Angel rocks South Africa

HARARE - Popular Zimbabwean preacher and founder of Spirit Embassy Church, Uebert Angel last week rocked South Africa where he preached his controversial brand of gospel he calls “good news” to a packed Mt Zion, Beula Park Conference Centre in Germiston and at Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg.

After a year of negative publicity in which he was also accused of buying an improperly imported car, Angel, who is now based in the United States where among his followers are entertainment gurus, the flamboyant preacher is said to have put up a good show.

A church official, Tendai Mhlanga who attended the show last Friday, said: “Prophet Angel has withstood all the attacks and continues to rock believers and non-believers alike with a brand of revelatory gospel some describe as very controversial but hugely scholarly and intelligible.

“The overflow crowds showing up to hear Angel preaching are a testament not only to his current popularity but the practicality of his teachings as he spreads the good news that is the Word of God.”

“Tens of thousands of people filled Mt Zion, Beula Park Conference Centre, so much so the meeting had to be held in the open air space with three football size grounds acting as overflows at the venue, with people occupying the hill and crowds of those unable to fit into venue stretching back for kilometres along the road outside the venue.”

Voted as Zimbabwe’s most flamboyant male at the recently held Zimbabwe Model Awards 2015 and his outreach in Africa, Europe and now the US where he is based, church members who attended the South Africa events said Angel did Zimbabwe proud.

Angel also preached at Wanderers Stadium in Johannesburg, for what was dubbed “The Encounter” conference.

“So popular was the Encounter South Africa conference, the crowd controlling agents, JOC who work under the auspices of South African Police Services (Saps), sold tickets as a crowd control measure.

“Tickets were limited to one per person per day. Officials at the event expressed disappointment at the fact that JOC imposed a fee to the event which was advertised as a free entry event in order to control the number of people and avoid a disaster in the wake of the TB Joshua building collapse in Nigeria few months ago.

“Many who had gone without tickets were disheartened when they were turned away at the gates, much to the disappointment of the organisers who had hoped that all and sundry would come to see, hear and be blessed by the much loved prophet of good news, Uebert Angel,” said another Spirit Embassy official, Tamuka Mukoko.

Mukoko claimed Angel’s success has not been welcomed by some even within the Christian family.

“We are damaging ourselves in the Christian circles. We hear within the Christian circles that the real stirrers of Angel’s troubles are well known men of God, who are enraged by his seemingly unstoppable progress,” said Mukoko.

The Daily News efforts to get a comment from Angel have all been in vain as he maintains a strict code of a media blackout.

Comments (11)

Is Mudzamire is prophet, do pole know what a prophet of God looks like. Calling car thieves and promiscuous people prophets is unchristian. When is this trickster coming to Zim to face omakepesi?

zololo - 5 September 2015

My life prospered the day I met this amazing man of God. He selflessly poured out of himself a divine nature into my life. Moreover at great cost to himself he mentored me from his vast wisdom in Christ. My life is positively impacted because of his love. I adopted the "Angel " name as my very own. Simply because people are unable to do the supernatural that God uses him to do they fear him and the slander against him is borne of that fear. Moreover he lives a supernatural life in prayer and moving in realms that few understand. Like in the time of Jesus Christ, he was crucified because of his greatness and life in the miraculous. I walk in the same amazing grace because of Prophet Angel. The world will still witness much greatness at his hands through God. I call him Dad.

Jeffrey Angel - 5 September 2015

Tikwanireiwo va Mhlanga. Instead of trying to cleanse this nitwit, tell us what you received as he preached.

banho - 5 September 2015

the way zimbabweans hate their own prophet is disheartening, even if u claim they are fake prophets, cant you be proud that yo fellow countrymen are faking great men and crowds ? Zimbabwe may God help you, we are black in skin colour only not the brains. Besides our Prophetsin Zimbabwe what other positive thing is coming out of zim ? the recenlty held judgement night by prophet makandiwa made 20 000 international visitor landing their feet in zimbabwe, Thumbs up Prophet Angel and Prophet Makandiwa, Prophet by the will of God, not of men.

brian munanga - 5 September 2015

Prophet uebert Angel is one of the Angel have seen since I started serving God if u are been longing to see the angel of God tune to MTV ,since 2012 I meet this man of God He lays his hand on me durling the service up to now my ministry has been crowning very fast and have been seen blessings like I don't know .zimbabwe has missed a lot to allowed this kind off a man of God to leave the country they can be prophets but not all are sent for every one Zimbabwean need the anointing of uebert angel

jcm Israel - 5 September 2015

We love our prophets in Zimbabwe. God bless Prophet Angel, Prophet Makandiwa, Prophet Magaya and Prophet Edd.

Caleb - 6 September 2015

Zimbabweans are so confused that they are not able to see satan talking infront of them .To some zimbadweans masalamusi is godly power which is nonsense of course .They have become so confused and that is why they are always crooked by a 91 year old limping semi blind moving grave to vote for for president and they agree to so after voting him they then run away from their country bcoz of hunger to go and live in foreign countries were they then live like ngulube .This so called prophet is satan practicing satanism right under the noses of the confused lot.

Diibulaanyika - 6 September 2015

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RogerMPopp - 6 September 2015

I feel sorry for pple who jump to wrong conclusion over things they know nothing abt. It takes the grace of God to appreciate the things of God and the people of God. While Jesus was God in person, they refused him because God's grace was not extended to them. i was born in a Christian family (pentecoastal) and was schooled of the ways of God very early. To tell yu the truth while I had had encounters with the whole spirit and the presence of God, it was not until Prophet Angel ministered to people around me and me that I appreciated another level of God's presence. The encounter I had with God through this man was just amazing. He ministered to me and i instantly understood that God is love.He exudes amazing love and grace when he ministers to yu, yu forget abt everything else and just want to thank God, yu will understand why God is love. It was just amazing to even witness God changing people's life in an instant. The blind who had lived their life asking where is God, receiving instant sight and thanking God like mad man for t, frends who had gone for 4 yrs without Children receiving the fruit of the womb, the joy on a mother's face whose child had been healed, parents and children reunited after being lost. I wish I could really explain to you but some experiences you only need to go thru them to understand. I hope one day God will grant yu the grace to experience his true presence.

Alex - 8 September 2015

Personally Prophet Angel has given me 2 direct prophecies as a congregant - he revealed the deepest family secrets that have been tormenting us for years which we have now worked on as a family in prayer and we are now free ( My parents, brothers and sisters are now truly born again. One of my family members had a mental health problem and now they are totally healed. The were on psychotic drugs for 4 years but not anymore thank you Jesus. Recently the Prophet posted another direct accurate prophecy via a social network link therefore directing me on how I should walk (yet he does not know me personally - am just a congregant. " I was shocked at how God is using this man). He has also mentored pastors in church who by the same Jesus pray for us and things happen in our lives. As I write, I have developed a prayer life that has seen me developing as a Christian and I still pray that one day I will personally meet and dine with this amazing couple (Prophet Angel and his wife) just for them to tell me more about this true and real Jesus, their God because he is real and practical. I thank God always for them.

me - 8 September 2015

Our Prophets fought alone against the media and all the Haters and now i am proud of the Christian family that we are standing together shamelessly to profess that Jesus is alive and he walks and exhibits his power through Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa, through Prophet Angel - Well done Body of Christ

Muza - 8 September 2015

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