I want to work with Mujuru - Tsvangirai

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai reiterated yesterday that he stood ready to work with former Vice President Joice Mujuru to ensure that President Robert Mugabe and his brawling post-congress Zanu PF were comprehensively defeated in the crunch 2018 national elections.

Speaking at a rally in Muzarabani in Mashonaland Central, the former prime minister also moved to dispel what he called “unfounded speculation” that the MDC was in talks with Zanu PF, saying emphatically that this was “typical fiction” by a desperate ruling party that was reeling from its seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars.

He told his supporters that the time had come for long-suffering Zimbabweans to join hands in a bid to “salvage the country from its current mess” that had been created by the ruling party’s ineptitude and misrule.

“As the MDC, we formed our party after we saw Zanu PF’s misrule. Even former senior Zanu PF officials have also now come to see this misrule for what it is, so we are open to working with them,” Tsvangirai said to thunderous applause from the gathered crowd.

Mujuru was brutally purged from the post-congress Zanu PF late last year, along with many other liberation struggle stalwarts such as former Cabinet ministers Rugare Gumbo and Didymus Mutasa — after being accused of plotting to oust and kill Mugabe, among many other untested allegations.

The disaffected former Zanu PF heavyweights have since moved to congregate around the “original” Zanu PF, using the slogan People First, and are working flat out to oust Mugabe and the ruling party from power.

Rattled by the prospects of Tsvangirai agreeing to an electoral pact with Mujuru for the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections, senior ruling party officials and their minions have been rubbishing this mooted deal to no end, and working around the clock in a desperate bid to ensure that it suffers a stillbirth.

Tsvangirai told his supporters in the Zanu PF stronghold yesterday that he was unfazed by the “continuing crass attacks” on him, adding that he was working harder to end Mugabe’s rule.

Ahead of and during the rally, Zanu PF apparatchicks harassed MDC supporters and shut down market stalls and shops at Muzarabani in a bid to dissuade people from attending the gathering. Those who braved the brazen intimidation said they had had  their names entered into “a black book for future attention (harassment)”.

MDC Muzarabani North treasurer, Philip Jani, confirmed to the Daily News that ahead of Tsvangirai’s visit, local Zanu PF officials had threatened and “roughed up” his party’s supporters.

“People were threatened from coming to the rally and harassed, to the extent that many were afraid of what could be done to them if they attended the rally,” he said.

Another MDC supporter who was waiting for transport while dressed in party regalia said he had been chased around and threatened with death.

“I was waiting for transport at Utete shops  and I was told by ... (name supplied but withheld on legal advice), who is the Zanu PF Utete branch chairperson that come 2018 they would kill my whole family,” said the fearful woman.

Police were called in to keep peace and protect the visibly-shaken local MDC officials and their supporters.

In a statement earlier this week, Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said his boss’ four-day visit to Mashonaland Central, which is Mujuru’s home province, was taking place at a time “Zimbabweans of all political formations are converging on the need for a united front to confront the political challenges facing the people of Zimbabwe”.

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tsvangirai will join zanu pf if they ask him to join. remember 2008 guys. with all the support he had, he opted to appease zanu pf by joining them thereby giving mugabe a legitimate mandate to rule the country. the guy tasted power and will not let go till he is 100yrs old. he is also a handiende type.

zvirozviyedzwa - 25 September 2015

alliance with mujuru maybe only if she agrees to be the junior partner in the coalition. she has a lot of loot to protect and has a heavy zanu baggage hanging from her shoulders. despite all the runaida hype I doubt whether she has any grassroots support. I think working with her is very risk.

josphat mugadzaweta - 25 September 2015

Sweet news. ZANU is shaken . yaita wet apa.

Zvatakamirira - 25 September 2015

Mujuru,aaaaa a uuhu k,

solo - 25 September 2015

line up........ Tsvangison,Mujuru,Khupe,Mwonzora,Chamisa,........, ........ , ..........etc . suppoters , then Mudhidhi Mutasa,team yanaka, Kwasara zita racho

mon - 25 September 2015

Tsvangirai and Mujuru are the biggest obstacles in our way to genuine freedom and democracy as both of them are about as plastic and artificial as you can possibly get. Their background and track record clearly spells it out. Both, I absolutely guarantee you are controlled by ZANU PF. You have to try and understand the background: Mugabe well realizes that ZANU PF is now hugely unpopular and being blamed by the majority for the poor state of the country and all the suffering and misery that is going on. Desperate to try and somehow remain in power, Mugabe has created opposition parties which he firmly controls hoping that they will look after his best interests and form a grand coalition after the next rigged elections. It is so important that everyone realizes what is going on.

Spokes Mutoko - 25 September 2015


SKIDI - 25 September 2015

lets wait and see maybe there will be something since we have an ex-zanu pf shata

Skidi - 25 September 2015

Ngatishandei pamwechete we are all Zimbabweans kuti nyika iyenderere mberi

chief - 25 September 2015

Just make sure u are not betraying us again Tsvangirai before u do it.

dembo - 25 September 2015

A brilliant move working together does not mean abandoning one 's political party but mina bamba lapha wena bamba lapho .So if Mujuru is now fighting the people's number one enemy like Morgan then sure they must not fight each other but fight their enemy . But I do not know about people who are still intimidated like pikininis then that is unfortunate people should learn to be brave and resist threats like what we did in the 80s in Matabeleland when we refused to vote for zanu although the whole region was full of red barrets gukurahund . Why people from Mashonaland can not copy from those Matebeleland who can not give in to intimidation.

Diibulaanyika - 25 September 2015

Mujuru and Tsvangirai are better devils. Tsvangirai cannot bring needed investment and money to the country but Mai Mujuru has world wide appeal which will bring in investment so mai Mujuru toi be leader of the unity and Tsvangison to follow her then Zimbabwe will have a chance.The question is Tsvangirai willing to be mai Mujuru's junior?

better devils - 25 September 2015

Well it is known that Morgan has millions of supporters across the nation and as for Mujuru what is known as of now is that she only have supported in her home area with about 20 000 people so for someone to start hallucinating about strongman Morgan being junior to someone is daydreaming and fating publicly .

Diibulaanyika - 25 September 2015

Aaaa zvakutemesa musoro izvi.pact or no pact so long achazopinda panyanga ma economy breakers abva achizoita kuti economy ifaye.zvichanaka chete

prosperity - 25 September 2015

If Morgan is not being mis-quoted then surely Mogiza is a FOOL..

X-MAN IV - 25 September 2015

Hondo iyi yakora muto yava kutoda kubatana kwedu isu ma Zanla forces lets keep talking between us isu vekwa Baba Fari (Ed) nesu PF inoda zvido zvevanhu kwete ana Tsvangison ne ava vana gutsa misana ye ve vamwe varume meaning ( jonso, tyson, kamurasta and company yekwa dr ambuya gire) ndovacho ma CIA saka ngavaturirane vega isu tichingo kiya ka sekuru from within. tozowonana kana zvanaka

cde torasabu tiende - 25 September 2015

A breath of fresh air to hear politicians talking of unit for the benefit of the country/people. Its not about who becomes President its about the country and Tsvangirai has demonstrated that in the past when he could refused to join the government of national unit and let the country degenerate into chaos but swallowed his pride for the country. I am sure the two can work it out with the help of other democratic forces to achieve a democratic Zimbabwe where democrats and conservatives fight every five years for the betterment of the country. Finaly any kind hearted Zimbabwean can be a better President. Distance yourselves from the poor belief that no one is qualified enough to be president. God will give Zimbabwe back to its children and live happily ever again. That paradise on earth will return but you need to believe in yourselves first you Zimbabweans and uplift one another than the opposite. Long live peace amoung Zimbabweans. Down with hate speeches. God bless his land Zimbabwe and you the reader.

newnation - 26 September 2015

History shows that swing-dong Morgan Tsvangirai will get into bed with anyone. Joice Mujuru is a proven liar and thief. Putting any hope on these two unfit idiots is an absolute folly.

Fred Chunga - 26 September 2015

Tsvangirai should be the last person to even "suggest or insinuate" to work with Mujuru. Tsvangirai had his chance to shine in the GNU but all he did was make a mess of it by enjoying the ride & even misusing government funds, going on unending trips & above all failing dismally in his domestic life. The "divorce" with Locardia did not do Tsvangirai a favour, let alone his fathering a child with a lady in Bulawayo. And the the bombshell - dumping Locardia for ZANU (PF) daughter Elizabeth. If Tsvangirai had a child with Elizabeth it would have been explainable... but alas to date the guy proves that he thinks with his hormones rather than HIS BRAINS. And then the continued stay at the Highlands' government house... IS THIS NECESSARY, Mr Tsvangirai? No & I repeat NEVER. Uri dofo Tsvangirai and Mujuru knows you as such.

Mimi - 26 September 2015

Checkmate . You hate him coz you know that he makes Zimbabwean politics click . Elections were held without him in past byelections . You would think that they were going for a funeral and yet they were going to vote for a party they do not want -ZANU PF . Voting for PF is like digging your own grave . You are appointed minister and the same time forced to pay usd2000 at Dr Lady 's birthday party . AAAAh paying someone a thank you for any appointment. Ficked!

Quitegood - 26 September 2015

Do not worry about a few cio making stupid noise here Morgan is right not to fight Mugabe and joice at a go . Common sense is you never fight some one fighting your enemy in this case Mugabe is the enemy but cio are so scared of this join venture hence trying to making a lot of foolish comments and twisting the reality but unfortunately your ways are seen and you can not full anyone anymore fools.

Diibulaanyika - 26 September 2015

Dlibulaanyika,do not give us always The Gukurahundi story like you have a mercenary motive to haunt the people of Zim,do not you see or rather realize there are some living victims and you take pleasure in reminding them of the dark pages of our history.That is just evil.Now when you talk of Mashonaland and Matebeleland.what does that mean ?what i know is our country has its national scattered in all districts and provinces irrespective of their ethnic backgrounds.so what is your point on that?People of your calibre are formentors of a civil strife and the mischievious ones who do not help in anything good for the country. What we want now in Zim is to go ahead if we had some differences long time ago as brothers we should just bury the hatchet because Zim is greater than anyone else.Always First and foremost Zim at heart

carson macate - 26 September 2015

@ Carson I have no doubt that you just finished drinking skokiyana that is why you are hallucinating here , Who said people should not talk about gukurahundi which your fathers unleashed on unarmed people for no reason . I will always refer to it always bcoz i am a victim of it .If you know nothing about gukurahundi you must fokofo .If do not want to hear gukurahundi stories read your big for nothing The herald. Read what I said about Matebeleland and mash if you do not understand it then you are dander head and they is nothing i can do about it . I know your a product of gukurahundi and tribalist that is why you feel offended once gukurahundi is mentioned demety

Diibulaanyika - 26 September 2015

A normal nation first fix the past mess before moving so that the past does not always resurface but you as an idiot just move on with soiled past and we see where you will get . You are not even a victim of gukurahundi so why not move on anyway ? Do not try to vala vala this issue of gukurahundi bcoz it is genocide and someone must be arrested for that . Meanwhile you hamba baba but the victims will talk about it till justice is delivered .

Diibulaanyika - 26 September 2015

....I strongly believe that: Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai needs deliverance , how can he honestly say he is ready to work with former vice president Mujuru ...the same people who have been stealing from him for two decades and the same people who denied him power three time , what is it that they have given him for him to start talking like that , is he not the one we taught that : " WHEN YOU SHARE A TABLE AND EAT WITH THE DEVIL YOU MUST USE VERY LONG SPOONS, SO THAT THE DEVIL CANNOT REACH YOUR HAND." Its a shame today thousands of our innocent youth are dying on foreign land and some being buried there because of the same people who have denied you power for two decades today you say they are the best to work with , have you forgotten what they have done to your party during the 2008 election and during the GNU...and it brought disunity in your party when all the MDC power was swallowed by Zanu PF ...today its just a name.

Pastor Timothy JM Chiguvare - 26 September 2015

I don't know what happened to a comment I just posted but it went something like this: There is no way MDC and Tsvangirai can lose a free and fair election, every one knows this, including Zanu PF and Mugabe. MDC has no need for Mujuru and let alone the likes of Mutasa who, without a doubt, will come along with her into the alliance. It is against this background that I agree with Josphat Mugadzaweta when he thinks it may be an unnecessary risk joining forces with Zanu disgruntled persons who only seek long term refuge under MDC wings when the time for reckoning will come, as it is certain to come. However, being a seasoned politician and with sound advice by women and men surrounding him, Morgan may have an ace up his sleeves. You never know Josphat. Don't they say there is no permanent friend or enemy in politics? To surmise that Tsvangirai may be a Zanu PF agent is to take it too far and I think such a view could only be held by preposterous children who are learning to drink while they kill time with the wallet wielding fat "new farmer" who spends most his time at the bar.

Isiloyi Thomas - 26 September 2015

This mama mather is like Zanu PF that eats not what it produces but steals from hard working daughters and sons of the land. Unfortunately, there is a good number of unsuspecting gullible people gripped by an uncommon fear of the supernatural world. These are who mather and others like him (most likely a he tsotsi) are waiting to pounce upon, soon after the bait they place in our Daily News for free works. I feel sorry for all those who were raised to understand and believe in superstitious nonsense that include biblical and animistic threats about the the unproven entities for they are the primary targets of this notorious robber and his coterie. Please people, be warned.

Mr Dete - 26 September 2015

Long Spoons... KKKKK Some good discussions above the only point i want to make is that lets work together no matter what you did yesterday as long as you contribute to build a democratic Zimbabwe whereby we can achieve a balance of almost 51% to 48% in our election outcome obviously with shifting of presidents. That is health situation.

Newnation - 27 September 2015

some of the comments above shows that we have a lot of insane zimbos, to catch thief a thief use a thief, what morgan whats to do is to use Joyce in defeating mugabe, after only, zanu pf can only be destroyed from within, i now agree that some comments above are made by zanu pf mercenaries who want to confuse people. Joyce by turning against his master, its a benefit to opposition parties. Surely the only person who can be against these two working together has been brain washed by zanu pf. i feel pity for my country, why dare critisize morgan, if you are man enough form your own party and we will see if you wont be the laughing stock. when it comes to opposition politics, it all revolves around morgan, whether you like it or not, thats reality. beloved zimbabweans dont give in to zanu pf propaganda. Thanx to Jonso and tyson for causing havoc in the party

asylum seeker - 27 September 2015


ibwe - 27 September 2015

Tsvangirai and Mujuru have been political prostitutes ever since the earlier got into politics, the papers supporting Tsvangirai's cause have long been speaking about this. To buttress this point i would like to know if the daily news and the news day ever recorded where and when Mujuru was heard speaking or castigating the MDC? The same papers and other related papers have long been speaking positively about Mujuru as a possible MDC ally and moderate, they have also been revealing that she would haul Mugabe to the Hague- did she came out to dispute that? So it is fair to say now they want to formalize their long made union.

Sillard Mqophiso Sibanda - 27 September 2015

I think readers of this section would do well by ignoring Sthembinkosi's comment. One has only to forgive him/it/her for in all likelihood, this is a drunken composition. Instead, it is comments like Sillard Mqophiso Sibanda's that need attention. If what you say Sibanda is true, that Mai Mujuru has long been (most likely surreptitiously) cordial with Tsvangirai then all those skeptical of their impending unity need not fear betrayal. However, I don't see any political prostitution in these two, whatsoever unless Sibanda simply means to be derisive rather than factual, which puts him in the same band with the rest of the vulgar inconsequential scuttlebutters appearing on this page.

Mr Dete - 27 September 2015

mdc does not lose elections but rather their leader sleeps on the job. by the time he wakes up the election would already been stolen. remember campaigns for the 2013 elections were done while he was still arguing with his several madams in the courts of law. morgan is now past his sell by date. please machinja, give us another person to lead your mdc t.

zvirozviyedzwa - 27 September 2015

From the time of Ari ben menashe saga Morgan has made a l;ot of mistakes both socially and politically. Why is Morgan taking 73% to Mujuru and company. Mujuru must join MDC at Harvest house and become an odinary member.

X-MAN IV - 27 September 2015

its good that these two unite it will make a beta future , at least they have common interest ....but the question remains will Mai mujuru want to be the junior of tsvangirai also

junior - 29 September 2015

its not that easy for some1 who have tasted power and is still ambitious to just be an ordinary member , plus you should keep it in mind that she also wants to revenge her grief caused by the zanu pf members ....so its obvious she needs an influential position

ekay king - 29 September 2015

its not that easy for some1 who have tasted power and is still ambitious to just be an ordinary member , plus you should keep it in mind that she also wants to revenge her grief caused by the zanu pf members ....so its obvious she needs an influential position

ekay king - 29 September 2015

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