War veterans savage First Lady

HARARE - War Veterans have taken exception to controversial First Lady Grace Mugabe’s recent pronouncements on the liberation struggle, saying she is oblivious to the fact that she is enjoying the benefits of being President Robert Mugabe’s wife because of brave heroes who fought for the country’s freedom.

Responding to Grace’s statement during her rally in Mashonaland Central last week where she ill-advisedly told her audience that no one had been forced to participate in the war of liberation, Retired Major General Kudzai Mbudzi said bluntly that the first lady was “losing it”.

“For her to be in that position ihondo (It is because of the war of liberation that she is first lady). Murume wake kuti ave zvaari ihondo (For her husband to be president it is because of the liberation struggle),” Mbudzi said.

He added that just because Grace was a faction leader within the warring post-congress Zanu PF party, did not mean that she had to belittle the contribution of war veterans to the liberation of the country.

“We fought for this country. We have ideological protests to maintain and that stems from the armed struggle. And whatever we do, stems from the successes of the armed struggle,” the fearless Mbudzi said.

He said it was clear that Grace lacked “social and academic intelligence” and was, therefore, not supposed to be taken seriously.

“She does not understand the ideological protests of the party that she purports to represent and would want to lead,” Mbudzi said.

Grace found herself in the eye of a storm after making the controversial statement, which was seen as an attack on Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and his supporters.

“There are some who think that because they fought in the war to liberate the country, their war credentials give them the right to do what they want. Are you the only one who fought in that war?

“We will end up asking you if anybody forced you to join the war because there are many others who also went there.

“We all did, as our parents, brothers and sisters played their part as well,” Grace also said during the rally.

This came after War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa — seen as a close Mnangagwa ally — appeared to take a dig at party rivals who did not participate in the liberation war, saying that they could never rule this country.

Mnangagwa is said to be engaged in a bitter succession war with Grace and Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks, the Generation 40 (G40) faction that allegedly includes combative Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere.

Another distinguished war veteran, Rugare Gumbo, said Grace’s statements showed that she did not understand what the liberation war and Zimbabwe were all about.

“It’s not worth commenting on because we know people who were part of the struggle (war of liberation) and those who were not,” Gumbo said, speaking in his personal capacity.

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saka vese vakarwa Hondo ndivo chete here vanoda kutonga.this is stupid thinking .anybody Zimbabwean can be the presedent of Zimbabwe.kana zviri kuti ma war fighters ndivo chete saka tichatanga Hondo tsvene inoda free thinking and voting peoples choices

ticha - 18 October 2015

What she is saying cdes is that the era of reliance on beig a war vet to have economic dominion over folks is over and get used to it.

FORBESKA - 18 October 2015

I'm not fan of Dr Amai but what she said is correct. Our liberators did not free the country to hold us at ransom. It was a war of independence where all should have equal opportunities. Every Zimbabwean should feel free to contest an election irregardless of their war credentials. What we are seeing in our country is a big shame, Vice Presidents and government ministers staying on until they die in office. Nkomo, Muzenda, Msika, John Nkomo all died while still holding on to their positions as VPs. What legacy is that? What happened to the popular slogan during the late 70s that every country's future belongs to the youth ???? give the young generation a chance please.

ZANU yeropa - 18 October 2015

Mbudzi is not a retired Major-General. He is a retired Major. From where he retired, he needed to be promoted four times to become Major-General. Do not confuse the two ranks.

machakachaka - 19 October 2015


Mugabe - 19 October 2015

What she has said marks a positive turning point torwards repairing the national fortunes.Every one made a contribution and no group is special.Thus Mbudzi is stuck.

Aliphelithemba - 19 October 2015

Love her or hate her Grace is demystifying the mythology and taboo advanced by a radical clique within her party that declare that "they will never salute a person who never fought in the guerrilla war." By having Lady Grace stand for President that will effectively put paid to this unholy requirement barring most Zimbabweans from seeking the highest office because as of now it is an office being preserved for a tiny privileged inner clique who claim to have commanded the bush war.

tafamuteke - 19 October 2015

Nothing wrong with what she said, way to go going forward

buster - 19 October 2015

there is no war veterans in zimbabwe except his excellency the first secretary of zanu pf. the rest as was said by mrs dongo are ....... so, weather we like or not, she will lead the country. she has the power to do it.

taurai - 19 October 2015

Where are you, Mugabe's wives? Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!!!!

Chipoto Vhaivhai - 19 October 2015

Yes hezvo ka.....we used to tell you that Grace is complete shame to the nation. Nhasi she is with war veterans and now you are angry....its you who is ever supporting her even following her to kangaroo rallies so far. Don't ever be ashamed cz that's what you wanted to hear. How foolish are our respected war veterans to be usurped by such a useless lady in Zimbabwe. How stupid and ignoramus are we to be ruled by a Typist when even educated war veterans are still around. Hence my support of Ngwena because Grace is as disgraceful as she is. No its high time Zimbos should just tell her to go to hell or hang herself a thousand times.......Otherwise...Zim has gone to the dogs for real.

Clemence Tashaya - 19 October 2015


hey - 19 October 2015

The whole of the ruling clique has indeed proved to be 'worse than pigs and dogs' Fighting to succeed a tyrant instead of fighting to stop this rot so that you get the genuine support of the wonderful ppl of Zimbabwe... and then be President

Realist - 19 October 2015

Simba remukadzi rir pabeche rake. Rikasvirwa nemukuru naye atove mukuru. Regai vane mapeche akakomborerwa vataure zvavanoda

Sabhuku - 19 October 2015

wait and see 2018 will be a turning point, hatisviki takakwana mumusangano.

petsado - 19 October 2015

Grace said it all, it does not mean one has to go to bush war to be a president or to be on top of others. we have fought economic, political, social and religious wars. we are all equal and the electorate will decide then the constitution empowers us to act.

munya - 20 October 2015

Mr Editor plse assess Sabhuku's comments

changara - 21 October 2015

@Changara usaudzire Editor zvekuita! Pano hapana na Admin eZanu PF. Nxaaaa

Bornfree Tomana - 21 October 2015

Zanu PF supporters and war vets you are getting the test of your own medicine.Mairega mudhara vachitonga kusvika iyezvino nekutya kuvaudza kuti vasiirewo vamwe, hezvo nhasi chionai hava chakwanisa kutsiura secretary wavo, dr amai. Why cant you people stand up to mudhara and say enough is enough ,thank you gushungo nekuti tungamirira kwemakore ose aya, ikozvino hamucha kwanisa makura, mukadzi wenyu haanga tonge nyika.

Kunakirwa - 22 October 2015

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gift mather - 25 October 2015

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