Terrorising Masiyiwa, embracing Dangote

LONDON - It has dawned on Zanu PF that its so-called resource nationalism has failed to produce expected results.

Zanu PF had anticipated that over time its agrarian revolution would vivify Zimbabwe’s moribund economy. However, this has not happened or at least at the scale that it had anticipated.

Fifteen years on, we have people called “new farmers” who received government inputs, lumped the debt on the taxpayer and yet have failed to produce much. One of the vice-presidents called them an embarrassment.

Nationalising resources is one thing, production quite another.

It is a result of this shame that Zanu PF has now realised the importance of foreign direct investment (FDI) and is now relaxing the indigenisation laws, the latter a product of the same asinine radicalism.

The so-called mega-deals signed with China attest to the embarrassment over resource acquisition that has not been matched by productivity.

It is within the same context that Zanu PF officials were falling over each other in welcoming Nigerian businessman Aliko Dangote last week.

Government business seemed to come to a standstill as every minister sought to show a smile and shake hands with the billionaire.

It is not often that a potential investor has audience with the president of a country.

But these are certainly desperate times for Zanu PF which promised, through its electoral blueprint ZimAsset, that it would turn around the economy and create more than two million jobs before 2018.

Dangote, whose net worth is estimated at about $18,6 billion, is seen as a knight in shining armour who could help Zanu PF realise its rather outlandish promises.

We cannot, of course, pooh-pooh Zanu PF’s endeavours in attracting FDI — after shouting ourselves hoarse about it — without sounding self-contradictory.

But amid all the fawning over Dangote, one could not help but think of Strive Masiyiwa.

One cannot escape the fact that while embarrassingly seeking to ingratiate themselves with Africa’s richest man, Zanu PF hounded Zimbabwe’s most enterprising son out of the country.

Masiyiwa’s story is well-documented, from the time Zanu PF placed all sorts of obstacles in his way to establishing Zimbabwe’s most successful telecommunications enterprise.

In March 2000, Masiyiwa, facing persecution, left Zimbabwe, never to return. He relocated to South Africa, where he established the Econet Wireless Group, a new and separate venture to the listed Zimbabwean entity.

Today, he runs or has partnered to operate Econet Wireless International, Econet Wireless Global, Mascom Wireless Botswana, Econet Wireless Nigeria (now Airtel Nigeria), Econet Satellite Services, Lesotho Telecom, Econet Wireless Burundi, Rwanda Telecom, Econet Wireless South Africa, Solarway, and Transaction Processing Systems (TPS).

He is also engaged in numerous humanitarian and charity activities. Masiyiwa is named on Forbes Magazine’s list for 2015 as one of 10 most influential men in Africa.

Unlike some of the Zimbabwean businessmen, given to braggadocio, showing off new posh car after another, Masiyiwa is a businessman of substance and quiet chutzpah.

Today, we pin some of our hopes on a Nigerian businessman as our potential saviour. Yet we have banished our most resourceful son to foreign lands.

To be as successful as he is, Dangote would have felt safe in his country, and perhaps, received support from his own government. Masiyiwa did not and does not.

Yet he could be diversifying and investing more in his home country if he had not been made to feel insecure and non-indigenous by a government that preaches indigenisation and resource nationalism.

Masiyiwa is a phenomenal human resource terrorised out of his own country. Resource nationalism has failed to “nationalise” its most enterprising human resource.

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Its just that I did not have the time and platform to shout about it but I feel the government should do some explaining. We have our very own, our very own blood, Masiyiwa. Why kunamata Dangote. THERE IS DEFINITELY SOMETHING WRONG SOMEWHERE IN OUR COUNTRY - TO CHASE OUR VERY OWN BRAINY WEALTH CREATORS, IN ORDER TO WORSHIP FOREIGNERS. THIS IS A CURSED COUNTRY CHOKWADI !!!

Gorosviba - 8 September 2015

And yet the leader of the so called People First, the so called Dr Joyce Mujuru was instrumental in harassing and blocking Steve Masiyiwa in his bid to create Econet. Had it not been the timely intervention of Father Zimb

chimbwido warvet - 9 September 2015

And yet the leader of the so called People First, the so called Dr Joyce Mujuru was instrumental in harassing and blocking Steve Masiyiwa in his bid to create Econet. Had it not been the timely intervention of Father Zimbabwe, Mujuru and business associates could have been running Econet today. It just goes to explain how greedy and corrupt this woman who aspires to be the future head of state of Zimbabwe is.

Chimbwido Warvet - 9 September 2015

"Today, we pin some of our hopes on a Nigerian businessman as our potential saviour. Yet we have banished our most resourceful son to foreign lands." They know Dangote will remain a foreigner inspite of his investment and therefore no possible candidate for Zimbabweans to beg him to lead the country. In short, he is no threat to Chandagwinyira the one-man Bander, but Musiyiwa (because of his brains) is. This is Chandagwinyira`s culture of "ruling" Zimbabwe, and if I should add, companies led and managed by Zanu-PF appointees operate in the same way. This is the reason why many good brains gave-up their jobs in Zimbabwe and opted to slave it out in foreign countries. Many companies were slowly being killed by the Zanu-PF- appointed management before their eyes . Many voiced their concerns but got victimised or frustrated so that they could leave. This is just one of the ways Robert Mugabe and his Zanu-PF dunderheads destroyed our country. Now Chandagwinyira keeps on giving Zimbabweans false hopes of an economic rebound by pronouncing his Zim-A-Satan that never materialises. He knows very well that is his last blow on his long trumpet before he left our country alone for good. It will be a task and half for us to get rid of his culture of corruption and looting but one thing is certain: the country will experience a breath of fresh air - no matter what happens after him.

Masamba Akareyo - Tanganda - 9 September 2015

That is a point to note Zanu Pf should or ought to separate issues.Zim first and foremost them other things follow.Anenge asingade haafanirwe kumanikidzwa because gunguwo idema chete kunyangwe rikageza seyi.The most despicable thing is when a government persecute its own sons and daughters because they do not share the same philosophy with them,retard our development at the expense of their greedy desires.Paradoxically,the victimized son of the soil is the one bailing the government now as we have seen that ECONET contributes immensely in terms of tax remittances and contributes significantly to charity.I salute you brother Strive and our late national hero Jairos Jiri and salute Father Zim for having such a prophetic vision as he stood for Strive Masiyiwa

carson macate - 9 September 2015

Wooing Dangote is a political gimmick. They are scared and want to be seen to be doing something. They promised 2.2 million jobs and instead have lost thousands of jobs. They are not serious but nothing will come out of the Dangote, Chinese and Russian projects. Foreign investment thrives on the back of well looked after domestic investors. As a good parent u look after your children first b4 u look after foreign children. Dangote should ask himself why Zimbabwean domestic investors are unhappy with the investment climate in their own country.

Mbambo - 9 September 2015

It was not only Masiyiwa who was persecuted by Mugabe, Nthuli Ncube, Mutumwa Mawere, James Makamba et al and the five million Zimbabweans in the diaspora. What is Dangote praising Mugabe for? For reducing Zimbabweans to paupers? Zimbabwean will not forget his sinister machinations .

timothy - 9 September 2015

I for one do not trust Dangote, coz nekuziva kwandinoita MaGee kuti ndeema drugs, izvozvi pane chimdara chakatopinda so pasina two years muchange mavakunzwa kuti Zimbabwe haichagarika nemadrugs, meaning madrugs not mushonga wechikosoro. Ko iyiwo Dangote makambomupawo here list yemacopmanies atinoda kuti avhurwe muno munyika akaita sana Zisco, Zimall, David Whitehd, Contextille, Marvo, Merlin, Caridon, Sanspan, Chicago bulls, Trojan mine etc

Mabvurubvanyanga - 11 September 2015

This is the best way forward The Zimbabwe Massive Industrial Transformation Plan https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=osbjJ7RpH0I Under this plan we can start talking about commitments to put 2.5Bn right away. The money 10bn already exists in fact Central and southern Africans have @ least $200BN right under our noses We must work together and move away from planning that defers solutions to foreign masterminding like IMF, but explodes ability of the Zimbabwean and our potential by tapping capacity from partners and the free market. What we need is urgent capitalization of our industries. That's what my plan does. Under this Plan Zimbabweans first will be loaded massive capital to maintain existing companies instead of selling in weakness with the great possibility of losing power in 2-3years.WE can fund other massive industries like mining, automobiles, railways, air transport, massive construction and engineering. We have $10BN Zimbabwean experts all over the world. We have $200bn waiting through divine revelation. Will put 10bn into our banks so that the backbone of our industries are not bought by foreign entities for a penny and so that all Zimbabweans who have dreams can be funded creating a major massive industrial transformation in our country making Zimbabwe genesis of Southern African growth under a Pan Africanism that says no African nation left behind. A. .FDI is overrated and untimely 1. Existing and backbone industries-invite Foreigners who have 25-35% equity in cash or kind or derivative equivalent of any legal kind to empower local industries That becomes the basis from which Zimbabwean companies can prove capacity and borrow from the Billions that my plan will put in our banks instead of watching Zim companies and resources flow away like water past the bridge-I think water under the bridge doesn't make sense kkkk-never seen water stay under the bridge have. Can put commitments on the table fairly quickly.

Chako Ndechawadya - 12 September 2015

these pipo hav auctioned their morality and mortgaged their conscience ,its all about them or nothing .Aliko Dangote benefited immensely from his Gvt ,wat a bunch of hypocrites ,shame on you

zimbabwe - 28 September 2015

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