War veterans back Mujuru

HARARE - Veterans of Zimbabwe’s war of liberation are throwing their weight behind former Vice President Joice Mujuru as she plots her assault on President Robert Mugabe’s and the bitterly-divided post-congress Zanu PF’s vice grip on power ahead of the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

At the same time, and in what observers say will work to Mujuru’s and opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai’s favour, the  rumpus between Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa’s supporters and Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks, who are known as the Generation 40 (G40), is turning uglier by the day.

Former Zanla political commissar for Tete, George Dzirawa Shumba — whose wartime name was Farai Tafirenyika — told the Daily News yesterday that “the few remaining genuine war veterans” would back Mujuru as she takes on the post-congress Zanu PF as her liberation track record was “free of blemishes”.

“We are fully behind her. We have been ignored for a long time and she is one of our own. She will not leave us and there is nothing that will stop her from ruling this country,” Shumba said.

Asked if Mujuru would be able to withstand Zanu PF’s well-documented tendency to resort to violence  and intimidation when its hold on power was threatened, he said war veterans were “ready to face anything”.

“We cannot run away from victimisation. Unfortunately, that is the reality of Zimbabwe, unless if we go to another universe. But this is our country and we will defend it,” Shumba said resolutely — adding that plans were afoot to form “a new association for genuine war veterans”.

“We are in the process of forming our own organisation and we have the support of most of the real comrades. I retired as a major, the maximum rank these people could give me,” Shumba said.

Former Zanla High Command member, Benard Manyadza — whose wartime nom de guerre was Parker Chipoyera, said it was only Mujuru who could “stop war deserters from hijacking the country”.

“People knew that she was going to start something, and so far it is a well-managed process and she needs the buy-in from all of society, from intellectuals to peasants. Everyone is talking about that. People cannot wait for the party to be launched,” Manyadza said.

“Whatever the name they will come up with, we will be happy with the party. War veterans are divided, but the majority say she understands our aspirations even though we are now few. Now they are talking about one centre of power which is dictatorship similar to that of Mobutu Sese Seko of Zaire.

“It is counter revolutionaries who were attacking us when we were in the bush who are now trying to destroy Zanu PF, so that it can be led by reactionary forces. As real comrades, we are saying to our colleagues let’s defend the country because counter revolutionaries have taken over,” Manyadza added.

He blasted Zanu PF mafikizolos (Johnny-come-latelies) whom he accused of having enlisted the services of Mugabe’s controversial wife, Grace — whom he described as “gullible” — in their quest to remove genuine war veterans from power.

“As a result, the First Family is now like a monarchy. This movement (People First), if it works with the opposition can stop this dictatorship, so that the liberation struggle gets to its logical conclusion. There is serious patronage politics and personality cults in Zimbabwe when what we need is democracy, where people are free,” Manyadza said.

He also claimed that “the only true surviving member of the crocodile gang told me that they are behind Mai Mujuru”.

And as these war veterans were voicing their support for Mujuru, sources told the Daily News that her dramatic re-entry into national politics had also allegedly divided the country’s security sector in the middle, with most of their loyalties now split between “self preservation and principle”.

Apparently, it was claimed further, many high ranking officials in the security sector were loyal to her because they owed their current positions to her late husband General Solomon Mujuru, whose charred remains  were found after a mysterious fire at his Beatrice farm in 2011.

“You should remember that during the war Rex Nhongo (Solomon Mujuru) was the commander of all these army generals. After the war he was a very influential person and through him many were promoted. Although they have their own interests to look after, but no doubt they have a soft spot for their commander’s widow,” one of the sources claimed.

“Most of the people who want to succeed president Mugabe have questionable war credentials, unlike Mujuru who is one of us. We can identify with her and she with us. This is the time for comrades and not nationalists or pretenders to take over,” the source added.

Meanwhile, the Daily News learnt yesterday that the ugly rumpus between Mnangagwa and Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks, who are known as the Generation 40 (G40), is turning uglier by the day.

Apparently, the G40 — who stand accused of wanting to depose the post-congress Zanu PF leadership from power, including Mugabe and Mnangagwa, using the nonagenarian’s wife Grace — had hatched a plot to get the gaffe-prone First Lady, who returned home on Sunday from the Far East where she had gone for medical attention, to savage Mnangagwa.

The G40’s plan was also said to be to get Grace to denounce and order the arrest of the organisers of a pending mass demonstration against embattled party political commissar Saviour Kasukuwere, which would lead to the suspension and expulsion of the war veterans and youth leaders involved from Zanu PF.

“The alleged demonstration plot besides being criminalised was also meant to ignite another wave of votes of no confidence in the provinces on some targets, while others would be referred to disciplinary committees for expulsion and suspensions with the National Disciplinary Committee chaired by Vice President Phelekezela Mphoko, with Kasukuwere and Sandie Moyo or Grace Mugabe being members, set to endorse and rubber stamp the provincial decisions which would be against the targeted members,” a source said.

The Daily News revealed last week that the G40 had also been planning to organise a counter pro-Kasukuwere demonstration on the same day that the anti-minister of Local Government demonstration is to take place.

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MaComrades chaiwo ndiwo atangatakamirira. Taneta nekutongwa nezvimbwasungata. Vataiva navo kuhondo tinovaziva, nezvatakarwira tinozviziva. Mwana weZimbabwe mwana asingasaruri, chero murungu kana ari weZimbabwe ndewedu, tichadya pamwe tichiseva pamwe. Isu vamwe radoka pasina chatakabata asi vana vedu nevazukuru vanofanira kuwana rugare

dollarman - 15 September 2015

is Mujuru not 95% disabled according to her medical report she used to loot the war victims compensation fund? During the war Rex Nhongo was a trained ZIPRA cadre who defected to ZANLA & immediately catapulted to top position because of his experience & training. He was not commander of all the current generals just the Zanla ones...like Chiwengwa, Zimondi and Shiri.

Lt General - 15 September 2015

We cannot remain in the past for ever. ko iye Mugabe aive kupi? Ko Mphoko? We need to move forward and liberate ourselves from people who want to remain in the past. People see the light and move on

dollarman - 15 September 2015

The problem with People First is that its still full of ZANU Pf cadres that are still talking about being war veterans,etc.With all due respect to war veterans for their contribution to the liberation,it is time all of them take a break from politics and leave the country to be run by people with business minds.History will not feed hungry Zimbabweans now.It has been proved that all Ministers and MPs that worked under Bob's leadership since 1980 to date have failed dismally.So there is no need to recycle them.Mai Mujuru should form an inclusive government made of of business minded people not people obsessed with their war credentials.The war vets failed to make Bob accountable for Zim's failure and so should rest with him.

Billy - 15 September 2015

Billy you have a point.Our dear war veterans played their part very well and its time they should take a deserved rest,However the problem is that mugabe politics have taught us that you can only benefit from the country's resources if yuo are with the rulers,which should not be the case.i want to tell you, anybody who will rule after this vagabond will have to sweat to correct the country and it needs business minded people to turn things around,

Mwana Wevhu - 15 September 2015

Lt General if you remember well history Zanu came from Zapu because of their differences in approach to things and also i think tribalism as Zipra was dominated by our brothers the Ndebele speaking when also some Shona speaking like Cdes Manyika,Mutinhiri were also far senior men to those who were on top of them.we are told that after the death of General Nilita Alfred Mangena Cde Mutinhiri was second in command and virtually was suppose to be the commander but since he hailed from Mashonaland he could not and Cde Lookout Masuku took the reigns.so that is waht also affected our Cdes by then and that spirit of tribalism and hate among fellow brothers and countrymen divided us.Consequently brought dark pages in our history like the reign of dissidents in the 1980s and the atrocities thereafter.its high time we know we belong together noone is superior as no body part can claim its superior to the other.Zimbabwe is the body and we are just parts that make it.No tribe can do without the other as all is Zimbabwe.i think the Ministry of Education has to put this teaching in schools from grade zero onwards so that we are guaranteed of upright nationals

carson macate - 15 September 2015

we no longer know who the truth war vets are. the time of these has expired. they were supposed to be paid demobilised pay in 1980 and get integrated into society. that this did not happen was because of rwavhi Mugabe and Solomon mujuru pointing to the dirty of both the Mugabe and mujuru families. from there, they have been the source of our pain since 2000 under the leadership of rag-tag characters such as hunzvi, nyaruwata, chinotimba, jabulani sibanda and now mutsvangwa. I don't like these guys neither do I the filthy rich and corrupt joice!!!

josphat mugadzaweta - 15 September 2015

I beg to differ with all those who think that our liberation struggle and history are unimportant in considering our aspirations. There could be a problem in the way in which our history has ben aprpriated in some circles, but that does not make our history inherently irregular. Our history is a history of a struggle againstall forms of oppression. It is a long walk to freedom, freedom of all across, race, gender, ethnicity, religious groupings, political affiliations etc. If we throw away our history, we run the danger of mobilising people towards the wrong agenda. My own understanding of the history of zimbabwe is that it is a history of a struggle against, oppression. Its agenda is that one of advancing a just society in which all enjoy full freedoms butressing human rights and enriching every one's well being.

Mlovshto - 15 September 2015

None of the war veterans I know are even interested in politics these days simply because all of them feel very let down by ZANU PF, Mujuru included. Most of the war vets I speak to, my father being one of them, deeply regret having been part of ZANU's liberation struggle. All of them and without exception feel deeply let down and forgotten. So many suffered unbelievable hardships and for what? Mujuru won't be any better.....full of empty promises, that is all. Forget it comrades.

Legit - 15 September 2015

Zvimazita zvamurikutaura apa taneta nazvo Mani imi tinyareiwo.....ndoozvakakonzeresa izvi...mhondi dzevanhu

esteri - 15 September 2015

Zvimazita zvamurikutaura apa taneta nazvo Mani imi tinyareiwo.....ndoozvakakonzeresa izvi...mhondi dzevanhu

esteri - 15 September 2015

Zvimazita zvamurikutaura apa taneta nazvo Mani imi tinyareiwo.....ndoozvakakonzeresa izvi...mhondi dzevanhu

esteri - 15 September 2015

The question to ask this so called Former Zanla political commissar for Tete, George Dzirawa Shumba is very simple. ba Shumba were you involved in intimidating the opposition?

Qiniso - 16 September 2015

Time to UNITE and win back our country. This politics of attacking personalities has never helped us for 35yrs but only a few. As it is anything will do in order to achieve 51 vs 49% democratic state of affairs in Zim. Landslide victory for anybody is a sign of death to come, that you all know. We are in this together. I wish you all Peace, Love and Prosperity as Zimbabweans. No Zimbabwean shall lift a stone against another Zimbabwean. May God bless you all.

newnation - 16 September 2015

thank you new nation .Thats the kind of stuff we need to hear.If we unite we will be free'Mujuru president,Tsvangirai. Primeminister,Strive Masiiwa minister of FINANCE.Grace minister of ENVIRONMENT ;kasukuwere ZIFA ETC. BONES OF NEHANDA ARISE

anjawala ampimblo - 16 September 2015

A leopard can never change its spots!!!! Lets be wary of Joice http://nehandaradio.com/2015/09/16/does-the-leopard-change-its-spots/

lolo - 16 September 2015

well in spirit of renconciliation ,i just want to know wil the shona leadership be it in Zanu-PF or MDC take responsibility of Gukurahundi Atrocities and make the necessary rituals to heal the land of mathebeland,as long things like these of spiritual significance are not done we are just talking and showing off who know what etc

Dube 1 - 16 September 2015

Vana Parker Chipoera vekupanduka nguva yehondo yerusununguko vaona kwekumhanyira manje, kune vapanduki vatsva. Mhedzesero yacho yakangofanana. Vasanyepe kuti marjority of war veterans ngavati ruzhinji rwemawar vets ekupanduka. Hatitye.

machisa mashanda - 16 September 2015

George Dzirawa Shumba is not the official spokes person of the Zimbabwe National Liberations War Veterans Association hence the notion that War Veterans back Mujuru is just but a fallacy.

simon phoenix - 16 September 2015

George Dzirawa Shumba is not the official spokes person of the Zimbabwe National Liberations War Veterans Association hence the notion that War Veterans back Mujuru is just but a fallacy.

simon phoenix - 16 September 2015

vanokwira ndege kunorapwa komuno hamuchina ana chiremba here hatichina zvipatara here hooo ndaibata vakaura zvose saka isu tongonzi votayi kuti tiptoe tichienda kuchipatara nengororo yemombe tosvika kusina ana chiremba kusina mishonga Cdes lets take this chance like nw mhani taneta mhani ini hangu ndakagumbuka Amai pindai henyu makasununguka tamirira 2018 kana vachida kutanga ne re-run yacho ngavauye togovabhutsura

mukanya - 17 September 2015

Mujuru cannot lead us povo, Tsvangirai can lead us, make no mistake on that. We need Mujuru, but she has to know muti povo timire naSave. We love her because she apologised for the mess in ZANU PF that she was part of, she is welcomed by us povo, masoja, mapurisa nevamwe varipedo na Mugabe wacho. Grace you made a mistake of trusting Ngwena iwe uchiziva muti ingwena. Unless it had to do with fear of Solomon Mujuru's cruel murder and maybe...maybe, that's why vanemasimba vakatya Mai Mujuru kuti vatonge muZanu?

wevhu - 17 September 2015

I am not a war veteran, but I saw guerrillas during the war fighting against RF soldiers.I do not think it is a noble idea to ignore war veterans and just think that their contribution is over.These are pple that we need to Cherish for the rest of their lives.I personally think they have not been rewarded according to what they deserve while it is now 35 years after independence.But we need to be careful when they are appointed into gvt positions.Merit should be used rather than the fact that some one participated in the liberation struggle.Any government that will rule Zimbabwe after Zanu-PF should never ever sideline war-veterans, for whatever reason.In post Zanu-PF era, war veterans should support any part of their choice other than the ruling party.And that should not be a punishable offence nor make them lose their benefits.

Sydney08 - 17 September 2015

but you guyz dont be adamant wen people go for war they were saving their mission of that time and who had gave those whites the right to colonise the now zimbabwe isnt that they were correcting their mistakes by fighting back so that thing is the thing of the past lets go foward

nzonzo tapiwa - 18 September 2015

@nzonzo tapiwa, looks like you need to revise the Zimbabwe history my dear, the liberation war veterans we have today fought during the 2nd Chimurenga War to correct the injustice brought about during the 1890s when the whites came and tricked our ancesters (yours & mine) into signing- up (away) (giving up, rather) their right to ownership of land. in other words land was stolen from our Tategurus. The whites were never given the rights, they cheated, stole, tricked forcefully grabbed and killed just so they take our land. We had bows and arrows fighting against people with guns. We all want to go forward but at the same time some misconceptions need to be corrected. Personally am grateful for the sacrifices portrayed by the 1st Chimurenga and the 2nd Chimurenga liberation fighters.

Tiwanzwe Nehanda - 19 September 2015

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