Tsvangirai embraces Mujuru

HARARE - Opposition leader Morgan Tsvangirai has welcomed former Vice President Joice Mujuru’s entrance into opposition politics, describing her bold move as a clear sign that the ruling party is about to disintegrate.

“Firstly, (MDC) president Tsvangirai’s position regarding the whole issue is that the bold step taken by Amai Mujuru to finally and completely break ranks with Zanu PF confirms the inevitable demise of Zanu PF,” Tsvangirai’s spokesperson Luke Tamborinyoka said.

“We are heartened by her realisation that the opposition has been right all along that the crisis in the country has been about leadership, corruption and a bad governance culture by those in the stewardship of the State.

“We feel vindicated by her acknowledgement of the imperative for a new direction for the country.

“For us, the fact that liberation struggle icons have joined the opposition in articulating what Zimbabweans have been hoping for all these years is indeed a breath of fresh air.

“With the majority of Zimbabweans gearing for a new beginning, this week’s developments confirm that there is hope indeed for the future.”

As she announced her political outfit’s Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build), Mujuru proposed revising President Robert Mugabe’s domestic and foreign policies, which many say have repelled donors.

Mujuru’s statement was attacked by petrified Zanu PF apologists, who claimed that the policy document was a mirror image of MDC’s previous policy documents.

But Mujuru is seemingly undeterred by the resentment from her former comrades in the warring Zanu PF.

Her allies are already in talks “with anyone in order to end Mugabe’s rule”.

The stoic Mujuru in June this year apologised to Zimbabweans for the mistakes she had made when she was a member of the ruling party.

Tsvangirai said it is heart-warming that a person of such stature could take such a “bold” move and take her “mentor” by the horns.

Analysts say Mujuru’s policy document is a clear refection that she is now ready to take on Zanu PF and correct the wrongs that have seen the country became a basket case and an epitome of a failed state.

Didymus Mutasa, the former Presidential Affairs minister and close confidant of Mujuru told the Daily News that the mooted party will enter into electoral pacts with any party in order to dismantle the post-congress Zanu PF.

“We are ready for talks with everyone whether it is Tsvangirai or Tendai Biti because we want a coalition that can end the suffering that our people are going through,” Mutasa said.

Asked if they have been talks between People First and the MDC formations, Mutasa replied “several”.

“We have met emissaries from that side on several occasions not once and we will continue to engage with them,” Mutasa said.

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I thought kuti today is Sept 11

Miros - 11 September 2015

..yes,...so? what about Sept 11 in Zim context?

Den - 11 September 2015

Its good that all the opposition parties know that that they all do not have what it takes to fight Zanu pf . It is also good that you know you do not agree on all matters except that you want to be presidents . un fortunately there is only one president at any one time . This is what keeps Zanu pf in power .Mujuru is only coming for to rule and will not accept any other person . Tsvangirai wants to rule and will not accept any other person . The same applies sto Biti , Mangoma , Makoni , Dabengwa etc etc . If it were not so , you would all dissolve your parties and come up with one party and not these coalitions . All these parties are actually factions of the coalition . under these circumstances , Zanu pf woyeeeee!!!!

Hayibo ! - 11 September 2015

Dissolving a huge political party like MDC T bcoz of Mujuru will be idiocy at it best . The woman is zanu and must be kept away from mdc t the only hope of the nation and be confined to her faction of zanu with her corrupt comrades . But she has done well bcoz now we have two zanu PF and that means splitting of zanu votes that is good news indeed . Any one day dreaming that Mujuru is a leader must have his heard checked and something kokayi removed from their skop .

Diibulaanyika - 11 September 2015

“We are ready for talks with everyone whether it is Tsvangirai or Tendai Biti because we want a coalition that can end the suffering that our people are going through,” Mutasa said. Did people start suffering after you were booted out of zanu pf didimasi? Teurai is zanu, didimasi is zanu, tsvangison is zanu period

Qiniso - 11 September 2015

For 34 years they have been part of zanu n now they see the evil only because they have been kicked out. tsvangison joined them for 2+ years and even now he is still crying to zanu pf to have him back. The alliance is doomed to fail end of the story

Qiniso - 11 September 2015

The enemy advances, we retreat; the enemy camps, we harass; the enemy tires, we attack; the enemy retreats, we pursue” Mao Tse-Tung quotes (Chinese stateman, the key figure in China in the 20th century, 1893-1976)

strategist - 11 September 2015

@Qinso must be called Manga bcoz all zimbabweans know Morgan is not ZANU pliz if you are mad better go to the dust bins where you can meet with your friends with same sickness of brains and you can lie to each other while scavenging for rubbish eat .Never hallucinate infront of normal and unfused people .

Diibulaanyika - 11 September 2015

Mujuru and company are where they are today not on their own accord and will. MDC-T leadership must stop entertaining and praising these zanu pf rejects. Mutasa was headlands M.P and Minister of State and we want closure on the Maisiri family. Mujuru's husband was army commander during 80s Midlands-Matebeleland darkest times. Do you think Mujuru will be transparent in closing all Political deaths which occurred while she was V.P. ?Morgan must stop dinning and praising criminals. If Morgan is not careful he will wake up when Mujuru and company passes a vote of no confidence in him as the leader of the coalition. Mujuru and Company wants to protect their loot and crimes going into a new Zimbabwe.

X-MAN IV - 11 September 2015

A big party like MDC, really! I dont think I understand the defination of a big party, a party bigger than the people. I was always of the view that the party is there to serve the people. If dissolving it would serve the people why should this be a problem? Staying on MDC, the other day, someone reminded me it also has a constitution, which states the presidence must change after such a period. Why is all this being overlooked? Becoz its a big party. You are correct, we dont need any more confusion. If any party or any one was for the people, all these so called parties, would have long joined forces for the good of Zimbambwe. But to think Biti wants to rule, Tsvagirai wants to rule, mugabe wants to stay in power, now Mujuru joins the list, I think the list goes on. Dont forget Grace. I am sure this has nothing to do with the people, definately not. ALL these people are oppotunists for power. And for our own good can someone enlighten us on what a "political party" is?? Suprised!!

manheru - 13 September 2015

It can only take former ZANU bigwigs to dismantle ZANU rule.Its not always a matter of dissolving political parties to join the other.Alliances can be formed,just like ANC alliance to work together.Power can be shared based on votes.

Chief - 13 September 2015

While it is unadvisable to sup with the Devil, it also makes good sense to devise and implement good strategies of winning a situation, such as forging a strong united force against the evil establishment, even with former adversaries who will stand trial in the new democracy, and pay for the crimes they committed during their time with the villainous regime. These are, I believe, some of the issues forming part of the agenda in the initial background discussions. Don't they say there are no permanent enemies/allies in politics? It is necessary to set aside some of the principles and swallow some pride when working for people. We want to see change in the country as we are tired of this Zanu made poverty. If Makoni, Dongo, Biti, Welshman Ncube, Didymus Mutasa, Tsvangirai and indeed Jonathan Moyo could form a credible government with the effect of opening up good relations with the international community, culminating in the creation of millions of jobs and countrywide infrastructure development, and put in place mechanisms of addressing past injustices, what is the matter with that? Some what of what we think we know about some of these individual politicians may be far from the reality after some judicial processes. You never know.

Mr Dete - 13 September 2015

Daily I just want to thank you for giving us unbiased and balanced news,thanks for telling it like it.The way you report news is the reason why your paper is still the best selling newspaper in Zimbabwe.You are far much better than the NEWS DAY that writes TSVANGIRAI SINGS PRAISE SONGS FOR JOICE,what a misleading headline.

Bob Step Down - 13 September 2015

my question is directed specifically to Morgan Tswangirai are you in a position to stand down and give someone else a chance, i believe this is the change which many people with in MDC are also waiting for you , you have tried and failed sir

Dube 1 - 14 September 2015

There is no 'bold move' here. Mujuru was sacked & all her wealth & station is due to political patronage. She can only keep those things by trying to remain politically relevant. If Zanu wont give her a home, she looks for it elsewhere. The problem for MDC-T & other opposition groups is that there are a lot Zanu people (sympathisers) in their ranks even in leadership positions and see in Mujuru a continuation of that political dogma of pillage and violence they are so much at home to.

Galore 123 - 14 September 2015

you attract what you are tsvangirai is a movement of failure just like ami mujuru guys with no ambition , birds of the same feather

DISCORD MASHINGAIDZE - 15 September 2015

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