MDC plans more demos against Mugabe

NYANYADZI - Former prime minister Morgan Tsvangirai’s MDC says President Robert Mugabe and his post-congress Zanu PF should brace themselves for more mass demonstrations until they restore democracy and respect human rights in the country.

The warning follows a brutal police clampdown on the party’s supporters over the past few days, which has seen its activists and journalists alike being jailed in rural Makoni after the MDC mounted successful demonstrations there.

Speaking at the weekend after a rally that was attended by hundreds of people at Gudyanga Business Centre in Chimanimani, MDC secretary-general Douglas Mwonzora said MDC plans more demos against Mugabe

the recent demonstrations in Chiendambuya and Headlands, as well as the subsequent arrest of his party’s officials, had energised Zimbabweans.

“Demonstrations are going to increase in all parts of the country, and with greater intensity, until government relents,” Mwonzora said as the MDC celebrated the freeing of the jailed activists on bail.

He said his party was “appalled and disgusted” with police’s heavy-handed response to the peaceful demonstrators and would institute legal action against the police officer commanding Makoni district, chief superintendent Garikayi Gwangwava, for allegedly authorising the ruthless suppression of the demonstrations.

“We are very proud of our rural constituencies for having taken the initiative to exercise their constitutional right to demonstrate. We are very proud of Headlands, led by David Tekeshe, which led the demonstrations.

“The MDC is appalled and disgusted at the brutal attack by the police on Tekeshe and others. We are definitely going to take legal action against the officer commanding Rusape for having authorised and spearheaded the attack on Tekeshe,” Mwonzora, a lawyer, said.

The heightened protest actions, Mwonzora said, would also be meant to ratchet up pressure on Mugabe’s government to effect needed electoral reforms ahead of the much-awaited 2018 national elections.

“One of the issues at the centre of the impending demonstrations is the issue of an electoral system that guarantees the secrecy of the vote, security of the vote and security of the voter,” he added.

Although another demonstration planned for Rusape had been barred by police using the much-criticised Public Order and Security Act, Tsvangirai’s supporters say they will not be cowed by authorities.

“We are not a threat to public peace. There is precedence … we never received complaints in Chiendambuya and Headlands when we demonstrated. Police are just scared of their own shadows”, Trevor Saruwaka, the MDC spokesperson for Makoni district said.

“It’s an open secret that Zanu PF does not seek police clearance for its gatherings, but are supported even in demos that they would not have applied for.

“The police require us to inform them, which we did and will continue to do, but that does not give them the right to deny us our constitutionally-enshrined right to do so.

“What we see are actions of a paranoid government which is afraid of its own people and Constitution,” Saruwaka added, noting the partisanship of the police.

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vadzoka va tsvangirai. vambenge vari kumadzimai avo. ngavachienda vapewo chamisa chanzi. young man has ideas that will make mdc successful. mr mt has failed at it year after year.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 October 2015


X-MAN IV - 27 October 2015

hahahaha Pamberi ne Zanu PF naVaMugabe Pasi neMDC dzose. Mwonzora is the SG for which MDC cdes

simon phoenix - 27 October 2015

While criticism is always welcome and appreciated, for one to suggest that Chamisa be given a chance to lead the MDC-T, is rather taking it too far. The young man has done so well in all the posts he has held in the party. And for him to loose the last post he held to one of his colleagues did not mean it was the end with the party. Instead it must have come as a wake up call for him to realise that people are always watching what we do when we are in authority and that the fire must be kept burning if not made more blazing. I would urge Chamisa to work harder now to retain his mantle. If he is made to believe that he is mature to challenge Morgan for president, so much time and energy will be wasted only to end up with yet another MDC which might be the MDC-C.

Bratee - 27 October 2015

Cdes and friends, all these splits in the opposition parties is all because of the Robbers and Muggers intelligence system which will infiltrate the opposition as usual.

Clemence Tashaya - 27 October 2015

Lunatics will never know what is right all wrong like some lunatics here insulting Morgan for refusing to be a puppet of Mugabe . Viva Morgan ngenkani ongafuniyo hamba yifa . Phansi le ngomwa we are tired of the old limping donkey .

Diibulaanyika - 27 October 2015

my goodness

conrad muchingami - 27 October 2015

I don't remember any meaningful or successful MDC demonstration. What is Tsvangirai playing at? This is complete hallucination.

Mentalist - 27 October 2015

mugabe ngasiyirewo vadiki kwete kut tsvangirai

grace - 27 October 2015

How can we have meanIngful demo in the country with people who have negative attitude and mbwendes who when a demo is called first thing is to go under the bed while insulting those who are trying to free them from the evil one Mugabe . Cowards are very good at nothing let those who want to fight the devil fight and you shut your beak blood agents .

Diibulaanyika - 27 October 2015

@Diibulaanyika remember if Tsvangirai had not agreed to be used by Bob in the GNU we would have won the liberation struggle. Now he wants to put more lives in danger. For what? He blew our chance at freedom by saving Mugabe who knew it was now a matter of months before we get rid of him

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 28 October 2015

Tsvangirai uses 20th century methods of applying pressure on governments. We have a problem

Ndosvotwa Mhani - 28 October 2015

mwana wani ko iyeye, is he not yet tired of doing this with no success. Give that man a mental institution , he really needs it. the second person needing an institution is the tabloid reporter who wrote this and third one is the editor who approved this story.

toto1 - 28 October 2015

Yes this is the way to go Tswangirayi, it was supposed to have been done as of yesterday, but yes this is what we want now is the time, forward ever backward never

victory is certain - 28 October 2015


NDM - 28 October 2015

There is actually nothing wrong with actively engaging the government of the day so that it effects developmental measures as expected by its electorate. Zimbabwe requires a revolution

Grievance Mafunga - 28 October 2015

well chekutanga, page rino rakazara matikitivha. asi hazvo ndinokupindurai. guyz i thot its so clear wat rot and decay has destroyed our fortunes. maybe some of yu who are claiming literacy may constantly need to be reminded to open their eyes and see that even their father is crying for yu are also a burden to him becoz bth of you ar unemployed, to say the least. wat more poverty do u expect t be convinced that someone has exposed us and needs a substitution. guys wake up hameno

abouttomigrate - 28 October 2015

Viva Tsvangirai. ndizvozvo Save. if DEMOCRACY fails, FORCE is the way to go

abouttomigrate - 28 October 2015

kwava kudiwa ma substitute for both teams zanu pf and mdc t. tsvangirai is also a dictator. he fiddles the constitution so he can overstay just like any other dictator would do. he purges dissenters just like dictators do. he is a handiende type and should be rested for zimbabwe to move on. we don't have to be stack on two personalities. there are many others who can do this job.

zvirozviyedzwa - 28 October 2015

@Mhani who you to remove Mugabe ? what you know best is to soil yourself everytime a call is made to demo against zanu . So please Leave Morgan who has refused to be Mugabe puppet like you .The man is the only true leader that we have in the country at present like it or not things are standing like that unless if you have swallowed zanu rubbish then you can not see that

Diibulaanyika - 28 October 2015

@Diibulaanyika, it is not the negative attitude towards demos that result in failure but lack of objectivity like in your case. You can't put accross an argument without swearing why? With all respect u seem like an empty vessel. Like they say empty vessels make too much noise. Basing on what u wrote, u do acknowledge that the demos fail bcoz people hide below their bed simply bcoz they have a -ve attitude. You are simply repeating what I said in an unprofessional way.

Mentalist - 28 October 2015

@Diibulaanyika I sincerely do understand your frustrations about ZANU bcoz we find ourselves in the same predicament. You must not fix your mind on one solution, be flexible upstairs. You can only have a flexible and an objective mindset like us only if u remove blinkers. Inyathi ibuzwa kwabaphambili

Mentalist - 28 October 2015

@Diibulaanyika I sincerely do understand your frustrations about ZANU bcoz we find ourselves in the same predicament. You must not fix your mind on one solution, be flexible upstairs. You can only have a flexible and an objective mindset like us only if u remove blinkers. Inyathi ibuzwa kwabaphambili

Mentalist - 28 October 2015

Yes Tsvangirai has failed to deliver his promise but let's look at the brighter, if it wasn't for Tsvangirai we wouldnt be where we are. That man saved lives in 2009 through the unity government. Great leaders have to meet failure first before success comes their way. Give the man a chance he has lost too many things including his dear wife in the struggle. Changing MDC leadership wont have the results that yu all want..…Save is the true leader and MDC is Tsvangirai. Lets support him in the struggle..change always come eventually

varsity view - 31 October 2015

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