No one can stop my wife: Mugabe

HARARE - An angry President Robert Mugabe once again waded into Zanu PF’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars yesterday, starkly telling hordes of his supporters at Harare International Airport that no one in the burning ruling party could stand in the way of the wishes of his controversial wife Grace.

Speaking on his return from New York, where he had gone to attend the United Nations General Assembly — and as deadly factionalism continues to disembowel his party, with Grace at the heart of the anarchy — the nonagenarian railed at his wife’s Zanu PF detractors.

Mugabe appeared to be particularly incensed by reports that some senior party officials in Manicaland, who are allegedly aligned to embattled Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa, were trying to put spanners in the works of an impending visit to the troubled province by Grace.

“We hear Amai Mugabe wants to go to Manicaland this time because she does not want to interact with people from towns only, with some saying she must come to Sakubva but the acting provincial chairperson (Samuel) Undenge also wanted her in Chimanimani.

“The party must also be visible in the chairman’s home area,” Mugabe said, ominously taking a position in the squabbles, just as he did when former Vice President Joice Mujuru and her allies were brutally purged from their ruling party and government positions late last year.

With the post-congress Zanu PF bitterly-divided between factions aligned to Mnangagwa on one hand, and to Grace and a group of the party’s ambitious Young Turks known as the Generation 40 (G40) that is believed to be fronted by Local Government minister Saviour Kasukuwere, Mugabe’s statement was a clear boon for the ever-scheming G40 who are said to be rabidly anti-Mnangagwa.

The nonagenarian’s statement was also a personal coup of sorts for the beleaguered Undenge, an alleged key G40 member, as the Energy minister has been under immense pressure on two fronts — with regards to the country’s crippling electricity blackouts and the factional fights in Manicaland where provincial political godmother, politburo member Oppah Muchinguri-Kashiri has been causing him sleepless nights.

Although Muchinguri-Kashiri was part of the core group of Zanu PF’s leading lights who, together with Grace and the G40, led the annihilation of Mujuru and her allies, she is now seen as belonging to the Mnangagwa camp that is battling the G40 for control of the party after Mugabe.

Mugabe also took the unusual step yesterday of paying homage to the security sector, particularly the police and intelligence agents.

“We want to thank the police and Central Intelligence officers for the work they are doing in ensuring peace in the country ... (as) we will always have weevils in our midst.

“Many people come to you saying you must back so and so for this or that post. Why must you back that person? Zanu PF has laws and we support the party and the leadership that you chose, not individuals who want to impose themselves on you and causing confusion in the party,” Mugabe said in remarks that appeared to be targeted at Mnangagwa and his supporters.

The nonagenarian’s remarks on Grace’s impending visit to Manicaland come amid reports that politburo members and Cabinet ministers from the province had allegedly snubbed Muchinguri-Kashiri on Wednesday, after the Water minister had apparently summoned them to her office in a supposed bid to ensure Grace would hold her rally in Mutare instead of Chimanimani as initially envisaged.

Grace’s whirlwind tours, similar to the ones she held before the ouster of Mujuru last year, have raised eyebrows in Zanu PF, especially among Mnangagwa allies who are wary of the motive behind the latest crusade.

With elections to choose a substantive Manicaland provincial chairperson set to be held before the end of the year, insiders said Muchinguri-Kashiri and provincial minister Mandi Chimene were backing rival candidates Mike Madiro and Undenge respectively.

Symbolically, the district that would host Grace when she visits Manicaland would have an upper hand when it comes to the elections as her visit would be regarded as an endorsement for one of the two the candidates.

Muchinguri-Kashiri reportedly wants the venue for Grace’s visit to be Sakubva Stadium in Mutare, Madiro’s stronghold, while Chimene is said to prefer Cashel Valley in Chimanimani — Undenge’s home district.

“All politburo members from the province were called for a meeting which was set for Muchinguri-Kashiri’s office at 5pm, but nobody turned up because people do not trust each other anymore, especially after the leaked tape in which she was recorded discussing factional politics.

“So we all just chose to be cautious, lest we are accused of being involved in another Tsholotsho debacle,” a politburo member who requested anonymity told the Daily News yesterday.

“I don’t know what the meeting was about because I did not go there, although I was invited. I am, however, informed that the meeting did not take place as people did not come,” another politburo member said.

Contacted for comment, Muchinguri-Kashiri was said to be in a series of meetings,  with her aide promising that she would call back — which had not happened at the time of going to press.

“Whatever they will agree on as the venue for Dr Amai’s (Grace’s) visit may not matter at the moment because the damage is already done. Supporters are confused and they are not sure if Amai is going to still come.

“They do not know whether to prepare to go to Mutare or Chimanimani so many may choose to stay at home,” a provincial executive member said yesterday.

In his Harare Airport address yesterday, Mugabe also said Undenge was not to blame for the electricity shortages that are ravaging the country.

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sancho - 2 October 2015

Let them chew each other!Whatever!Hapana hapana!

Taneta Nazvo!! - 2 October 2015

The old man is a fool, He himself had an agenda from as far back as 1978.....he failed dismally

ngcobo Nomsa - 2 October 2015

Mugabe forgets that long before he was born this earth and long after he is gone which is right here, this earth will still be. I don't what he is trying to prove....Agh just take you garbage wife go.......You are just a mortal being, nothing last forever old things.....

ngcobo Nomsa - 2 October 2015

....whilst my beloved country cries...

Den - 2 October 2015

I think the arrogance being displayed by His Excellency resembles someone who elected Himself into office...always forgetting his actual mandate.

Time Magazine - 2 October 2015

"The wages of sin" is what Mugabe and his Zanu PF are experiencing right now. The goblin seems to be for getting that he is an illegitimate president leading an illegitimate government because he does not have the mandate of the people but that of Nikivu. Interestingly, weevils that comprises a mafia gang and gay gangsters are at each other's throat to inherit Grace and Mugabe's looted estate.

Ndabazezwe viki - 2 October 2015

Cde stop it will be stopped!

X-MAN IV - 2 October 2015

Seems President is confirming widely held view that the First lady is now the new and sole centre of power. And poor oppah thought she had the First Lady under her control by offering to hand over the Women's league leadership to her and using her to decapitate Mujuru!! Looks like soon she will get the taste of her own medicine. G40 +FL = Deadly Combination

boutros - 3 October 2015

Seems President is confirming widely held view that the First lady is now the new and sole centre of power. And poor oppah thought she had the First Lady under her control by offering to hand over the Women's league leadership to her and using her to decapitate Mujuru!! Looks like soon she will get the taste of her own medicine. G40 +FL = Deadly Combination

boutros - 3 October 2015

Grace Mugabe in actual reality is a blessing in disguise to all ZANU PF opponents.. I say this because she has single handed literally destroyed the unity of ZANU PF. Loaded with false qualifications and lacking in intelligence and integrity and minus any political skills she continues to open her mouth and just blast away, saying and doing things without even thinking of the long term consequences.

Blessing - 3 October 2015

''.........there are many whose lives make them enemies of Christ's death on the cross. They are going to end up in hell, because their god is their bodily desires. They are proud of what they should be ashamed of, and they think only of things that belong to this world. We, however, are citizen of heaven, and we eagerly wait for our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ to come from heaven.'' (Philippians 3:18-20 GNB)

Dee - 3 October 2015

God is amazing shuwa....look @ whats goin on in zanu.....laughing stock chaiyo.....

micky - 3 October 2015

Dear fellow Zimbabweans continue to advocate for peace and love for one another in such times. This crucial such that we enter Cannan together without bruises. When divine intervention comes some people don't realise and act ignorantly but some do like Blessing above. Lets refraine from using bad hurtful language. Hate message is the source of violence. There is no need anymore. Lets save life as we enter Cannan. I love you all my fellow countrymen, those in power and those not. True democracy is within reach lets demonstrate civility and move together as a nation. Lets realise that everyone is important for the birth of true Democracy in our land. I can not mention names, but without one of the players the balance can not be achieved. We don't want landslide victory for any party in the future it kills debate in parliament , promoting the wishes of those suppressing the others. This Divine division of Zpf is really healthy for our country and the future of our democracy. We have both sets of people on each side on the debating table from Tribal, Warveterans, Wokers, elderly, Diasporas, you name it. When achieved as is likely our country will be well balanced power changing hands regularly not one party ruling for donkey years. Zimbabweans are often described as PEACE LOVING and that you are. Never allow anybody to mislead you into hurting a fellow Zimbabwean. We have been through a lot. A lot of blood was already spilt to be where we are. CHANGE IS COMING HOME. You are the most important piece in the jigsaw. Be blessed and embrace the NEWNATION to come. DEMOCRACY IN OUR TIME. work for it. Advocate for it. It is achievable . I am with you in this attempt. You are not alone. Peace to you all.

Newnation - 4 October 2015

Nhai nhai ko Grace akarwa Hondo here zvoonzi apinde pachigaro choushe? This shows all those that went to war are cowards. They fought for one man to enjoy. Now its a family thing. Husband , wife, next it will be Bona or Robert Junior. What madness is this? All those calling themselves War vets are surely "Drunkards" like Kasukuwere said. They will die poor and their families will eat from the streets bins. Lets see.

Tichamam hedu - 5 October 2015

sorry for the comment mama mather i think its time to pray to our lord Jesus rather than using those spiritual healings. naMwari ndakakwana

patman - 5 October 2015

tatosvika hedu mupromised land but my worry is who is going to take over?,as pple seem to ignore chematama,

mdara chorosi - 6 October 2015

Grace has destroyed ZANU(PF) she will regret all what she is doing .

Benches Mandizha - 6 October 2015

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