Mujuru plotting more surprises

HARARE - The People First movement says the surprise moves it has sprung on President Robert Mugabe and his post-congress Zanu PF, including former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s dramatic re-entry into formal national politics a fortnight ago, are only the beginning of many such gambits that it plans to launch over the next few months.

Liberation struggle stalwart and People First spokesperson Rugare Gumbo told the Daily News yesterday that the movement’s modus  operandi was premised on “shocking and surprising” their political foes.

“There is more coming, similar to the launch of our Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build manifesto) which caught the post-congress Zanu PF flat-footed and left many in that party rattled,” Gumbo said.

The warning comes as many Zanu PF Members of Parliament who are aligned to Mujuru say they are contemplating resigning their seats en masse, in a move that could trigger early national polls and put Mugabe and his bitterly-divided ruling party under even more pressure.

Gumbo said his group would not “relent” until Mugabe and his post-congress Zanu PF were ousted from power and “stopped from holding back the country through their repugnant policies that are benefitting a few and well-connected individuals”.

He said since the launch of their manifesto, there had been “palpable fear and worry in the corridors of power”, as demonstrated by the “ramped up surveillance” by government spooks on Mujuru and her allies.

“However, all this (increased government surveillance on People First promoters) will come to nothing as we have absolutely nothing to hide. The fact is, we have announced our entrance into the political arena and there is no going back.

“Given the political atmosphere prevailing in the country, the only way forward is to make sure that everything goes according to plan. They (post-congress Zanu PF) are going to get a lot of shocks. It is simple as that.

“The future of this country lies with people and not the post-congress Zanu PF. While there are a lot of threats from the predictable quarters, where even in the security sector people are scared, we are not afraid.

“This is not about a small group of people that include Mai Mujuru, Mutasa and I alone, this is about the people of Zimbabwe, who are thoroughly fed up,” Gumbo said.

Asked when the People First movement would become a fully-fledged political party, Gumbo said, “We are working hard on various aspects of forming a party, such as writing a constitution and finalising the legal documents, and when we are ready, we will shock them even more”.

What has particularly rattled Mugabe and his post-congress Zanu PF over the past few days is the prospect of Mujuru and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai agreeing an electoral pact that could see the two leaders joining forces to end Mugabe’s and Zanu PF’s long rule in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

Meanwhile, former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa, says all the Zanu PF MPs who are sympathetic to Mujuru should resign their seats at the earliest opportunity, in order to end the ruling party’s protracted rule.

“They should not be cowards and must just come out now. We have our people there (in Parliament) and they should master the courage and show their true colours,” he said.

Asked if it was strategic for the concerned legislators to come out now when there was no party to talk about and when the perceived leader of the party, Mujuru, has not pronounced herself unequivocally about her relationship with the party, Mutasa said the former VP would do so in due course.

“We have told them (the MPs) to be ready. Isn’t it that people like me are already in the party. Kana uri murutsva usatya kusviba ...(Let’s confront them head-on) We are not scared, in fact there is nothing to be scared of,” Mutasa said.

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Yes, yes, yes.I want Mugabe out now and who does it,I don't care.All I want is freedom,who brings it, I don't worry.

mukoma nhongo - 23 September 2015

Hit the iron while it's still Hot.By December we should be celebrating both the birth of Christ and the birth of a new democratic Zimbabwe.A Zimbabwe where everyone will be free to be free.

BOB STEP DOWN - 23 September 2015

Pamberi naamai Mujuru. HANDE BHEBHI. Tiri tese muPeople First amai. Musatirasise because we are backing you full time to win 2018 elections. Musatye amai Mujuru tinemi uye Mwari anesu. Taneta nechembere iyi neh*ure racho

madzimai - 23 September 2015

the biggest surprise will be when you discover that these fools have been using you and rejoin zanu. after 34 years of trumping upon human rights and looting, I believe that these guys are motivated by greed rather than serving the nation. muchafarira n'anga inobata mai apa.

jospaht mugadzaweta - 23 September 2015

The fact that People First Movement is supported by the likes of Jealousy Mawarire who is Zanu PF to the core demotivates true democrats in forming an electoral pact with Mujuru.

Ndabazezwe viki - 23 September 2015

I don't think Mai Mujuru will go back to Zanupf judging by the way she was humiliated by Gire and Bob.I think to her zanupf is s closed any case there are too many divisions within zanu right now and it does not make sense for her to go back there.Its forward ever backward never.I think this pf project will also includ people like Simba Makoni,Dumiso Dabengwa and all the reform minded poeple who were not given the opportunity to contribute to the well being of our nation.pure analylsis nothig else.

mukoma nhongo - 23 September 2015

looks like a case of old wine in new wine jars to me.these people are after their own selfish interests to get back into power and they cannot be trusted,if they had not been shown the door ,would they still not be boot licking their masters??lets not be gullible people

pinky - 23 September 2015

Yes Pinky, I understand your concern snd I share the ssme feeling with you but,let's put it this way.Which is better for us as nation going forward. 1-Bob or Ed. 2-Mai Mujuru in a coalition with Tsvangirai.

mukoma nhongo - 23 September 2015

As long as ZPF have control of the electoral process no one other than zpf will win an election. Mutasa asks those zpf mp's to resign if they are sympathetic to Mujuru and if they don't they are cowards, mutasa and others in People First were excommunicated so they had no choice where as those ZPF MP's that may have sympathy for Mujuru still have their bread buttered and will remain in the fold.

jongwe rachembera - 24 September 2015

It is very difficult for me either, to trust these Zanu PF outcasts. Indeed they would still be bootlicking Grace had they not been discarded, let's not hide this truth. Why did they suddenly realise the rot in Zanu soon after their purging? As some have intimated before, this could be a ploy by Zanu PF to kill the MDC from the inside. Let us not be fooled. MDC does not need these Zanu PF rejects or the likes of Simba Makoni or Dumiso Dabengwa to win an election. We all know that MDC won all the elections it contested right from word go, when these people were its fierce opponents. All that is lacking is a transparent electoral system, one that is outside Zanu PF influence, and Morgan's MDC will begin the arduous job of rebuilding Zimbabwe.

Mr Dete - 24 September 2015

This gift mather is a crook, I think.

Mr Dete - 24 September 2015

Joice Mujuru went 2 war in 1973 and came back with 3 children. What was she doing when true cdres were fighting ? Breeding and having sex. Rugare Gumbo was part of the Hamadziripi revolt of 1978 which almost derailed the revolution. He was arested only to be freed after the war as a 'mutengesi".. Mutasa came to Moza in 1978 via plane from UK after having realised that the tide of war was tilting towards the liberation fighters 'muchekadzafa" So who are the so called seasoned cadres in the PEOPLE FIRST?

MASTERMIND - 24 September 2015

some people think that they are living in Heaven ,but the truth is they are living in Hell-according to my analysis-amongst the opposition leaders -those who refuse to unite against the monster- are window dressing opposition created by CIO Fortunately time alone and time will tell change will still come-after real democratic opposition leaders have swallowed their pride. prophet 271262

Chilufya Zoto aka-prophet 271262 - 24 September 2015

As we all know from past experience, Mugabe eliminates any real and genuine opposition. Mujuru was publicly accused of plotting to overthrow Mugabe, liaising with foreign agents such as Eric Little from the US Embassy and massive corruption as broadcast by the Herald. Yet in spite of the extreme seriousness of these allegations, not only does Mujuru remain alive and well but she also somehow manages to somehow evade any form of public inquiry or investigation into these extremely serious allegations? This, in my opinion, reeks to high heaven and if anyone cannot smell the rat then they are either plain dumb and stupid or are in Mugabe's camp? Mujuru isn't for real. This "People First" party is all part of a dirty tricks campaign designed to fool unsuspecting people into aligning themselves with an organisation that is manipulated and controlled by ZANU PF. I can absolutely guarantee you that there will be no improvements under Mujuru's leadership...things will only get worse. I beg all of you to open your eyes and see and smell the rat.

Simple Logic - 24 September 2015

Thanks Simple Logic,u have said it all,Z PF is a political think tank,open your eyes Zimbos, Mujuru and company are pure ZPF,don't be fooled.

Murambwa - 24 September 2015

seeing this as if it wont get us anywhere. mujuru was backstabed by Bob and his wife but remember even if her husband was killed she did nt say it till she was humiliated. in other words im saying this lady does not have feelings for anyone but want to satisfy her own political desire. now the question is how are we g0oing to trust her? some people blame Tsvangirai that he has been quiet and dont know where he stands but the blame is on Zimbos. we are the main problem how can you expect 1 man to fight for you is he David? cant you get together and agree upon one thing and get rid of this old Man and his wife who want to turn the country into a monach right before your eyes, or maybe you are all planning to go to diaspora? think you fools and act not just talk without action, wish if this whle Zimbabwe was filled with Ndebele people and Zulu this old man would have gone long back.

garikai - 24 September 2015

Surely I support my fellow citizens who are treating the well anticipated People First with a pinch of salt.Am personally doubting them for so many reasons: 1) Why are these people still treating Mugabe with all due respect,political respect. 2)Mai Mujuru is adamant to comment on issues of forming a formidable coalition with other opposition parties for good of the people of Zimbabwe unlike Tsvangira who did acknowledge the possible coalition,maybe it is a guerrilla way of disguising the enemy kkkkkkk. 4) Temba Mliswa is a relative to Dydimus Mutasa but his comments do not suggest so considering that he was also purged by the same ZANU PF which also purged Mutasa.etc,etc. Please give us your true identities for the good fight ahead

Nkululeko - 24 September 2015

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gift mather - 24 September 2015

Mujuru and company after 34years in the Zanu pf system, that has brought millions into poverty, millions scattered around the globe. Mujuru plots more suprises. Zanu pf is busy dying a natural death, MDC T must stop associating itself with people first. Its not freedom being freed by Mujuru and company. A Zanu will never Change.

X-MAN IV - 24 September 2015

Simple Logic spells it out as it is. Think about it, opposition members merely waving a placard denouncing Bob have ended up in prison for 3 months. Yet here we have Joice Mujuru, accused of passing on intelligence to foreign agents, conspiring with others to oust Robert Mugabe, heaps of corruption, all extremely serious charges yet she somehow is allowed to walk free and campaign as an opposition member? Why are Zimbabweans so blind and stupid not to realize what is going on? You all deserve the hardships and misery you are suffering simply because it is you, who continuously falls for Mugabe's tricks. Let me say it out loudly and clearly: Mujuru and Tsvangirai are the biggest obstacles in our way to achieving proper democracy and freedom - they are under the full control of ZANU PF. WAKE UP ZIMBABWE.

Reality - 25 September 2015

let the leadership of the nation represent all the ethnic groups in the nation. Mazezuru are not the alpha and omega of that which is ZIm. Let Mnangagwa a karanga or muvhitori ambotorawo so that the karanga areas will also have carpets of tarred roads and all those glitters that we see in Mashonaland. Power be to the VP l

Edison - 25 September 2015

you cant remove president Mugabe from power because you don't know who your real enemy is. I am sorry your support is going to the wrong person who happens to be your real enemy. can any clever mind tell me when Zimbabwean woes began and why?

shokombishi - 25 September 2015

@ Mastermind's posting makes sense. I was there in Mozambique & Doroi, Chimoio but only got glimples of Teurai Ropa in the luxuries of "FIEFDOM pampering". The husband late Rex Nhongo would be with us through thick & thin, in Rhodesian forces' attacks & problems facing us during that time. Rex had so many other girlfriends kuMoza uko & even Mugabe knows that. It was a shock when people learned that Teu Ropa had been impregnated by Rex.. the rest is history. Yes, Teu Ropa is kind but is not that bright. Fate just made her be married to Rex. Ask any female cadres that were in Moza and they will attest to this. And then after Independence I went for 'O' Level studies with Teu at Belvedere Teachers College. I confess she was trying her best, failing & trying over and over again till today. MUSATINYEPERE, we are actually fed up as it is. Teurai cannot stand against Mugabe ever, akadya zvekubiwa and never raised a finger during the time she was within government. Teu even had the guts to ignore and snub her former female War Veterans opting for the Mafikizolos to surround her. Teu haatoiti becoz we know what happened and we are waiting and watching but ALIVE!!

Mimi - 26 September 2015

mutasa should stop acting as if being booted out of zanu pf was by choice... even the most gullible of us know he was fired. if my memory serves me right mutasa himself invented the gamatox phrase trying to please his boss mugabe who had blasted zvipfuto. it was only after the gamatox thing backfired then he was fired now he wants to sound as a person who had a damascene moment and opted out of zanu.... truth is makarwadziwa bambo and muchiri kurwadziwa mark my words very soon you shall be called back and you will eagerly accept the invitation................ fellow zimbos lets not allow ourselves to be misled by those who are nothing but nostalgic about power they are just seeking relevance here if not trying to protect their ill-gotten wealth. nomatter how many highsounding nothings you present to us in the name of manifestos ,,,,, we will never forget what you subjected us to during your stint in the gravy train ............

gnomic - 28 September 2015

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