Chinotimba blames Sibanda for poll violence

HARARE - War veterans leader Joseph Chinotimba has blamed Jabulani Sibanda for the 2008 election violence which left at least 200 people, mainly opposition supporters, dead.

Speaking at a campaign rally in Epworth on Sunday Chinotimba said, “Jabulani Sibanda led war veterans on a campaign of violence against Tsvangirai and his supporters in previous elections yet they are coming together as allies now. Any political party or individual that embraces such a war veteran is stupid.”

Some analysts questioned whether Chinotimba’s effort to shift the blame on Sibanda was part of a ploy to discredit the new alliance between Sibanda and MDC leader Morgan Tsvangirai.

Sibanda told the Daily News in a recent interview: “In 2008, there was a third force behind the violence but in 2013 we heeded the warning by former South African President Thabo Mbeki that if the 2008 situation was allowed to recur, Britain would invade us and we went out to campaign for a peaceful election.”

Chinotimba also denounced former Presidential Affairs minister Didymus Mutasa for failing to appreciate the “good things the party did for them”.

“We now have fake war veterans who sell-out and my heart bleeds, especially when they do so after getting land and all from Zanu PF,” Chinotimba said.

“I was suspended from the party myself after I was accused of participating in the Tsholotsho Declaration but as a disciplined war veteran, I never thought about selling out.”

Elections in Zimbabwe have often been violent, with hundreds of opposition supporters killed in the last 15 years in clashes with security forces and Zanu PF youth militia, according to the MDC and rights groups.

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JB usadzora tsvimbo nekuti gudo rabata kumeso kkkkkkkk. Yes JB participated in the violence that took place in the 2008.The question comes,"From whose command did he take instructions to massacre the innocent people of Zimbabwe?"Am sure he has the answers on his finger tips.That is of not much worry for now because we should deal with the monster first and later we will get those simple answers from JB. Every problem should be prioritized according to it's gravity.Tikada kudzingirira tsuro mbiri hombe yacho inozotiza ukasara wakabata kanhova/nhowa kkkkkk.Lets focus on winning the souls of the electorates from wherever,whoever,whatever then later on decide who to forgive depending on his contribution to the struggle to free Zimbabwe.

nkululeko - 15 September 2015

Yes Mr. Chinotunda. Gukurahundi massacred people and yet Zapu and Zanu swallowed each other in 1987. Whats wrong with Jabulanu joining hands with those he once persecuted? Uri dofo mupfanhami.

Mutirowafanza - 15 September 2015

Vachamama chete muzita raJesu...mukore uno...tichaonerera hedu tichiseka hedu...amai weeee! zvinhu zviya..hameno chinobuda apa...

Clemence Tashaya - 15 September 2015

No shame...Zanu pf has been using Zimbabwe's assets like land to bribe and compensate those who are partisan to its program of thievery. Entitlement by patronage will have to stop if this country is to move forward as a civilised people.

Galore 123 - 15 September 2015

Chero muhondo taiti asingazive ngaadzidziswe. Not all captured were killed. Jabulani learnt his lessons. so let him in and no questioned will be asked because he repented. Chinotimba repent and Tsvangirai will forgive you. Tsvangirai haana kuti anombouraya munhu, asi arikungoti chete "rule of law, no corruption" imi mochema mouraya vanhu...hausi muWar Vert Chinotimba, dai uri hawaiuraya vawakasunungura

dollarman - 15 September 2015

Mugabe is the architecture of all the killings that has happened even during the liberation struggle. Chitepo died because Mugabe viewed him as a threat, Tongogara died under the orders of Mugabe because he felt threatened and wanted to take over the commander in chief position, Gukurahundi was ordered by mugabe because he viewed Nkomo as a threat and didn't feel comfortable with him in the Government soon after independence resulting in Mugabe firing Nkomo on framed accusations of weapons of war having been discovered at ZAPU properties. Solomon Mujuru died because Mugabe felt threatened as he was the only one pushing Mugabe to pass on the baton stick. The list is endless.

Ziziharinanyanga - 15 September 2015

Yaa ndiri kukumbirawo ZRP kuti vatisungirewo munhu akatanga kuti gore rino nderezvidzidzo. Asi kana ari muprorofita wamwari musamusunge henyu coz anenge akataura chokwadi.

goodlife - 15 September 2015

This Cde Chinotimba whom i personally think he is a little cde of a small letter c is not in his fine senses.If Cde Sibanda did it he was not alone he was in Zanu Pf and with other fellow cdes.We take it he was on duty.Now this little cde is throwing stones because he knows now Cde Sibanda is being victimized and he is defenceless.That is a typical case of a hare-brained bootlicker and our country will never develop with such people

carson macate - 15 September 2015

Chinotimba has a point, but if only he is sincere. 200 hundred people dying on Jabulani's account, is not something which should be wished away. Chinotimba, in his capacity as a " true veteran and law abiding patriotic Zimbabwean" should take his case to the courts with all the evidence sustaining his clain. Otherwise the cde is risking being taken to task to tell us more of his allegations. Anyway chinoz fears are understandable. His cde in violence has now repented and he feels lonely. Land does not belong to ZPF chinoz it belongs to Zimbabweans. Why dont you shut up and leave bootlicking to professional boot lickers?

Mlovshto - 15 September 2015

nhai chinoz pawakaenda kuTsholotsho kwaisava kutengesa here

ts - 16 September 2015

So Chinos must thank JB if it was not for him Chinos and zanu would have lost elections and they could be well in prison for satanic things they had been doing for the past 35 years .But anyway come 2018 elections they shall be no Chinos outside of prison he is going to be inside till jele dilika .

Diibulaanyika - 16 September 2015

Well noted NKULULELO. What a revelation and admission from those that steered the pot containing the ingredients of anarchy. The truth will out!

mtshayisa - 16 September 2015

The MDC slogan is Chinja Maitiro. Those who heed the call should be embraced. Therefore Jabulani changed and has to be embraced. We all belonged to ZAnu in 1980 and we're nolonger there, including Jabu.

Mubocha. - 16 September 2015

The inevitable merger of Mujuru's outfit with Tsvangirai's scares Zanu PF to the core. Hence it is not amazing to hear Chimbwito Chinotimba blaming the repentant war veteran Jabulani Sibanda for singing from the MDC hem book.

Ndabazezwe Viki - 16 September 2015

haaaya mutirowafanza uri diro chairo

changara - 17 September 2015

Its so naive on Mr Chinotimba's part to think that land belongs to Zanu PF. The land belongs to Zimbabweans and as such all Zimbabweans are supposed to benefit not only Zanu Pf thugs.

Pedius Sikisa - 17 September 2015

Changara, according to you and like minded Zanu Pf monkeys anyone who sees things as they are is a diro. Imi maka fugidzwa ma petticoat aana mbuya venya ndosaka musina chamunoona.

Mutirowafanza - 18 September 2015

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