'Mujuru, Tsvangirai will whip Mugabe'

HARARE - Observers say former Vice President Joice Mujuru and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai have a good chance of ending President Robert Mugabe’s 35 years in power in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections if they work together.

Black empowerment activist and former football administrator Paddington Japajapa told the Daily News yesterday that with Mugabe and his ruling Zanu PF, having failed dismally to keep Zimbabwe afloat, the electorate could look for hope and redemption in the Mujuru and Tsvangirai combination.

He added that such a coalition could not be underestimated and could defeat Zanu PF, possibly with Mujuru as president while Tsvangirai becomes an executive prime minister in a democratic power-sharing arrangement.

Japajapa also said Mujuru’s “second coming, in a different political jacket” was likely to reinvigorate Zimbabwean politics after decades of voter apathy because of a skewed electoral playing field.

However, the former president of the Zimbabwe Centre for Business Opportunities warned that the post-congress Zanu PF would not give up its power easily, with violence and electoral malpractices likely to be a major feature of the 2018 elections.

“There will be pockets of resistance from hardliners who have been enjoying power since 1980, but God will scatter them. He will not allow them to reverse what is in accordance with His will and plan,” Japajapa said.

Analyst Prince Ndlovu agreed, saying both the political and economic fundamentals obtaining in the country suggested that Zimbabweans were unlikely to entrust their faith in Zanu PF if there were “viable options”.

“There is no doubt that things are bad in Zimbabwe and that life in the country for ordinary citizens is very hard. In that sense, it is irrational to expect such long-suffering citizens to return Zanu PF to power willingly, if there are viable options.

“All the indications are that many people have warmed up to the idea of Tsvangirai teaming up with Mujuru to take on Mugabe, and if this mooted coalition does happen, it therefore stands a very good chance of gaining power,” Ndlovu said.

These predictions come at a time that former Zanu PF stalwarts and war veterans, including Mujuru and former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, are putting final touches to the rival “original” Zanu PF party — that uses the slogan People First — which is expected to form a coalition with the MDC and other parties.

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The unification of democratic forces can only guarantee Zimbabwe one thing NO LANDSLIDE VICTORY FOR EITHER SIDE. Who finally wins will be down to will appeal more to firs time voters. Inspiration is the key. Violence and intimidation may not work or work against its perpetraitors for people are now learned to believe some of the lies used. It looks like A BEAUTIFUL CONTEST IS IN STORE. Warning never write off ZANU PF. Unless you stand together sesvinga rehuni you have no chance. Fragmentation denied Tsvangirai outright victory so many times if someone is to learn from that. Interesting indeed.

Newnation - 11 October 2015

Tsvangirai start by sexing Mujuru as have the experience for ladies. After that you did to several women you will get our support

alheit-nemoyowese - 11 October 2015

Tsvangirai did WHIP both Mujuru and Mugabe combined at 2008 polls. According to Mugabe, Morgan has 73%. For accountability purposes each party must form a government alone if it wins. Just like now we can all evaluate zanu pf GVT. Coalition GVT is recipe for gravy train and there is always blame game just like GNU. Morgan do not need mujuru to whip Zanu pf again. Mujuru and company are just after positions, influence and power that comes with it. If they wanted to build this country they should not have destroyed it either by remaining silent or otherwise.

X-MAN IV - 11 October 2015

I agree with Mr JapaJapa only that I need to wake hime up from his sleep on one area....whatever pack the opposition in Zimbabwe comes with, one tru realder of that coalation who is the face of opposition is MT nomatter what. MT has already one against Zanu and it is his sencirity to want to work with 'all like minded democratic forces' Mujuru included. I will not expect to see MT relinguishing leadership of the opposition now becasue that will be death of opposition politics in Zimbabwe. He is the face of opposition, he is the only one with provn mass (Mujuru still needs to prove herself in the ballot box; as for Welshman, this guy is just a joke if you remember the way he did not see himself fit to load his party and installed Mtamba to hold his place - a plce holder- a zero). Remember Mujuru will be arrested at one point, just to derail her. and this is what Zanu have as the last in ther sleeves!!! now imagine Mujuru is the leader of the pact and she is taken to the cells, its 3 months from the elections and the coalation needs to go back to the drawing board!!! knowing how hard it is we will get to the ballot without oppoistion as they will be busy fighting for positions once again....these and many other things makes me think that The Opposition face remains the face....MT is the face of opposition in Zimbabwe and he will deliver the New Zimbabwe. Working with other like minded democratic forces noly shows the qualitites he posses as a true leader....Rume rimwe harikombe churu...but he has done this before (73% ask Mugabe) and he will do it again...this time again.

TaTanga - 12 October 2015

This japajapa thing is just singing for his supper he is campaigning for a post in the none formed People First . I agree with Tatanga , what you said is correct and true Tsvangirai is the way forward then we will see after getting out of this evil Mugabe regime . So far i don't believe in Mujuru and company because i see Zanu PF blood in them and it will be hard for a war vet to separate with the party Zanu PF which she has lived for the most part of her life NO . Why are they not forming their party , i know they are Zanu PF they are just waiting for the old bali to kick thebucket then with help of the real war vets Mujuru and her cabal will claim their Zanu PF . The person who they are afraid of or who Mujuru respects in Mugabe . Watch the space , MDC must talk to democrats with parties not people like Mujuru who are sitting on the fence or who are like vultures flying in the sky waiting for the pray to die . ICHO

Mudhara - 12 October 2015

Tsvangirai and Mujuru are now the biggest obstacles in our path to freedom and democracy. Tsvangirai has a very clear track record showing dishonesty, cowardice and unreliability. It was none other than Tsvangirai himself who helped facilitate the full recovery of a once down and out Mugabe. How can this man ever be trusted again? He is a total sellout.

Perekeza - 12 October 2015

at least japajapa is right in that Tsvangirai is not fit for president. otherwise everything else is wishful thinking. mujuru should go to beatrice or dotito and forget about us. zimbabwe will do better without her!!

Suresure - 13 October 2015

Japajapa does not know Tsvangirai . Tsvangirai is on record for having said ndoda kumbotongavo . He will not accept any position besides the Presidency . This is why any coalition with Tsvangirai will not work . Watch this space .

Hayibo ! - 14 October 2015

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