Mujuru is not our enemy: Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has told “a desperate Zanu PF” that is allegedly working hard to stop him and the MDC from working with former Vice President Joice Mujuru that the ruling party is wasting their time.

Speaking in an interview with the Daily News yesterday, the popular former Prime Minister in the Government of National Unity said it was clear that President Robert Mugabe and his post-congress Zanu PF were rattled by the prospects of the MDC working with Mujuru to turf them out of power in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Tsvangirai said so desperate had Zanu PF become about the issue that the party was allegedly trying to infiltrate the MDC and other opposition parties with a view of scuppering the mooted pact with Mujuru and her People First movement.

In that vein, Tsvangirai urged the opposition, including senior officials from his own party, to be careful about being used and manipulated by Zanu PF and making unfounded pronouncements about “non-existent posts” in the mooted united front against Mugabe and Zanu PF.

“I am worried about the apparent infiltration by Zanu PF agents who want to destabilise opposition alliances. They have gone into overdrive in making sure we are divided going into the 2018 elections.

“Speaking as the president of the MDC, I would like to make it clear that we are, and that we will work with Mai Mujuru and all other opposition parties to ensure that we deliver real freedom and a better life to all Zimbabweans. We need to unite with other progressive forces instead of raising alarm about non-existent posts.

“We have not yet gone into full discussions with for instance Mai Mujuru and I therefore don’t understand when people start saying talks have stalled because of alleged fight over posts.

“Which positions are they talking about as there are no positions to talk about at the moment? What is there is a regime which has destroyed the economy, which has rendered us beggars and which has no respect for human rights and is desperate to remain in power by any means necessary.

“This is the regime we must focus on making sure is defeated, not these so-called positions. Is Mai Mujuru our enemy? No!

“Why are we then removing our eyes from the ball? Our enemy as opposition parties is Zanu PF, not Mai Mujuru and other opposition leaders,” the resolute Tsvangirai said.

The veteran opposition leader, who triumphed over Mugabe in 2008 but was foiled from leading the country, is currently trying to join hands with other opposition parties in order to end Zanu PF’s 35 years of contested rule.

However, he is facing significant challenges in this endeavour, including in his party, with some of his top officials singing from a completely different hymn book, arguing against a pact with Mujuru and her People First outfit and accusing them of having perpetrated gross human rights violations in the past.

According to these MDC officials, disgruntled liberation stalwarts who belong to Mujuru’s People First must also not expect to get top positions in any opposition grand coalition.

However, Tsvangirai said yesterday that there was “absolutely no need” to fight over positions now.

“I’m an advocate for a united front against Mugabe and Zanu PF and so why should we even discuss positions now. We need to focus on important strategic issues not fights for positions which are not there anyway,” he said.

Other MDC insiders claimed in interviews with the Daily News yesterday that some influential opposition figures were allegedly being “persuaded and bribed” by Zanu PF to discredit the mooted alliance between Tsvangirai and Mujuru, to ensure that Mugabe’s party retained power in the next elections.

One of the top MDC officials who spoke to the newspaper said it was “shameful” that some key officials in the party were being “used” by Zanu PF to make sure there was no alliance between Tsvangirai and Mujuru.

“It is shameful that some of us are selling out for a few pieces of silver. It’s Zanu PF which is creating unnecessary problems among the opposition parties because they realise a Mujuru/Tsvangirai alliance is just what the doctor ordered.

“I am told money is exchanging hands to destabilise this imminent alliance among the opposition parties, especially the deal between Tsvangirai and Mujuru,” he charged.


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Hatichaziva wokuteerera manje. Asi varume tiri kukumbirisa kuti itai zvamunoita makangwara. Taneta kutongwa nevanhu vasina hany'a nesu. Kana mukatadza kubvisa zanu pf rwendo runo matiuraya.

dembo - 6 October 2015

KKKKKKK, Siyana neZanu PF yedu. Chamisa haasi weZanu PF. Sei kungotya pese pese. U have split 6times and you still blame Zanu PF. Shame on you.

chandokupisa - 6 October 2015

Impeccable analytical sources confirm that Tsvangirai is universally viewed as a total idiotic shagger by most Zimbabweans. He needs to zip up his mouth as well as his horn bearing trousers.

Trust Mugoba - 6 October 2015

We need to avoid personal attacks in our comments. If you hate Tsvangirai or Mugabe, keep it to yourself. We are not morons who cannot evaluate issues. We have said again and again that those not happy with Tsvangirai and Mugabe you are free to join other parties and there is a good selection . If the multitiude of parties do no fill your ego you are free to form your own. Kana . imi munoziva kudarika vana Tsvangirai, itaika politics dzacho muti sunungure. murMadhuku etc have formed parties and are now quiet. Stop critising and go into the field and face ZANU PF because ndiyo ine bhora The Biti, Mangoma, Ncube ,

KURAI MURARAME - 6 October 2015

Morgan Tsvangirai Makes An Idiot Of Himself When Ever He Opens His Mouth. Joice was a comfort woman during the struggle. She has got the ethics of a polecat. Vharamuromo Tsvangirai

Vharamuromo Tsvangirai - 6 October 2015

Tsvangirai is showing great maturity. The likes of Mudzuri have been paid to destabilize the unity drive

John Moyoy - 6 October 2015

There is nothing more mature than the unity between Mujuru, Morgan and other opposition forces. Keep the eyes on the ball. The combination is great. Tsvangirai is a veteran opposition leader.....and Mujuru strategically knows hoe the system in ZAPF works. This is STRATEGIC........UNITY NDIZVO. HAPPY CHIDZIVA ....AND ALL LIKE-MINDED MUST BE ON THEIR PAYROLL

John Moyoy - 6 October 2015

Those who are insulting Morgan here are just CIO s doing their job stupid job of singing for zanu so that this country can die for ever . If any person can fail to get some logic in all what Morgan is saying then that person is a skumbabuzeze insane and their brains soiled by zanu shit . finish and klaa

Diibulaanyika - 6 October 2015

Tsvangirai deserves all the criticism he is getting. He should have stepped down after losing the last election as he has demonstrated beyond all reasonable doubt that he is totally untrustworthy and just incapable of keeping his word. After his dismal failures and lack of performance, Tsvangirai clearly lacks the respect of any African or International leader, nobody takes him seriously any more. He has had his chance to prove himself, and must now have the decency to acknowledge that he is a failure and move on to make way for more intelligent and deserving candidates. As I have said before, Tsvangirai is now a big obstacle in our way to democracy and freedom.

Spokes Mutoko - 7 October 2015

Tsvangirai haazivi zvaari yesterday wen Mujuru was in Zanu Pf she was an enemy nw she was sacked...she is no longer an enemy... whos the enemy of MDC is it Zanu Pf as a system or President Mugabe in His personal capacity...Mujuru dd not resign from Zanu Pf she was fired.. and if president Mugabe say Mujuru i forgive u she will come back ... so morgen is confussed

Mzet Hungwe - 7 October 2015

it may be possible that none of those commenting on this forum are CIO. people are aware of morgan's limitations. he founded the mdc on democratic principles. he should therefore follow democracy whether it goes again his ego or not. as a matter of principle, the man promised in 1999 that he would not serve beyond 2014. now the that he has tasted money and power, the guy has become a handiende. that is what some of us are objecting to. its time for him to allow another to carry the fight on. surely a progressive party should have potential people to carry on in any situation be it death. i can not believe that this party does not have any other potential successor save for this guy morgan.

zvirozviyedzwa - 7 October 2015

No sane person can say Morgan knows nothing unless they are cio as these ones talking here so they are just fooling themselves . VIVA Morgan phansi lo Mugabe vele asijiki Lo Morgan wethu hamba Mugabe ngena Morgan .

Diibulaanyika - 7 October 2015

ko Dzamara Itai makazomuwana here?

POISON TESTER - 7 October 2015

Mangoma supporters and zanu supporters want mdc to replace Morgan so that they can put Mugabe 's puppet but unfortunate for them that will never take place anytime soon till Mugabe is removed then we can talk about that but as of now anemboo aMorgan finish and klaa .Anemboo akujathaana Mugabe zwaa !!!!

Diibulaanyika - 7 October 2015

nyika ino inoda kutongwa nemunhu anotya mwari.kutya mwari ndokuvamba kwezivo

cd wangu - 7 October 2015

Morgan won elections and they robbed him.

gaga - 7 October 2015

@dibulanyika. I now enjoy reading ur comments. These CIO know that if Tsvangirai goes mdc will be no more. We will tell Tsvangs to go after he remove Mugabe and rule for two terms. He he Tsvangirai is a handiende to hell with u CIOs. Ndi Save uyo chikara chaMugabe hakuna kwaanoenda.

dembo - 7 October 2015

kwatabva na Save ndokure..hatidi navo

Tafadzwa - 7 October 2015

Mujuru and company are not in this situation by choice. They fought hard to remain in zanu pf. Mujuru and company have said it over and over again that Mugabe is their leader and that he is being misled by Mafikizolols. Tsvangirai beat both Mujuru and Mugabe combined in 2008 polls. Tsvangirai has made social and political mistakes consistantly and this Mujuru alliance is the final he will ever make. Surely Ncube , BIti and Mangoma had valid and good reasons against Morgan before fall outs. Mujuru is in hiding and here we have Tsvangirai doing all the dirty work for her. Mujuru and company are theives who should return State stolen assets, cash or otherwise.The story of Zanu pf being shaken, or rattled by Mujuru and Morgan pact is a Myth. Zanu pf is in possession of election results and is not scared of anything. Mogan will wake up when Gumbo and Mutasa passes a vote of no confidence in him and pave way for Mujuru and the rest is history.

X-MAN IV - 7 October 2015

Do not be strayed by those people who have been bribed to destroy the alliance between Tsvangirai and Mai Mujuru to have the monster clinging onto power which they have tested and cannot leave.Tsvangirai is a veteran opposition leader who is feared by the ruling party and Mai Mujuru have seen it all as far as the rigging machinery is concerned.VIVA ALLIANCE VIVA!

Nkululeko - 7 October 2015

Musarwadziwe nekubatana kwevaviri

Osama - 8 October 2015

It is high time that we should focus our attention towards rebuilding Zimbabwe. From the look of things, Zanu PF will never rebuild Zimbabwe again. In fact they are busy looting and the the old man VaMugabe is being used by all who are saying ndivo Chete. Va Mugabe, who is going to succeed you? Whether its your wife or who ever, let it be known because munofanira kuzorora. Now on who is going to rebuld Zimbabwe?, Anyone besides Zanu PF we know will be able to do so. The likes of Morgan, Biti Simba Makoni, or even mai Mujuru can rebuild Zimbabwe within 9 months. But you need to work together nekuti mbavha dzeZanu idzi wont allow you to free us from this bondage. Come together and start to do the work now. All Zimbabweans are behind your efforts. But what happened to Dzamara?. Time shall tell and you are going to be surprised. Vana veZimbabwe ngatishingei tibvise mbavha idzi.Lets support anyone besides Zanu Pf. Morgan, Biti, Makoni, Mujuru strategise now. All those varukuti chino nachino, muchavaona vachiuya kana zvinhu zvavaneimwe shape. Lets shape up to rebuld Zimbabwe now.

F Rusinga - 9 October 2015

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