Has Zhuwao lost his marbles?

EDITOR — There is something seriously wrong in Zimbabwe today.

Companies are already struggling owing to a difficult operating environment.

While some in Cabinet are trying to find ways of attracting investment, one — Indigenisation minister Patrick Zhuwao — is actually proposing to impose a 10 percent levy on companies to fund indigenisation projects.

I think he is talking too much and very soon, people will discover that President Robert Mugabe might have chosen the wrong people for some portfolios.

Companies have been complaining all along that Zimbabwe is taxing them heavily as compared to other countries in the region.

To come up with yet another levy is punishing the few companies that have remained in operation.

Remember, hundreds of companies have closed down in the recent past, throwing thousands of employees onto the streets.

Government must find other means of funding indigenisation projects and not tax companies that are already choking.

Who would want to come to this country if government chooses to impose yet another levy on companies.

Why does the minister want struggling Zimbabwean companies to pay that levy?

Ever since Zanu PF started talking about indigenisation, potential investors have stopped bringing in their money, costing the country’s economy dearly.

What benefits have been drawn from indigenisation since it was launched years back?

Or is it another ploy by Zanu PF to start fund-raising for their campaign for the 2018 elections?


Bluff Hill,



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How else will there be sufficient funds for the minister to steal if there are no new taxes?

Gondo - 8 October 2015

How else will there be sufficient funds for the minister to steal if there are no new taxes?

Gondo - 8 October 2015

........and Dangote says NO

dzepfunde - 13 October 2015

The Lick-spittle media ascribes ZanuPF's success to its winning policies. How many investors - - Investors in the broadest sense -- not just financial investors, but those who invest their time intellect and labour be punished. Yet another winning policy?

Nooshie - 14 October 2015

Wake up all who don't want change or rather leave the country! today we don't need your negative comments. Zimbabwe has to change now, people are suffering on a daily basis, parents cant pay schools fees, children are not even going to school, companies are closing, workers being laid off. Business is at a halt and someone does not want change. Go to hell!! and stay there. Mujuru, Tsvangirai, Biti , Dabengwa, Makoni, and the rest please; Or at least somebody! we will give full support, bring us change; Zimbabweans are still being oppressed.

zuruvi - 16 October 2015

"...has Zhuwao lost his marbles..." Question is did he ever have them in the first place. His brain is possibly empty can you not see. He does not think consequentialy but just pipes up what he has been trained to do over the years.

Smomo - 19 October 2015

kkkk ,Smomo , i love your comment,for sure Zhuwawo has demonstrated his poor thinking capacity

sinyoro - 26 October 2015

what i dont understand is why Zanu PF wants to work alone without other parties involved ?. Unity government brought a slight change which could not be sustained for long because what ZANU PF or rather MUGABE thinks daily is how for him to remain President and stay in power .Anyone who has been with Zanu PF is wrong choice whether independant or not. Also those from MDC are greedy their party had more than 2 parties splitting out of the Main MDC party. That part its as good as a Ghost town with nothing lliving inside. Our next leader should be someone coming out not from those two parties.

jq - 1 November 2015

All the people at the top have lost their marbles

84934 - 9 November 2015

As the new broom in the ministry the Honorable Minister should see to it that his projects do not give another false start. As the youths we believe that he should hold a youth empowerment symposium with responsible economists, political leaders from across the divide (Regionally), the youths in Zimbabwe and also incline an ear towards the need of the present day youths. It is no secret that he is not in touch with reality. Consult the youths, integrate them in processes that have to do with their future. We all have the same stack in the future of this country, why does he relegate us to the positions of spectators in the land of our forefathers. We are taking heed the call by His Excellency President Robert Mugabe that youths should be masters of their own destination, control the means of production and create employment... Rodney Lunga National Spokesperson Zimbabwe Youth Action Platform

Rodney Lunga - 6 December 2015

we need to find solution because we are finished

mwana wenyu - 14 December 2015

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