Mujuru blueprint: Don't get too excited yet

EDITOR — I am surprised as to what people are getting so excited about with regards the recent political developments in the country.

I think this excitement is born out of desperation and frustration.

If Mai Mujuru had not been booted out of Zanu PF, do you think she would be publishing that blueprint?

This is a woman who did not voluntarily leave Zanu PF, remember?

I think we are at a crucial point where we should not be using emotions to make important decisions but reason rather. Mai Mujuru is Zanu PF and she is not the way forward.

In my opinion, Morgan Tsvangirai is the person who can lead us out of this mess.

Be careful of Zanu PF, do not get too excited about this development, this is a grand plan by Zanu PF, ever wondered why they still retain the name Zanu PF?

Have you thought about the confusion that will arise to some of the people regarding two Zanus? Remember what they call splitting of votes and confusing the electorate.

If Mai Mujuru was repentant, as she claims, she would have long resigned from Zanu PF to form her own party and not wait to be kicked out, it’s as simple as that.

She is a politician remember, she will tell you what you want to hear and then you start singing praises.

Do not be surprised, come election time.

Mai Mujuru will be the presidential candidate for a coalition of the two Zanus.

Wake up Zimbabweans!!!



Comments (14)

I cannot agree better with you mwana wamai. Wabaya bveni ngemukanwa chaimo!for those avid rundada mujuru supporters, I would urge you to put your champagne on ice for a while. that joice is a fearless war vet, I have absolutely no doubt. about the political terrain, going it alone, it is quite another thing. the thought that someone who breaks away from an established party always takes with a chunk of its supports can be absolute fallacy. look at welshboy ncube, dabengwa and mbiti for starters. for welsh and mbiti, they even showed the courage of leaving and were not pushed out like joice. the fact that joice waited to be pushed out implies that were it not for the unfortunate night or day of long knives, she wanted to wine and dine with the zanu zombies for life, even her statements just before and after her ouster clearly showed this position. the question then is that how many people are really convinced that she is totally independent and not an appendage of the ruling party like did Daniel shumba? the other issue is that the majority of zanu supporters support the party because of its carrots and sticks the question that remains is that does she have the resources to entice those supporters and the machinery to unleash violence in order to garner support? have people forgiven her theft and party to the murderous regime? it is one thing to ask for forgiveness and quite another to get it. additionally, she did not tell us what transpired during her lifelong association with zanu. she holds a lot of looted properties and one wonders how she is going to go after the likes of mbocho, obese and several who have also looted.

josphat mugadzaweta - 15 September 2015

Its not as simple as that ,Josphat. How many people became successful business people after being fired from their place of employment? Im for judging Mrs Mujuru on her own merits/or lack of. People change. Or it could`ve been foolhardy her to disagree with her superior when she was VP. Could it be that she had her own vision of how Zim should be run,that maybe in trying to be heard in ZANU PF,she angered her boss? She alone got those answers,its upto her convince or fail to convince the multitudes of people who doubt her fitness to take Zim out of this mess.

Onward - 15 September 2015

I think we are expecting too much within a very short time from this woman. I don't the interest shown so far translates into support/votes. However that she has the experience and potential to rise to the call cannot be decided in a day. We have all heard that among her "crimes" in zanu pf were among others: the desire to see reforms implemented, working with the west, giving land back to the whites. This alone shows she had become a square peg in the round hole. The powers in the zpf party was not comfortable with her taking over hence everything possible to stop her had to be done. What we would like to see is her team besides Mutasa, Gumbo, Bhasikiti and JB. Are they people who have the pedigree to take the nation to the promised land. We would like to see the strategies they are going to employ to counter zpf as compared to the near misses we are accustomed to with the mdc-t. As of now she has to ride on our benefit of doubt because i believe she still have to meet the people and converse with them. In that process we will then be able to judge if she is any different from her former colleagues. Nevertheless she has to be applauded for the courage to stand for herself. Remember when she was fired she never went to court to challenge her ouster. In fact she has been on record demanding that she be tried in court for the variety of charges levelled against her in newspapers. She started by an apology but whether Zimbabweans accept or not is not within her control. Now she delivered her manifesto. We now wait for engagement. In the meantime chimbodzorai tsvimbo.

wagara wadonono - 15 September 2015

Josphart, would you not forgive. Remember Morgan was once a zanu member but he realised that the system was wrong and decided to form his part. The reason that she got kicked out of zanu could be that she was not agreeing with their style anymore. Lets give her a benefit of a doubt.

concerned zim in diaspora - 15 September 2015

josphat shamwari even tsvangirai aitombovawo ikoko bvaazobva aona pariku laker..tsvangirai atorinani...ko mai mujuru vaita tht mai mujuru vadzingwa I think she knows everything abt zpf and she has the experience plii guys lets give her the benefit of dought...

mwana wevhu.. - 15 September 2015

Morgan has failed us.

Ndimba - 18 September 2015

Hapana chitsva chinounzwa namai mujuru,she is just a zanu pf idiot bitch.TSVANGIRAI IS THE WAY WAY TO GO.HEZVO KO BWAAA.

Cde Chinotimba - 18 September 2015

Musaderere vafana

HWENJE WEROMWE - 22 September 2015

guys we can argue more about this lets wait for the election remember God has something to do with Country from the start

Ralph - 23 September 2015

Chero iwe uri kufara kwazvo because nhamo yacho yeZimbabwe unoiziva. Over excitement comes to everybody who has suffered beyond the normal level of suffering.

Hon'o - 24 September 2015

Cut the crap. What is Tsvangirai? For how many years has he been chasing Mugabe and what have you to show for it. Tsvangirai is never the Zimbabwean economic solution. He is another dumb dude who has no clue except to make noise. Mai Mujuru can split the ZANU PF vote but the real answer to our plight is God. We need more of god. Not the god of your prophet but the God of heaven. Next time when you go to write use your head to think and never your butt.

Rowan - 27 September 2015

Together Tsvangirai and Mai Mujuru can help bring about the kind of a democratic state needed in Zimbabwe with the hellp of other democractic forces in the country. There is no need to destroy Zanu pf because we will end up with the same situation we have had for the past 34 years. on top of everything we the people should work hard to support those try to achieve democracy through what we say. If we attack them we are supporting Zanu pf. Over to you.

Newnation - 28 September 2015

Its unGodly to take away land from its owner without compensation. In the bible if some one was going to take over a piece of land no matter how big or small, there was money exchanging hands so that the previous owner will have some money to use where ever he shall go. If you make a destitute from a productive man, its not a blessing to the new owner of that land, or even the government. Read Genesis 23, and 2 Samuel 24:20-25 and many other places. No wonder we are in this messy and it will never get better until this part is rectified.

R.Siyanata - 29 September 2015


TAPIWA MU - 9 February 2016

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