Mnangagwa, G40 fight turns uglier

HARARE - The nasty succession brawl between two of the post-congress Zanu PF’s factions that are linked to Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the party’s ambitious Young Turks, who are known as the Generation 40 (G40) group, is getting uglier by the day.

Well-placed Zanu PF sources told the Daily News yesterday that the G40 — who apparently enjoy the support of President Robert Mugabe’s increasingly influential wife, Grace, and the country’s other VP, Phelekezela Mphoko — were now “even more determined and doing everything in their power” to scupper Mnangagwa’s chances of succeeding Mugabe.

One of the sources said it had not helped Mnangagwa’s cause that he had recently been caught up in a damaging controversy in which he was alleged to have insulted the late Father Zimbabwe, Joshua Nkomo, a situation that had opened a floodgate of  withering criticism from his party foes who were said to be now also playing the tribal card against him.

“The G40 think that they have ED (Mnangagwa) against the ropes, and that they should now go for the kill and finish him off. They have even suggested to Mphoko that he could succeed the president instead of Ngwena (Mnangagwa), whom they are working hard to destroy,” the usually reliable source said.

And yesterday, ominous cellphone messages, ostensibly generated by the G40, were being sent out to many of Mnangagwa’s perceived loyalists, calling on the VP to apologise to Grace and tow the party line, or else his political career within Zanu PF would be finished.

“Come and apologise or we will deal with you, similar to the way we dealt with Mai Mujuru (former Vice President Joice Mujuru),” read one of the messages seen by the Daily News.

Efforts to reach the number that was used to convey the messages yesterday were futile, as the line appeared to be no longer in use.

Another one of the messages that the Daily News saw, mocked Mnangagwa as a spent force, whose much-talked about ruthless streak was no longer a threat to the G40.

“Ngwena yaparara haisisiri mumvura saka ngaiparadzwe (The crocodile is finished. It’s no longer in the water and let us finish it off),” the message read.

It could not be established last night who exactly was behind this slew of messages and whether this was in direct retaliation of alleged menacing messages that have recently been sent to some of the assumed kingpins of the G40.

And to worsen the bad blood between the two factions, the Daily News also learnt yesterday that Mnangagwa’s supporters had, apparently in direct response to the provocative T-shirts that were unveiled at the late Sikhanyiso Ndlovu’s Heroes Acre burial last weekend — which appeared to promote Grace at Mnangagwa’s expense — also printed their own T-shirts with the face of Mugabe and the VP Mnangagwa, emblazoned with the words, “Munhu wese kunana baba”, a clear dig at the G40 camp which is saying, “Munhu wese kunaAmai.”

“Munhu wese kunana baba” in the post-congress lexicon asserts Mugabe’s supremacy and the party’s so-called one centre of power, while the G40’s “Munhu wese kunaAmai” accords Grace co-leadership of Zanu PF and the country.

However, some of Mnangagwa’s closest allies flatly denied that their camp ever printed the new T-shirts, saying it was a desperate attempt by the G40 to further open the VP to fresh criticism.

So deep and open have the divisions within the post-congress Zanu PF become, that Mnangagwa is no longer respected as Mugabe’s second in command, with him and his allies now derisively referred to as “secessionists”.

“This war is getting uglier and can only end when one of these two factions is completely annihilated by the other,” another senior Zanu PF official said.

Zanu PF members who attended the party’s star rally in Marondera last weekend, ahead of by-elections there, told the Daily News that they had been left completely “stunned” when two Cabinet ministers (names given) broke all protocol and left the venue of the rally before Mnangagwa departed — the highest form of contempt towards the under fire VP.

Giving examples of how much the Mnangagwa faction was increasingly coming under the cosh, another senior party official said a number of alleged key allies of the VP had either been suspended from the warring ruling party or had been publicly humiliated over the past few months, with Grace said to be at the centre of the “project”.

An insider claimed that Zanu PF officials sympathetic to Mnangagwa were also being targeted for arrest, with former Mashonaland Central youth chairperson, Godfrey Tsenengamu, one of the examples provided after he was recently arrested on stock theft charges, while the province’s resident minister, Martin Dinha, is also facing charges of abusing office.

Dinha has vehemently denied the accusations, saying they were politically contrived to soil his reputation.

All this is happening as some analysts have dismissed Grace’s chances of succeeding her ailing husband once he departs the political scene.

“Her chances depend on her husband leaving power voluntarily and supporting her bid before his demise.

“If they wait until after his demise, then she will have absolutely no chance because her political weight, which makes her look like a heavyweight, is borrowed from her husband and when he’s gone, he will take it away with him and she will drop down to the featherweight division,” Alex Magaisa, a leading academic said.

What has encouraged the G40 camp is the clause in the new national Constitution which clearly spells that if Mugabe is to resign or is incapacitated or dies, the last acting president will take over for 90 days, after which his party has to elect a successor for the remainder of his term.

In addition, Zanu PF’s constitution gives room for anyone to succeed Mugabe, as whoever that person will be only has to be nominated by two provinces and win a national primary election in which party members will vote by secret ballot.

A recent move by some of Mnangagwa’s supporters to demonstrate against the alleged G40 kingpin  and Zanu PF political commissar  Saviour Kasukuwere, was reportedly blocked by Grace.

But of particular concern to the G40 and other Mnangagwa opponents are the recent Cabinet appointments which saw several of his alleged allies being appointed ministers.

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If snakes fight infront of every one the normal and reasonable thing to do is to take a log finish them off or else once they gain stength after a fight they will all gang against every one and bite everyone to dead .Daily news thanx for keeping us informed about what is happening in satan 's party and we wish satan can die a s a p demety

Diibulaanyika - 24 September 2015

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gift mather - 24 September 2015

"Munhu wese kunana baba"!!. its shallow, it does not appeal,actually ED is a hard to market brandy no matter how hard you try.He has too many skeletons in his cupboard, gukurahundi,DRC and JOMMIC -2008 violent elections the list is endless.Of late, the man seems to be on self-distraction path,each time he opens his mouth he distroys himself.He is a total disaster just imagine his "Nkomo is a selout" outburst.He is sinking and who cares anyway.He used Gire to push Joyie out and now he is fighting the same Gire who did all the dirty work for him to be where he is today.The same Gire will push him out soon.Your presidential ambitions are now up in smoke Ngwena.shame!, shame! Shame!.

mukoma nhongo - 24 September 2015

Zanu pf have failed to renew itself and its life span is coming to an end. Its funny and spectacular how zanu is collapsing. No one will win these zanu pf wars.

X-MAN IV - 24 September 2015

kkkkkkkkkk @diibula wazonyanya sahwira. nyoka ndiani. urikuti g40 na ed nyoka dzirikurwa here? ko morgan ndiye munhu kwaye here? i think all politicians are the same. mt might be even worse. matangiro ekunetsa anotanga nekurambira pachigaro kozoteera violence. if we are to nip this type of politics in the bud we have to retire people like save who have become handiendes just to make a statement that the country is bigger than individuals.

zvirozviyedzwa - 24 September 2015

With all this infighting going on reminding me in many ways of school children behaviour, I dread to think what would happen if Bob suddenly fell from his mortal perch. This country would descend into total chaos probably worse than what happened in Somalia? Realize that this G40 mob have definite external links and will be under the control of foreigners if they ever manage to get to the top. Be warned.

Frank - 25 September 2015

Mangoma is finished only amazanga like this so called Zvirodziyezwa can not see bcoz of too much sewage stuff in his head .You see i have known amazanga lamalema but this Zviro is a siruturutu totally rubbish does not know exactly what is happening in this country that is why he is so badly shaped info wise something is very kokayi in your head and a sando is needed to open it in order to fix it idiot cio

Diibulaanyika - 25 September 2015

If all goes well, it shall not be very long before we see Grace pushing Saviour.

Mr Dete - 25 September 2015

Dete, read the situation well .If there is any man who is feeling the heat in zanupf now, it is ED vana Saviour nana Jona avo have got nothing to loose.They can even go and join PF but ngwena can't.its now or never.maybe the sabotaging of Mugabe's speech in parliament was his making, to put pressure on Mugabe to retire so that he takes over.This is politics my friend.

mukoma nhongo - 25 September 2015

this succession business is now getting rather boring we have 18 hour power cuts,a bunch of immature so called leaders,and a dying economy and all we see in the newspapers is this succession farce. when is our government going to grow up and DO something to benefit the people

scunner - 25 September 2015

Zim as a nation does not belong to a particular ethnic group that z mazezuru or ppl of Mashonaland. Let power be transfered to the karanga or mavhitori too.How can it be a nation that does not realize ethnic and tribal differences. Munangagwa is the right candidate to succeed not the Mashonaland G40 u r talking about.Dnt be too miopic there are carpets of tarred roads in Mashonaland whilst in Masv, Zvish and Matanga only to cee dusty roads we are fade up of being marginalized by our fellow Zimbabweans come succession no zezuru or any1 linked to Mashonaland will succeed never!! If it happens be prepared for a tribal war

Gregory Axis - 25 September 2015

Zim as a nation does not belong to a particular ethnic group that z mazezuru or ppl of Mashonaland. Let power be transfered to the karanga or mavhitori too.How can it be a nation that does not realize ethnic and tribal differences. Munangagwa is the right candidate to succeed not the Mashonaland G40 u r talking about.Dnt be too miopic there are carpets of tarred roads in Mashonaland whilst in Masv, Zvish and Matanga only to cee dusty roads we are fade up of being marginalized by our fellow Zimbabweans come succession no zezuru or any1 linked to Mashonaland will succeed never!! If it happens be prepared for a tribal war

Gregory Axis - 25 September 2015

No question about it, the Mezezuru are definitely the favourites but especially when it comes to Government positions - and one just cannot but help feeling that the few non Mezururu who are rewarded with top jobs are placed there as a cosmetic gesture to make it appear non tribal and democratic. Let us pray for the sake of unity in our country that things change for the better and that positions are decided on merit alone and nothing else?

Deprived - 25 September 2015

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skay68 - 25 September 2015

ED is the right person to succeed His Excellency and the dreamers in G40 should accept the inevitable. We do not want tribal politics in Zimbabwe, look at what happened in Rwanda and Burundi. To avoid the country degenerating into chaos, I suggest we emulate Namibia's example where all tribes rotate for the Presidency.

Chief Charumbira - 25 September 2015

At this juncture, Zimbabwe requires a strong and trusted leader with impeccable liberation credentials not these mafikzizolos who are bent on creating anarchy in the country. Zimbabwe requires the likes of ED, Morgan Tsvangirai & Mai Mujuru to work in unison on a transitional basis before democratic and transparent elections can be held

Chief Charumbira - 25 September 2015

@Gregory Axes. I don't care about tribes,any one from Skobokobo in Nkayi there or Jerera,nyazura,bocha,mubaira or chichi in plumtree there.Anyone,I mean any one, can be president of Zimbabwe and I don't have any problem with that as long as they are not zanupf.

mukoma nhongo - 25 September 2015

skay68 - 25 September 2015

Munangagwa is evil I speak from experience i suffered his cruelity during the time he was the head of gukurahundi . I really hate the guy . In a modern world you never look at tribe for some one to be president bcoz being intelligent has nothing to do with tribe those who think one has to belong to a certain tribe to be president in this country are all idiots and barbarian .Whether one is from Binga ,Tsholotsholo Beit bridge or kana can be president as long they have what it takes to be a good president . People should k now that even if they can have a president who speaks like them that does not mean they will not suffer . Bragging about us being in power will never create jobs for you and if it does like what is happening now in zim where one tribe is recruited for govt works hate by other tribes will never go and only a fool would want to stay in a country like that .

Diibulaanyika - 25 September 2015

We shall see whether Grace has the clout to rule Zims. She is just a very loud mouth who gas no clue in management like her husband. Grace and Munangagwa honestly guys how can Grace win. I do not like Munangagwa and I absolutely loathe Grace but to pit the two Grace has no chance. This is one very good joke. Let's see how it pans out.Fight Fight Fight!!! Mahumbwe eZimbabwe anyanya taneta

mazidofo - 25 September 2015

It is funny how Zimbabweans just accept to be patronised. We are not anyone's children. Grace is not our mother and Mugabe is not our father. Please do not respect our parents. We have our parents whom we respect very much so please ZANUPF stop degrading our parents. Mugabe ndibaba kumusha kwake and Grace ndimai kumusha kwavo not Zimbabwe yese. Zimbabweans we should stop being patronised and accepting it. We need to tell these two where to go where they really belong where the sun does not shine.

mai vaaani uye baba vaani - 25 September 2015

Maproblems are being caused neka ambuya kamukadzi ka sekuru iko kanonzi doctor ambuya gire

cde torasabu tiende - 25 September 2015

Imbozordzai ma vp edu pliz ndapota hangu basa ravainaro ihombe ka sekuru hakachashandika nako fungai henyu kaita ma vp mangani since 1980 iko kachingo faya oni oni vamwe mumakuva asi these last 2 vedu ve ku zanla ndovachakagona long live Teurai, long live baba Fari (Ed) tozowonana kana zva naka lets keep talking amongst us as long as we now know that our alleged feud was bogus

cde torasabu tiende - 25 September 2015

Grace ari kukwirwa naSaviour

Nyika - 26 September 2015

nonsensical stuff ,instead of wasting time on spent useless old guard ,i say we pave the way forward ,how long hav these pipo been around ?wat makes u think they hav the powers to resurrect th Zimbabwe they murdered ?lets desist from personality contests here

zimbabwe - 28 September 2015

Out of the two i would prefer to vote for a donkey because the two people you mention are evil , corrupt and cowards . Its better to do as @ what Diiblaanyika said that if two snakes are fighting make sure you kill both because they are all dangerous . Grace or ED are dreaming of ruling kuState House kure . ICHO

mudhara - 28 September 2015

i think its refreshing just have someone who has been in the headlines of zim politics since independance lets give Pooko a chance and see what happens,we also need a man from southern part of the country to take over the reigns and im sure this will help reduce tribalism in the country,besides boyz achatonga 10 yrs then we put another shona there if he or she has what it takes to rule

Dube1 - 30 September 2015

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