Mujuru rattles scared Mugabe

HARARE - Former Vice President Joice Mujuru set the cat among the pigeons in President Robert Mugabe’s warring post-congress Zanu PF after she dramatically and unexpectedly announced her re-entry into formal national politics on Monday while releasing what analysts say was an “attractive and potent” manifesto for her People First movement.

The Daily News understands that the Zanu PF politburo, the party’s highest decision-making body outside congress, will now devote some of its discussions on Mujuru when it meets in Harare today, instead of the initial focus that was on the party’s escalating factional and succession wars that have seen combative national political commissar, Saviour Kasukuwere, come under growing pressure from his swelling party enemies.

Well-placed sources told the newspaper last night that Mugabe and his close aides were also “worried sick” about a possible electoral pact between Mujuru — who is widely respected inside and outside Zanu PF — and the popular and battle-hardened opposition leader, Morgan Tsvangirai, which would complicate the life of the already reeling and seriously divided ruling party.

To underscore the naked anxiety of the post-congress Zanu PF about Mujuru’s stunning gambit, its officials and sympathisers went into overdrive on social media yesterday, trying desperately to discredit both her manifesto and her political prospects going forward — but public sentiment was overwhelmingly against them.

As an example, one Twitter user who reacted to the rabid but predictable criticism of Mujuru’s manifesto by Zanu PF apparatchiks said sarcastically, “if only Gushungo (Mugabe) had consulted Joice before announcing his 10-point plan ZimAsset would be buzzing. #1980SoFarSoBad”.

And analysts who spoke to the Daily News yesterday said although Mugabe had previously accused Mujuru and her supporters of corruption, it was unlikely that the increasingly frail nonagenarian would carry out his threats given the fact that the country’s State security sector, which is the bulwark of Zanu PF’s power, was divided along factional lines.

On his part, a confident former Presidential Affairs minister and close ally of Mujuru, Didymus Mutasa, vowed yesterday that his group of disaffected liberation struggle stalwarts would dethrone the post-congress Zanu PF from power and “unshackle Zimbabweans from their current chains of servitude”.

“Zimbabweans are very happy with our clear policy document and they are saying don’t forget us when you get in power,” he said, rejecting Zanu PF claims that their policy document, Build, was plagiarised from MDC blueprints and that it was a supposed negation of the ideals of the liberation struggle.

“Even if we copied the MDC, what is the problem with that? By the way, we are looking forward to working with that party. Our aim is to unite all parties so that we remove the post-congress Zanu PF from power.

“It doesn’t matter where we get ideas from, as long as these ideas do not come from Zanu PF,” Mutasa said, giving wind to suggestions that Mujuru is ready to discuss an electoral pact with Tsvangirai.

Mutasa also added that the People First leadership had “absolutely nothing to fear about anything” and that the party would not be deterred by “silly threats of prison”.

Academic Ibbo Mandaza was among the analysts who felt that it was unlikely that the State would move against Mujuru given the deep-seated divisions within the establishment.

“There has always been fear in Zanu PF following the post-congress purges. When purges go too far and are unrestrained, it simply means that the party becomes a minority party in numerical terms.

“The purges split both the party and the State and when the State is divided those in the profession of politics like (Higher Education minister) Jonathan Moyo and myself know what it means. That is why Zanu PF is panicking and there is every reason for the likes of Moyo to panic,” Mandaza said.

According to Mandaza, what was particularly causing disquiet in the ruling party was that it was no longer in control of the people.

Writing on Facebook, political analyst Pedzisai Ruhanya said Mujuru’s Build policy document contained “ideological clarity”.

“They are unlike Zanu PF that preaches socialism when they practice Stone Age capitalism, punctuated by criminal accumulation of wealth in a sea of national poverty. Not a bad start Cde Spill Blood! (Mujuru’s war time nickname — Teurai Ropa).

“Her challenge is how to put theory into practice. Plus Zanu PF will dash to criticise her position on indigenisation and fair compensation to those whose land was forcibly taken. They will argue she wants to return land to white farmers!” he warned.

University of Zimbabwe political scientist Eldred Masunungure also warned Mujuru that she should now “budget for worse things than mere banter” from her erstwhile Zanu PF comrades.

“Arrest and harassment, including persecution are unfortunately part of the game in Zimbabwean politics under Zanu PF. It will be the height of naivety for Mujuru to expect that Zanu PF will fold its arms and not resort to its traditional brutal methods.

“She should be prepared for the worst because these are some of the occupational hazards for a Zimbabwean politician. It won’t be a walk in the park. The violent might of the State will descend heavily on her,” Masunungure said.

It became officially game on between Mugabe and Mujuru, after she gave written notice on Monday that she would be taking Zanu PF head-on in the eagerly-anticipated 2018 national elections.

This means that as previously revealed by the Daily News, a political thriller of epic proportions — if Zanu PF does not typically resort to violence to retain its iron grip on power — is on the cards in the 2018 polls, with Tsvangirai and his re-awakening main opposition MDC also strongly in the mix.

Mugabe’s warring party split into two bitterly-opposed formations at the end of last year at the height of its internal ructions, with its purged liberation struggle stalwarts moving to initiate the re-establishment of the “original” Zanu PF — which uses the slogan People First.

In a statement on Monday announcing her political outfit’s Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development (Build) in the country, Mujuru assured her supporters that she had been hard at work since her last statement in early June in which she savaged the post-congress Zanu PF and apologised to Zimbabweans for the mistakes that she and her erstwhile colleagues in the ruling party had made since 1980.

“I wish to share with you, in brief, how we propose to translate our vision for a better Zimbabwe into reality, through the proposed Blueprint to Unlock Investment and Leverage for Development,” she said.

Moving to distinguish People First from the post-congress Zanu PF, Mujuru said their policies would be informed by a desire to see Zimbabwe move forward as a proud member of the international community; a determination to create a just and equitable society in which all people would be treated equally in line with the founding principles of the liberation struggle; and a desire to see the country grow and create equal opportunities for all.

“Zimbabwe must move forward, economically, socially and politically. Let us BUILD Zimbabwe together.”


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what a clear manifesto. politics dziya dzospaka spaka. gorerino-irorino hameno

mwanawevhu - 9 September 2015

zvatosvorana , mugabe anomama chete gore rino

chembere yekwaDotito - 9 September 2015


JOHNS NYASHA - 9 September 2015

i do not see the rattling here....seriously!!

hey - 9 September 2015


kkkk - 9 September 2015

The manifesto sounds clear enough. But.....but the problem now is that the majority of these people forming the People First are predominantly Zanu PF. What will make a difference now besides the fact they are disgruntled and axed post-Congress Zanu PF members? It's just a power wrangle, otherwise there won't be much of a difference.

Hotshot - 9 September 2015

Mujuru and her people first cannot fool everybody .100% of country's destruction was made before the Dec 2014 congress. MDC T must stay as far away as possible from Mujuru and company. The DNA of people first is very TOXIC to the country.

X-MAN IV - 9 September 2015

Posted 30 November 2014 Prophesy Headline: SUCCESSION! A HOUSE FIGHTING WITHIN ITSELF I KINGS 1 Vs 1 – 52 Highlights 1. Vs 1 : David was old but still ruling 2. Vs 5 : Adonijah one of the King's son puts himself forward for Kingship but SOLOMON awaits for the time. 3. Vs 7 : Adonijah conferred with Joab (Army General of David) & Abiathar (the priest) 4. Vs 9 : Adonijar invited all his brothers, the King's sons & some royal officials to the installation ceremony but did not invite Nathan (the prophet), or Benaiah (Another influential Army General), or Abiathar (another influential priest), or his brother SOLOMON (the chosen one) 5. V11 – 52 : Plots and sub plots until SOLOMON ascends to the throne. Issues to check on Zimbabwean context: * Age of the ruler * Declaration of the two “sons” of Zanu PF for the kingship * Check the alleged side of the Army General & some highly recognized priests * Current situation is; all “sons” of Zanu PF and some priests are being invited and are attending (some willingly and some unwillingly), “ceremonies” to propel one of the sons to the throne. But SOLOMON (the heir to the throne), or the prophet, or Benaiah (another influential General) are not part to this. *This is where the episode is at the moment. WHAT WILL HAPPEN AFTER THIS CURRENT EPISODE IS FROM Vs 11 – 52 until SOLOMON ascends to the throne. By the way do we have anything related to the name SOLOMON in Zimbabwean Politics? Revisit this prophesy after two years.

The Prophet - 9 September 2015

“In Jesus Name I Pray: I see white and black diplomatic visitors coming into Zimbabwe and leaving almost immediately and they are all walking to this woman seated in a place of royalty. What is this? This day is coming closer because as I am talking right now; the world is watching this day. I leave it at that,”

pro - 9 September 2015

Mujuru, mujuru chaiwo. Mungatotarisira zvipenyu here panaMujuru? Totenda dzamwa dzaswera naMugabe!

dick mboko - 9 September 2015

Back to the liberation ideologies. Ndeyedu tese Zimbabwe. We did not fight to chase the white but to correct the system...just like now we do not want to destroy our fellow brothers and sisters but to go back to the true ideologies of the struggle. Ikozvino majority people are suffering and a few have more than enough just like it was during settler rule. She accepts her mistakes, she apologized, she will be given another chance. This time....hameno

dollarman - 9 September 2015

@X-MAN IV..... I totally agree with you, i'm one of those who refuse to be fooled by this zanu scheme. While everyone is excited about mai mujuru, it's a win win for zanu as all they want is to buy time and for people to forget about electoral reforms by keeping people's minds on mujuru and they are definitely succeeding, i'm sure we all know zanu will do what they do best, that is, come up with anything that will keep them in power and this mujuru project is one of the scams they are using to try and get everyone to their side, I am 100% sure the 2 zanus are one and the same thing and only time will tell but time is definitely what we don't have. All these people who are criticising Tsvang have forgotten that it was him and his MDC team that rescued Zim from total economic collapse after Mugabe stole the 2008 election. Tsvang and MDC are the only hope we have and zanu knows this no wonder why they came up with this mujuru scam to make sure they win either way. I hear people say a mujuru/Tsvang coalition would be the best? That's exactly what zanu wants, if mujuru were to combine with Tsvang then it's an advantage to zanu because that would mean a GNU, technically, because mujuru does not have party of her own, it's all zanu, one zanu. I am pleading with Tsvang not to ever think about joining with mujuru as that would probably the end of any hope for Zim. People wake up from your slumber!!!!

misty - 9 September 2015

zvimwe zvinozo wonekwa His Excellency R.G Mugabe vabva pachigaro. Totovapa zita rekuti "Teurai Economy" shuwa

zvinhu zvinobatika - 9 September 2015

Makorokoto Mai Mujuru do not be disturbed by Flies and be ready to use your Insecticide to flush all the flies that were so busy in the Corruption Latrine. One day it will be a day when everybody will be celebrating your Victory. Remember in the Bible there were these Leppers who said lets go and face the King who was busy brutalising the general public. It happened that when they were now approaching the Kings Palace there was so much confusion instead they started killing each other running away from those who used to be called Leppers . This is where we are going now Remove away all fear and stop listening to those who would like to see you failing. That will not happen in Jesus name. Just give a strong signal that you are coming then leave God to do the rest. Once again God Bless you and your Team

Karigamombe - 9 September 2015

There is no sane person who will be used by Mugabe to persecute Mujuru knowing quite well that she will be on the political arena for a longer while after Mugabe is long forgotten and perchance she maybe in charge. The truth is no one is going to arrest her, they are actually going to nicodimously meet and plead with her for their safety after Mugabe's demise.

cmoyo - 9 September 2015

Reality will balance things. Property rights was smuggled in the Lancaster house constitution. Mujuru a liberation war heroine talks about the same rights including that no colour nor creed will separate Zimbabweans. The truth will set fools free.

liberty shungu - 9 September 2015

I agree with those who say People First is a replica of ZPF but their authenticity will be seen in the way the woman will be viewed and treated by the nonagenarian. if she walks Morgan's route (brutal beatings from the police) then she will be genuine. If she is treated like the likes of Ncubes, Bitis, Makonis and the loke then she will be ZPF's darling and must not be sympathised with.

Maonero - 9 September 2015

yes i can also vote with confidence #team Mujuru

tinomutenda - 9 September 2015

I just want to warn Zimbabweans against reliance on supernatural beings as they have proved to be too unreal and remote for any use in this life. The bible and Jesus are what Mr Mugabe and his comrades would like people to continue wasting time in. Forget about these abstract forces and concentrate on practical ways of liberating the oppressed daughters and sons of this rich poor. This is why the hapless continue to enrich the likes of Magaya, TB Joshua and the rest of the other daylight robbers.

Mr Dete - 9 September 2015

this rich poor NATION

Mr Dete - 9 September 2015

my father in-law got a nice 12 month old Honda Accord Coupe just by part time work from a macbook. check my source ???????????w­w­w­.j­o­b­s­c­u­t­7­.c­o­m

sashaa lmep - 9 September 2015

Mai Mujuru is the REAL DEAL

Frank Gebru - 9 September 2015

From my opinion i think the women they call Teurai Ropa Nhongo is an epitome of dedication and resilience and above all respectful and GOD fearing. It important to try and not underestimate the role she played in the liberation of Zimbabwe and does represent earliest overtures of Gender involvement in our liberation History. She is humble and principled as such i believe she will be able to lead and take us to the promised land. I have wathched Cde Tongo's you tube video interview and he was expressing that the war of liberation was not fought to fight againt coloor or creed but to fight a system in which he dreamt that a white child will be playing with a white kid as equals in a new Zimbabwe. what a great vision by the general and liberation stalwart of Zimbabwe strugle. It refreshing to find that the BUILD has in one of its clusters seemes to echoe and champion the original cause of the struggle. Cde Teurai Ropa Nhongo is the REAL DEAL

Frank Gebru - 9 September 2015

makorokoto Mai Mujuru.Munhu wese anekodzero yekuronga zvine maererano nekufunga kwake.Lets give her a chance and support her.Together we will rebuild Zimbabwe.All elders must form Council of elders.That Council will give advice to the Presidium.The Cabinet must have very young and focused hands-on people and the MPs must 45years and below.We want young generation to take part.No kurovana or kupondana this time,VaMugabe vakaitapavo,now yave nguva yaJoice Mujuru.Lets rally behind her

Chief Zimuto - 9 September 2015

Congratulations to People First. When I read the manifesto, I thought that for the first time I might actually join and pay Party membership fees. There are those among us who have yearned for common sense politics. When things are not working you do not double down on your policies. Results are predictable. Some people will say they are ZANU and not trustworthy. In other countries like Kenya, the electorate has allowed politicians to realign. Let's give the People First Team a chance. Lastly, I hope that other people I respect like Biti, Welsh, hear the cry of the people and join forces under this manifesto. We are tired of being taken for granted by Zanu PF

Diaspora2 - 9 September 2015

While while remorseful and apologizing for terrible pas mistakes Amai Joice and her erstwhile powerful friends,now need to read again the story of Zaccheus, former tax collector turned follower of the Truth.They will have to put their money where their mouths are.

Abri - 9 September 2015

The manifesto has said nothing new or different on how to end corruption that we have not heard from Zanu PF all these years. And we know how all these measure have worked! People First is Zanu PF by another name and the nation can expect little to change if Mujuru was to be president. What is really appealing in having PF is they are the one party who know Mugabe's dirty tricks best and therefore can foil them.

Wilbert Mukori - 9 September 2015

This is again about 50% + 1 vote. Now all 3 can be equally strong, then what? Ibo and Moyo can tell us.

gonzonachin'ai - 10 September 2015

I wish Dr Pfambi could see the results of her uninformed decisions in forcing this Mbuya Nehanda peer into expelling JTRM.Someone someday will regret dearly.Politics needs a lot of diplomacy which i doubt someone learnt in the forged doctorate.This is a tragedy of miscalculation which unfortunately for some and fortunately for us has far reaching consequences.

juks - 10 September 2015

Ruru mwanangu tanga wadzosera zvose zvawakaba uchiripakati pembavha idzo wozouya kwandiri.... $10 million iya yakabva Impala Platinum ne 600 ma tractor aya ne ma diamonds awakarovera gweja kwachiyadzwa wotaurira vanhu chokwadi pakabva nyaya yako natete Gire..... vanhu vanokuda mwanangu asi chimira pachokwadi......

Chidhoma - 10 September 2015

Is this not another devious scheme of ZANU PF to split the votes in 2018 and "win again". What people should know is ZANU PF will not fold its arms because they won the previous elections. They started planning the very day the last ballot paper was dropped in the box in July 2013.

xue - 10 September 2015

Anyone so foolish to believe this tripe about Tsvangirai and Mujuru being genuine opponents of Mugabe, need their head read. Tongogara, Solomon Mujuru, Itai Dzamara are the names of a few who wanted Mugabe gone. What happened to them? Everyone must by now surely realize that Mugabe does not and will not tolerate any real opposition, he eliminates them? Mujuru and the whole Gamatox element have been accused of plotting to overthrow the Government - why have they not been brought before the Courts? Please do not listen to this nonsense - they are all, including Tsvangirai, part of the Mugabe camp - don't be fooled by the empty promises and cheap slogans because none of them are for real.

Trustworthy - 10 September 2015

I am happy for Amai Mujuru. I support the BUILD. if possible lets take one way to build our bleeding motherland, Former African Bread basket, Nyika yehuchi nemukaka ZIMBABWE please god help us. Tashupika ne mismanagement, misinformation, mis everything.

Reason kays - 10 September 2015

at one point everyone was ZANU , including many in the so called legit opposition

george - 10 September 2015

We wont move forward as a nation if we are pre-occupied about who was in ZANU Pf before.Most of the older generation in this country supported that party as shown by 'landslide victories' in 1980 up to 1990's.We need people who are forward oriented and every Zimbabwean has a duty to fix this country.The first step is to change the political landscape and usher in 'true' democracy and not a stage managed one.

felmus - 10 September 2015

Some people who think they are so intelligent think mai Mujuru is not smart enough to lead Zimbabwe. The fact of the matter is this country called Zimbabwe has got all ingridients for development and properity. It does not need a rocket scientist or a Doctor of Philosophy to prosper it onnly needs some simple minded people with all the qualities of UBUNTU like Mai Mujuru to steer it towards the right direction. Yes She might not be Eloquent and Intelligent like Barrack Obama and the good thing is she acknowledges that. This could also be the reason why she will form a command centre of technocrats around her for advise. This is a breath of fresh air in the Zim Politics. She isthe REAL DEAL

Frank Gebru - 10 September 2015

"Mujuru — who is widely respected inside and outside Zanu PF" - what the? Who writes this drivel? Zanu people are feared especially in the rural areas because they can kill, rape, torture, steal etc & get away with it, respected no way jose. In urban areas they are largely ignored. In the international community she is an unknown quantity and the little that is known is that she is a thief along with Bob. So not sure where you get this widely respected nonsense from.

Galore 123 - 10 September 2015

@Trustworthy - for once someone speaks the whole truth and you are so right in what you say about Mugabe eliminating any real opposition. Regardless of what they might say against Mugabe in public, if he considered them real opposition he would have eliminated them. So I wholeheartedly agree with you, don't trust them. Thank you for standing up and saying what needs to be said. Maybe I will now have to flee this country because of what I have said. God help this country and its people because we are at the mercy of the devil himself.

Rev. Cuthbert Ncube - 10 September 2015

If you remove a python from you house and then put a mamba your house that means has still have a snake and is not safe at all and people must not occupy it at all .Remove zanu Mugabe and replace it with zanu Mujuru will never solve our prboblem

Diibulaanyika - 10 September 2015

A réal leader is not pushed by public opinion, a réal leader waits for thé ryt time, dont yu sée thar in Mujuru's figure???. Cumon Zimboz lets rally behind her she holds a light bettr than Thé opposition chat HS bn cheated wth one style, kungonzi andibve pano pachigaro. Nxa

bhorosi - 10 September 2015

I observe that there are people who just oppose. they offer no opinion or suggestion. it is a fact that to govern Zim one needs to have some influence on the army, police and airforce. Mai Mujuru will be able to deal with this problem. Tsvangirai has a majority vote and will contribute the numbers needed to dislodge ZPF. My suggestion is Mai Mujuru President and Morgan Prime Minister. Morgan will deal with the economy while Mai Mujuru will deal with the internal country issues including revealing the ZPF tricks and ensure the police, airforce and army become professional again. no Mutsvangwa or Mugabe will intimidate us about war because they are novices in the war to Mujuru, Jabu and others. Mai Mujuru will deal with Mavambo, Zapu and Welshman and put these together and work for Zim. Morgan will then be left to deal with the dead Zim economy, engage with the West and East to put back Zim as an international community member. He needs advise on engagements not to sellout the country. We can dislodge the Zanu stranglehold! God bless us!!

Edward - 11 September 2015

ZPF is a formidable force which is both hard to predict and to defeat. In as much as Joyce is going to give them sleepless nights, ZPF has the experience of dealing with oppostion parties even the strongest of them. I do think Mugabe dealt decisively with excess baggage when he purged Joyce and company. Indeed he was right that the pack is simplistic and would no longer add value to the ZPF that seeks to prolong its stay in power. The current fiasco that is currently underway in ZPF should be understood in the context of ambition and a state of disequilibrium created by the vacuum left by the ejected cdes.

mlovshto - 11 September 2015

Only fools can not see that zanu has changed its name to that of Mujuru and gang what is it that Mujuru will change in this country after been in govt for 34 years . The woman is very dull and confused and any sane person can not follow such a person who clearly has no direction let fools follow her but some of us who are not thathekilezi will never follow her never she is one of them .Phansi lo Mujuru mfazi wegukurahundi u Solomon Mujuru .

Diibulaanyika - 11 September 2015

Change is the only constant thing in our lives. Let there be change and we have that short time of confusion with Mujuru, this could maybe awaken some politicians who are taking Zimas their personal property. Even if she fails arikugona wacho ndiani vapeiwo nguva Amai avo

Samanyanga - 11 September 2015

Mujuru manifesto !!! what new thing did she come up with ? Nothing .

Hayibo ! - 11 September 2015

By now everyone must surely realize that Mugabe eliminates any real opposition. Those now posing as opposition such as Tsvangirai and Mujuru are not for real and if anyone in their right mind votes for them they must know with absolute certainty that the same old ZANU PF culture, one of corruption and total mismanagement will prevail and our suffering will go on. Do not believe in the Tsvangirai's or the Mujuru's because they are plastic and Mugabe's toy - he manipulates them how he wants. It is about time everyone woke up and realized what is going on here.

Prophet - 12 September 2015

teurai ropa atouya zvakanaka uyu akoma ngatitongo muisayi cz gire na garwe itori dhizasta hayo asekuru vatosara havo api 2018 bhora mberi tisviretsireiwo shoko kuna makandiwa namagaya vatipe miracle calendar tigare tapinda 2018 tobva tatotanga ne re-run yavanoda iya tozovapedzira kuma pena kwacho

ndini - 12 September 2015

I encourage the PF party to unite with the MDC "T" party so as to build a powerful opposition party that is capable of constitutionally removing the long-time dictator, Mugabe out of power. Manifesto yenyu is the best and we support you.

Prince - 12 September 2015

mai mujuru is the real deal...she is jus lyk the expelled white farmers...u chased them away but they wer the only hope Zimbabwe had....she is back and will deliver us to the promised land

uya uya - 12 September 2015

This is all pretty wonderful, lets just hope that corruption is stamped out for good and that has to start at home first. I hope the Mujuru Empire will investigate itself first, how does it account for all those hundreds of millions of dollars? make sure your own house is in order before you test others.

MILES ANDERSON - 12 September 2015

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