'Mujuru blueprint may provide answers'

HARARE - Analysts have hailed former vice president Joice Mujuru’s Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage Development (Build) manifesto as a pro-poor policy document that may provide answers to the many socio-economic challenges that the is country facing.

Mining activist Farai Maguwu said Mujuru is standing where MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai was in 1999 with millions of disgruntled voters (both from Zanu PF and the opposition) at her disposal.

“The unfortunate death of her husband and the unfair treatment she received from Mugabe and his wife are sufficient enough to give Joice a sympathy vote, come 2018.

“However, the major question Zimbabweans home and away will want clarified is how the Mujuru outfit is different from Zanu PF.”

Mujuru’s husband Solomon, whose nom de guerre was Rex Nhongo, died in an inferno in 2011 and his family, says he was murdered by his political opponents.

Maguwu said excerpts from Mujuru’s economic revival blueprint show the document was well thought-out and now she must touch base with the grassroots and also shake off the dreaded State secret police who will obviously put her under the radar.

“Does she have a strategy to deal with Zanu PF violence and electoral fraud, which has been Morgan’s Achilles heel?”

On his part Tsvangirai says he will not take part in any future elections before the requisite electoral reforms are implemented.

And Maguwu said the former vice president should seriously consider working with Tsvangirai with whom she bonded well during the government of national unity era between 2009 and 2013.

“Mujuru working with Morgan will certainly strengthen her chances, but will Morgan lay down his personal ambition of becoming president and submit to Joice?”

Political commentator McDonald Lewanika said it is well and good that Mujuru has come out with a plan, as it will allow people to appreciate her ideas.

“This is just step one, in this year of ‘lessons’ blueprints with nice sounding acronyms are a dime to a dozen, the real test for Mujuru and People First will be whether they are able to develop a movement on the ground that believes in their ideas enough to risk life and limb in a fight against a Mugabe, whose brutality when dealing with opponents is not a matter for conjecture as Mujuru herself can attest.”

Lewanika said the country’s political contests are not just won on good ideas; they are won also on political organisation and the ability of the opposition to not just expose but counter Zanu PF’s electoral chicanery.

“At this stage, I think talk of mergers is premature, the Mujuru team has to build a real base on the ground, which becomes the basis on which they engage and or merge with others — so far we have Mujuru, a decent manifesto and a few henchmen, who, granted, are talented rubble rousers but whose ability to build a formidable political movement is yet to be tested at a national level.”

Some of Mujuru’s allies include former State security minister Didymus Mutasa, war veterans leader Jabulani Sibanda and former Zanu PF spokesperson Rugare Gumbo.

And Lewanika admitted that the “best chances of defeating Zanu PF will be as a united front, but let this be a united front of political forces with supporters on the ground not just leaders who may or may not have followers”.

Misa-Zimbabwe director Nhlanhla Ngwenya said Mujuru’s recognition of the need to liberate and democratise the media space as spelt in BUILD is encouraging.

“I hope that this is not only an attempt to placate the media but an expression of serious intent in addressing what has been corroding Zimbabweans’ right to freedom of expression and access to information as well as plaguing the media sector.

“We therefore await detailed policy positions on these matters, which we will juxtapose against all parties documents to see who, of all political actors, best cherishes freedom of expression, access to information and media freedom,” said Ngwenya.

Centre for Communinty Develop in Zimbabwe (CCDZ) director Phillip Pasirayi said BUILD was pro-poor. “Cluster 5 titled ‘Social’ is all about addressing the all-important livelihoods question and making sure that the majority poor have access to basic social services such as food, water and healthcare.

“Instead of empty slogans and the rhetoric of sovereignty that we have been fed all these years by Zanu PF we now need a new politics that is policy, developmental and programmatic based,” said Pasirayi.

He urged Mujuru and Tsvangirai to find common ground and form a coalition.

“They should agree on a formula to work together for purposes of dismantling the Zanu PF hegemony. They both have grassroots support and in addition Mujuru has struggle credentials and a track record of public service.”

Former MDC legislator Elliot Pfembve said all evidence is pointing to a coalition between Tsvangirai and Mujuru.

“I will be very surprised if it will not be the case from what I now know.”

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We can have comments and comments from gurus and gurus but the bottom line is that ZANU PF will not go down without a fight...and fight they will. If Mujuru and Tsvangirai or whichever coalition is formed would like to ensure Mugabe and his fellow criminals are dethroned...be prepared for a fight and a fight with a bit of carnage. A simple X will not be sufficient!!

garikayi - 14 September 2015

Looks like common sense long left Zimbabwe. This paper's fawning for a tried and tested failure like Mujuru knows no bounds. Now you have so called analysts falling over themselves to join in. Joyce is Bob's disciple & she along with the likes of Diesel Mutasa is not going to bring anything new other than 'empty slogans and political rhetoric.' What you need is a complete break from the 35yr failed zanu experiment. New people, new ideas.

Lt General - 14 September 2015

If anyone believes this ridiculous story then they deserve to reap what is coming to them and I can assure you that it won't be nice. Mujuru and Tsvangirai are both huge obstacles placed in our way by Mugabe himself to block our path to genuine democracy. Neither of them possess either the tools or credentials to swing things around and achieve economic progress. Everyone who has ever had any dealings with Mujuru knows how corrupt she is? Same applies to Tsvangirai. Aligning yourselves to them is the same as aligning yourself to ZANU PF. Be warned, don't say you were not told.

Fixit - 14 September 2015

for those avid rundada mujuru supporters, I would urge you to put your champagne on ice for a while. that joice is a fearless war vet, I have absolutely no doubt. about the political terrain, going it alone, it is quite another thing. the thought that someone who breaks away from an established party always takes with a chunk of its supports can be absolute fallacy. look at welshboy ncube, dabengwa and mbiti for starters. for welsh and mbiti, they even showed the courage of leaving and were not pushed out like joice. the fact that joice waited to be pushed out implies that were it not for the unfortunate night or day of long knives, she wanted to wine and dine with the zanu zombies for life, even her statements just before and after her ouster clearly showed this position. the question then is that how many people are really convinced that she is totally independent and not an appendage of the ruling party like did Daniel shumba? the other issue is that the majority of zanu supporters support the party because of its carrots and sticks the question that remains is that does she have the resources to entice those supporters and the machinery to unleash violence in order to garner support? have people forgiven her theft and party to the murderous regime? it is one thing to ask for forgiveness and quite another to get it. additionally, she did not tell us what transpired during her lifelong association with zanu. she holds a lot of looted properties and one wonders how she is going to go after the likes of mbocho, obese and several who have also looted.

josphat mugadzaweta - 14 September 2015

@Lt General......I couldn't agree more, it seems this scheme is actually creating work for these so called analysts and the bogus economists. I wonder why they are not talking about how mai mujuru left zanu. Does anyone remember how this woman was booted or did she leave on her own accord to form a party because she couldn't stand the way Mugabe was governing? As long as people forget the fact that we are talking about someone who was booted out of her beloved zanu and even declared that zanu was in her blood and would die in zanu then we are not going anywhere, it is really sad that we have such poor analysts in this country. Mai mujuru is zanu and does not have any support in Zim, some people sympathise with her because they hate Mugabe more, that's it. I think that is the reason why politicians take advantage of the masses in this country, that blueprint is just but a blue print, nothing more. How many blueprints has your mai mujuru participated in since 1980? Plenty, but with the same outcome, total failure. I am sure these so-called analysts just want to create stories that they can comment on just so they can be popular and get some mileage. Mai mujuru is nowhere near what Zim needs right now, Zim does not need yet another zanu. Zanu pf has done more than enough damage to this country. Wake up Zimbabweans, this is UNBELIEVABLE!!!!!!!!!

misty - 14 September 2015

Please revisit Mai Mujuru's campaign messages in 2013 and compare these with the blue print.

chitoto chipashumaranga jnr - 14 September 2015

Mai Mujuru & her cabal are appendages of ZANU (PF) and will not bring anything new to Zimbabwe. Zimbabwe needs a new crop of leadership rather than these cowards who are only crying foul now because they have been booted from the gravy train. Mai Mujuru, however, deserves sympathy for her boldness in quitting ZANU (PF) and should be encouraged to join forces with fellow patriots who believe in democracy

Chief Charumbira - 14 September 2015

People First it sounding good,Mai Mujuru have got the Love of her people in her heart she knows that no people first no vote.Her blueprint might not lift Zimbabwe but if she worked tirelessly she will do it

Lewis waLewis - 14 September 2015

More lik a resonse to the likes of mgadza. The demise of ZPF is imminent if it continues in disintegration mode it is in. The victory of ZPF over its opponents has more to do with its ability to mobilise its structures against its perceived enemies. It has also to do with its ability to use state apparatus to its full advantage. Mujuru, like Tsvangirai before her is most likely to benefit from another bhora musango if ZPF does not repent from its sin of factional poltics. Divided as it is, even the weakest political outfit may put up a good show against this party full of surprises.

Mlovshto - 14 September 2015

Zimboz are desparate.This Mujuru did not resign from ZANU like Dabengwa.She was fired.So I don't see where the excitement was .This is the same woman who wanted Strive in jail and told Nkomo that he was senile. Both Froggie and Muju fake promise.Problem Zim is vey tribalistically marginalized. No Shona can run this country its fukked for life.

oskido - 15 September 2015

So the analysts qouted by this paper are wrong,and you all right,right? But ain`t you all `analysts`? In your analysis Mujuru haite,Tsvangirai failed;Mugabe hamuchamudi? You want new people? Who are these new people,how will any know them ,let alone think about voting for them if they dont come out in the open and say,`Here is what im offering,vote for me,`?

Onward - 15 September 2015

What Zim needs is not a superman,a Mr Fix-all-things ,that person exist anyway! We need a change in the way we do our politics: we need move away from this shameful mindset that anyone who disagrees with you is an enemy/sellout. People are uniquely different,so we should,and we will see things differently. No one has a monopoly of wisdom,`sophistry` or ability to govern. People should be able to choose anything ,anyone ,without being coerced,threatened ,bribed or deceived. No one should be insulted,beaten;let alone murdered for choosing a political candidate of their choice. They`re many people who demonize politicians for being intolerant toward opposing candidates and their suporters;and yet the same people insult,verbally abuse those who excersize their freedom of speech,or association on this platform! I rest my case.

Onward - 15 September 2015

*that does Not exist anyway*

Onward - 15 September 2015

So the analysts qouted by this paper are wrong,and you all right,right? But ain`t you all `analysts`? In your analysis Mujuru haite,Tsvangirai failed;Mugabe hamuchamudi? You want new people? Who are these new people,how will any know them ,let alone think about voting for them if they dont come out in the open and say,`Here is what im offering,vote for me,`?

Onward - 15 September 2015

I feel Mujuru needs to come out in the open and critisise Mugabe for the poor leadership.She is releasing statements in the cover of wherever shiz hiding. LEt her come out and go to the people. Is she carrying too much guilt. we dont want her to rule Zimbabwe but we want her to help remove Mugabe.

Dondage - 15 September 2015

Dr, cde Mujuru is a real leader with a clear vision for a better Zimbabwe, never doubt her, she z more than ready to pull out Zimbabwe from the mess created by Zanu PF.

Prof TMG - 15 September 2015

Dr, cde Mujuru is a real leader with a clear vision for a better Zimbabwe, never doubt her, she z more than ready to pull out Zimbabwe from the mess created by Zanu PF.

Prof TMG - 15 September 2015

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