Push to oust Kasukuwere

HARARE - Combative Zanu PF political commissar and Local Government minister, Saviour Kasukuwere, is under the gun from his ruling party enemies, who are throwing everything at the burly party enforcer in a desperate bid to oust him, including mobilising for a vote of no confidence against him.

Insiders who spoke to the Daily News yesterday accused Kasukuwere — who is nicknamed Tyson for his aggressive political style — of stepping on the toes of many party bigwigs in his short tenure as national political commissar, as well as allegedly exhibiting “unbridled higher ambitions” despite his relative youth and juniority in Zanu PF.

“As we speak, there is serious canvassing taking place within the party, which will culminate in a petition demanding the dismissal of Tyson being handed to President Mugabe in the next few weeks,” one of the sources — a senior party official who admitted to being opposed to “him, the G40 and other weevils” — said.

The G40 is short for Generation 40, a term referring to Zanu PF’s ambitious Young Turks who are allegedly impatient to assume power in the ruling party, and to turf out its old guard, including President Robert Mugabe and under fire Vice President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

On the other hand, the derisive term refers to the party’s Johnny-come-latelies (Mafikizolo).

Repeated efforts yesterday by the Daily News to speak to Kasukuwere and Zanu PF spokesperson Simon Khaya Moyo were unsuccessful.

But the claim of moves to oust Kasukuwere from power, who is seen as a leading member of both the G40 and the so-called Gang of Four (the alleged operational command and think tank of the G40 and weevils), dovetails with the contents of discussions of a Zanu PF social media group opposed to Kasukuwere, which the Daily News has seen.

“On the 11th of September 2015 we choose to add our voices and rescue our party and revolution. We choose to defend our President Cde R.G. Mugabe.

“We will sign the petition against this power-hungry opportunist. Yes we will sign against factionalism and artificial divisions in Zanu PF. Oh yes, we will sign against this CIA-sponsored attack on our party.

“We will ask Saviour Kasukuwere to leave office honourably. Yes peacefully, we will take to the streets here and join the other revolutionaries on the 12th of September 2015.

“As all roads lead to the Zanu PF HQ on Monday the 14th, we will be there with others to hand-over our petition to our living icon and leader Cde R.G. Mugabe,” some of the group’s anti-Kasukuwere postings say.

“Our party is bleeding. Our hearts are bleeding. We write this to you with very heavy hearts... This is a clarion call for action to save this our party... Raising our heads and looking ahead all we see is a bleak future as a party... We are hopeless. We are in pain. Yes, we are devastated.

“Cry our beloved party. Cry our revolution cry... we have to shed tears as we mourn our party. My party is in its death-bed. The supposed current builder (Kasukuwere) is holding a 12-pound hammer as he sweats while bringing down this 52-year-old-structure named Zanu PF.

“He is that driver supposed to drive a sand loader for further extension of the building, but alas he is now behind the wheels of a bulldozer. The supposed guard has now turned thief... The revolution has been betrayed.

“There is chaos in Gwanda. There are cries in Bulawayo. Mutare is in tatters. Disorder is now the order in Harare. Lupane is weeping bitterly. Masvingo is on its knees. Chinhoyi is in intensive care. Marondera is lifeless. Bindura  has collapsed. The Gweru train has just been derailed. Pandemonium is all you see from Zambezi to Limpopo.

“My National Commissar is the man of the moment. He is at the centre of the confusion. His dirty hands are everywhere. His nose pokes everywhere. His name is associated with confusion and meaningless fights.

“He is giving false reports to the party leader. He is pitting the First Lady against the VPs. He is pitting the two VPs against each other and creating artificial divisions. Senior leadership is at each other’s throat as he creates artificial enmity.

“He has ignored the President’s call for sanity and a stop to suspensions and votes of no confidence. He has created his own centre of power which is a contradiction to the 2014 congress resolution stressing one centre of power. He has divided the Women’s and Youth leagues.

“Kasukuwere has insulted our heroes, those who lost their limbs for his freedom also. Freedom fighters were labelled  drunkards. He continues to tear the party apart in his quest for power. He continues to cause confusion in provincial party structures to justify dissolving of the current provincial committees which he alleges are not loyal to him.

“This he is doing in anticipation of an extraordinary congress where he plans to stand for the Presidency. He continues to sponsor divisive succession stories in the media and wrongly but intentionally implicating our two VPs and the First Lady so that the three will appear as power-hungry factionalists.

“Now we know why. He is the self-confessed biggest political thug in Zanu PF... One who disrespects and insults freedom fighters. The creator of parallel structures everywhere ... We cant fold our hands now and watch as our party is destroyed.

“We cant afford to smile as this self-confessed thug places a knife on our revolutionary throat. We can’t clap hands as our future is destroyed by this factionalist. His grip on the media won’t save him on this one ... Whatever it takes we will defend our party,” the postings continue.

The Daily News recently reported that as Zanu PF’s deadly factional and succession wars continue to rip the former liberation movement apart, it had emerged that Mnangagwa’s supporters were ratcheting up the pressure on Kasukuwere and fellow senior party official Jonathan Moyo, including allegedly trying to convince Mugabe to drop them from Cabinet.

“Jonathan and Tyson think that they are clever. They have been plotting to put spanners in the works of Ngwena (Mnangagwa’s nickname) and it is now time to see to it that the two leading Weevils are turfed out once and for all,” a senior party official believed to be in Mnangagwa’s camp said.

He claimed that it had not been a coincidence that all Zanu PF and government officials who were linked to Mnangagwa were allegedly receiving negative press coverage in the media and being “disadvantaged” at party level — blaming Moyo and Kasukuwere for these “acts of sabotage”.

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Mugabe is still in power becoz non of his fellow party members exibit an ounce of presidential material. He is the only grain in the ZPF party, the rest are chaff.

EL-DODO - 7 September 2015

Hapana nyaya apa. Kasukuwere and Prof Moyo ndivo here vatuma Mnangagwa kuti anyombe our departed Father Zimbabwe? The so-called source of this threat on Tyson is a Mnangagwa bootlicker who is desperately trying to divert our attention from criticizing Mnangagwa for insulting Nkomo. They are now engaging in some damage control tactics on behalf of the VP.

Jonathiel Moyowaonda - 7 September 2015

All the tears and snot in this lamentation are over the "party" What about our bleeding country?

abri - 7 September 2015

All this should be directed to Mugabe himself, he is the trouble causer.

misty - 7 September 2015

let them kill each other , come 2018 I know who I am voting for . I just hope that one of these disgruntled bustards will be so angry with the party so much that they tell us how they stole the 2013 elections.....on a lighter note , Kasukuwere seems a far much better leader than the crocodile , the crocodile is just as old in the brain as the madhala if not older, Kasukuwere is young even in his idiocy I am sure there is a grain of hope somewhere in him. Zimbabwe needs new blood , the crocodile does not exhibit any kind of solace from the current doom and gloom if anything he is a sore sight for all optimists ....cry my beloved nation. 2018 you all know where to vote . The good thing about Tsvangirai is that he will bring the much needed reforms that force for democracy.

Ichooo - 7 September 2015

Is it African journalism or its just Zimbabwean journalism, where this mediocrity journalism is accepted as a norm? Are these journalists on these politicians cum looters' payroll? They have actually made Grace and gave her to much power and publicity instead on focusing on real news, the people not the Mugabes and Zanu PF. As journalists there are professionally responsible for gathering and broadcasting information but there are morally, mentally and ethically insolvent. Zimbabweans are suffering yet nobody, no journalist is putting a journalism magnifying glass on deserving people for the right attention. People of Zimbabwe are suffering and dying yet that is not news. What so special and good about Mugabe, Grace and Zanu PF that all media houses in Zimbabwe run out of space reporting about? Is it the Zimbabwe fought for? If it was it worth getting killed or losing limps for? Mugabe, Grace and Zanu PF are the enemies of the people as Smith was! So why market them?

Christ In Me - 7 September 2015

Confused @Christ In Me, are you that not so smart that you can't see that the people of Zimbabwe are suffering because of the very same Mugabe, Grace and Zanu PF that you seem to imply journalists should not expose?

Kt - 7 September 2015

So Mugabe can woodwink people for the next 1000 years? Kasukuewere has done all the donkey work, now he wants him out.

cmoyo - 7 September 2015

Now we shall see if Tyson is the biggest "thug" in the revolutionary party.

X-MAN IV - 7 September 2015

of all the zanu pf bigwigs, SK has his flops bt am sure they are covered by his goods. like any other h has his ups and dwns bt better thn all other nonsense in e ruling party

nyambulusa - 8 September 2015

It has a grain of truth that Nkmo was a sellout.Considerthe following 1.He had accepted the 1962 recommendations which created the A and B voters role. 2.He had accepted that Zimbabwe's indepndence could come in 2035. 3.He lied to the Nationalist that Nyerere had accepted that they could come and form a gvt in exile leading to many nationalist skipping their bale conditions to Tanzania where it emerged that it was not true and on return many were arrested.This is when Robert had to leave Sally and Nhamo behind where they later travelled to Ghana where Nhamo was to die. 4.Do you know that the real formation of Zanu on 8 August 1963 was linked to Nkomo's appeasement policy to settlers where he was avoiding confrontation directly.5.Consider the Kariba talks. 6.Do you know that it was him who allowed the 1979 Lancaster betrayal because he was getting old and could not wait longer but pushed fo an agreenmwent even when the likes of Robert did not want? 7.The British and Amercan governments wanted to prevent a total collapse of the settler regime which would have seenZimbabwe turning socialist because of Chinese and Russian backing thus refusing the Lancaster recommendations would have seen the war escalating further especially when Tongogarea was pushing for bringing the war into the cities evidenced by the bombimng of BP Shell.Maybe some people who are a problem today could have died then.

juks - 8 September 2015

@juks unenge unatwowo iwe.Wakazviwana kupi zvese izvozvo?Tibvirepo.

chimuti - 8 September 2015

There is no substitute for a good brain and obviously Tyson has none.

juks - 8 September 2015

The truth is Zimbabwe is now a polarised state. I wonder why government does not want to admit things have gone sour. It has to before its too late to the 2008 scenario where everone almost survieved on less than a dollar per day. Last time they latter entered into a GNU of convenience after realisibng things had deteriorated. Now they have proof they cant do it on their own. Meaningless Blueprints and forums and conferences and press ....nxaaa People are suffering out there. where are the jobs, where is the industry, where is transport, where is the law, where is d3emocracy.. where is bread..or better still where is the butter. Does it have to be this bad for the government to shape up in a positive way??..we cant go to school anymore...we can have basics....this is shameful!!

Tofanezhara - 8 September 2015

An idiotic story based on day dreaming and wishful thinking by THE DAILY LIES. only idiots will buy this hogwash.

reason - 8 September 2015

That unreasonable Zanoid @reason is alive and still reading the Daily News avidly while pretending everyday that he doesn't enjoy the newspaper. Kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk!

Musorodamba - 8 September 2015

I hv been wondering! Do revolutionary cadres have some iota of conscience? Many people have preached to the conscience of this leadership without any change. Its time all forms of media stopped majoring the Minor! Zanupf is past its sell by and use by date! The centre cannot hold anymore. Just watch them trip themselves. The worst thing ever to happen in the history of Zim.....patronising leadership with Mugabe in front. Chisingaperi c hinoshura.

Bereguru1 - 8 September 2015

Sadly this is more FICTION promoted by STANLEY GAMA. Saviour Kasukuwere has been anointed by the local POPE GABRIEL. Therefore he is protected for some time to come. The Daily News Reporters seem to hallucinate fiction much more than those of the Herald.

Oswald Nyakunika - 9 September 2015

Spare us the foul lies Comrade @Oswald Nyakunika. If you loved the Herald that much you and other spooks would not spend so much time reading the Daily News and trying to confuse readers on this comments forum. We know the truth mfana kithi.

Khumalo - 9 September 2015

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