Kasukuwere, Chombo fight

HARARE - Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere is reversing many of the controversial decisions that were made by his predecessor Ignatius Chombo, including dubious land deals — as the factional and succession wars ravaging President Robert  Mugabe’s post-congress Zanu PF continue unabated.

The latest spat between the two bigwigs, which is said to have “upset Chombo and his allies to no end”, follows their titanic factional clash four months ago — at that time through a proxy war fought over the Harare East by-election that pitted Zanu PF legislator Terrence Mukupe and his then party opponent,  Mavis Gumbo.

So bad was the blood between the two then that Kasukuwere launched a scathing and thinly-veiled attack that was widely interpreted as directed at Chombo — making sensational claims that “some” of his senior party colleagues were brazen thieves and criminals who were robbing the poor blind.

Addressing supporters at a rally in Harare to drum up support for Mukupe, an angry Kasukuwere — reeling from the party’s intractable infighting that has seen him being accused of having designs at Mugabe’s and Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s positions — shot from the hip, threatening these “criminals” with unspecified action.

Kasukuwere’s “detractors” allege that the youthful Cabinet minister is a prominent member of Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks who are known by the moniker Generation 40.

The G40 think-tank is derisively referred to as the Gang of Four, and stands accused of being anti-Mnangagwa, whom Chombo is said to be rooting for in the ruling party’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars.

“I will not share a stage with thieves. You are surviving by stealing people’s blood ... I am one of the biggest political thugs. If you are looking for big thugs in Zanu PF, I am one of them. Some of these small little thugs who think they are bigger than the party are playing with fire. Come to the ground and I will deal with you. Come and I will teach you a lesson.

“For the first time, they have met their match. I will not be cowed by thugs. I will tell them the truth. We stood against (former Vice President Joice) Mujuru’s corrupt cabal and we won and what can stop us,” Kasukuwere, who is nicknamed Tyson for his combative political style, thundered then after Chombo crossed his path.

Well-placed sources, as well as documentation that the Daily News obtained yesterday, confirmed Kasukuwere’s resolve to deal ruthlessly with so-called land barons — a few politically-connected individuals who illegally amassed vast tracts of land during Chombo’s much-criticised era as Local Government minister.

Some of the key documentation consists of copies of letters from Kasukuwere’s office cancelling offer letters to co-operatives, individuals and government departments that were given the nod to occupy land in Caledonia, east of Harare, in 2013.

For example, in letters dated May 29, 2013, that were issued ahead of that year’s disputed general elections, Chombo offered housing stands to various government entities that included the Zimbabwe Republic Police (720 stands), the ministry of Women’s Affairs (70 stands), and the Johane Marange Apostolic Church (10 stands).

The office of the Chief Secretary to the President was also apparently allocated 50 residential stands, while the office of the commissioner-general of Police, Augustine Chihuri, was given 20 residential stands.

Other beneficiaries of Chombo’s largesse included the Zimbabwe Defence Forces who got 50 residential stands, and staffers of the cash-strapped Zimbabwe Broadcasting Cooperation (ZBC) who got 10 stands.

Some of the individuals allocated stands during Chombo’s era include former politburo member Tendai Savanhu, former interim Harare chairperson Godwills Masimirembwa and senior Zanu PF official Noah Mangondo.

But Kasukuwere is having none of this, swiftly moving to reverse some of the contentious allocations, that Chombo’s supporters now view as vindictive and factional.

In some letters to this effect that are dated August 26, 2015 and September 9 this year, the Local Government ministry reverses some offer letters on the grounds that the concerned stands are part of farms owned by indigenous people.

“Cancellation of offer of 50 residential stands at Lot 1 of Caledonia, Goromonzi district. Reference is made to the ministry offer of 50 residential stands to your organisation dated 29 May 2013.

“We write to advise you that the offer has been withdrawn. This has been necessitated by the fact that the land acquisition process over Lot 1 of Caledonia farm, which has been earmarked for residential stands, was aborted by the ministry of Lands and Rural Resettlement after the latter considered the indigenous ownership of the property, among other reasons.

“We sincerely apologise for any inconveniences this reversal may have caused,” reads parts of some of the letters that bear the signature of Kasukuwere and that were addressed to affected parties that include Savanhu and Mangondo who have both since been booted out of Zanu PF on allegations of supporting Mujuru.

Similarly, the Zimbabwe Congress of Students Unions (Zicosu), a Zanu PF-aligned tertiary students’ body, has also lost 20 stands, amid cries that this had allegedly happened because it supports Mnangagwa.

Apart from Savanhu, Zicosu and Mangondo, other individuals who have also lost their land are Masimirembwa and one Mubariki.

In total, 190 stand allocations have been reversed, with government offering no alternative stands despite the fact that most of the beneficiaries had already developed their properties.

It is not clear whether the security establishment, who are some of the biggest beneficiaries of the land allocations, have also been affected by Kasukuwere’s move, with both analysts and Zanu PF insiders saying yesterday that “the law should not be applied partially”.

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We thank Hon Minister for taking the bull by the horns. The other criminal who needs to be investigated is a thief and land baron called Manson Mnaba who developed Carrick Creagh stands in Borrowdale. We paid him his development fees during the Zim dollar era and he is now demanding huge sums of money again. This guy got state land which he developed and he even got some stands from the Ministry of Local Government so why does he still want beneficiaries of this scheme most of them war veterans and government employees to pay more money.

Dear Hon Kasukuwere - 3 October 2015

If there were to be "the most confused country administration on earth" competition, we could compete and come out with gold+

confusion reigns - 3 October 2015

This is what happens when a Dictatorship continually rigs 'elections' - its elite do not have to worry about being accountable to the people and so can fight among themselves without any political cost, about who is to get the lions share of the looting spoils.

The Black Aristocrat - 3 October 2015

This is becoming a circus never seen in Africa. An ugly baboon calling another ugly f%$#ng baboon ugly!! Soon we will liberate Zimbabwe. We will create our own war vets and deal with these thugs once and for all.

garikayi - 3 October 2015

kasukuvere is even more corrupt than chombo, don't be blindfolded. look at the following to get a feel of what I am saying here. He has occupied various farms since 2000 including part of Pimento Farm, Mashonaland Central owned by Oliver Newton; South Bamboo Creek, Shamva owned by N Richardson / R. Morkel; Cornucopia Farm Orchard, owned by Interfresh Limited; Harmony in Mazowe (500 ha) named in “Addendum to the Land Reform And Resettlement Programme National Audit Interim Report”;[5] Bretton Farm; Allan Grange Farm; Auchenburg Farm; Bamboo Creek Farm; and Bourne Farm. He owns several companies including Comoil (executive Director until 2005), Migdale Holdings Limited, and Allen Wack & Shepherd. He is reportedly a shareholder of Interfresh[6]

josphat mugadzaweta - 3 October 2015

unfortunately for so called mafikizolo Kasukuwere if Mr Mugabe is to choose between him and Chombo,,he would choose Chombo. Saka hapana hapana apa

mosquito - 3 October 2015

The other most corrupt officials of City of Hre is Mai Mandizha and Sambona who work with Crowborough North Housing Pay Scheme to milk beneficiaries who contributed for the development of the stands. They have been selling the same stands and enjoy the money from the sales. The team of Chikombingo Committee gave itself the power to clear all stands before the stands are paid for at Mufakose District office. Many individuals have lost their stands and those who are clever to approach the costs are getting their stands back. However, the court system in Zim is very slow. Marimba Police are also part of the deal. if you go to report the case they will say it is a leadership issue when it is clear a fraud case. Many people bought stands from the committee but late on told they do not have stands for them. Efforts were made to report the cases and an official complain was made to the Hre Central CCU, Director of Urban Councils, Mayor's Office, Provincial Administrator but no one was brought to justice. This is continuing without someone putting a stop to this nonsense. The police system in Zimbabwe is too corrupt and poor people most of them civil servants and some few unfortunate non council employees are loosing their stands. The same committee collected funds for roads development but did not complete the roads. The members tried to remove the committee but the then Acting Director of Housing Mr. Chiyangwa shielded them as they were providing cash to the senior Council official like Sambona, Mandizha and Chiyangwa. Please help. The dockets are there at Hre Central Police CCU waiting to be investigated.

Crowborough North - 3 October 2015

they are not fyting....its called DEMOCRACY

changara - 5 October 2015

Saviour Kasukuwere needs to also look at the stands that CHOMBO generously gave to to his appointed USELESS stooges (Special Interest Councilors = planted spies like Shasekant Jogi. Also have a look at how Chombo got his hands on Lot K of Nthaba, Glen Lorne, Who stole Allan Grange and Oldham farms? What happened to the 310 406 hectares of peri-urban land stolen by Chombo and his cronies acquired to allegedly clear a housing backlog - December 3, 2003

Colonel Mhakayakora - 5 October 2015

i dont see Kasukuwere or Grace Mugabe standing up in front of the UN General Assembly addressing delegates as the president of Zimbabwe, or doing a guard of honour as the commander in chief of the ZDF....lets be serious guys! The shoes are too big for the two "primichas". Jonso is out bcoz he;s ndebele....the only person left is NGWENA......like it or not.....he's here to stay and he can fit into Mugabe's shoes proper.....The CROC is here to stay...

bob - 5 October 2015

Kasukuwere was used by Mugabe as his chief assassin thats why he's scared that when Mugabe goes he'll be in big shit...But his solution is not to create more enemies with the people who will remain when Mugabe goes.....instead he shud build new bridges if he wants survival post Mugabe....Mugabe knows how to use dumb people.....Look at Oppah, Grace, Kasukuwere, Chiyangwa,,,,,they all worked for him,,,,now that he's going, they are now all shivering....

bob - 5 October 2015

Any idiot can address the UN gen assembly, that includes you and me boss Bob. In your view, what did dictators like Amin, Gaddafi or Bob to deserve that privilege? They are just idiots, like you and me boss

dubs - 5 October 2015

Its not about them being idiots, but about you and me allowing them to do so...Us as Zimbos shud not tolerate that

bob - 5 October 2015

In my own opinion, I cant compare Idi Amin or Gaddafi with Mugabe. To start with, both of them were removed from power militarily.....Mugabe is still there....and chances are he wont be removed from power militarily. Its either he'll die there or he will resign. Secondly, Mugabe has been elected and re-elected via democratic elections, tho his opponents claim the elections are always skewed....buts thats democracy, anyone is allowed to say whatever they like....Lastly Idi Amin and Gaddafi got power thru the barrel and not the ballot.....thats what we're saying we dont want in Zim.....

bob - 5 October 2015

Mugabe is the most educated leader the world has ever had. Tell me any leader who is as educated as him. The WEST respects him. That hatred they display against him is actually RESPECT! If you see a white person liking you, you shud know that you are a FOOL! Whites dont like people they cant dominate or abuse!

bob - 5 October 2015

Whites hate mentally challenged simian idiots. Mugabuga has only got one genuine degree from that third rate college for terrorists Fort Hare. His remaining “degrees” were all 'honorary' that were bestowed upon him by woolly minded liberals. They have all since been revoked.

Zondaar - 5 October 2015

They will squabble, fight , scratch, diss each other, whilst YOU, my Beloved country cry, they don't see your tears my Beloved country, they only wish to make more and more and more at your expense,.. my heart bleeds, if only I could have the power to.... helplessly I cry for you my beloved country. God have mercy, you said we are all equal in your eyes, I believe you but why does this happen? There seems to be some animals which are more equal than others, we pray for our crying Beloved country. Zimbabwe I love you, no matter how they may treat you, someday the time of reckoning shall come. Cry my Beloved country I say.....

Den - 5 October 2015

Education received by Bob is mind programming. He is the most compliant robot. He can't think outside the box, a reason why he is always rambling about liberation war and gays while the economy is on it's death bed

Sabhuku - 6 October 2015

Both fools,hare-brained mafikizolos who have proved to be good at nothing other than just noise-making

carson macate - 6 October 2015

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