Tsvangirai, Mujuru in talks

HARARE - The Daily News can reveal exclusively today that opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai and former Vice President Joice Mujuru have been talking through emissaries over the past few months to explore how they can work together to challenge President Robert Mugabe and the post-congress Zanu PF in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

While official spokespersons for the two camps were coy about the ongoing dialogue yesterday — choosing instead to talk broadly about the need for like-minded forces to work together to engender and deepen democracy in Zimbabwe — well-placed sources said depending on the progress of the talks, the two leaders could meet formally soon.

The Daily News was told that among other meetings by various other players, former ambassador to Germany and close Tsvangirai confidante Hebson Makuvise, recently met former Presidential Affairs minister and key Mujuru ally, Didymus Mutasa, to “explore options”.

“As far as I understand, all options are on the table and the two groups are meeting with open minds to investigate how they can work together to free Zimbabweans from the yoke of Zanu PF’s dictatorship and oppression. They are concentrating on national interest and the many things that unite them, rather than those that divide them,” one of the sources said.

Contacted for comment, Mutasa said the People First movement would enter into electoral pacts with any party that was willing to do so, to remove the post-congress Zanu PF from power.

“We are ready for talks with everyone, be it Tsvangirai or Tendai Biti, because we want a coalition that can end the suffering that our people are going through,” Mutasa said.

Pressed further to say whether there had been talks between People First and the MDC formations, a demure Mutasa eventually admitted that there had been “several” such engagements.

“We have met emissaries from that side on several occasions, not once, and we will continue to engage with them,” Mutasa said without giving details, the names of the people they had met and the venues where the meetings had taken place.

On his part, MDC spokesperson Obert Gutu told the Daily News that the main opposition movement “is always willing and able to coalesce with any other political formation with whom we share the same values, ideology and vision for our beloved country”.

“But let me also state categorically that the MDC is not desperate to enter into coalition with any other political party just for the sake of it. We are a party that is values and issues-driven, rather than being personality-driven.

“We understand that Joice Mujuru and her group are still to formally organise themselves into a political party. You can say that they are a child that has been conceived but is yet to be born. Why don’t we wait for the child to be born first and then we will determine the way forward,” Gutu said.

Asked specifically if the MDC, which has always preached the “big tent gospel” had held any talks with the People First movement, Gutu said no talks had taken place between the two political outfits.

“But let me hasten to add that, that doesn’t mean that we will not be talking to them in the future. These are very early days. What, however, we can assure the suffering and toiling masses of Zimbabwe is that the darkest hour is just before dawn.

“This is definitely the end game for the deeply-fractured Zanu PF regime. This regime will not last until 2018. That is for sure,” Gutu said.

But an MDC insider said it was “only natural” that his organisation would explore “possibilities” with Mujuru and People First, as “a cursory glance at Mujuru’s manifesto (the Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development — Build) and MDC policy documents shows a convergence of many ideas between the two groups”.

Kent University law lecturer and former close aide to Tsvangirai, Alex Magaisa, said it was critical in his view for the two parties “to park their egos and engage in coalition talks”.

The one major hurdle that Magaisa foresaw for the conceived grand coalition in the country would be the fact that there was no love lost between Tsvangirai and Renewal Team leader Tendai Biti, who was apparently very close to most of the top players within the People First movement.

Still, Magaisa said, it was time for the fragmented opposition in the country to set aside their personal differences and work together.

“Perhaps that will help the opposition leaders that they have more in common than the aspects that divide them, and that if they truly wish to overcome Zanu PF, they are better together. Egos will have to go.

“It is understandable, of course, that Mujuru wants to build her base and show her own credentials. If she is successful in pulling people to her side, it will give her bargaining power in any potential coalition talks,” Magaisa added.

Threatened by both the prospects of Mujuru and her People First outfit, as well as the potency of the manifesto that she released on Monday, a panicky Zanu PF, its senior officials and other sycophants have gone into overdrive over the past two days in a desperate bid to try and discredit her and her manifesto.

Tragically for many ruling party bootlickers, particularly those active on social media, the public sentiment has been overwhelmingly positive to the Mujuru manifesto, even as people have also said that they would like to see her explaining and distancing herself from her decades of association with Mugabe and Zanu PF.

Mugabe’s warring party split into two bitterly-opposed formations at the end of last year at the height of its internal ructions, with its purged liberation struggle stalwarts moving to initiate the re-establishment of the “original” Zanu PF — which uses the slogan People First.

In a statement on Monday, announcing her political outfit’s Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build), Mujuru assured her supporters that she had been hard at work since her last statement in early June in which she savaged the post-congress Zanu PF and apologised to Zimbabweans for the mistakes that she and her erstwhile colleagues in the ruling party had made since 1980.

“I wish to share with you, in brief, how we propose to translate our vision for a better Zimbabwe into reality, through the proposed Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development,” she said.

Moving to distinguish People First from the post-congress Zanu PF, Mujuru said their policies would be informed by a desire to see Zimbabwe move forward as a proud member of the international community; a determination to create a just and equitable society in which all people would be treated equally in line with the founding principles of the liberation struggle; and a desire to see the country grow and create equal opportunities for all.

“Zimbabwe must move forward, economically, socially and politically. Let us BUILD Zimbabwe together,” she implored Zimbabweans, adding that the country belonged to all the people who called it home, regardless of colour, creed, disability, gender, race or religious background.

“Together we can BUILD Zimbabwe into a modern democratic State, with a vibrant economy where every citizen is responsible for peace, freedom, democracy and can prosper,” she said.

Explaining for the first time in detail what People First stood for, Mujuru said, “We are national democrats, guided by the values of the liberation struggle, of self-determination, self-dignity, self-pride, expressed through the adoption of market-driven policies under a constitutional democracy, with the State acting as a facilitator and regulator to allow for a level playing field and to provide equal opportunities for all”.


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Tsvangirai and Mujuru are both zanu products so there is more in common than what separates them. Unfortunately the majority of those who vote are not savvy to know that their interest will not be served by such a pact.

Lt General - 10 September 2015

Those linking Mujuru to ZANU PF are merely hacinating. The Lagy has been sacked and is now planning her own future. So far so good . She is now an independent individual who can now do her own things her own way. leave her alone . Pasi neZANU mhondi dzemuAfrica

Zvanguzvaita - 10 September 2015


zimunya wasu - 10 September 2015

Kana madofo maviri akasangana panobudha madhodhi. Hapana zviripo apa. There are better people to dream of than these to failures.

Madofo - 10 September 2015

madofo uri dofo rematofo ose. doto remunhu

mhofu - 10 September 2015

Gore ra 2018 will be interesting. Everyday that passes is a day forward towards freedom.

Amai na Baba Kiriyeni - 10 September 2015

Zimbabwe does not need a rocket scientist or a Doctor of Philosophy to prosper it only needs some simple minded people with all the qualities of UBUNTU like Mai Mujuru to steer it towards the right direction. Yes She might not be Eloquent and Intelligent like Barrack Obama and the good thing is she acknowledges that. This could also be the reason why she will form a command centre of technocrats around her for advise. This is a breath of fresh air in the Zim Politics. Vanoti Mujuru atengesa vanonyepa nokuti even General Tongo ndozvavaingotaura kuti hondo yechimurenga was not fighting colour of the skin or creed they were fighting a system whatch his interview on youtube. It has been too hot for long we now need the best, MOTHER'S LOVE. MAI MUJURU is the REAL DEAL

frank gebru - 10 September 2015

Morgen naJoicy ndopanoti CHIBABA_BABA chacho neCHIMHAMHA_MHAMHA chacho Zimbabwe yose

chatihomu!!! - 10 September 2015

The name of the grand coalition shall be called the People' s Democratic Movement of Zimbabwe (PEDEMOZ)

My Prophecy - 10 September 2015

All we need is a people that will do what's right for all Zimbabweans and our country is high time the Mujurus ,the Tsvangiraiz , the Welshman's and most of all the ever best economist Simba Malone put hands together and make Zim the pride of Africa. Zimbabweans its time to heal , time to put all levels of our differences aside. Our tomorrow is up to us. I miss my Zim

madampi mlue - 10 September 2015

nothing wrong with people coming together for a common cause. what is important at the end of the day is to restore order in our country. people are tired of the bickering going on in both zanu and mdc. lets hope the people first will bring change into our zim.

taurai - 10 September 2015


Wilbert Mukori - 10 September 2015

Mugabe and Zanu Pf are history now.Thanks auntie Joice for giving us hope.I personally had lost hope that our Tsvangirai will take us to the promised land , taking arms and fight the evil regime was the last resort.But now I hope has been revived and I'm happy you have promised to take us there.I have a feeling that Chihuri ,Shiri and Chiwenga won't betray us again this time around,because they seem to be fed up of being used by 'Stop it ' and her nonagenarian.

BOB STEP - 10 September 2015

Sometimes you wonder its ignorance or madness that causes people to confuse themselves with very simple matters. My first question is what will MDC gain from Mai Mujuru?,what sensible thing can Mai Mujuru do to help zimbabweans, This so called grand coalition will only serve to confirm what all genuine MDC supporters have always speculated that Morgen Tsvangirai has some zanu pf blood and has great love and respect for Robert Mugabe. The painful is Mujuru, Mutasa and Gumbo can never be seperated from zanu pf and cannot be forgiven because they have been annehilated by Mugabe. A small gestrure of rependence would have been to say ' I stole so much from you and am returning so much. As long as she has all that ill gotten wealth she can never be a genuine partner in future politics of this country.

cmoyo - 10 September 2015

Sometimes you wonder if its ignorance or madness that causes people to confuse themselves with very simple matters. My first question is what will MDC gain from Mai Mujuru?,what sensible thing can Mai Mujuru do to help zimbabweans, This so called grand coalition will only serve to confirm what all genuine MDC supporters have always speculated that Morgen Tsvangirai has some zanu pf blood and has great love and respect for Robert Mugabe. The painful thing is Mujuru, Mutasa and Gumbo can never be seperated from zanu pf and cannot be forgiven because they have been annehilated by Mugabe. A small gestrure of rependence would have been to say ' I stole so much from you and am returning so much'. As long as she has all that ill gotten wealth she can never be a genuine partner in the future politics of this country.

cmoyo - 10 September 2015

MDC-T has one more window oportunity to be the governing party. Instead of preparing to govern MDC-T is shutting down that window by entertaining Mujuru and company. I have no problem in Morgan talking to Ncube and Biti. What can a person learn from failures like Mutasa and Mujuru. MDC-T must leave these Zanu pf seeds to die because if kept warm they will germinate and start to spread again the rest is history. MDC has 73% according to Mugabe and must not negotiate with anyone. Mujuru and company must buy MDC cards and become ordinary members, anything else is like kissing your own sister. Morgan wake up!!!! STop entertaining people who have cause untold suffering to millions. If this Mujuru /MDC deal goes through the Midlands-Matebeleland 80s issues will never have closure. Complete system overhaul will never be achieved. GNU is a typical example. Each political party for itself. Mujuru must share the remainder 27% with Mugabe.

X-MAN IV - 10 September 2015

Dai Biti aiwerenga macomments aisiyana nazvo zvekaparty aka. People know the mistake they made when Makoni came and they will not repeat. Check comments on Biti's launch of party and that for Mai Mujuru, you can see Mai Mujuru is better. A pact of Mujuru and Tsvangirai would be good, considering almost all provincial chairman supported Mujuru her ability to get rural support on board will be better thab Tsvangi and also her war credentials are important, she has an appeal to war vets and related and is then not a puppet of anyone. Tsvangi has die hard urban supporters and combining this with Mujuru gives them an upper hand

cremora - 10 September 2015

While the coming together of Mujuru and Tsvangis may sound good I have a sense of fear judging on what we saw on the GNU. Before the GNU many people felt it was a good thing for Bob and Tsvangs to share power simply bcoz vange vanzwa nenhamo. People always take wrong decisions when they are in pain or suffering. My dear Zimbabweans tanzwa nenhamo but can Tsvangs and mujuru take us to where we want? Have we really given up on Tsvangirai to such an extent? If Mujuru is telling us the truth let us wait and see. But if she is going to betray us what will we do this time. Tsvangs do u have plan b on this? Because this time even u urself u will give up. Pls mai Mujuru mean what u say and change from ur old ways. Use what u stole from us to remove those u stole with from power. Cos what u all have is not urs its ours.

dembo - 10 September 2015

That's why Zimbabwe is what it is , as long People think that Joyce is repented the downward spiral will continue .

zololo - 10 September 2015

Zololo we need a quick turn around of the country and as such we dont have time to wait for someone unknown to first establish base and be known, we have 2 work with the devils we have, if these devils work together something positive may come out

cremora - 10 September 2015

Day dreaming. Its too early to speculate on coalition of like minded. Mujuru and Mtasa have always been double deeping. Mutasa ndisekuru vaTeresa Makoni

liberty shungu - 11 September 2015

Zimbabwean politics is now like child play

paul shoko - 11 September 2015

Tsvangirai will have everything to lose if he joins hands with Mujuru. Mark my words.

machakachaka - 11 September 2015

i wish to congratulate in advance those who will leave beyond 2018, for surely they will be the first to test real freedom and democracy in Zimbabwe. The Satanic organisation born in 1963 will then be history.

Referee - 11 September 2015

if Mujuru is linked to Tsvangson then there is no hope of a new party. Anything that tsvangson touches dies.

neniwo - 11 September 2015

nyaya hombe kubvisa zanupf, so whatever it takes at the moment aslong chichibvisa zanu its okey, then tozotaura nekuti anenjere kana ane chiyi ndiani on a fair ground, right now nomater how good ou are zanupf makes you useless

varidzi venyaya - 11 September 2015

The president is appointing 14 new ministers today. it never gets worse. IMF report on Zim states that authorities are committed to reducing govt wage bill. Is this the sign of the commitment? Instead of reducing the ministies the old man is actually adding more so that the number of ministries equals his age. He wants a minister for each year of his age. Please Mai Mujuru come out in the open and speak against such practices. Tsvangirai and company are just quiet while this is happening. Zimbabweans lets demand accountability and stop this madness. Ministers for what? Deadwood for what?

kent - 11 September 2015

Where is the CIO in all this talk?Queit and busy at work.Zimbabwe is one country where underground activities account for 90% of the national budget.Wheather it is going to be Mujuru and Tsvangirai or Mujuru only the CIO is busy at work to ensure that there is no meaningful opposition by 2018 because Mudhara is not going to there with us.

juks - 11 September 2015

Whatever talks mighty take place the truth is Mujuru is not a good strategic ally when fighting zanu bcoz she is zanu through and through anyway we have never seen her support but only a few confused individuals making useless noise here . This country needs to be let by people who have nothing to do with zanu not those who will further the interest of zanu no no nada people are not fools Mujuru formed the party to revenge her sacking from the rotten party not to say she has the country at hart .She never loves this country at all if she did love this country she should have left the govt in protest of bad gorvernance long ago not to wait to be fired by Grace.

Diibulaanyika - 11 September 2015

I don't know whether it's desperation or what but I just don't understand why everyone seems so excited about mujuru, so it means if Mugabe is booted out and forms another zanu people will sing praises as well. Mujuru got her chance and failed, what makes people believe she can do better this time. That manifesto can be composed by anyone, it's the practicality that matters and we know anyone with zanu dna is a liar. Tsvang beware of the snake, people are underestimating how strong MDC is. Mujuru has no proven support base, she has support of her comrades she was with in zanu but not the masses. Are people sure they are falling for this crap? Mujuru is zanu, she said it herself that she will die in zanu as she does not know any other party. If she was genuine she would have quit zanu long time ago and either join MDC or form her own party and not wait to be kicked out. Had she not been kicked out would we be talking about her right now? I don't think so!!! Tsvang is the man and MDC is the party and it would be suicidal if MDC decides to join with mujuru, even to discuss important stuff, I sense that this is meant to destroy MDC T. Vanhu vanokanganwa zva zuro nehope handiti?

misty - 11 September 2015

When we want to solve a problem we must identify the problem. The problem is 'Mugabe the dictator'. He dictates everything from the economy (which he does not understand), to every minute thing. Those who differ with him are eliminated, remember; Tekere, Ushewokunze, Makoni, Murerwa , Mavaire and even business persons; Masiyiwa, Ntuli Ncube, Mutuma Mawere , Makamba et al. What we need is a rainbow coalition of opposition parties including People First. We also need the support of Zanu PF. You remember ( bora musango) on the president's position 2008. This was a Zanu PF Project not influenced by the opposition. The police and soldiers did their part silently. We must have a buy in by every Zimbabwean for change in 2018, it will be a rig proof strategy. When we elect a new President we do it as a Nation. A win win situation. Every Zimbabwean realises that 2018 is a watershed.

timothy - 11 September 2015

Save vakateya Chimoko zvavo

changara - 11 September 2015

uuuh Tsvangirai,i think you forgot the tactics of zanu pf.you cant trust anyone from zanu,remember edger tekere splitted to join forces to oust mugabe bt later was back to zanu pf.DONT do this,NEVER,join anyone or slse you destroying our party.

tsviriyo magamba - 11 September 2015

Remember all that big noise in the media when Mujuru was publicly accused of treason and planning to assassinate Mugabe, not so? How come she has not been formally investigated or faced trial for this most serious offense? Mugabe as we all know does not tolerate any opposition, he eliminates them. Why is Mujuru still alive? Same questions apply to Tsvangirai. These people are trying to fool everyone. Don't ever trust them. ZANU PF backs are to the wall, they know that they are finished politically so they are now resorting to desperate measures by trying to make everyone believe that Mujuru and Tsvangirai are real opposition when in fact they are still very much under the control of Mugabe. We need new blood in our political system otherwise we are voting for the exact same ZANU PF culture? Wake up Zimbabwe.

Shockwave - 12 September 2015

@Shockwave, yes, you are quite correct and I agree with absolutely everything you say, Baba. I also remember when the Herald, Mugabe's unofficial mouthpiece, featured an articles alleging that Mujuru had met foreign agents abroad and was collaborating with Eric Little, from the US Embassy in Harare? Remember? Then how come she hasn't been charged and thrown in jail like every other genuine opposition member? The charges against her were extremely serious yet somehow she seems to have some special muti and avoided the punishment Mugabe dishes out to all his other opponents? Is this now all part of a grand scheme and build up to provide her with the right disguise to fool everyone in Zimbabwe into believing that she is real opposition and not still under the control of Mugabe? Nobody is going to fool me. Never will I trust any of these people again.

Blackout - 12 September 2015

Baba ndiyambutsei rwizi,uru rwizi Jordan !

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 12 September 2015

Tsvangirai should never ever connive with Mujuru in a move to oust Mugabe. these are long time friends. bear in mind that there Might be Joyce Project to dismantle opposition politics in Zimbabwe. please Tsvangirai MORGEN rICHARD, NEVER FOOL YOURSELF THAT JOYCE LOVES YOU

chuwe edson - 13 September 2015

Mai Mujuru never had a chance to rule Zimbabwe.She was a mere vice president with no power.What we know is she has a huge following basing on the number of chairpersons sent packing.Mai Mujuru has the appeal to persuade all other democratic forces in the country to come together and form a grand coalition against zpf

Tobias ndo - 13 September 2015

Joice Mujuru is making the biggest mistake of her life in joining forces with Tsvangirai (if what the press says is true). Tsvangirai of all people could be your demise. STAND ALONE IF NEED BE JOICE (TEURAI), unless you do not have the courage, otherwise wise people will not give a 2nd chance and look at you and your party. Unenge watofoira.

Mimi - 14 September 2015

pamberi nekubatana

joshua - 16 September 2015

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