Grace displays political power

HARARE - In yet another public demonstration that President Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace has become arguably the single most powerful politician in the ruling post-congress Zanu PF, a huge Cabinet entourage, including Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, accompanied her to her Manicaland rally yesterday.

This is despite the fact that the controversial First Lady said she had gone to Manicaland in her capacity as Zanu PF women’s league secretary, and also notwithstanding the serious economic challenges facing Zimbabwe that require the urgent attention of senior government officials.

And not only did the cash-strapped Zimbabwe Broadcasting Corporation (ZBC) cover the rally live once again — a special and costly exercise that is usually reserved for her husband — Grace also proceeded to delve into government policies and issuing instructions to ministers present at the gathering.

One after another, the gathered Cabinet ministers and other Zanu PF bigwigs who spoke at the rally in Chimanimani went to town praising the 50-year-old First Lady, in an embarrassing spectacle that left many people wondering about the ruling party’s so-called one-centre of power mantra that should only see Mugabe eulogised.

Most of the Cabinet ministers and party officials who graced the rally are those linked to Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40) group that is locked in a bitter power struggle with the supporters of Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, of whom the embattled VP was a notable absentee.

Indeed, alleged Mnangagwa supporters such as Water minister Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri — who had initially pushed to have yesterday’s rally held in Mutare rather than in Chimanimani — sat dejectedly in the tents, sulking and largely unrecognised, despite having donated heavily to the function.

Among the dozens of other ministers who abandoned their posts to be at yesterday’s rally were War Veterans minister Chris Mutsvangwa, Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao, Media and Information minister Chris Mushowe, and Local Government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere.

Also in attendance were embattled Energy minister Samuel Undenge, Information Communication Technology minister Supa Mandiwanzira and Manicaland regional minister Mandi Chimene, who swanned about triumphantly like a peacock, basking in the glory of the political defeat of the Mnangagwa camp — at least yesterday.

And in remarks interpreted as directed at Mnangagwa and his supporters, Grace warned party bigwigs against engaging in factional politics, reminding them pointedly that they were not elected officials but Mugabe’s appointees whom he could easily get rid of.

She said the scourge of factionalism had become so deep-rooted in the post-congress Zanu PF that it was eating away the party’s support base at grassroots level.

“Factionalism is now endemic not only among the top leadership of the party but also in the lower structures and those leaders who are doing it must stop it forthwith because people are not happy and you saw their reaction when I mentioned about it,” Grace said.

“While it is the people who elected leaders, I must remind all that both you and I were appointed to our posts and so we must work for the people and not take them for granted because we will be watching you and I will not hesitate to blow the whistle when things go wrong.

“You will not blame anyone when it explodes on you as you will not be able to escape,” she added ominously.

She also warned supporters against rallying behind these factional leaders “who hold office at the pleasure” of Mugabe — further describing them as “insane”.

Grace also said she no longer worried about being called names by her critics as she had developed a thick skin following the savage shellacking that her nonagenarian husband had received over the years.

“There were times it pained me when all sorts of bad things were said about His Excellency the President but I have since said to myself I must be strong and now I have an elephant skin and that is what I am wearing,” she said.

A senior party official who spoke to the Daily News at the rally said it was clear that the First Lady was “dreaming” about succeeding her husband, with the active encouragement of the G40.

“You are seeing everything with your own eyes my friend. This is all about Dr Amai (Grace), with the G40 playing the chief cheer-leading role. Nothing is supposed to stand in her way, hence the emphasis throughout that munhu wese kuna amai (everyone must follow Grace,)” the official said in the wake of the embarrassing bootlicking that she received.

“Vanhu vese kuna amai. Kana wachema unoenda kuna mai. Chese chaunoda unoenda kuna amai. Kana uchichema unochema uchiti amai (Everyone must support Grace. When you cry you go to her and whatever you want you go to her as well),” Zhuwao, Mugabe’s nephew, gushed.

Not to be outdone, Mutsvangwa said: “Mai has come with ZimAsset. The First Lady stands and has learnt from the grandmaster her husband”.

The exceedingly excited Chimene sang a popular children’s hymn: “Ndoita kudini, ndoita kudiniko (What can I do, what can I do).  It’s my turn to breast feed from amai, when we breast feed, mothers know this, and babies don’t only suck mother’s milk, they also bite a little bit”.

And even the normally dour Mphoko was not to be left out as he also showered praises on Grace in isiNdebele.

Thousands of supporters who were bussed from around the country were given T-shirts branded “Munhu wese kuna Amai” and “Unconquerable” — that were allegedly made and paid for by the G40 to spite the Mnangagwa camp.

There were reports that even flea market vendors from Mutare had been forced to abandon their wares and board buses to Chimanimani.

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Blah Blah blah....

changamire Dombo Wepiri - 9 October 2015

How beautiful, how sweet and comforting to hear the First Lady of the nation, the mother of the nation speak to children, to the nation without insulting another child. This is the Zimbabwe I wish to live in where every individual is respected regardless of your Sexual, Tribal or Political orientation or views. This uplifting and giving the much needed hope on the political land scape of beloved Zimbabwe. Such types of a rally is inspiring to the nation and breeds the culture of peace and togetherness as a nation. Only the mother of the nation is well placed to promote that sort of culture among our people Zimbabwe. When the mother has spoken who will get the energy to pick a stone and throw to a fellow Zimbabwean. It all starts at the very top. Everything begins from the top leadership in the country. Love or hate , peace or violence starts from the very words the leadership use. The Fisrt Lady demonstrated the leadership needed in beloved Zimbabwe not spending energy name calling fellow Zimbabweans. That does not help anybody at all but damage our thoughts and perception towards one another. Every citizen of any nation on earth should aspire to be a leader of his or her nation one day if mentally well THE FIRST LADY INCLUDED. To lack that feeling is illness. Weldone Amai keep it up. You belong to everybody from Zambezi to Limpopo. Name calling may not end but let it be known that behaviour is promoting violence and Zimbabweans lets distance ourselves from such behaviours. I love you all amazing people of the great nation of Zimbabwe . Long live Zimbabwe Long live.

Newnation - 9 October 2015

Ndoita kudiko. Eish kumahumbwe

moses mbidzo - 9 October 2015

This is so embarrassing, even to read. Unbelievable!!! Desperate politicians who do not know anything else but to loot from the nation, cannot survive if out of zanu/government, these are the sort of people who cannot operate proper business or even run properly the farms they stole, all they know in their lives is being corrupt that's why they are so desperate because it will be very hard to be corrupt without power.

misty - 9 October 2015

Eish nyika yoenda kumawere manje namai Gushungo

TSVIRIYO - 9 October 2015

All she was saying was heap of rubbish she talked too much about factionalism which she single handedly caused . This country now is gone to the dogs with people talking nonsense given too much air space on the national .broadcaster Shuwa who can take a typist serious .Only lunatics can praise rubbish where are the 2m jobs . People are drinking sewage water bcoz they is no more clean water thousands are loosing jobs every day millions go to bed on empty bellies bcoz of Mugabe and other idiot in zanu including his foolish young wife .Our people sleep in buses daily crossing borders to buy basic things from foreign countries bcoz this idiot and her husband has caused their scarcity and want to die in power where they have no idea of how to repair the ravaged economy demety !!!

Diibulaanyika - 9 October 2015


INI ZVANGU - 9 October 2015

Bhora pana Gushungo

changara - 9 October 2015

bhora resimbi pana Gushungo .

Gammatox - 9 October 2015

lets wait for 2018.your husbund will face Dr Mujuru and Morgan.ndopa zviri kuperera zvose zve kutakurana ne ma minister muchinotaura nyaya dzisina basa ku Manicaland

chitova - 9 October 2015

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brend atrice - 9 October 2015

Political power "chabuda hapana" At least no one died from the routine "dirty dancing" this time.

X-MAN IV - 9 October 2015

Political power "chabuda hapana" At least no one died from the routine "dirty dancing" this time.

X-MAN IV - 9 October 2015

Hure iri richatotonga kana vanhu vakableya. Then after 10 years or so mwana waro anobva akwira pachigaro ichocho. And on and on and on it goes, like North Korea.

Charles Mbamara - 10 October 2015

@Charles Mbamara......zim will never be led by an empty headed typist, she only has borrowed power for now. These are just signs of a desperate panicky grace Mugabe who is certainly no sure about her tomorrow.

misty - 10 October 2015

Empress Grace no longer uses the deadbeat leaders helicopter for he outings. She is now self-propelled on her very own broomstick.

Ghoul Analyst - 10 October 2015

Are you Zimbabweans seriously going to let this woman succeed her husband after going through all the disaster of Mugabe's rule? You would seriously allow this ignorant vicious bitch from the typing pool to ascend to power. Your country will never recover if the sycophants lift her up to power.

Sadza Sad - 10 October 2015

I think we have done all the talking. The phase we are going through will definatelly pass. We will rise again as a people and claim what belongs to us. Neither Grace nor Munangagwa or Tvangirai is our solution. We are hopeless now because we feel we cannot help the situation, we cannot change it. But we can, its a phase in every history. We need analytical minds to define our problems in Zimbabwe, to stategies possible ways foward. Lets not get distracted by Grace, Munangangwa, Turks, Tsvangirai, because it does not matter who rules, we will have the same problems, a government far from the people, with no concern to change individual's place in life. We need leaders, leaders from th people not prescribed to people. We need to change our defination of Democracy. For now it will appear we are fighting a losing battle, but there is power in people. We will rise again!!!! As a people and rebuild our country for our children!! We will rise again.

manheru - 11 October 2015

i salute you manheru!! we are the Zimbabwe, these guys seem to forget it.

ruckus - 13 October 2015

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