all or leave office,” the tough-talking Chidziva said, adding that they were preparing a petition which they would hand over to Mugabe soon.

“We are going to have Occupy Africa Unity Square. We will occupy all streets and occupy every place, telling Mugabe to go. It is better to die once than to suffer for a long time.”
He also warned the police and other security agents that they were ready to fight for their rights as enshrined in the country’s Constitution.

“We are not violent and we just want to send our message to Robert Mugabe that enough is enough. We have our own marshals who maintain peace during our demonstrations, so there is no need for us to notify the police.

“It is our democratic right to demonstrate ... This is the end game. I want all suffering Zimbabweans to join us in this struggle. Don’t be neutral, we need to end Zanu PF misrule now,” Chidziva said.

MDC Harare youth secretary Denford Ngadziore said they were happy as a province to have held what he called “a successful demonstration”. He also urged youths around the country to confront Mugabe head-on.

Last week, MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora told party supporters at Gudyanga Business Centre in Chimanimani that they would ratchet up mass demonstrations around the country following a brutal police clampdown on MDC supporters last Friday that saw scribes and other activists being jailed in rural Makoni.

In the meantime, two leading rights groups have written to Mugabe demanding a State inquiry into the abduction of democracy activist Dzamara seven months ago.

Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International called on Mugabe’s government to investigate and solve Dzamara’s disappearance which is widely blamed on the State as he was seen as a thorn in the flesh by authorities.

Yesterday’s demonstration by the MDC youths came as a despondent liberation struggle icon, Dumiso Dabengwa, bemoaned the glaring lack of democracy and its benefits in post-independent Zimbabwe — to the extent that he now often wished he was dead and in which event he said he did not want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre.

Speaking to the Daily News in an exclusive interview at the weekend, the revered and softly-spoken war veteran — who walked out of Zanu PF in disgust in 2008 to revive Zapu — said he never once imagined that an independent Zimbabwe would plunge to its current sorry political and economic state.

The former senior Cabinet minister also bemoaned the “untenable” fact that Mugabe and his controversial wife Grace now behaved as if they owned the country, with the active encouragement of what he called “dangerous and self-serving bootlickers”.

This was why he sometimes wished that he had died in place of some “very good comrades” who had long “departed” — as they may have been in a better position to stem the myriad crises that continued to batter the country.

It was also the reason why, in the event of his death, he would rather be buried at his rural home in Ntabazinduna, instead of the National Heroes Acre — a resting place he said was being used by Mugabe and the post-congress Zanu PF to settle personal and political scores “with the dead”.

“I am bitter on the issue of how the heroes’ status is now being adjudicated.

“The granting of hero status was made clear right at the beginning, that it is those people who had performed outstandingly in their contribution to the liberation struggle who would lie there.

“But when you leave out people who contributed so much to the liberation struggle, that boggles the mind,” the disconsolate Dabengwa — who has never been a rabble-rouser and usually shies away from the public spotlight, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes — said.

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i wish I was in Zimbabwe, I would be part of the demonstrations, the ZANU PF government has killed more people than those that may be killed by the demonstrations. They killed 20000 people in 1985-1987, they killed more 2000 during the 1999-2008 MDC supporters. The highest number they can kill in these demonstrations will not exceed 500 at once, the call is all of us must march and show our concerns for a better Zimbabwe

amina - 28 October 2015

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bremand bremand - 28 October 2015

Does dictators listen? It seems all of them are idiots they can not read the writing on the wall until they are removed from power violently .Worse still with one 91 old dictator who has one partial blind eye and one sense left in his very old skull will never understand what is it that people mean by saying he must go .

Diibulaanyika - 28 October 2015

Mugabe plis go vana vaneta mhani. Imi mapurisa regaiwo kurova vanoratidzira. This is for good of everyone even u. Zimbabwe is for us all. VaTsvangirai simudzai musoro mubatsire vana pavari kurwa nemhandu dzezanu kudai.

dembo - 29 October 2015

At times violence is the only possible solution that can bring democracy and sanity

Mentalist - 29 October 2015

Uyu ndounzi MUKONO uyu. Mark the name HAPPYMORE CHIDZIVA cde BVONDO. Chabvondoka manje. Continue to preach, walk, act, talk and sing PEACE. This is the Zimbabwe we long for. Sharne violence and all those around you should distance themselves from violence. Preach the good message of HOPE AND PROSPERITY FOR THE FUTURE of our nation. You are already a hero if you keep your team in straight line. We are all behind you. Open an account so we can deposit money for MAHALF BREAD AND COROWATER for the team. You have told the police you are not violent GREAT. Its them who instigate violence and they know how to do it. Next time they will set their own group who will start throwing stones and your team will be blamed and stopped. Keep an eye. WELDONE cde BVONDO be as brave as our First Lady Dr. Amai Grace Mugabe who is braving in front of those POLITIBURO THUGS. Please dont disapear please. Your message was good but a word of advice cde THE PRESIDENT WILL GO WHEN ITS TIME TO GO. drop that word GO. He is our president responsible for the peace and security of the nation. We can not afford a vaccum. I am not attacking you. No. I want your message to remain touching but NOT inciting. We are very close to a true and meaningful democratic state in Zim but we want to get there together and be happy again. Cannan is so close and EGYPTY now far back beyond the mountains. If I dont advise you I wouldn't be a true brother. Zimbabwe will be HAPPYMORE soon. keep the momentum YOU HAVE A BRIGHT FUTURE youngman. Usafambe usiku. (u know what i mean). God bless the Great state of Zimbabwe.

Newnation - 29 October 2015

Mentalist, no. These youths were peaceful. Peaceful means are more powerful than violence. Why call for violence before trying unarmed struggle?

Gandanga - 29 October 2015

NO one wants to suffer even those who are looting our country"s benefits.This country is the World"s richest state with the poorest people in it.Imagine the population in Zim compared to resources in this country being wasted, people plz think.

stanford s mudinzwa - 29 October 2015

NO one wants to suffer even those who are looting our country"s benefits.This country is the World"s richest state with the poorest people in it.Imagine the population in Zim compared to resources in this country being wasted, people plz think.

stanford s mudinzwa - 29 October 2015

NO one wants to suffer even those who are looting our country"s benefits.This country is the World"s richest state with the poorest people in it.Imagine the population in Zim compared to resources in this country being wasted, people plz think.

stanford s mudinzwa - 29 October 2015

ko dai vakachimirira kuti munhu wacho adzoke kubva kuindia. zvino kana voti munhu wacho haapo voti vanoda kumuudza unobva washaya kuti zviri kumbofamba sei

zvakaoma - 29 October 2015

Lets continue to demonstrate peacefully to tell the old man to go. Push until something happens. Kwatiri ku diaspora musango matigere, kugara musango musango isu taneta!

Chikenge - 29 October 2015

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Taurai - 29 October 2015

hahahahahahaha...can i pose a question to you 'demonstrators' ; why do you prefer to demonstrate when the President is not in the country...y not protest when he is in the country..this definately shows that you are not really meaning have gone to the

GHETTO - 29 October 2015

"I know that most men, including those at ease with problems of the greatest complexity, can seldom accept the simplest and most obvious truth if it be such as would oblige them to admit the falsity of conclusions which they have proudly taught to others, and which they have woven, thread by thread, into the fabrics of their life"

zuruvi - 29 October 2015

Hawu he is in India futhi. It seems Chinese juju is fading ukubhuluba . next time they will be no muti to treat advanced cancer . Why does he not try ZINATHA and local zangomas . at his age that is the right place to go for medical reasons . Hey people are very angry bcoz this man has made them matshiyinyokas and very very very very poor and very very unhappy every time better that he goes for ever we will never miss him hamba mani demty!!!!!!

Diibulaanyika - 29 October 2015

@dabulainyoka you are right that dictaors don't listen. both of them morgan and mugabe do not listen. they need to be rested.

zvirozviyedzwa - 29 October 2015

mugabe is the only leader i know of who is straight about the perverse immoral homosexual practice or culture whatever. that practice reduces human beings to far less that animals. no matter his ills, this man is a great leader. a man of principles.

taurai - 29 October 2015

Nonsense this is a curse this country has got from god . How can someone sane say Mugabe is great leader when the country that he is leading is the poorest in the world with no money of its own . In most cases those who praise this evil person are benefitors of the chaos Mugabe has brought in the country hamba Mugabe ngena Morgan .

Diibulaanyika - 30 October 2015

Mugabe's evil did not start in 1999 or 2000. This Klingon clinging to power has a record of evil which goes back before independence. He is a wife beater who kicked Sally in the kidneys, massacred 20000 from 85-87, 2000 MDC supporters during election campaigns.....your sunset will become a picture of hell! Scam Klingon Scram!

Nooshie - 30 October 2015

Mugabe must go,we are tired of being treated like dogs in south Africa."upumapi ikuphi lD,Passport

Majengeta - 3 November 2015

i am so glad to announce that Zimbabe accomodates the learnent people.all thieves have migrated to south africa where there is no peace and security.i am working here earning a good money ,have my house in a low density surburb,i spend my money even in public ,i am so proud of R.G Mugabe's leadership.the bible says even those leaders who are on your lead are being put by hes there because of God's powers

kemang - 4 November 2015

Mugabe is the worst thing that happened to Zimbabwe.He never fought any war and he is stupid,an idiot and a bustard and a father fucker who thinks of himself,his bitch grace and his war cabinet.If he does not step down in the next 12 months l am going to kill him with my hands

prince of Egypt - 4 November 2015

Mugabe is the worst thing that happened to Zimbabwe.He never fought any war and he is stupid,an idiot and a bustard and a father fucker who thinks of himself,his bitch grace and his war cabinet.If he does not

prince of Egypt - 4 November 2015


Mbuya neHANDA - 4 November 2015

@ taurai how come people like u, in support of todays zanu-pf plus r.g. mugabe, have such an obsession with sexual issues? wat is yr problem or needs?

wwwoman - 6 November 2015

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