Mugabe reads wrong speech

HARARE - President Robert Mugabe on Tuesday read the wrong speech at the State opening of the third session of the 8th Parliament of Zimbabwe.

He repeated a speech he read during the State of the Nation Address (SONA) address last month word for word.

Curiously, Zanu PF MPs cheered the nonagenarian as he read the rehashed speech.

President Mugabe reading his speech on Tuesday. Pic: Annie Mpalume

More details to follow.

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mkoma - 15 September 2015

That is exactly what we expect from Zanu pf and their leader. One wonders if they will cheering their leaders mistakes or in actual fact, if they are too shallow to notice the errors. Bootlickets kkkkkkk

reta - 15 September 2015

waal, what have we done to deserve this? this is treasonous. a normal alert person will see straight away after few lines that he is reading wrong things.

mafikizolo - 15 September 2015

sharp as ever they said didnt recognize he was giving the same speech he gave a few weeks ago they never said

beagum robby - 15 September 2015

The The scandal isn't that the president was given the wrong speech, Its actually that a president of a whole nation just gets given speeches to read aloud

changuchimwechana - 15 September 2015

Dailynews are you serious this happened?Then as a nation we are doomed.shame shame shame.

Mwana Wevhu - 15 September 2015

Yes, hayas. Im sure some MPs were clapping hands without even listening to the speech. The same way our dear colleagues ullulates even if nothing important has been said. Then we say we are learned people?

Desire Makudo - 15 September 2015

2015 ma1 uncle Bob has given us power to remove him from office his too old cdes

King - 15 September 2015

waiting for more details to believe this.......otherwise it didn't happen....if true then heads must roll.....or someone is trying to expose something.....or someone(not the president ) is tired of their work....

Den - 15 September 2015

mafikizolo - 15 September 2015

even the herald confirms it

General - 15 September 2015

A country with learned MPs can't even tell the difference between an old speech and a new one...shame. Chete igore rezvidzidzo. Old speeches can be repeated and draw ululation from useless people masquerading as MPs

haya - 15 September 2015

Guys doesn't matter what the old man reads. Its of no consequence to the long-suffering masses.

pachedu - 15 September 2015

These buffoons are conditioned to cheer anything their tired president will say, even if they are not listening. They are not there for the good of of the suffering people of the nation. Let us remember that they were not elected to those positions at all. Elections in Zimbabwe were last held in 1980.

Mr Dete - 15 September 2015

Good message

MehlokaMthwakazi - 15 September 2015

Wrong president, wrong speech, wrong everything...nyika yenyu yamaichemera.

Farai - 15 September 2015

le yimihlolo sibili, this country is finished if a president of the state can read a wrong speech and don't even realize it then we are heading down a very very steep slope , and the MPS were cheering at his stupidity or rather daftness

rage - 15 September 2015

Oh No! It never rains but pours for the 91 years old President. Old age is a sickness for sure. The Old man's faculties could not remind him and neither could his officials help him by telling him that he was reading a wrong and old speech. It seems the days of Dr Hastings Banda of Malawi are now with us in Zimbabwe. This reminds me of my own elderly mother who lived up to age of 100 years. Before she died she was doing exactly what Bob is now doing. I wish somebody could intervene and force the old man to retire and avoid all this embarrassment.With time this situation will just get worse unless the old retires soon.Shame!

Charles Vumba - 15 September 2015

Someone will die for this

cmoyo - 15 September 2015

pane vakuru vaudzwa kuti Mdara akuverenga wrong speech vakabva varamba vari ziiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii

wake - 15 September 2015

Its the British and Obama's sanctions kkkkk!

Temba - 15 September 2015

How far down should the old man go before someone close says enough is enough? We are staring at an old man who does not know when to leave the stage. Someone please take him off the stage before he does something tragic.

Ron - 15 September 2015

that is a classic like two dollar bills with the same serial number. I need the copies - these can be collection pieces indicating geriatric proclivities creeping on the national hegemony.

forbesk - 15 September 2015

Mr Mugabe is now an old man whose memory is no longer as sharp. Can't Grace convince Mugabe to hand over the button to Mngagwa for now . He can become acting President while Bob starts walking toward Heros Acre which will be his final resting place

Tsebe - 15 September 2015

vagona kuverenga bepa racho here? how many people of that age are able to read a script? you are celebrating his mistake as if its something important. it really matters less that the president made a mistake. mashaiwa zvekuseka. tsvangai zvimwe.

taurai - 15 September 2015

Keep on George. You should give him the same speech for United Nations General assembly. The old man will never notice.

Chamu - 16 September 2015

Ana Taurai, it doesn't matter how you try to decorate things with words, if something strange happens, then it is strange.Basa rako rinokupa kuti usava nepfungwa rakaoma wena.

Tahir Iqbal - 16 September 2015

That shows tha ZANU PF Mps dont even listen to him , they couldnt see the difference . Did MDC mps noted that also???

Herbal - 16 September 2015

KKKKKK What can we expect from a 91 years old great grandfather zitateguru.KKKK ndasrka hangu ini.

MUCHADURA - 16 September 2015

This shows that these speeches mean nothing. They are just documents prepared to make occasions pass. Never take whatever is said in those speeches seriously.

Nyakatawa - 16 September 2015

its the work of western detractors bend on undermining the sovereignity of Zimbabwe.We applaud the zanu pf Mps who stood by their leader unlike the MDC MPs who do no realise that we will never be a colony .Hail PRESIDENT MUGABE.

CAPTAIN - 16 September 2015

MuZimbabwe speech i speech chete, right or wrong same difference nekuti zvakangofanana same song since 1980.

Kutototo - 16 September 2015

Inga munoti Dzokororo ine simba, rino igore redzidzo

mambindanda - 16 September 2015

What speech were Zimbabweans honestly expecting in this ramshackled economy

kweza - 16 September 2015

He was scared of Chamisa

poomo - 16 September 2015

Yet he wants civil servants to retire at 45years

gushuncle - 16 September 2015

Nobody should think this was a mistake, this is typical of zanu of. They never move forward, if they don't remain in the same position then they move backwards. Hence omitting some sections of the speech. No clue of how to move forward. No the country is back in the 1950s.

D. Karidza - 16 September 2015

Even if he reads a 1980 speech the Zanu PF bootlickers will sing their voices hoarse in praise and docile Zimbabweans will pretend all is well.

Mutemo Pisa - 16 September 2015

kana munhu mukuru akabudisa mweya hazvisekwi

Manatsa waDonono - 16 September 2015

hapana nyaya apa guys. tsvagai zvimwe. everywhere people make mistakes. its as if some of you are waiting for an opportunity to ridicule the president even for petty things. sorry kwazvo guys.

taurai - 16 September 2015

The people who are very every very very old limping semi blind are supposed to be in rural areas in a pole and daka hamlet waiting to die peacefully they have no business in govt . Shows you that everyone is tired of this thing even those who prepare his speech want he to go that is why they sabotage him like that this thing is a curse to this nation

Diibulaanyika - 16 September 2015

Please Charles do not shame your elderly mother like that. She would never, never do close to what is being done.

mtshayisa - 16 September 2015

Nobody should ever that it was someone's mistake no it's not. Zanu of has no clue on how to move forward. If they don't remain in the same position they move backwards, hence the omission of some sections of the speech. This is why they have taken the country back to the 1950s.

D. Karidza - 16 September 2015

Nobody should ever that it was someone's mistake no it's not. Zanu of has no clue on how to move forward. If they don't remain in the same position they move backwards, hence the omission of some sections of the speech. This is why they have taken the country back to the 1950s.

D. Karidza - 16 September 2015

Even those few confused idiots who support Mugabe is they are normal they are ashamed eish !!!! shame .This is rubbish we can not go on like this the old thing must resign .

Diibulaanyika - 16 September 2015

It is clear the oldman is not in charge. But cant those who are punishing him not give him the correct material? They should be held responsible for troubling mzee. In the true African cultures, the shame of the nakedness of an old person is placed on those minding him/her.

IGNATIUS M OBWOGE - 16 September 2015

This thing must have been done intensionally to embarass Mugabe. Imagine Mugabe has very learned secretaries who do and prepare his work, especially speeches to open parliament. From Charamba, Ndhukula, and dr Sibanda and a legion of undersecretaries, including those that replaced Grace. All these people could not have been naive to let Mugabe read wrong speech. My chief suspect is Charamba. What is his job. Did he make sure everything was oky? Heads must roll. But look, when a boss is senile and in the nineties, who would care much - so I sort of understand them. To people, please do NOT have skeletons in your lives. You will unnecesarily punish your bodies by refusing to go on pension.

Danai Pazvagozha - 16 September 2015

Age wise . Meaning he himself didn't even realize that he was reading old irrelevant stuff.

.com - 16 September 2015

Maybe George Charamba belongs to People First. Why would he give Mugabe wrong speech?

Egypt Gobvu - 16 September 2015

Kutongwa nemunhu arikupa wrong speech anekadhodhi mu diaper

Kemos - 17 September 2015

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