Grace allies go for Mutsvangwa

HARARE - Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, working in cahoots with other allies of President Robert Mugabe’s controversial wife Grace, are moving in on plucky War Veterans minister Christopher Mutsvangwa and his wife Monica, the Daily News has learnt.

The power couple, both war veterans and believed to be in the camp of embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, now bizarrely stand accused of being “closet supporters” of former Vice President Joice Mujuru as the ruling party’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars get uglier and more confused.

“The strategy to neutralise Ngwena (Mnangagwa) in the succession war by hammering his most ardent and dedicated supporters is gathering steam. The fact is that Chris and his wife, with their solid liberation credentials, have been identified as two of Ngwena’s allies who must be eliminated at all costs, hence the false claim that they are Mujuru followers.

“Sadly, and as you know, Amai Mujuru’s name is like a swear word in some sections of the party, and any mention of her name at the moment results in unmerited action being taken against otherwise innocent people,” a Zanu PF central committee member said yesterday.

People First spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told the Daily News that it was true that there was a belief in the faction-ridden post-congress Zanu PF that invoking Mujuru’s name would result in “the powers that be” acting against accused members.

“They think that if you just say Mai Mujuru the powers that be will react, but we are not concerned about petty issues such as their continuation in abusing her name. The fact is we are no longer in their party.

“Our focus is on uniting the people of Zimbabwe. We have a vision that we hope will guide the people. We are fully focused, we are not about witch-hunts. We want solutions for Zimbabwe’s myriad problems, not useless fights that never end,” Gumbo said.

Another senior Zanu PF official also said it was clear that acting party chairperson for Masvingo Paradzai Chakona had been removed from his position because of “the factionalism and succession thing”, adding that the ongoing distubances in the Bulawayo chapter of the war veterans structures was also related to Mugabe’s succession.

“This is the reason why they are now calling on President Mugabe to act swiftly and replace Mutsvangwa, as they accuse him of being part of the so-called Mujuru putschist cabal and being a directionless and devout factionalist,” he said.

This comes after war veterans from different factions engaged in fist fights over the weekend at the Zimbabwe National Liberation War Veterans Association’s (ZNLWVA’s) Bulawayo headquarters in Entumbane.

Two women were left injured as the opposing camps fought for legitimacy at a meeting which was also attended by war collaborators, political detainees and ex-restrictees.

The pandemonium, which saw the camp aligned to George Mlala being blocked from entering the venue, only stopped after the intervention of the police.

Since Mutsvangwa took over as war veterans leader last year, war vets in Bulawayo have been divided into two camps — one led by Council of Elders member George Mlala, said to be close to the G40 faction, and the other by Cephas Ncube, which stands accused of being loyal to the expelled Jabulani Sibanda executive.

Much to the dismay of Mlala and his camp, Mutsvangwa has endorsed the Ncube led executive, which has complicated his own within the party as Ncube is linked to Sibanda, who is a close Mujuru ally.

“These people (Mlala group) should go hang. They should back off. If you see people fighting for positions, it is a sign of poverty. They want to get the positions so that they enrich themselves. They should not come here and cause chaos.

Let them go hang,” Mutsvangwa said at the weekend.
However, the Mlala camp has since moved to hold another meeting in the city, where they openly declared that they would take the fight to the minister.

“The complaint is that why did we fight Jabu (Sibanda) then if his people are still in the war veterans system?” Mlala asked, scathingly equating Mutsvangwa to the expelled firebrand war veterans’ leader.

“The same thing that Jabulani was ousted for is the same thing that Mutsvangwa is doing. He is creating a political camp. He has completely shifted from the war veterans agenda into a political agenda. He is protecting these people because they are in the same camp, the Mujuru faction,” he added.

It is also not helping him, that Mutsvangwa recently said nice things about Mujuru, with regards to her liberation credentials — something that is now being used by his party enemies against him.

Mlala also accused Mutsvangwa of abusing his roles as war veterans chairperson and minister of war veterans to achieve his “political interests”.

“If Mutsvangwa has seen that it was wrong to persecute Jabulani he should tell the nation that he is sorry. It’s never too late. And that will also be extended to Mujuru. Honestly, there is no point in condemning the orange tree yet you enjoy so much the fruits of that same tree,” he charged.

Meanwhile, Chakona, who also stands accused of being a member of the Mujuru camp said yesterday that he was awaiting to hear from the national disciplinary committee about his fate, following his ouster from power by his provincial colleagues.

“When things are like this I cannot comment because we will be prejudicing what is before the national committee. I don’t want to comment because these issues are not in my hands anymore.

“Until I am called by the disciplinary committee, I will not say anything,” Chakona said diplomatically.

Miffed by the deadly wars in his party, Mugabe recently gagged his followers from making comments to the private media, and many are now scared of publicly pronouncing on their positions.

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bremand bremand - 28 October 2015

Who cares if bhobojans fight each other blood swine .

Diibulaanyika - 28 October 2015

Mai Mujuru never downed a Copter so he says when things were still going in his favour zvaiwana ngwarati kkkkkkkkkk

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Taurai - 29 October 2015

Yaaah I think Mutsvangwa and other blinded legions of supporters of the Mugabe regime ar yet to see the goodness of being a side liner of the old man RG Mugabe. That man is not supposed to be treated as if is a messiah. Even if it means that you face a jail term like what Tomana the Prosecutor General is facing for a certain stance ,it doesn't matter most. What we want is a political environment free of hypocrisy like what you used to do. There is absolutely no reason for persecution when one feels challenging Robert Mugabe for presidency, especially in a democratic society like the liberated Zimbabwe. This therefore means that if you are not man enough this is the time to act against the same system that you used last year to purge Amai Mujuru and her so-called allies. The same machinations propelled by the shenanigans of the young turks that you have sour relations with now has to be history and put into the political dustbin. Once you keep quite and let them act upon you and your wife as well , it means you shall be joining the others who have been sacked off for separate reasons some genuine and some cooked against them. We need people who stand for their rights if they are faced with such challenges. That old man can use you to protect his position and later dump you if he finds an element of threat in you, mind you!!!!

lolo mupa - 29 October 2015

gore rino ticha dzidza zvakawanda.igore rezvidzidzo

tatenda - 29 October 2015

Its time to dump Grace Mugabe . kana iye Mugabe wacho

Grace Jones - 29 October 2015

I think its high time that Zimbabweans should start living. We should open our eyes and face the truth and justice should be executed. Guys can you imaging the country being led by Grace Mugabe, hey lets be serious. It not about making other people rich but its about reviving Zimbabwe and shape the future of the country. Mugabe and his people have destroyed the country already and why should we keep entrusting them for a better Zimbabwe when for 35 years, they have brought the country this far. I am not a fan for mai mujuru, but truly speaking she needs a chance just for one term only Zimbabwe embrace a new president for transformation. Surely Whats happening right now is a scramble for resources and power that will lead the country into a heavier grade for poverty. Seriously we cant keep power circulating in wrong hands. These people have been in power for 35 years, seriously guys lets open our eyes. And why is it that anyone who challenges Mugabe is considered an enemy of the state. Lets face the truth now and help shaping our country. Vanhu ava havatide all they care about are their families, never be fooled guys. We seem to godify Mugabe, to worship him, but that guy is the biggest failure in history. Being in power for 35 years and leave the country in this state. and now he wasnt to push the woman into power, never guys. Lets open our eyes " We are the Zimbabweans". Its not about who fought in the liberation struggle, the country doesnt need those that fought as for now because we have given them a chance already and have tasted how cruel they can be. So we need leaders who have people at heart.

Andrew Sasa - 4 November 2015

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