Mujuru MPs plot Mugabe ouster

HARARE - Fresh from springing a major surprise through former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s dramatic re-entry into formal national politics a fortnight ago, the People First movement is cranking up the heat on President Robert Mugabe and his warring post-congress Zanu PF.

The Daily News learnt from impeccable sources last night that many Zanu PF Members of Parliament who are aligned to Mujuru are contemplating resigning their seats en masse, in a move that could trigger early national polls and put Mugabe and his bitterly-divided ruling party under even more pressure.

The nonagenarian and his post-congress Zanu PF are also reeling from not just the ruling party’s seemingly unstoppable factional and succession wars, but also the possibility of

opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and Mujuru agreeing to an electoral pact in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

While official spokespersons for the MDC and the People First movement have been coy about their dialogue — choosing instead to talk broadly about the need for “like-minded forces” to work together to engender democracy in Zimbabwe — sources have told the Daily News that depending on the progress of the talks that are taking place through emissaries, the two leaders could meet formally soon.

A number of Zanu PF legislators, some of them currently on suspension from the party on suspicions that they are loyal to Mujuru, told the Daily News last night that they were prepared to jump ship in a bid to “end the current political madness” in the country and to force early national elections — possibly next year.

“Yes, we are going to leave Zanu PF when the time comes. Isn’t it that we are being hounded on a daily basis by mafikizolos (party Johnny-come-latelies). For now, we will strategically remain quiet because if they establish that we are no longer part of them, they will move first and hammer us,” one of the legislators said.

This comes as Mugabe, rattled by Mujuru’s dramatic re-entry into formal national politics, is embarking on a new wave of savage purges of her perceived allies in his warring post-congress Zanu PF and government — creating pandemonium and much trepidation among senior party officials, especially those who are in Cabinet.

Mugabe fired Sports minister Andrew Langa from Cabinet last week, replacing him with former journalist and Mberengwa East legislator Makhosini Hlongwane — a few days after the nonagenarian effected a major and much-criticised reshuffle of his executive team.

Fear also abounds among the party’s MPs who are regarded with suspicion that if they break camp now they could lose everything, including their farms and the Ford Everest vehicles they were given ahead of the disputed 2013 elections.

The ruling party has already started stripping most of Mujuru’s loyalists of the possessions they received when they were still part of the gravy train. For example, former politburo member and Masvingo resident minister, Kudakwashe Bhasikiti, told the Daily News that he had since lost his car, a Ford Everest, with his farm also on the line.

“Soon after the announcement of our (People First) blueprint, the CIO came to take my car saying they were ordered by (Zanu PF secretary for administration Ignatius) Chombo to take it from me.

“However, going forward, elections in Zimbabwe will not be won by those who have many cars, but by those whose political and economic blueprint is acceptable to the generality of the Zimbabwean electorate. If they thought they were giving cars to enslave and win elections, they are wrong,” Bhasikiti said.

Mujuru launched her Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build) a fortnight ago, throwing Zanu PF into panic mode and even provoking the open ire of Mugabe, who bizarrely went on to threaten the independent media for propping up his former second-in-command.

In a move that was probably intended to forestall the kind of mass resignations that Mujuru’s MPs are contemplating, Mugabe granted a blanket amnesty to all legislators linked to Mujuru last January — a number estimated at about 100 MPs, and many of whom are serving varying suspension terms ranging from two to five years.

“Even if we are to finish our terms, there is no guarantee that we will be re-admitted in the post-congress Zanu PF, and so it is better to start planning for a better tomorrow now.

“The only problem at the moment is if you leave you will lose contact with the constituency and also the resources that will be eventually needed to campaign for elections,” another legislator told the Daily News yesterday.

A State media columnist, Nathaniel Manheru — who is widely believed to be Mugabe’s spokesperson George Charamba — is on record warning those MPs aligned to Mujuru that they would face the boot if they are discovered.

“...there is a readiness to take hard decisions, to settle the whole matter comprehensively, even if it means another mini-general election. So let no sitting MP think that there is a fear to expel, a fear to go back to the people (in an election),” he said recently.

All this is also happening at a time that many veterans of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation are throwing their weight behind Mujuru as she plots her assault on Mugabe’s and the post-congress Zanu PF’s vice grip on power ahead of the 2018 national elections.

In addition, and in what observers say will work to Mujuru’s and Tsvangirai’s favour, the rumpus between Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters and Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks, who are known as the Generation 40 (G40), is turning uglier by the day.

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l like the part you say Bhasikiti was once on a gravy train.....zvapera ava kuchema futi. This basket is empty guys

changara - 22 September 2015

This won't happen in Zim. The country is full of cowards in both ZPF and the opposition. The man should have long since gone

Onlyinanotherkaundiri - 22 September 2015


victim - 22 September 2015

Spare us Mr write that is coming from your own had though it's a brilliant idea of getting rid of this tyrant but that will never happened , i think you are writing abut this en mass MPs for the second or the third time , i remember reading the same article when Joyce was kicked out of the ZPF , but your sources proved false . Joyce is just nothing and has no party , the People's First project is a media idea , where was it form and when is it going to be formed , its like you giving a name to a child before you are even married , that is nonsense , Joyce is ZPF and she won't change , if she has changed let her form a political party and join other oppositions , Simba Makoni did it but alas no one followed him because this ZPF MPs are all women are afraid to tell Mugabe that enough is enough .ICHO

Mudhara - 22 September 2015

Time to jump ship is now,its swim or sink situation.In any case there is no place in zanu pf for MPs, ministers who are aligned to Mujuru now or even after why wait til late.its now or never.

mukoma nhongo - 22 September 2015

Proff Jonso is the only MAN who has jumped out of the ship and was readmitted again kkkk.....haa he is the only special one kkkk

makanaka - 22 September 2015

do we need a zanu by a separate name? the main issue is about protecting ill-gotten wealth, that is why they cannot jump ship now. if they were committed to the national cause, they could have jumped ship long ago, even before the gamatox event. bringing criminals by the backdoor only helps exacerbate national misfortunes, ask the Malawians and Kenyans. once zanu, always zanu. the battle here is to keep the 5 farms that each hold and hamper national production. if you are trivial minded, be fooled by these goons who will form the next government and pardon jonso moyo and appoint him vice-president. makudo ndemamwe, kuwana mhani anotesmurirana. a person of good moral standing could not have remained in zanu through all the mismanagement and atrocities that they have committed since 1980 and not got tainted to the bone. remember ana kaukonde vaiponda vanhu and now want to be our saviours?

josphat mugadzaweta - 22 September 2015

Let the fun begin, let us see who shall have the last laugh..........

TAKAVAUDZA - 22 September 2015

"Zanu PF Members of Parliament who are aligned to Mujuru are contemplating resigning their seats en masse, in a move that could trigger early national polls". This is too good to be true & very hard to believe

Mentalist - 22 September 2015

These MPs are not resigning from ZANU because they still have the opportunity to loot as much as they can. On another hand they want to protect their ill gotten wealth. Resigning will move them into extreme poverty.

Mentalist - 22 September 2015

Now these guys are thinking bcoz if they do not resign all of them now zanu is going to fire them one by one and then conduct fake by elections which they will win making them strong again so its better to start moving out while the sun shines . But this Basikiti is talking nonsense when he talks about a good blue print . What does a reserve person in Uzumba know about a blue print that does not work in Africa people in this continent can vote for even a 91 old bobojan bcoz it threatened them of a huge war once they do not vote for it simple as that .The only way forward is to resign from zanu and during elections beat up those who walk in rural areas intimidating voters if that can be done sure zanu will die a natural death and never to be heard of again.

Diibulaanyika - 22 September 2015

But guys I think this all talk. In the recent By-election Zanu PF won all the seats..

but - 22 September 2015

pakaipa, ngatizvipei nguva. Imviromviro dzekudhinhiwa

gengezhah - 22 September 2015

It will be up strategic to jump ship now. An early election is not good for the opposition. They are not yet ready plus the electoral reforms must be implemented first. Those amps who are said to support Mujuru must stay put until Mujuru is ready . If Mugabe is the candidate he will win easily because Zimbabweans are known for rewarding failure. Democracy is stupid sometimes.

Be warned! - 22 September 2015

No one in his right sense will ever vote for Tsvangirai-Mujuru coallition, NEVER!!!!!! Joyce Mujuru is currently riding high on popularity due to public symphathy on the way she was unceremoniously fired from Zanu, otherwise politically she will never ever see the light of day. Even if somehow Tsvangirai-Mujuru coallition comes to bear fruit very few people will support it. The only way forward is for the opposition to demand a FREE, FAIR credible TRANSPARENT election.

Mudhiniwe - 22 September 2015

Joice Mujuru is like a child who is not sure wether she wants to go to the toilet or not. The Daily Mail is like her mother who is saying ," Come on, kurumidza kuenda kuToilet usati wazvitira tsvina." Real leaders stand on their feet and show their true colours. Fake leaders hide in dark caves and hope to pig-back mount on imbeciles who cannot read her intentions correctly. Her aim: to secure her ill-gotten riches. Guys, make no mistake : anybody who want to fight Mugabe should be equal or better than him in findings ways (clean or dirty) to wrestle him. At the moment in Zimbabwe there is none. Do not forget the majority of Zimbabweans cannot inteligently decide for themselves what is good or bad for them. They wait to be led or should I say marshalled in a direction - never mind wether its to hell or to heaven.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 23 September 2015

If Zimbabweans continue to believe that any former ZANU PF politicians, real or otherwise, will improve things here they are again hopelessly wrong and will fully deserve the hardships that come to them. To transform this country into productive progressive country will initially require a total overhaul of the political system here and every former ZANU PF official replaced by new blood. How many more years do we have to endure all this suffering and hardships to realize that not one single ZANU PF official, all of whom have been proven to be nothing but lairs and thieves, will serve our best interests? We are totally stupid if we believe in any of these people.

Mbuya Smith - 23 September 2015

Politicians are ALL TALK NO ACTION.Don't trust these people to change your life,you will wait a life time.

Piedpiper - 23 September 2015

The electoral system is rigged and most Zanu MPs as beneficiaries of that system know that very well. If they jump ship and an election was called tomorrow in the absence of electoral reform then it will be the same result all over again.

Galore 123 - 23 September 2015

What exactly do we mean by electoral reforms ? May you please explain that to me and others .

Hayibo ! - 24 September 2015

@ Hayibo! Where to start... 1. Aligning existing laws which include electoral laws to the of the constitution for a start. 2. Section 157 of the Constitution clearly dictates that 'an Act of Parliament must provide for the conduct of elections and referendums 3. ZEC Chairperson — Rita Makarau is on record stating that the current Electoral Act in its present form is not the statute that is envisaged by the Constitution. 4. The reforms must be robust enough to give confidence of all stakeholders that the result is a free and fair one. At the moment that is not the case.

Galore 123 - 24 September 2015

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gift mather - 24 September 2015


SHINGIRAI MUCHARONZA - 25 September 2015

these ministers who are moving away from Zanu Pf are fake and these will somehow stop Zimbabwe from progressing because in a way they dont stand for one thing.

Aubrey Chimangah - 28 September 2015

these guys have failed..we are suffering eish

Tawanda Munemo - 29 September 2015

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