Mugabe's economic plan doomed: Dabengwa

BULAWAYO - Zapu president Dumiso Dabengwa has said President Robert Mugabe does not seem to have a strategy for extricating the country from its parlous economic state.

Briefing journalists at his party offices here yesterday in response to Mugabe’s recent State of the Nation Address (SONA), Dabengwa accused Mugabe of presiding over a dangerously unbalanced economy which had contributed to the present financial crisis and recession.

Delivering his SONA in Harare last month, the 91-year-old president welcomed western re-engagement in his country’s economy, the first such statement in a decade and a half of strained relations with the US and Europe.

Zimbabwe will seek to “repeal all laws that hamper business,” he said, and the government has a plan to revive agriculture, including cotton, and expand the mining industry.

“We think he (Mugabe) is out of touch with the situation on the ground,” the Zapu president said.

“If only Mugabe allowed himself to say today, I am not doing anything but visit the industries in Harare, Bulawayo, Gweru and other towns, just to take his time and look what is now left of all those factories that used to manufacture, I don’t think he would be saying some of the things that he is saying.

“He would not even come up with such a hollow 10-point plan package that he presented during his State of the Nation Address.”

Mugabe was booed and heckled by opposition lawmakers as he presented a 10-point plan which included boosting agricultural growth, encouraging private sector investment and fighting graft.

Dabengwa accused the people surrounding Mugabe of misleading the nonagenarian.

“The fault really lies in the people who are next to him (Mugabe) who are not telling him the truth, who still tell him that the country is up and running,” Dabengwa said.

“Yet we all know it’s going down. They don’t tell him the truth of the actual state of the nation. That’s why I am saying he needs to give himself that time.”

Dabengwa said while Zapu like other opposition parties have on several times rang alarm bells on the large scale of deindustrialisation, Mugabe dismissed it as propaganda.

The former Home Affairs minister said it was never in the former liberation party’s DNA to admit failure.

Dabengwa said the ruling regime has abandoned all pretence at constitutionalism in pursuit of populist policies in the quest to cling to power.

“As we speak, Zimbabwe is in a sorry state. All facets of a democratic State are non-existent,” he said.

“We know that Zanu PF, being the mix of arrogance and empty pride that it is, is too ashamed to admit defeat and failure, and as such will always scream liberation war credentials as qualification to be a stakeholder.”

Dabengwa added: “Zapu reminds them that they did not fight the war alone, the time for guns and sloganeering is past.

“Come to the table as (Rhodesian leader Ian) Smith did and let us build the country together just as we defeated oppression together side by side.”

Dabengwa called for all like-minded stakeholders to come together for dialogue on a way forward before the country “grinds to a halt.”

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I hate people who say Mugabe is ill-advised. The guy is a dictator, he does not listen to advice. He knows exactly the state of the economy, he just does not care as long as he is well catered for. Why would he go to China for those "mega deals" if he thought the economy was ok? These former Zanu PF members still have this tendency of protecting Mugabe and blaming people around. Just listen to Mutasa talking. He still refers to Mugabe as Baba!!! Even after baba publicly humiliated him and called him a baying donkey!!!!? Sorry maningi!!!

Tsholofelo - 4 September 2015

If you are dumb, foolish, ignorant, incompetent, lazy, and brainless, yes you take all that people tells you and believe that is the fact. So if Mugabe is not any like that, then he is the one who is not seeing what is happening to the people. He has on several times claimed that Zimbabweans are a happy lot. One wonders which Zimbabweans are a happy lot, when he looks at his three children laughing and smiling from ill gotten wealth, he must not think that the next child, stone throw from them is even smiling let alone being happy. When he looks at Grace dressed from clothes smuggled from UK to Zimbabwe by the pilots, he must not think that people can even afford sanitary pads. Thus the reality. Dabengwa is very right, Mugabe need to just take a stroll in Southerton, visit the tobacco aution floors, visit dunlop, visit Zeco visit NRZ yard see the ruins he has caused.

aminab - 4 September 2015

Dabengwa, very much like Tsvangirai is a total and very poisonous sellout. Do not trust or ever believe what he says.

Hlaba - 4 September 2015

You don`t understand Aminab. Mugabe will not take that stroll because he already knows what`s there. How can a creator of a situation try to investigate that situation? He knows the health system is down that`s why he seeks treatment from Singapore! He knows the education system is in shambles that`s why he sends his kids to Hong Kong! He knows industry is in disarray that`s why he import`s his basics including food and clothes!! Telling Mugabe to take a stroll in the industrial areas is childish! Blaming his "ignorance" of the state of the economy on his advisors instead of him directly is foolish!!! Being protective of one`s former master!

tsholofelo - 4 September 2015

I am sorry to say Zimbabwe is dead a former bread basket of Africa.

ZIM - 4 September 2015

He is 91 years old and must retire, he is definitely finished. It's unbelievable that a country like Zim is being led by a 91 year old who can barely walk. Why can't he retire? MUGABE YOU ARE 91 YEARS OLD YOU HAVE TO RETIRE NOW, YOU CAN'T DO IT ANYMORE NOMATTER HOW YOU TRY TO LOOK AND SOUND YOUNG!!!!!!

misty - 4 September 2015

Opposition parties should dwell on strategies to fight the 2018 elections , not falling over heels to to attack our dear leader as their main focus. Dumiso TAWENGWA is a clueless politician with no viable political base to talk about. He is just a frustrated one who failed to create any semblance of support even in his own region. His barking no longer catches attention in the electorate.

Cde Mzvinavhu(Prof) - 4 September 2015

@Hlaba your head is full of sewage stuff that is why you still believe that Morgan is sell out of which you do not say what exactly did he sell Morgan is a visionary leader who is always ahead of other politicians thinking wise .All what Dumiso said was said long back by Morgan and that makes him exactly the type of a leader this dead country need to rise it from the dead .he foresees the dangers which can destroy the economy . He can not be compared to this thing which had be pretending to be president for 35yrs creating tribal armies to kill other citizens instead of reviving our thermal power stations and lure serious investors .All what he achieved is to displace people from the country.

Diibulaanyika - 4 September 2015

For Dumiso Dabengwa to say, Mugabe is being misled by people around him makes me wonder why Dumiso is often titled Intelligence supremo.? Either Dumiso is a double agent , because surely its Mugabe who has led the country into a hole. Mugabe has unlimited powers and does what he wants.

X-MAN IV - 4 September 2015

its not about dabengwa or tswangirai but our poor state of the nation because of on dictactor- Mugabe.

zanu yeropa - 8 September 2015

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