'Mujuru not keen to meet Mugabe'

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru has no intention of meeting President Robert Mugabe and plans to form her own party that will battle it out with the post-congress Zanu PF in the 2018 general elections, it was announced yesterday.

Dismissing speculation that has been on the rumour mill that Mujuru had secretly met Mugabe, the spokesperson of the original Zanu PF (People First) Rugare Gumbo said that there has been a deliberate ploy by the country’s spies to sell the public a dummy and portray Mujuru as a sell-out who is longing to return to Zanu PF.

“We have been alerted that there are Zanu PF propagandists and security services personnel who have been assigned to fabricate and plant dubious stories in the local media to the effect that (Dr) Joice Mujuru is still Zanu PF and that she intends on re-joining the faction-riddled and internally-decaying political outfit,” Gumbo said in a statement.

Apparently rattled by the potent possibility of the former vice president forming her own party and taking her erstwhile comrades head-on in the 2018 polls, Zanu PF has publicly expressed its frustration particularly with the private media which it accuses of propping up the widowed Mujuru.

But Gumbo said there was a “well-orchestrated campaign” that sought “to inculcate a political perception that Mujuru is Zanu PF to the core and that her soon-to-be launched party, its policies, guiding principles and ideology are fundamentally Zanu PF.”

The former Zanu PF spokesperson said far from that, Mujuru is ready to work with democratic forces that respect civil liberties.

Gumbo said there is a ploy by the country’s well-oiled security sector to “plant fictitious stories in the local media hence the frantic efforts to have the media publish ‘details’ of a purported meeting between Mujuru and (Zanu PF President Robert) Mugabe.”

“We seek to set the record straight herein, that (Dr) Mujuru last met Mugabe on December 1, 2014, a day before Mugabe’s party held its congress and no other meeting between the two, or their representatives, has taken place subsequently.

“(Dr) Mujuru has no intentions to meet Mugabe or go back to Zanu PF as she is busy putting in place a strong political entity that will provide a platform for Zimbabweans, in our diversity and with the multiplicity of our skills, to turn around our economy, rehabilitate our service delivery system, restore hope to our long-suffering people and provide jobs and better livelihoods to the thousands of college and university graduates that the current government has condemned to perpetual poverty and destitution,” Gumbo said.

Recently, Mujuru launched an economic Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build) manifesto which caught the post-congress Zanu PF flat-footed and left many in that party rattled.

“We seek to reiterate that (Dr) Mujuru is at work, as she has been since leaving Zanu PF, putting in place a people’s movement that would restore dignity to the honest Zimbabwean industrialist, civil servant, farmer, small-to-medium entrepreneur, inter alia, who has been suffering under an investor-unfriendly economic environment characterised by policy inconsistency and a debilitating tax regime,” he said.

What has particularly rattled Mugabe and his post-congress Zanu PF over the past few days is the prospect of Mujuru and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai agreeing on an electoral pact that could see the two leaders joining forces to end Mugabe and Zanu PF’s long rule in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Gumbo added:  “We reiterate that (Dr) Mujuru and all progressive Zimbabweans working with her will not be distracted from charting a trajectory that will return our country to economic prosperity through a people-centred political formation whose primary goal is to restore dignity to our people through providing mechanisms for economic sustainability rooted in an inclusive socio-economic and political system.

“No amount of lies, or infertile imaginations, is going to stop the people’s movement,” Gumbo said.

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To trust mai mujuru to save zim would be as foolish as allowing a pedophile to babysit your child. Mai mujuru is also part of the reason why our country is this kind of a mess whether anybody likes it or not!! Zim needs new blood not these old people with obsolete ideas. Fellow Zimbabweans if you do not wake up Zim will slip back into the jaws of the devil, this is a very good opportunity to support Tsvang and save ourselves, there will never be a better opportunity!!!!!

misty - 15 October 2015

Your words Cde. GUMBO are very strong. We have no doubt in your efforts to build a true democratic state of Zimbabwe. Ndozvamakagwira guys. Time has come for Zimbabwe to adopt a LOOK EVERYWHERE POLICY, not just stiff necked LOOK EAST POLICY. NO. NO. No. We have to move on and have a sound debate in the house and share ideas as nation and STOP labelling each other ENEMY when ideas differ. We cannot afford another generation of BOOTLICKERS. It has to end now in our life time. Cde. Tsvangirai has tried a lot on his own but to no avail. He will remain a President of our Hearts. His efforts are ever needed for the final push. We are so encouraged as Zimbabweans to hear of the combined efforts to bring about the balance that is needed in Zimbabwe . We don't want to defeat anybody but the people must win win win. Let things happen peacefully as we much towards Cannan. WE ADORE YOU ALL.

Newnation - 15 October 2015

ini tsvangirai handimudire kuti he dodges handing over power to others just like mugabe did. we have suffered enough and going forward we do not want politics of overstaying. when one's legal terms are finished they have to give way no matter how good they think they are. starting 2018 we want progressive politics that observes democratic principles kwete zvekuti there is no one like save. no guys. save ngavarove pasi as well.

zvirozviyedzwa - 15 October 2015

Exactly as I suspected yesterday. The CIO is at work. But it wont help them much. Everyone now knows they create lies, they have created lies before, especially to the effect that Sithole, Nkomo, Tsvangirayi and Mujuru wanted to kill Mugabe.

Jackson - 15 October 2015

Firstly,those who say Mujuru took part in the demise of Zimbabwe lacks political maturity and foresight.Mugabe has been the CEO.I see her as a committed seasoned leader with Zimbabwe at heart,reflected in the Build manifesto.Cio should be disbanded in new Zimbabwe.I see Mbuya Nehanda reclaiming Zimbabwe and set her children free.Vote Tsvangirai or who is immaterial,objective is to dislodge ZANU,they failed us as a nation.ZANU hates Zimbabwe. Ndatenda

Chaminuka - 16 October 2015

Mai Mujuru ava, is a leopard in a sheep's skin. IF SHE HAD LEFT ZANU PF AT HER OWN ACCORD, we cld have tried to like her.Even after leaving Zanu PF she continued, albeit briefly to praise Mugabe.Now these wivels are so dived that one Nicholas Goche is happy to waste his mombes and wealth donating at Mai Mujuru rally whilst Teurairopa now refuses to meet Mugabe wacho.MORGAN TSVANGIREI, ndiye Jesu chete spa.

Ngwenayasvinura - 16 October 2015

uku ndiko kunozvi kurwara kwa sahwira uyu @ngwena. morgan will be worse than mugabe. read the signs that he has already given away. he is a dictator in the making. imagine what he is doing to his own party without the help of the securocrats and what he would do when he becomes the commander of the armed forces? its now time for the country to be a true democratic state. we don't want people who hold on to power endlessly. morgan is one of them. he should have given someone else in 2014 but he chose to manipulate the constitution and overstay. he tasted power and will not let go.

zvirozviyedzwa - 16 October 2015

Wake up all who don't want change or rather leave the country! today we don't need your negative comments. Zimbabwe has to change now, people are suffering on a daily basis, parents cant pay schools fees, children are not even going to school, companies are closing, workers being laid off. Business is at a halt and someone does not want change. Go to hell!! and stay there. Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Biti , Dabengwa, Makoni, and the rest please; Or at least somebody! we will give full support, bring us change; Zimbabweans are still being oppressed.

zuruvi - 16 October 2015

The democratic leadership should come together and work together to liberate the country from this current state we are in where by elections are only held to confirm the same leader who is imposed by those in the politburo. Russian style of elections, No. Zimbabweans we are more proud than that. We want to choose our leaders the American style in the future not the politburo taking the place of the people. Democratic leadership is fully aware of this game. There are democratic parties that are still using the ZANU WAY of selecting leadership or ways to remain in power instead of allowing the people the opportunity to keep you in power. Creation of structures to keep one in power should end if Democratic forces are to be truely democratic. The very sense of eulogising leaders should end start believing that anybody can lead when chosen by the people first and then your silly structures designed to bootlick all the time. Without fully exposing ZANU WAYS we will fall in the same dilemma with whoever is going to be the next leader. Thanks somebody for highlighting that RGM was the CEO not Mai Mujuru. She was merely dancing to the tune of the Choir Master. If you criticise the Choir Master you risk being fired as was the case. She fully understands the weaknesses of the CEO hence calling her Battallion the DEMOCRATS meaning democracy was non existent in the so called Revolutionary Party hijacked by the few at the expense of the whole nation hence the phrase PEOPLE FIRST something they fraught for but quickly thrown out through the window by a few in the ZANU PF POLITIBURO ignoring the PEOPLE FIRST mantra. Mai Mujuru knows the answers to why Zimbabwe is in what it is today. Look east policy how did we lower ourselves to such levels as a proud nation. Zimbabwe is big enough to look EVERYWHERE and compete. THE UNIFICATION OF DEMOCRATIC FORCES IS THE ANSWER TO OUR SITUATION AND BALANCE THE DEBATE. NO DEDATE IS = to ONE PARTY STATE. NORTH KOREA.

Newnation - 16 October 2015

You guys are joking... Wait for us will soon rise and break away from your rest of your Zimbabwe. Batongaland is emerging soon or later....

Nchapini - 8 December 2015

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