First Lady threatens private press

HARARE - First Lady Grace Mugabe yesterday pounced on private media journalists as she joined the bandwagon seeking to gag the independent media from exposing the debilitating factional wars tearing Zanu PF apart.

On a hot day in Rushinga, President Robert Mugabe’s influential wife accused the media of fanning factionalism.

Ironically, just last week, the former typist in the President’s Office, threatened to blow the whistle on errant party officials who she accused of leading factions.

Grace’s statements have brought trepidation and anxiety in the private media especially considering that her husband’s government has in the past employed clandestine methods to silence freedom of speech.

“We want diversity but don’t write silly things, who are your mothers?” she fumed.

“Come with her so that we see what your mother is like, is she normal? We don’t want that,” Grace said, shaking with anger.

“Maybe your mothers are also embarrassed

because everyday it’s lies. When I am away, they say I am in intensive care, when I go to the people I am wrong, what do you want me to do?

“This is exactly what I should be doing, going to the people. I cannot sit all day in the State House painting my nails while people die of hunger, no.”

Grace classified what the media was writing as “rubbish and silly”, saying she was fed up of what was being produced by the private media.

“We don’t want that, if you want to write you can write but why stoop that low, ah! Writing rubbish, stooping that low! Ah, nonsense!  Ah! Journalists don’t stoop that low, you are educated people, you are embarrassing us.

“Please be constructive, I am not saying don’t criticise me, criticise me where I am wrong, but don’t just write silly things. We also want to read your papers but we are fed up, we can’t read them because you produce rubbish, Ah!” she railed.

“I don’t understand these people and you wonder are these our children, it becomes too much. I think you need to be taken to the psychologists (sic) to assess if your minds are right.

“Everyday Amai Mugabe, are there no pictures of other people? Hameno, tochimbosiira ipapo.” (Let’s leave it like that).

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but in my understanding she didnt threaten but she was speaking her mind concerning your journalism and the way you report about her. Right now you are referring her as a former typist in president's office what does that to do with her speech referring to media- grow up. We support you Daily news but sometimes you need to be mature in your choice of words

fighting from diaspora - 15 October 2015

I personally don't see anything wrong with the Daily News stating the indisputable fact that Grace was a member of the presidential typing pool. That's where she met the president. As for the threats that she clearly made against the media, it is disgraceful that a whole First Lady would use the kind of language that she used.

Khumalo - 15 October 2015

Grace Mugabe is just disgraceful. Mai ava vano nyadzisa ava. What did she mean when she said 'bring your mother we want to see how she is". Maiwee zvangu iwee ndichabvisirwe marokwe pano veduwe. VaMugabe woye batai munhu!!!

Godfrey - 15 October 2015

come on daily news grow up! were you threatened??

madawu - 15 October 2015

Dr. Amai The First Lady, Mother of the Nation, Grace Mugabe. Dr. Amai our Liberator and War Vet and possible Future Mother of our beloved Nation Zimbabwe in a different capacity , Teurai Ropa Joyce Mujuru. When people throw STONES at you, it is because you are a good TREE full of good FRUITS. They see a lot of HARVEST in you. Do not go down to their LEVEL by throwing back the same STONES. Instead, throw them your very good FRUITS so that the SEEDS of yourself may INSPIRE them to change their WAYS. *you both inspire us in so many different ways. May God bless you both.

Newnation - 15 October 2015

The High priestess will be snuffed out soon after the rabid chef starts rotting in the mortuary . . . .

Lee Bee - 15 October 2015

Wake up all who don't want change or rather leave the country! today we don't need your negative comments. Zimbabwe has to change now, people are suffering on a daily basis, parents cant pay schools fees, children are not even going to school, companies are closing, workers being laid off. Business is at a halt and someone does not want change. Go to hell!! and stay there. Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Biti , Dabengwa, Makoni, and the rest please; Or at least somebody! we will give full support, bring us change; Zimbabweans are still being oppressed.

zuruvi - 16 October 2015

Disgrace will never be like Late Sally no matter how hard she tries

R - 20 October 2015

Disgrace will never be like Late Sally no matter how hard she tries

R - 20 October 2015

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