Dabengwa wishes he was dead

BULAWAYO - So despondent is liberation struggle icon Dumiso Dabengwa with the glaring lack of democracy and its benefits in post-independent Zimbabwe that he now often wishes he was dead, in which event he says he does not want to be buried at the National Heroes Acre.

Speaking to the Daily News in an exclusive interview at the weekend, the revered and softly-spoken war veteran — who walked out of Zanu PF in disgust in 2008 to revive Zapu — said he never once imagined that an independent Zimbabwe would plunge to its current sorry state.

The sad former senior Cabinet minister also bemoaned the “untenable” fact that President Robert Mugabe and his controversial wife Grace now behaved as if they owned the country, with the active encouragement of “dangerous and self-serving bootlickers”.

This is why he sometimes wished that he had died in place of some “very good comrades” who had long “departed” — as they may have been in a better position to stem the myriad political and economic crises that continue to batter the country.

It was also the reason why, in the event of his death, he would rather be buried at his rural home in Ntabazinduna, instead of the National Heroes Acre — a resting place he says was being used by Mugabe and the post-congress Zanu PF to settle personal and political scores “with the dead”. . . . says he does not want to be buried at Heroes Acre

“I am bitter on the issue of how the heroes’ status is now being adjudicated. The granting of hero status was made clear right at the beginning, that it is those people who had performed outstandingly in their contribution to the liberation struggle who would lie there.

“But when you leave out people who contributed so much to the liberation struggle, that boggles the mind,” the disconsolate Dabengwa — who has never been a rabble-rouser and usually shies away from the public spotlight, preferring to work quietly behind the scenes — said.

“I often think of the many colleagues who died in the trenches, who probably could have done better than me had they survived and that’s one thing that I always accuse myself of and say why am I still here to watch this chaos that is taking place in the country and be unable to do anything about it?

“What did people like Nikita Mangena and Josiah Tongogara die for? Are we as a country, as a people, fulfilling those values and ideals for which they sacrificed their lives?

“These are the things that pain me most to the extent that at times I ask myself why they left me behind. I should have also gone. Perhaps I could be better off then than remaining impotent and not be able to actually fulfil those ideals they died for,” Dabengwa added.

The conferment of national hero status has long been a thorny issue in the country, with opposition parties saying such conferment should not rest with Mugabe and Zanu PF if the national shrine is to be truly representative and meaningful to the majority of Zimbabweans.

Even Zanu PF critics of Mugabe accuse the frail nonagenarian of abusing his veto vote in the conferments to settle personal vendettas with people who would have disagreed with him, no matter how illustrious their contributions to the country were.

But in typical fashion, Mugabe has thumbed his nose at his critics, particularly those in the opposition, saying crudely that they must identify their own burial shrine.

Explaining his disgust further on the controversial choice of heroes and heroines by Mugabe, and why he would rather be buried in the lands of his forefathers in Ntabazinduna than at Heroes Acre, he said this would be the same as being laid to rest among “thieves and crooks”.

“I come from the rural area at Ntabazinduna. That’s where my roots are and my grandparents, my parents and relatives are buried there, and that’s where I will be buried.

“I don’t wish to be buried anywhere else. I want to join the rest of my family. If they bury me at the Heroes Acre, I will probably rise from the grave,” Dabengwa said.

He said even if he were to become president of the country, he would not consider being buried at the National Heroes Acre.

Pointing to revered fellow nationalists such as James Chikerema and the founding father of Zanu, Reverend Ndabaningi Sithole —who were denied national hero status simply because they had fallen out with Mugabe — Dabengwa said the country’s history would never be complete without the proper mention of such people.

“When you overlook people like Chikerema and Sithole, you are not doing the history of this country any good. These are the people who started the liberation struggle.

“Of course, they made their mistakes later on, but their contribution cannot be disputed or wished away. Their contribution cannot also be rubbed out by the mistakes that they made at the end,” Dabengwa asserted.

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Nonsense-why did he prevent together with colleagues,Makoni and Ncube an out-right Opposition victory in 2008 presidential elections?

Membathisi - 27 October 2015

So why is he not commiting suicide. I am sure he knows how to

Ziso - 27 October 2015

im sick and tired of this heroes thing....it has lost meaning and it not worth any space on any piece of newspaper....im born free and the so called heroes of the struggle can go hang as long as i dont have a job, i cant access affordable health care and education, the roads are full of potholes and i cant guarantee my son a better future than i currently have....yu can keep your heroes acre...this one dabengwa can as well remember that there are more than a million ways of dying and he can choos one and rest in peace....does not matter where yu are buried coz the dead dont decide where they want to be buries. it is those left alive that will decide that!!!!

hey - 27 October 2015

Shame on you Dabengwa. Just die

Christ In Me - 27 October 2015

Shame on you Dabengwa. Just die

Christ In Me - 27 October 2015

Dabengwa knows the operations of Zanu very well. He survived the onslaught that never gave Lookout a second chance of life. I have sometimes taken Dabengwa as an extension of Zanu pf. So for the guy to cry foul now, to me its just crocodile tears. Stand up Mr Dabengwa and be counted

Bratee - 27 October 2015

wasting your breath baba ... umgabe lo nguye who will give you 'hero' status after u are gone and 'like' you okwesabakayo. then they will have 'black russian' gallas at which the machesos of this world will perform while using your death to get votes in matebeleland. if this sounds familiar, it's becoz it is ...

mlaza - 27 October 2015

Dumiso is wasting his time. Rather, he should concentrate on his cattle ranging business (if at all he still have cattle). Where was Dumiso when the Robbers and Muggers of Zimbabwe killed his friends in arms, Mangena and Masuku). Where was the this now expired intelligence supremo when the Robbers and Muggers massacred his tribemen in Matebeleland during the Gukurahundi era. Where was Dabengwa when most of the supporters of Zapu were killed during the campaign rallies in Matebeleland. Remember the days of Big Chitoro? The system he created is the same system eating him. So let it be cde Dabengwa. Go hang a thousand times and l think a reasonable Zimbabwean will never dare drop tears for you. You are the same cde Dumiso who helped and propelled the Robbers and Muggers to loot our resources. Its the same Dabengwa who used to heap praises on the Robbers and Muggers who have since abandoned you. Remember the likes of Clement Muchachi who died as paupers.....its the same system you created that is haunting you cde Dumiso. The Robbers and Muggers will continue to rob all our resources using your supremo intelligence that you created in the same sytem

Clemence Tashaya - 27 October 2015

Dont die now Dabengwa, because this country will be a better place after liberation rhetoric era. From 1987 all of you , mujuru included had chance to make this country a better place, but alas you set in the comfort.

X-MAN IV - 27 October 2015

I think we all seem to forget the suffering this guy went through at the hands of ZANU. Unfortunately Lookout succumbed to death. This man is clearly stating that he is not able to do anything. No wonder his wish to have died. He liberated us in the first revolution isn't it our turn now to liberate him. Just criticizing him will not change the situation we are in. Let us move on.

Gari waDonono - 27 October 2015

The whole reason of taking up arms and fight Smith regime was lost when Rex Nhongo and company ropped in Mugabe from nowhere.Its clear even judging by the resent events that are happening across the country are indication that Mugabe never had the interest of the nation at heart ibere rakangowanawo mukana rakaushandisa.Instead of working towards building a better Zimbabwe he chose to split from Nkomo and have Tongogara eliminated for disagreeing with his move.He divided the nation further on tribal lines by unleashing his gukurahundi army on unarmed civilians in matebeleland in an effort to bully Nkomo into submission of which Nkomo finally did in 1987.Then came the violents against white farmer after Mugabe lost in 2000 referrandom.Then came his other moment of madness when he refused to leave office after loosing to Tvsangirai in 2008.Now he is buzzy trying to push his wife into position of leadership within Zanu evently as president of Zlmbabwe regardless of the fact that she does not have the leadership qualities.Mugabe is a disgrace to the African Ther sooner he dies ther better for my country ZIMBABWE.

Ziyaphapha - 27 October 2015

a lot of nonsense from this Dumiso guy. if your wishes are so true, zimbabwe will be very glad if you are man enough to commit suicide, don't just wish, ACT!! of course the consistence clause will not see you through the heroes gates. it will be good riddance to bad rubbish (DD)

hamunyare - 27 October 2015

You seem to lose it completely . How do you expect Dabengwa to liberate Zimbabwe alone , Tsvangirai or Makoni and the like . They need your support. Our country is under siege . The current govt has planted fear in us so that they loot everyday. Look at Parirenyatwa you think he did this alone every fish is doing it on a daily basis. When Nkomo and crew did their demonstrations in Bulawayo they would get massive support form everyone acroos the country . Now these days yo simply want to see Dabengwa arrested , you laugh at him and after that you call him a failure and what have yourself achieved . Nonsense

Fuckedzimbos - 27 October 2015

No NO No you son of a b%$h, you were part of this!!!!!! Go back to the bush and fight these criminals. You are part of the problem...shut your f%$#*ng mouth. You have a farm, you looted funds from the Zambezi River Water Project, you sold out by sleeping with Mugabe, you were outsmarted by uncle Bob. Go to your son who is looting MTN in South Africa and leave us alone

garikayi - 27 October 2015


Zimbo - 27 October 2015

It so sad to realise that some can not see that Dabengwa used what is known as figure of speech. Literally he does not want to die now but he is simply emphasising his point. English can be dificult times, I for one often make mistakes

Mentalist - 27 October 2015

No sane person can wish Dumiso to die bcoz he is not the one who has caused shiit all over this country . I remember very well when these idiots in zanu STARTED to destroy farms this guy resigned as minister bcoz he never wanted to associate himself with madness . All sane people wish one very very very very old devil to die like yesterday so that they will be some order again in this country .

Diibulaanyika - 27 October 2015

Dont lose hope cde DD. You are great. We need you. There is still room for change for good. Bring people together for a denocratic Zimbabwe. We value you. We see our lost comrades in you. Take up the gun again and fight but this time the gun is the WORD and change the course of direction for your beloved Zimbabwe. You are respected throughout the country like nobody. Start working for 2018 NOW. CRY NOT SON OF THE SOIL.

Newnation - 28 October 2015

Easy solution for the BLACK RUSSIAN. Buy a ROPE . . . . . No one will miss you. . .

Clement Oriface - 28 October 2015


Xility - 29 October 2015

Dabengwa is a traitor and a total sellout to our cause. Because of his own selfish aspirations he jumped ship hoping to gain a big following which through his own stupidity just did not materialize. What every Zimbabwean has to realize is that our President was recently awarded the Chinese equivalent of the Nobel peace prize and this was given in recognition of our President's outstanding contribution to humanity. Thank you China for being so honest and fair, we consider you to be a true friend and trustworthy partner.

Rev. Paul Swalala - 29 October 2015

Much as I feel for yu DD,true you are together in this mess,you made yo bed so lie in it.

ruwomba - 30 October 2015

This is the same guy who, when his mouth was full said Mugabe has northing to apologise for. He was referring to the Gugurahundi atrocities. That is the day he lost my respect. I have a rope I will gladly offer you should you need one.

Seles - 31 October 2015

There are many ways in which he successfully die ranging from violent self inflicted to swift smooth self slaughter methods. 1. He can go to Pakistan in a public square and burn the Koran 2. He stand in front of moving highs speed train. Although for that to be a success he must avoid Zimbabwean ones as they may not show up 3. He can go to ground in network with an Osama bin laden mask on September 11 and shout allah Akbar al salam alaikun 4. The list is endless and there is no pointing in wishing when that can be granted unsolicited Oh also at this time in Tanzania he can disguise himself as an albino and wonder aimlessly in seclude places. Better still go to the boko haram infested forest in Nigeria with a boom box and jam on j zee or j lol or Beyoncé tunes full blast

Stux Boner - 1 November 2015

Hands off to our DD he suffered for this country.

zukiswa - 3 November 2015

Suicide is not a bad idea if he really wishes to die

tiriprwendo - 3 November 2015

DD you are great and your contribution up to date has been great. You are right do not wish to lie with thieves and gubuzelas at H/A

sipho mpofu - 8 December 2015

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